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His Majesty's Royal Scots-Lieut. Jobn Limbers.—2 18. pounders, 2 17. pounders, M'Gregor, slightly; Lieut, C. Campbell, 4 16-pounders, 2 14 pounders, 1 12-poupfeverely.

der, 6 9.pounders, 15 8-pounders, 4 7-pounMadras European Regt. - Lieutenant and ders, 5 6-pounders, 2 5-pounders, 2 4-pongAdjutant Hancorde, severely (since dead). ders, 1 3, pounder, 4 3-pounders. -Iron

Rifle Corps-Capt. Norten, severely ; Guns mounted on Carriages, witb Limbers Lieutenant and Adjutant Gwyone, Lieuten- 1 8-pounder, 1 5-pounder, 2 4-pounders, de ants Shapahan and Drake, dangerously; 3-pounders, 4 2-pounders, 1 14.pounder.-Lieutenants Calder and Eastment, severely; Total 63. Ensign Gem, dangerously; Ensign Aguew,

John NOBLE, sligbuy.

Major, commanding Artillery. Ist Batt, 3d Regt, or P. L. I.---Lieutenant N.B. A considerable number of tum, Jones, dangerously ; Captain-Lieutenant brils, and a very large proportion of ammuAgnew and Lieut, Clemons, slightly. nition, of all descriptions, captured with

20 Batt. 6th Regt. N. I.-- Lieutenant and the above ordoance, Adjutant M.Maister and Lieut. Matheas, Io the General Orders of his Excellency slightly.

Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Hislop, ist, Batt. 14th Regt. N. 1.-Captain W. dated Head-quarters of the Army of the Browo, slightly,

Deckan, Camp at Maheid poor, Dec. 22, 2d Batt14th Regt. N. I.--Lieut. M'Kin, 1817, his Excellency congratulates the troops tosh, slightly.

under his personal command upon the glo. Ist. Batt. 16th Regt, or T. L. 1.- Major rious and important result of the action Bowen, dangerously; Capt. Cuffley, Lieut, fought with the army of Mulhar Row Holand Adjataot Macglasben, Lieut. M'Intosh, kar, and returns his thanks individually to slightly; Lieut. Palmer, severely ; Surgeon many of the officers and brigades employed Stephenson, sligbuy.

on ihat arduous service; particularly to Attached to the Russell Brigade–Lieut. Brigadier General Sir Joho Malcolm, Lieu. Kennedy, his Majesty's 861b regt. slightly. tenant-Colonels R. Scott aod A. M‘Dowall,

Adjutadt-General's Department-Lieut. Lieutenant-Colonel Russell, Major Bowen, O'Brien, slightly.

Major Knowles, Major Lushington, Major Quarter-Master-Geoeral's Department, Noble, Major Andrews, Major Moodie, &c. Lieut. Gibbings, severely.

The Commander-in-Chief also requests Commander-in-Chief's Personal Staff that Major Agnew, Depoty Adjutant-GeneLieut. Elliot, Aide-de. Camp, slightiy. ral of the army, who was immediately at

Brigade Major's-Captain Evans, acting tached to his person throughout the action, Major Brigade Light Brigade, slightly ; will accept his earnest thanks for the servia Capt. Hunter, 2d Infantry Brigade, slightly; ces he rendered to him on the occasion. Lieut, Tocker, Acting Major Brigade Rus- The Commander-in-Chief cannot conclude sell Brigade, slightly; Lieut. Lyon, 2d this order, without expressing the deep re. Cavalry Brigade, severely.

gret he feels that the glorious and decisive List of Standards and Colours taken from victory they have to beast, has cost their the Enemy.-4th and 8th Regts. Cavalry, country and the service the lives of so many many stands of colours taken by these gallant officers and soldiers. corps, but destroyed, being deemed of no The names of Lieutenant Coleman, Madras consequence.-Russell Brigade, 2 standards; European Regiment, Lieutenant Macleod, Mysore, Silladar Horse 20 standards; Ist. his Majesty's Royal Scots, and Lieut, Glen, Batt. 3d Regt, 3 standards.-Captured by 1st. Battalion 3d, or Palamcottah Light the Mysore Silladar Horse, 7 elephants, 218 Infantry, and the brave soldiers who se camels.

gallantly fell in action, will long be rememTotal Killed and Wounded-3 lieuts., 1 bered by his Excellency and the army with sobidar, s jemedars, 10 serjeants and havil. mingled feelings of pride and regret, and dars, 3 drummers, 133 rank and file, 19

his Excellency anxiously trusts that the sillidars, I se poy recruit, I puckallie ; 5 wounded oflicers and men will soon be officers' horses, 89 regimental horses, I camel, restored to die exercise of their professional killed; I major, 6 captaius, 23 lieutenants, duties and the enjoyment of their health, to ? corpet, 2 ensigns, 1 surgeod, 1 troop quar- wbich event the Commander-in-Chief looks ter-master, 4 staff-surgeons, 4 sillidars, 19 with the more confidence, from the zeal, jemedars, 30 serjeants and havildars, 20 ability, and humane attention of Mr. Sutrumpeters and drummers, 436 rank and

perintending Surgeon Annesley, and the file, 52 sillidars, sepoy recruit, 3 puck Officers of ihe Medical Staff, to whow, and allies, Il officers' borses, 89 regimental hor- to the superintending care of their comses, woanded ; 3 rank and tile, 1 officer's manding officers, his Excellency confides horse, 66 regimentul borses missing.

them. T. H. S. CONWAY,

Mr. Superintending Surgeon Annesley Adj.-Gen, of the Army. will accept the Commander-in-Chief's best

acknowledgments for the able arrangements Return of Ordnance captured,

he has made, and the prompt assistance he Brass Goas mounted on Carriages, with afforded to the wounded.

gades and

Extra Batta to be issued immediately to them; and that the British troops obtained all the European troops in camp, on the possession at about half-past two p. m. when occasion of the victory gained over the the British standard, hoisted on the Palace, army of Molhar Row Holkar, by the divj. was saluted with twenty-one guns from the sions of the army of the Deekan, under his battery. Excellency the Commander-in-Chief's per. This event may be considered to complete sonal command, and a zeeafut of one rupee our military operations in this quarter, with per man, to be immediately drawn on ab. the exception perhaps of having to disperse strart from the Paymaster, by the officers some small parties of horse. Many of the commanding corps and detachments, for principal people had already come in, and cach figbring man, European and Native. the rest are now flocking to the Residency. Returns, from officers commanding bri- Proclamations have also been issued through

detachments, of the killed, out the country in the Rajah's name and my wounded, and missing, in the action of yes. own, which will, I have no doubt, render. terday, as also of colours, trophies, and every thing tranquil. prisoners taken from the enemy, must be

I have the honour to be, &e. sent to the Adjutant-General immediately ;

R. JENKINS, Resident. the Commandant of Artillery will also send in a return of ordnance and military stores Extract from a Despolch from the Governor captured,

and Council at Bombay, to the Secret ComT. H. S. CONWAY, miltee, dated 230 January, 1818. Adj.-Gen. of the Army. In addition to the intelligence conveyed

to your Honourable Comınittee in our desTotal return of Killed and Wounded, of the

patch of the 14th instant, we have now the Troops under the Command of Brigadier satisfaction of transmitting an extract of a General Doveton, from the 19th to the

leiter from the 1st Assistant to the Political 24th Dec, 1817, inclusive.

Agent of the Governor General, dated the Europeans.-1 lieutenant, 2 corporals, 17 7th instant, announcing the conclusion of a privates, killed ; 3 field-officers, I captain, Treaty with the Government of Mulbar 3 lieutenants, 1 lieutenant-fireworker, 1 Row Holkar. The extract your Honoura. ensign, 4 serjeanıs, 5 corporals, 66 privates,

ble Committee will perceive, contains infor. wounded.

mation that the whole of the Pindarries have Natives.- 1 subidar. 3 havildars, 3 paiques, been driven towards the vicinity of lohud, 31 privates, killed ; ) sub dar, 4 jemedars,

The two coinmunications now transmitted 8 bavildars, I puckally, 5 naiques, 140 pri- regarding the movements of Brigadier-Ge. vates, wounded ; 6 rank and tile in ssing. nerals Smith and Pritzler, in pursuit of the Names of Officers Killed and Wounded.

Peishwa, will put your Honourable Com.

mittee in possession of the latest intelligence KILLED.

we have received from the Head Quarters Lieutenant Bell, his Majesty's Royal of those Officers. Seots.

We have also the bonour of forwarding, WOUNDED.

for the information of your Honourable

Committee, a copy of the General Orders Major Macleod, Deputy Quarter-Master- published by his Excellency Sir Thomas General; Major Goreham, Arrillery slightly; . Hislop to the areny, in consequence of the Major Elliott, of his Jlig liness the Nizain's

actions at Poona on the 5th apd 16th of service, severely ; Captain Folfrey, 2d Bitt, November. 22d Reg. N. I. slighily; Lieutenant Came

We further take the liberty of inclosing ron, Assistant. Quarter Niaster-General, severely; Lieutenant Davis, Engineers, se

a copy of a letter received by our Chief

Secretary from Mr. Elphinstone, inclosing verely ; Lieutenant Taylor, M, B. Lieut.Colonel Scot's Brigade, slightly ; Lieut.

copy of a despatch to the address of the

Most No'le the Governor. (eneral, op the Fireworker Coul, Artillery, severely ; subject of the late movements of the army Ensigo Netts, Engineers, sliglitly.

under Brigadier-Cieneral Smiih, in pursuit J. MORGAN, Caplain,

of the Peishwa, and the attack made by the Acting Assistant-Adjutant-General,

enemy on the 2d ball. Ist regiment of Native Copy of a Nespalch from Mr. Jenkins,

Infantry at Coregaum, with a copy of the Resident at the Court of the Rojal of

Brigadier's Division Order, published on Berar, lo Mr. Adam, Secretary to the

occasion of the gallant defence made by Governor-General, dated Naspoor, Dec.

that regiment against the Mahratia army.

We have the honour of communicating to 30, 1817.

your lionourable Committee, the copy of a SIR,

report inade by Lieutenant-Colonel Prother, I have the honour to acquirint you, for the of the surrender on the 21st of the Fort of information of the Mort Noble the Governors. Klinella, belonging to the Poupa State, (eneral, thai the ciiy of Nagpore was willin a few miles of Chuuke, on the road this day evacnated by the Arabs and other leading from Panwell to the Gbaut, which troops occupying it, ou terms requested by we bad ordered to be invested, and we have


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the gratification of acquainting your Hon. the hills, or pass them at Mardwa, opposite Committee, that possession of that impor. Muswar. tant position has been obtained without the

J. GRANT. loss of a single man. The operation appears to have been conducted in a manner highly Copy of a Leller from Lieut. Robertson, creditable to the Officer commanding the

Superintendant of Police at Poonah, to troops employed on the occasion.

Dr. Warden, Chief Secretary to the Go

vernment of Bombay, daled Poonah, 14th Extract of a Leller from the first Assistant January, 1818. to the Political A gent, to the Governor

General, dated Mandissoor, 7th Jan. 1818.

The Peishwa, with the greatest part of The victory obtained over the army of his army, arrived at Kurrah Nullah, six Nulhar Row Bolkar, at Maheidpore, on coss from Meritch, and five from Tulgaum, the 21st ult. produced the conclusion yester

on the 9th instant. le marched on the 10th day evening of a Treaty, calculated to pre- instant in the direction of Meritch. vent further inconvenience to the British General Pritzler took up his ground on Government, froin the anarchy which has

the 10in, three coss beyond Hingungaum, lately prevailed in that state,

marching for Kurrah Nullah; his encampAll the Pindarries have been driven into ment on the 10th was about 14 coss from one quarter, and are now in the vicinity of that place; so that, if we suppose the Peishwa Johud. The force under the command of marched 8 coss on the same day, General Sir W.6, Keir, in co-operation with a de.

Pritzler was 40 miles hehind him. tachment from this army, marched in pursuit The chief part of Gokla's and the Vinfrom hence on the 8d instant : our divisions chorker's troops were at Poosa Souly on under the command of Major-Generals the 11th. Gukla himself is with the Peishwa. Donkin and Brown, are advancing in the The number of men in the detachunent at sa de direction froin the side of Bengal. Poosa Sowly is about 7,000; they are withThe Durrahs of Kurreein Khaun and Wafsi out baggage, and have no infantry with Mahomed, are already much reduced by the them. pursuit they bave suffered from the divisions General Smith was at the bottom of the of Major-General Donkin and Lieutenpl. Ghauts yesterday. Colonel Adams, and the whole must shortly

I have the honour to he, &c. be drawn further to the westward, or dis

H. D. ROBERTSOX, persed. Bulletin from General Smill's Camp, Sir

SATURDAY, JUNE 13. Miles North of Fullun, on the Neera

This Gazelle contains copies of the Pro. River, 12h Jan. 1818, at two P.M. clamation issued on Wednesday,(June 10th)

We arrived here to day. Colonel Boles for calling a new Parliament, and appoint. is at the foot of the Little Bore Ghaot, bring

ing the election of the Scorch Peers for the ing on the batirring train. On the 8th

21th of July. It also announces a new instant, General Priizler came upon a body

cominission for the Board of Controul. of the enemy close to Sattaral (who had The new cominis inners are Lord Cranborne been left to cover the Peishwi's retreat,)

and Lord Walpole. attacked them with the cavalry, killed and wounded about sixty, look thirty horses, and made six prisoners, General Pritzler con

SATURDAY, JUNE 20 20. tinues the pursuit of the Peishwa, who is This Gizelle notifies the Prince Regent's said to be dying to the southward.

permission to Lieutenant-Colonel C. Dundas We march 10-lourrow io the south-east, Grabam, to accept and wear the insignia uf towards Mabadeo, and will probably turn te Dutch Military Order of Wiliam.


FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. Tur Ve Secretary to the SOCIETY of HENRY Jorrs their Clerk;

(UARDIANS for the PROTECTION P. Ising and Co. 1, Church-row, Fen. of TRADE, held at No. 36, Essex street, church-street, and 21, St, Mary Axe; Straad, by a Circular to the Members, NATHAN DAVts and Co., with a Partner has stated that the persons undernamed, or named Mosus ABRANAY WAKER, 13, Glou using the firms of

cester-terrace, near Whitechapel Mount; S. ENGLAND, Plumber, Glazier, &c. 38, ALEXANDER Davis and Co., with a PartHereford-street, Fitzroy-square;

ner named ABRAHAM JACOBS, 5, CommerGeorge DickisON, WILLIAM Evison, and cial.road; Co. Agents, 4, Gough-square, Fleet-street; WILLIAM AKERS, Baker, late of Webberdied within so short a period of each other. Queen's Palace, May 27.- The Queen The circumstance is conjectured in these nas slept well, and continues helter."

Street, Blackfriar's-road, and pow of Upper favourable nature from Bombay, communi. North-street, Gray's-inn-lane, also in the cating the conclusion of a Treaty with rules of the Fleet ; who negotiate Bills Holkar, and the successful prosecution of drawn on

the operations against the Pindarries. GEORGE Gilbert and Co., 31, Seething. The Emperor of Austria has issued a lane, (lately mentioned) are reported to that Decree, conferring upon the son of NapoSociety as improper to be proposed to be leon and of the Archduchess Maria Louisa, balloted for as Members thereof.

Duchess of Parma, the title of Duke of The Secretary also states, that

Reichstadt, and that of Highness, and grant LIEUTENANT Bartler, has within this ing to him the estate of that name, a consiwcek applied for lodgings, and given refere derable domain in Bobemia, heretofore ence to persons wbo have no knowledge of forming part of the possessions of the Dukes him. At the same time lie bought a brooch, of Merrzburg; but which has, by the effect in payment for which he gave a Note, of of family arrangements, become the prowhich the following is a copy :

perty of the Crown of Austria.

An article froin Stochibolm gives an ac. No. 363. Ereter, No. 363.

count of the corropation of Bernadotte, og Somerset, Wath, and Ireland, the Ilth instant; the ceremony of which Bank.

was conducted with the usual splendour and

magnificence. I promise to pay the bearer on demand, the sum of One Pound, at Messrs. Pryce

THE KING'S HEALTH. and Co. Bankers, Alfred. place, Bedford

“ St. Jame's Palace, June 7. square, Lonilon, value received.

“ His Majesty has passed tbe last month ia Castlecary,

a very tranquil manner, and continues to

enjoy good bodlly health, but his Majesty's 14th day of April, 1817.

disorder is unaltered." For Sir Edwd. O'Brien Pryce, Bart.

H. Halford, Son, Sercombe and Co.

“ M, Baillie, C. H. P. PRYCE.

“ W. Heberden, £ Dne.

" R, Willis." Entd. Z, Brown,

American papers to the 6th ult, have been There is no such Banking-house in Alfred received. They state, on the authority of place, Bedford-square. Also that

the master of a vessel arrived at Baltimore, Persons in the habit of ordering goods that the independence of Chili had been for some gentleman in the Temple, to whose

formally declared in February; and that chambers they are directed to be taken-

the Commissioners of the United States wlien the Porter sent with them, is met on

appointed to report the present state of the staircase by the pretended occupier, South America had been received with every who takes the goods and states that all is demonstration of joy in the River Plate. right. On subsequent enquiry, it is found

The President of the United States had that the real occupier never gave any such

issued a proclamation for carrying into orders. And that

effect the treaty concluded a few months ALEXANDER LOWE KAYE, (recently men

siuce for accommodating all differences beá tioned) lately lodged at No. 14, New-street

tween Great Britain and that country, in Square, and drew bills dated “ Flint," on

regard to the naval forces respectively to be the said Dickison, Evison, and Co.

kept up on the Lakes.

Death of ChristophE.- By the New QUEEN'S AEALTA.

York papers and letters wbich we received The following bulletin respecting the pesterday, to the 11th of May, we learn health of the Queen, have been issued since that a letter has been received by a respecte our last.

able mercantile house in Philadelphia from " Queen's Palace, May 25.-The Queen Port-au-Prince, dated the 13th of April, has felt herself uniformly better since the communicating on authority, said to be of last report. Her Majesty has slept well.” the best description, the fact of Christophe's

" Queen's Palace, May 26.- The Queen deatli. It will be singular enough should continues much the same to-day as her Ma- this report prove trae, that both the rival jesty was yesterday, having passed another sovereigns of Saint Domingo should have good night."

papers to be favourable to the pretensions Queen's Palace, May 28.-The Queen of France ; but on what rational grounds eontinues better."

we are at a loss to perceive. The succession Her Majesty's health is so much improved, to the throne of one part of the island will that it is thought unnecessary tu issue any probably be quite as peaceable and certain more bulletins.

a thing as we have seen the succession to the Iatelligence has been received of a presidency of the other.


On Wednesday, June 3d, the anniversary the city that Major Moodie is come home to of tbe London Infirmary, for curing Diseases make representations on this subject, and it of the Eye, founded in 1804, at No. 40, is supposed another place of refreshment Charter-House Square, was held at the City will be assigned for our East Indioman. of London Tavern, supported by the Members for Middlesex, aud a numerous meeting of the Governors and friends of that valua

SLAVE TRADE, ble charity: William Mellish, Esq. M.P. in We have received a copy of the Treaty the Chair. The importance of the Institu- concluded between this country and the tion to the Metropolis and the British Em. King of the Netherlands, for the more effec. pire, and to the world, was exemplified by tual abolition of the Slave Trade, which a statement of the number of patieots adinite was signed at the Hague on the 4th instant, ted since its establishment in 1805, amounting and has been since duly ratitied and exto 35,050, by the many institutions founded changed. By the first article of this Treaty, upon its model, and bs 420 pupils, many of the King of the Netherlands engages, within them foreigners of eminence, having been eight months from the present time, or instreeted within its walls since the year sooner, if possible, to prohibit all lois subjects, 1803. The inadequacy of the present in the most effectual manner, from taking bogse to meet the claims of humanity, was any part whatever in the trade of slaves; explained: after which, a subscription was and, in the event of the measures hereentered into for general purposes, and to the after to be adopted, being found insufficient building fund: it may therefore be un- for that purpose, his Majesty further engages necessary to state, that a subscriber of to adopt such other opes as may appear best 101. 10s, is a Life Governor, and an annual calculated to secure it. The second article subscriber of 11, 1s. is an Annual One, provides for the right of mutual search, on

Subscriptioos are received at Messrs. Per. the part of both the contracting Powers; ring's and Co. 72, Cornhill; and Matthew and the third explains the mode in wbich Heathfield, Esq. 138, Leadenhall-street. that right shall be exercised. This, as the

most important, we subjoin.-It enacts The arrival of Major Moodie, with des- Ist. That such reciprocal right of visit patches from Sir Hudson Lowe, at St. and detention shall pot be exercised within Helena, has excited some speculation in the the Mediterranean Sea, or within the Seas in city, coincident as it is with the account of Europe lying without the Straits of Gibralthe landing of a sailor at that island. The tar, and which lie to the northward of the sailor had been ooe of the crew of the Nor- thirtyseventh parallel of north latitude, and thumberland mao of war, which carried also within, and to the eastward of the Buonaparte from Europe to St. Helena, and meridian of longitude twenty-degrees west in that situation has formed an acquaintance of Greenwich. with Buonaparte's servants. This sailor 2d. That the names of the several vessels afterwards became one of the crew of an furnished with such instructions, the force East Indiaman, which being at St. Helena, of each, and the names of their several the sailor in the night contrived 10 swin Commanders, shall be from time to time, from the vessel, clamber up the rocks, visit immediately upon their issue, communicated and pass some hours gaily among Buona- by the Power issuing the same to the other parte's domestics. This he did two several High Contracting Party. nights without being discovered or noticed : 3d. That the number of ships of each of but in conversation on board of ship he the Royal Navies authorised to make such boasted of bis adroitness, and told confiden- visit as aforesaid, shall not exceed the num. tially to his messmates what he had done, ber of twelve, belonging to either of the Koowledge of the transaction transpired; High Contracting Parties, without the spehe was arrested, and examined, and con- cial consent of the other High Contracting ducied bome to England in confinement; Party being first had and obtained. but it has not appeared that he had any 4th. That if at any time it should be sinister intention, or more in view than an deemed expedient that any ship of the Royal innocent frolic. It is not believed Buona- Navy of either of the iwo High Contracto parte knew of his being among his servants. ing Parties, authorised to make such visit as However the occurrence is supposed to bave asoresaid, should proceed to visit any mer. demonstrated the possibility of Buooa parte's chant ship or ships under the flag, and proescape on board of any Eoglish vessel, the ceeding under the convoy of any vessel or Captain of which might be induced for a vessels of the Royal Navy of the other High bribe, or otherwise, to convey him to Europe Contracting Party, that the Commanding or America. Indeed, it is reported several Officer of the ship duly authorised and insach circumstances have takeu place at St. structed to make such visit, shall proceed 10 Helena, as have induced Sir Hudson Lowe effect the same in communication with the to declare to the Government at home that Commanding Officer of the Convoy, who, if vessels are allowed to come to that island it is hereby agreed, shall give every facility as at present, be cannot answer for the lo such visit, and to the eventual detainer of security of bis prisoper. It is reported in the mercbant ship or ships so visited, and Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. June 1818.

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