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or 301. a night. This assertion was des, the Committee re-appointed to co-opetitute of truth. The average amount rate with the General and Sub.Com. of money received during the last sea- mittee, and to carry the resolutions into son was 2001. per night. "If something effect. effectual could uot be done towards re. The Theatre closed on Wednesday, lieving their embarrassments, he thought June 10, for the remainder of the it would be better to sell the Theatre. week. The play was Hamlet, and though It had been valued at 340,0001. ; and Mr. Kean performed the principal part, would, no doubt, fetch 150,0001. or there was but a scanty audience: a 200,0001. which would pay all the debts, proof of the fleeting nature of popu. and leave the proprietors a handsome larity. Fashion has a great prevalence dividend. However lamentable their over public opinion, else, with so situation might be, they were not in a good a company of performers as this worse situation than Covent Garden Theatre can boast, it is surprising that Theatre, where the debts and losses it should have been so much neglected. were quite as great. With regard to The Committee of Management have the situation of a sub-committee man, been active ; much novelty has been be would not accept it for 5001. a year. brought forward, and with a liberal ex.

Mr. Robins stated that the coodition penditure on decoration : yet the public of Covent Garden Theatre was compa- have regarded all with indifference, ratively prosperous.

and, unless vigorous measures are · The Report was tben agreed to, and adopted, the Theatre must finally close.


1818. May 26. A Cure for the Heart Ache-The Magpie. June 9. The Jew-The Liar-The Devil to Pay.

97. Iron Chest-- Amoroso-Sleeping Draught. 10. Hamlet-Paul and Virginia. 98. Othello-Innkeener's Daughter.

11. Closcd till the 15th. 29. How to get Married-Of Age To Morrow.

15. (a tle of Andalusia-Is he Alive. 30. Jew of Malta- Amoroso, King of Little 16. King Richard ihell1.-Sleeping Draught. Britain-Sleeping Draught.

17. Town and Country-Falls of Clyde. June 1. King John-The Review.

18. Mountaineers-Inn Keeper's Daughter, 3. Inkle and Yarico-Three and the Deuce

19. Merchant of Venice-The Devil to Pay. Wanted: a Governess.

20. New Way to Pay Old Debts--No Song no 4. King Joh 1---Falls of Clyde.

Supper. 5. Beaux Stratagem--Children in the Wood. 22. Macbeth--Sleeping Dranght. 6. King Jolin-Tonkeeper's Daughter.

23. Othello--Ways and Means. 8. Alexander the Great-Sylsesier Dagger. 94. Oroonoko-Three Weeks after Marriage wood--Paul and Virginia.

-Falls of Clyde.


COVENT GARDEN. MAY 27-The Castle of Paluzzi; or, But how much is such horror lessened the Extorted Oath, was produced this when it is converted, as in France, into evening, upon the story of Fualdes. a kind of spectacle; when the papers The story is well suited for such an tell us of great men-of strong minds-adaptation; its very circumstances are of finely.compressed feelings, and emsuch as appeal very powerfully to the ploy all these terms in speaking of Basimagination and the feelings. The sub- lidé, Jaussion, and Madame Mansonject, however, never occurs to our

of murderers and a strumpet. It is fit. mind without a mixed feeling of amaze. ting-extremely fitting, that such things mend and indignation at the French and such persons should be called by system of criminal law, which ip a case their proper dames ; and in this coun. of such manifest guilt can admit of such try, at least, let us show our common shameful procrastinations. All tbe par- sense by vot surrendering our natural ties should have been executed long feelings. When this melo-drame was sioce. It may seem a contradiction to first announced upon our stage, we were just feeling to express a wish for this ex- apprehensive that some of this sentitreme justice upon any human being; mental German colouring would have but there are cases in which the indul. been attempted to be cast over ibis gence of mercy is a contradiction to bet- atrocious inurder, and that, in some ter sentiments than the most rigid exe. way or other, Bastide, Jaussion, and cution of justice.

Madame Manson, would have been ren, The safety of life and property de. dered only venial felons. We are happy peuds upon the horror of murder and to find that the English author has remurderers, and more particularly of tained too much of bis national sense family murderers, and traitorous friends. to fall into this folly.


- The story is necessarily much altered, preserver. Zerlina, however, speake though the resemblance is as well pre- oul, as the French trial expresses it, served as is required in a fable founded and charges the crime on Soranzo. The upon a fact. The scene of the action dagger is produced, the Count seizes it

, is Florence, instead of Rhodez.—The plunges it in his busom, and perishes in Count Salviati has married a woman be. despair. This is deep eroogh for tratrothed or attached to another, but who gedy-more than repulsive enough for makes as good a wife as most women feeliog, and yet it is observable how under such circumstances ; that is to inuch the author has been forced to say, finds in the proof but little differ soften and dimiuish the original iofamy ence belween one man and another, and dark abomination of the true when both are of equal ages and equal French tale. degree.- Her lover, Ferdinand, from The melo-drame was well performed. whom she bad been separated by treach. Mrs. Paucit was the Countess ; Miss ery, returns; the husband, with the help Foote, Zurlina ; Abbott (whose acting of a confederate, Soranzo, murders him. is always rational and manly), was FerThe Countess has seen the act, and is dinand; Terry, the Old Marquis: Con. about to be put to death to prevent de- nor, Sorenzo; and Macready, Salviati. tection, when she is saved by her bus. The scenery was very pretty, and that band. The affair comes before the tri- which gave the view of the murder by bunal,--the Countess and her attendant the reflection of a mirror was higbly Zerlina are accused. The Couut is pre- applauded. There was a tolerable dance sent, but his wife dreads to accuse her by the corps de ballet.

PERFORMANCES. 1618. May 20. Beggars Opera- Apollo's Feast-- Portrait

Cure for the Heart Ache-Brother and of Cervantes.

Sister. 27. The Jealous Wife-Castle of Paluzzi;

13. Rob Roy--X Y Z. or, the Extorted (ath,

15. Guy Mannering - The Miller and his 28. Rob Roy-Castle of Paluzzi,

Men. 99. Bellamira-Ditto.

16. An entire Act from the five following plast 30. Rob Roy - Ditto.

of Shakespeare: Julius Casar, MidJune 1. Romeo and Juliet-Ditto

summer's Nighi Dream, Cymbeline, 3. Much Ado about Nothing-Personation

King Henry the fourth, and the Tem. Forest of Bondy.

pest-The Libertine, 4. Rob Roy--Castle of Paluzzi.

17. Duenna-Bombastes Furioso-BlueBearde 5. Pizarro-Blue Beard.

18. Rob Roy-La Chasse--X Y Z. 6. Venice Preserved-Bombastes Furioso

19. Speed the Plouglı-- Russian FestivalCastle of Paluzzi.

John of Paris.
B. School for Scandal-Harlequin Gulliver.

20. Duenna--Blue Beard.
9. She Stoops to Conquer-Agreeable Sur. 19. Gamesier-Harlequin Gulliver.

23. Guy Mannering-Festival of Apollo 10. Bellamira-Midas-Castle of Paluzzi.

Husbands and Wires. 11. She Stoops to Conquer-Teazing made 24. Bellamira-Day after the Wedding-The Easy.

Broken Sword.

June 19.

ENGLISH OPERA.HOUSE. Mr. Mathews continued his perform- in less pompous, but not less sincere, ances at this Theatre, consisting of phraseology, the humble tribute of my • Mail Coach Adventures," " Venirilo. heurtfelt thanks. Accept, Ladies and quy," and " Imitations,” till June 16, Gentlemen, this homely, but genuine, When he concluded bis entertainments expression of my feelings, and believe with the following address :

that it will be the proudest recollection “ Ladies and Gentlemen,

of my life, that during the course of “ The only painful part of my exer- forty evenings entertaioments, I have tions now remains—that of bidding you been honoured not only with full houses, farewell. Thegreat patent theatres have but also by your approbation and ap; so entirely exhausted the language of plause. The question, whether 1 bad self-commendation, that they have left done wisely in leaving the boards of me no choice of terms that can express what are called the regular theatres, my gratitude for 'overflowing and bril- and which was some time problematical, liani audiences ;' • rapturous, unani- is now decided, and I may say (without mous, and uubounded applause:'• roars more vanity than your encouragement of laughter:''unqualified approbation ;' will fully justifyi is decided in my and unprecedented success. I must, favour. I now, therefore, leave the therefore, content myself with offering, metropolis with that plentiful barvest

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which has ripened in the sunshine of that ever invaded the organ of hearing, your favour. But this I beg to state the attack on a cottage, the retreat, the distinctly, that while I am advised that preparation for executing a prisoner, my performances are within the strict tbeir council of war, the dance of peace, letter of the law, no fear shall de and a display of their sports or amuseter me from proceeding, and that I ments. The performance is certainly will resist strenuously and firmly any more curious than pleasing; and those measures that may be pursued to sup- who go prepared to expect an exhiport an injurious monopoly to my bition of grace or agility, than to injury; and that I shall double all the speculate on a general portraiture of energies of my resistance from the re- savage life, will be greatly disappointed. collection that I ain contending in the They are men of large bulk and lofty cause of the public, who bave no right stature ; and their movements in the to be curtailed of their lawful 'amuse- scene of attack were so ferocious and ments, or to be told by patentees, “If terrible, that we could not help tremyou won't come to laugh with us, we bling, lest they should fancy themselves will take care you shall not go to laugh

in their native wilds, and wreak an elsewhere.' Tbat I shall make you ultra.dramatic revenge on the victims laugb again and again, I sincerely hope; who had fallen into their power. Mr. and though I may choose a merrier Arnold's theatrical corps, taken collecsubject than patent theatres and mo- tively, is not of the most brilliant order; nopoly, I do not doubt that I shall but this is the season of critical relaxahave the cordial satisfaction of meeting tion ; and we feel otherwise well disagain next year as many smiling faces posed to be indulgent to a company as have graced this theatre for the last which can boast of so excellent an acforty nights that I have had the honour tress as Miss Kelly, who, from the smalland happiness of receiving you At ness of the theatre, and a sort of irreHome,

sistible consciousness of superiority to

those about her, appears here to the Englisu OPERA.-This elegant little utmost advantage. We never saw her Theatre opened for the summer season perform better than she did this even, on Saturday, June 201b. The enter. ing, when she sustained the characters tainments commenced by a dramatic of Gertrude, in the opera of Free and exhibition of a singular nature-a Easy, and of Cicely, in the Bee Rive. Ballet Divertissement, in which the The happy infusion of the natural in principal action was sustained by the this lady's acting, is so tempered by Dative American Indian warriors re- art and refinement, that she can precently arrived in this country. We serve a correct outline of the lowest subjoin the names (easier to write than character, witbout siuking into volto pronounce), of these celebrated per- garity; she is in that respect a stage sons, who are

in number, model, and a practical illustration of Sepug-gis(the Chief),-Ne-qui-et-Twas the poetical cast which the drama is save, - Sta-eute, - Uc-tau.gob,- Ne. required to throw over real life. gun-ne-ay.goh, -Se-quos-ker-ace, - Te Kelly is not, however, quite unsupki-eue-doga. - These gentlemen acquit. ported: Mr. Burlley and Mr. Wrench ted themselves with great zeal and ener. are judicious actors; and Mr. W. S. &y, and performed so truly CON AMORE, Chatterley, with an agreeable person, that the most sceptical could no longer has a natural and pleasing manner ; doubt the accuracy of the representa. Mr. St. Albin and Miss Aylett, from tion, They regaled us with the war- the Dublin Theatre, are good dancers. whoop, one of ibe most terrible sounds



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June 20. Free and Easy-Ballet Divertissement-

Bee Hive.
28. Ballet Divertissement-Love in a Village-

Is He Jealous.

June 29. Ballet Divertissement-Bachelors' Wives

Fire and Water-Bee Hive.
S4. Ballet Divertisseinent-Beggars' Opera-



June 16 to 20. Salmagundi-O'Donoughue and bio

White Horse.
Juae i to 6. Salmagundi-The Gathering of the

June 24 to 87. Clodpole's Mirror - North Pole -
Jene s to 19. Kaloc-Salmagundi.

Harlequin's Honeymoon.


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THE SURREY THEATRE. Jone 1. Amongst the many pieces nished a bint, which is turned to much written in professed initation of the advantage in this petite danse. Duke of Buckingham's celebrated JUNE 15. We were this evening gra“ Rehearsal,” Mr. T. Dibdiv's new tified with the revival of Tom Jones," Burlelta produced this evening, though the principal favourite of last season ; the last, is very far from being either and this admirable burletta seems to the leust meritorious, or the least bave lost none of tbat extensive attracamusing. It is entitled, How to write tior, which its first appearance so pecu. an Opera, or the Delights of Dramatic liarly possessed. This was succeeded Composition ; and in the third act is by a new Pantomimic Romance, enintroduced the Rehearsal of a titled False Accusalion," wherein Drama, called “ Anaconda, ar the Boa the excellence of pantomimic action Constrictor and the Buffalo."'- This was exceeded only by the beauty of latter piece is taken from the Tales the new scenery, and the interest of of M. G. Lewis, Esq. and the bur. the incidents. --Its story is briefly as lesque is admirable. Of the new sce- follows: Edwy and Roland are both nery, &c. we cannot but speak in terms enamoured of Marian, the daughter of of the most unqualified approbation; Morgan, who is more inclined to favour and the Norihern Expedition, with the the laiter, while the daughter is un. floating ice, and snow storm, and the changeably attached to the former. concluding scene with the appearance Edwy refused by Morgan, joins in desof the tremendous Anaconda, are pair a band of soldiers ; and while in among the best pieces of theairical me

their company, some government des. chanism we recollect to have ever seen. patches are taken by robbers, wbo, The performers exerted all their well. to conceal their guilt, contrive that known abilities in its favour, and to circumstances and appearances, shall all of our readers, to whom a hearty criminate Edwy. He is seized, and islaugh is a recreation, we earnestly re- followed to prison by Marian, but from comiend a visit to the rehearsal of whence they escape by stratagem; they Mr. Lyric's Opera, at the Surrey Thea- are again met by the robbers; and tre.

after succeeding in destroying them, June 8. The Kaleidoscope, or Pay the soldiers enter in pursuit of Edwy. for Perping !"-An interesting Ballet, By the declaration of a dying robber, he with some very excellent dancing- is proved innocent; and the piece conDr. Brewster's optical invention, al. cludes with the union of Edwy with Ma. ready so deservedly popular, bas fur. riao, who is resigued to him by Roland,


1818. June 1 to 6. Fazio-How to write an Opera--Kouli June 15 to 20. Tom Jones-False Accusation--How Khan.

to write an Opera. June 8 to 13. Kaleidoscope, or Pay for Peeping- June 22 to 27. Love, Hatred, and Revenge-How to Kouli Khan-How to write an Opera,

write an Opera-False Accusation,


[blocks in formation]

For science or for genins fit,
To draw things near, like truth and Fit;
But look wiihin!- What mouley heaps
Of brittle things the cover keeps !
Odd bead-, mock jewels, st. reds of lace,
All find a temporary place.
What seems a diamond, if you look
Is but a pin's head or a book;
A meteor or a star examind
Is some poor bauble women cram in't.
See, thro' how many thousand changes
Their love or their ambition ranges!
Now in a lover's knot 'tis set,
Now 'tis a Jucal coronet:

Now ribbons of all hues are streaming, One common sorrow, and one general tear, And now a knightly star is gleaming : From three great nations hallowed Char. Next, the shawl pattern of a tlindu,

lotte's bier; And then-a church's painted window! Long shall her virtues be the theme of all, Yet seen by love's light, and afar,

When tombs decay, and mouldering tem. This motley mass seems regular que

ples fall! Sages to buy the toy desire,

Then let the bard another subject chuse And tho' they laugh, they still admire.

More cheering but not dearer to his muse; Bat, Ladies ! can no other thing

Let him, uncharged with vanity, in part A parallel with Brewster bring?

The honest pride that warms a patriot Yes, one thing more-our little life

heart, Changes as fieetly as a wife,

To see each nation's eager eyes appear, When first the gay optician Hope

In friendship, or in envy, center'd bere: Presents ns her Kaleidoscope,

Where great Britannia, clad in honour's How swift before our dazzled eyes

robe, The ever-moving pageants rise!

Stands, Jaurel-crowned, THE UMPIRE 01 As in this toy's refracted glass,

TIB GLOBE! Chang'd ere they fix, the colours pass : Jo Europe's battle foremost of the van ; Modes, pleasures, friendships, schemes, and In peace, the advocate of suffering man; cares,

Content, with native majesty, she shines; Fine forms, fine systems, and fine airs, Her conquests, for the general good, All in the gaudy wheel revolve,

resigns ; Sbine, mingle, waver, and dissolve. - And for Her triumphs on the land, or ware, Thus Time and Fortune's taros confuse

Only demands his freedom for the SLAVE! All Heraldry's unnumber'd bues,

With her no muse can ever plead in vain All the gay baubles mortals prize,

For secret sorrow, poverty, and pain:Crowns, garlands, stars, and radiant eyes, Go seek where pining want and misery Scarce gaz'd on ere they fade and fall

dwell, A breath, a step reverses all.-

The debtor's prison, or the felou's cell; Brief scene, yet beautiful and gay

The last abode of anguish, and despair, Why snatch the secret spell away?

And BRITISH CAARITY's conspicuous there! Ah! rather worship the illusion

His debts discharged, she bids th' Insolvent Which dignifies the rich confusion !

go, Let Memory the bright circle fill,

And robs e'en death itself of Walf its woe; And turn the lovely prisin still.

For when stero law demands the culprit's Fair mistress of a gayer pow'r, To wing away the frolic hour,

She finds a refuge for his child and wife: Transform, by virtne of a trope,

And while the felon yields his forfeit breath, The world to a Kaleidoscope,

Brings comfort to him, in the hour of death, Where ever changing Fancy shews Her rarest shapes and richest bues

But of all wants, with which mankind is

curst, But thy own soul's bright eye shall be The best Kaleidoscope for thee. V.

Th' accomplish'd Scholar's are, by far,

the worst

For generous pride compells him to controll AN ADDRESS:

And hide the worm, that gnaws his very


Though Fortune, in her gifts to him, is PUND, AT FREEMASONS' AALL, MAY 7,

blind, 1818.

Nature bestows nobility of mind, Writlen and recited by WILLIAM THOMAS That makes him rather endless ills endore, Fitz-GERALD, Esg.

Than seek from meanness a degraded cure ! THEN thunder ceased, and tempests Half we enjoy, and almost all we know ;

Yet froin his unrequited labours flow raged do more,

All that ennobles an enliglitened age, Still did the swelling billows lash the shore;

And marks, at once, the savage, from the For though tremendous hurricanes subside, Time must elapse to calm the angry tide:

sage. And when, at last, the Dove of Peace had The studious man directs more active souls rest

To steer th’adventurous vessel to the poles; To plume the ruffled feathers on her breast, T'explore the regions of eternal frost, O'er CLAREMONT's Bowers she mourned, Where, ages passed, a peapled land was lost; with trembling wings,

By realıns of Icelo polar skies confined, The wished for Mother of a Line of Kings! Four hundred winters banished from manShe saw The Rose of ExGLAND fade away,

kind ! Blighted in bud-sweet vision of a day! Yet there may hope anticipate, and trace,

Perhaps, a happy, and a hardy race, * Being the 22d Anniversary Poem writ. That neither poverty, nor splendour know, ten by Mr. FitzGerald for this Sociсty. Exempt froin EUROPE's luxury and woe,



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