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stanles, Preston; and Milne and Co. Temple.] SIMMONS, THOS. Birmingham, dealer, June 13,

King's Head, Coventry. [Punton, Wine-officeHOOPER, WILLIAM, Tenbury, Worcester, malt

court.) Muy 2. ger. Jane 3, 4, and 20. Swan, Burford, Salop. SPEAR, ARTHUR, Rasinghall-street, merchant, Re"-ar, Tenbury.) Via 9.

June is. (Blunt and Co. Broad-street-buildings.] HAZLEHURST, WE ADOW's, Liverpool, pump

w 5. maker, duae , George, Liverpool (Leece, SPENCE, ISAAC, Providence-row, Hackney, merch. Lord. erec, Liverpool; and Chester, Staple inn.] June 16. [Michell, Union-court, Broad street.)

May 5. HENIH, WILLIAM, Hanley. Staffordshire, black. STUBBS, WILLIAV, Manchester, coal dealer, June $:, Jeae, Roe Buck, Newcastle-under- 20, Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. [Duckworth

ym. (Purse and Co. Essex-street, Strand.] and Co. Manchester ) May 9.
Me 2

SADD, JAMES, Greystoke place, Fetter-la. builder,
BALL THOS. HENRY, and Co. Maiden-lane, June 20. (Warrand, Church-row, Fenchurch-st.]
Cleapide, Sutton-manulacturers, June 27. (Val- May 9.
Frost. Surty-street; and Chilion, Chancery- SOUTHEE, JAMES, Canterbury, haker, June 23,
lase. wyle.

Guildhall, Canterbury. [Plummer, Canterbury
HIRST TROS, NELSON and Co. Huddersfield, and Nethersole and Co. Essex-street, Strand. Í

Yek, semnants, June 83, Rose and Crown, Hud. May 12.
dot; and June 27. White Lion, Halifax. STANDISH, JOHN, Liverpool,, June !,
(d, Halifax; and Becket, Noble-street, 2, and 27, George, Liverpool. [Bulmer, Liverpool;
Futer-tene.} May 16.

and Clarke and Co. Chancery-lane.] May 16.
HALL, THOS. Reading, tailor, June 1, 3, and 30, SANSUM, JOHN, Cree-church-lane, Leadenhall-
Aurrie Reading. [Vines, Reading; and Jenkins street, victualler, June 27. [Lewis, Crutched-
und Co. New.on.) Jay 19.

friars.) May 16.
Derch. June 6, 13, and July 4. (Oahley and Co. , apothecary, June 10, Pied Bull, Chester. (Kelstall,
Maruia's-lalie, Cannun-streci. N'ay 23.

Chester; and Milue and Co. Teinple} Yay 5. INGLEBY, THOMAS, Birminghain. common. THOMPSON, JOHN, Mappleton, De byshirë, far. Cartier, June 0, Dog, Sandon, siafford. (Dent mer, June ili, Bell, Derby. [Brattlebank and Co. and Co, Stone, Staffordsuits; and Walker, Lin- Ashborne, Derby; and Alexander and Co. Newwilsinn.) May 9.

inn.) May 5. KINGSELL, 'JAJES, Blackwell, paunter and gla- TILLEY, JOHN JOSEPH, Ham stead, music-seller, vier, Jone 2. (Ganchild, Commercial-chain. June 20. (Harticy, New Bridge-st. Blackfriars.] bers, Misori s.) May 9.

Mau 9. LIDDELL, JOHN, Huddersfiel, York, cord- TAYLOR, BENJAMIN EELLOW, Woolmer-street, weer, Juae 9 and e7, White Hari, Stafford, Poplar, builder, June 20. Walker, Lincoln's-inn(Parter, Salord and Thomas, Hind-court, Fields.) Way !. Fiect-street.) May 16.

TREDGOLD, KOB. Southampton, dealer, June 27,
LASIE, JGHX, Crescent, Minories, merchant, June Star, Southampion. [Clement, Southampton ; and

2.4 and 3). (sanith, Finsbury-square.) May 19. Hicks and co. Bartiell's-buildings, Holborn.]
LOODUS, JOHN CLAUDIUS, Lloyd's, cuilles- May 16.
hase, and Warwick court, Holborn, inerchant, TREWRITI, NITH. Northallerton, Yorksluire,
duse so. (Abraham, Great Marlborough strecl.] linen draper, June 21, 25, and 3),,

Wakefield. įCari, Waltreld; and Wells, Gale.
MAN, HARRY, Stoe, Calcutta, hut now in the Fleet st. Lincolo's.inn,) May 19.

Prum, dealer, June 13. [Dickie, Old Pish-streci, WARI), JORN, Whestols, Worcester, grazier,
Doctor's-co:amons.) May

June 9, Unicorni, Worcester. (!ill, Worcester;
WILNE, GEORGE, Broar street, merchant, June and Beche, Devonshire-st. Queen-sc.) April 28.

10. sinth and C., C«. Drper's-hall. May u. WILLIAMS, JOHN; Shrewsbury, innkeeper, June 9,
MARTIN, JOHN, Mitcham, Surrey, butcher, June Unicorn, Shrewsburs. (Cooper, Shrewsbury; and
21. Prietard, basses street, Strand ) May 12. Presland, Brunswick square.) April 28.
WALKIN, THOS, Hurstein, staffordshire putieries, WILKIN, JOHN, Preston, Lancashire, draper, June
Secourunanufacturer, June 23, Roe Buck, 16, Nitre, Preston. (Hwards, Preston; and
Nocastle under. Lyme,

(M'ilson, Newcastle. Norris, John-st. Bidford-uw.] May 5.
fader-Lyme, and Wilson, King's Bench Walk, WALDER, EDWARD, Baule, Susex, tailor, June
Teaple.) May !9.

2o. (Martin, Battle, Sussex; and Gregson, Angei. WRE, WN. Sowerby, York, cloth manufac- co. Mayo.

tures. Jute 27Whole Lin, Halifax. (Crosley, WETHERELT, JAMES, Kocloster, hatter, June 20.
Bradford, and Esans, ilaiton-garden.) May 16. [Phipps, M'eaver's ball.) Mar 9.
3459, WILLIA!, Bristol, dry-salter, June 16, WOODWARD, WILLIAM, cannon-street, carpen.

Coa mercial Rooais, Bristol. { Bevan and Co. ler, June 20. (Gudmond, Earl-sireel, Blackfriars.]
Brsiol; and Bourdillion and Co. Little Friday. May 9.
Str.ct, Cineapsisle.) May 5.

WELLINGS, SAN, Slirewsbury, Salop, tailor, June
NEALE, WH, Warminster, Wilts, victualler, June 23, Elephant and Castle, Shrewsbury. (Cooper,
+ , and 27. Full Moon, Oid Bridge, Bath. Shrewsbury; and Presland and Co. Brunswick-59.)
Laurapard, Warminster; and Lowden, Clement's. May 19.
Lan. Say 16.

WOOKEY, DAN. Tetbury, Gloucester, grocer, June
SICHÓLL, WILLIAM, Huntingdon, sack-inaker, 8, 9, and 27, White Lion, Bristol, (Clarke, Brig.
Jene lá, 16, and 30, Fountains, Huntingdon. tol; and Jenkins and Co. New.inn.] May 16.
Suteting, Huntingdon; and Love and Co, WILLIAMS, S4 M. and Co. Lilypot-iane, Noble-st.
Southamptun-buildings.] Way 19.

stiaw-bat manufacturers. Juneri aud 27. (Brumell,
PLESTON, THOS, sen. Nacclesfield, victualler, Church-pas-age, Guildhall.1 May 16.
June 9, Angri, Macclesfield. [Higginbothami, WEBB, RICH Winslow, Herefordshire, farmaf,
Macclesfield; and Clarke and Co. Chancery- June 11, 12, and so, Unicorn, Worcester. [Robin-

son. Tenbury, Wo cester, 1 May 19.
POWELL, WILL. Brockbuty, Hereford, farmer, WHITE, S:11. Culver, Derbyshire, grocer, June 30,

June 9, Greyhound, Hereford. (Jaines, Hasi Bull, Worksop. (teadshaw, Worksop; and
Bartoashise; and Pt wiress, Gray's inn.) April 28. Allen, Carlisle street, Sol, May 19.
PALLGLAIN, HUGH, Fovey, Cornwall, slip WHITEHOUSE, JOS. Strutturd on-Avon, mercer,

5117, June 1, , and July 4, Shin, Fouer. Jul and , Shakspeare, Suratford.on.don.
[Tompson, Gray's-inn-square;

and Brown, (Tibbits, Stratford-on-Avon; and Price and Co. Fores) May 21.

Lincoln's inn.) Muy 19. ROLLAND, FELIX, St. James's-street, Piccadilly, YOUN, JOIN, Gretori, barness-maker, June 13, perlaner, June 16. (Walls, Russell-square.)

Mitre, Portsea. (Wish worth, Portsmouth; and

Allen, Chillord's ion. May 9. ROSE, JOHN Voss, Cambridge, brush maker,

YOONGHUSBANI), Jos. Liverpool, ship-roker, date 23, B-d-Lion, Cambridge. (Haggerston and

June 1, %, and 93, York Hotel, Liverpool. Garnett,
Co. Cambridge; and Crolt, Cuancery-lane.) Liverpool; and Windle, Jolin-st. Bedford-row. í

May 12.
STANSFIELD, ABRAHAM, Holebotlom, York, YOUNGER, JOHN, Crescent, Minories, merchant,

fastian-manufacturer, June 4. (Benfict, Token- June 8, 6, and so. (Smith, Finsbury.sq.) May 19.
home-yard.) ápril .

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May 30

ya. June 6




FROM TUESDAY, APRIL 28, TO SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1818. ABBOTT, P. D. Powis.p!. May 5 Fielde, W. London, June 16 Penfold, J. Goring, Jane 5 Amos, J. and Co. St. 'Helen' Fowler, W. Leamington Priors, Portington, A. Great Quten-street,

June 15

June 6 Arle, W. Tottenhamn-court-road, Fisch, J. Colchester, June 13 Pinkerton, T. New Broad-st. Jene June 6

Gritton, F. kollesion, June 10 Ashley, W. June 13 Greaves, J. P. and Co. King's-arms. Paternoster, W. Rochester, June : Ashby, R. Poultry, June 19

Pidgeon, P. and Co. Stock ExBoby, R. N. Beccles, May 27 Goodlad, S. Yorkshire, June 6

change Coffee-bouse, June 13 Brooksbank and Co. Long la. May Gray, B. Liverpool, June 3 Richardson, J. Kirkby, May 20 30

Hawkins, R. Bath, May 25 Ravenshaw, T. Liverpnol, June 3 Balls, A. Hare st. May 30

Halcrow, s. 'Trafalgar-sq. May 19 Ravenscroft, H. Serle-st. June 6 Beazley, s. Parliament-st. May 16 Holmes, T. and Co. Long acre, May Roper, J. Long Melford, June 6 Bullock, T. New Laith, May 19

Richardson, T. Norwich, June 17 Batchelour, D. Fareham, May 28 Harris, J. Sherborne-la. May 30 Rodgers, C.Melton-Mowbray, June Breexe, w. Henley, May 29 Hul, W. B. Coventry, June 4 Erown, J. York, June 3 Hobson, J. Shettield, Mayo

Rayson, J. Unper John st. June 13 Beech, J. Stone, June 10 Hewitt, C. Norwich, May 28

Sewell, M. l.incoln. May 21 Boyer, A. Liverpool, June 3 Hampshire, J. Kirkheaion, May Schnieder, R. W.U. White Lion. Barnes, G. Ewell, June y


co. May 30 Baylis, G. Stapleton, June 12 Hendy, A Gower st. May 26 Stone, J. Blackwater, Mar 19 Behal, T. Reading, June 2

Harvey, J. W. and Co. High-st. Stolworth, G. Shenditch, Nay 19 Buckle, M. York, June 2

June 6

Stewart, W. New Road, Marof Bramley, H. Lloyd's Coffee house, Hereus, W. Hinckley. June 4

Scotland, R. Souin Shueids, Mas os June 2 Harley, J. Chifton, May 30

Sigsworth. J. Sunderland, May ng Brown, W. Sutton-at-Home, June Howard, M. Cateaton st. June 6

Sowerby, T. Nex Bond-st. Mar $0 6

Howett, C. St. Martin's-la. June 6 Scurr, R: Thirsk, May 30
Baslee, C. W. Lambetli, June 6 Hachett, W. Langley, June 16 Salmon, M. and Co. Canterbury,
Breton, J. L. Church la. June 16 Holand, J. Little Chelsea, Jure 13

June 3
Besby, w. jun. and Co. Tiverton, Holdich. G. and Co. Bankside, street, W. Jude 6
June 8

June :3
Beckett, R. Westbury-under-the. Dolwill, T. Nine-Elms, Battersea,

Savage, W. Corporation-row, June Plain, Wilts, June 10

June 13

Sanderson, B. P. Newgate-st. June Bayly, H. St. Alban's, June 9 Johnson, P. Plymouth, May 30 Beni, T. Shirland, June is Jackenn, W. and Co. Shepion. Spiers, J. Birmingham, June Blakey, G. and Co. Bishop Monck- Mallert, June 96

Stephenson, H. and Co. dtillbank, ton, June 13 Jones, C. (annun st. June 13

June 9 Calaum, M. Bridlington, May 19 krochl, J. Canon-st. May so Sewell, J. and Co. Hounslor, June Chamberlain, T. Lisson green, May Kenrington, J.P. and Co. London,

20 90

June 6

Sisson, 1, Lombard st. June 16
Crainp, J. Otford, May 30
Leader, B. Bristol, May 25

Smith, W P. Birmingham, June ! Cox, W. H. Bread st. June 6 Linder, R. Hart-sl. May 30

Scales, E. Kendal, June 13 Cock, S. Basinghall-s1. June 27 Lewis, J. Bristol, May 20

Smith, J. Tabernacle-walk, Jude Cowper, N. A. Barion Berdisin, June Lee, J. Liverpool, June 1

13 Laing, G. George-ra. June 13 Colebatch, G. Milverton, June 20

Tweedale, J. Lancaster, Mar 20 Milligan, A. Wellington, May al Collison, T. and Co, Lombard st. Munio, W. Upper Thaines-st. Moy Twischen, W. Kingsclere, May 28

Tripp, J. and Co. Bristol, May June 13


Taylor, T. H. Totness, June 2 Coburn, T. Newland, June 13 May, W. Crispin-st. May 30 Travers, J. and Co. Lower Whitby, Chipperfield, T. Much-Hadham, Marsh, D. c. and Co.' Reading, May 29 June 13

May 96

Thick, C. Shaftsbury, June 8 Durham, S. Harlow, May 30 Nantz, A. and Co. Wapping, June Thomas, J. Lead nhall-st. June 13 Deacon, W. Parker row, May 19

Thomson, J. and Co. Biliter-sq. Darling, W. Kingston upon Hull, Miller, G Charnes Hall, June 46 July 11 96

Mecson, E. Aldermanbury, June Von Hein, J.T. Camomile-st. May Duveluz, P. E. Size-la. June

Dickinson, E. Liverpool, June 1 Medland, W. Goswell-st. June 13 Von Hosten, G. India Chambers,
Dowding. T. West Siawer, June 9 Nesbist, J and Co. Aldermanbury, May 30
Dubois, J. Brixton, May 26

May 20
Druilt, G. R. Winchesier, June 20 Newman, E. Lambeth Marsh, May Wilson, W. Bridacfield, May

Vaughan, T. Newport, Mav S0
Dunkin, J. Aldersgate-sl. June 13

Welch, s. Church Minshull, May Eastman, T. Clement's-la. May 5 Nightingale, T. Walling • street, 25 Evans, H. B. Bath, Julie 4

June 6
Elliott, C. Tiverton, June 15

Watson, J. Darlington, May 07
Naslı, T. Chesham, Jone 9

Whitehead, J. and Co. Caleaton.
Ellis, W. Castlefield, June is Oliphant, J. ('ockspur-st. Jane 6 st. June 6
Emes, W. and Co. Church-row, Peiifold, J. Goting. Mar 22 Woodward, W. Bankside, Nor. 91
June 19
Parry, J. Denby, May 05

Wells, J. Poland-st. June 6 Foss, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, June Parks, T. Baltic, Juneo

Wyche, H. Nen Sarum, June 16 Payne, J. St. John's-s. June 6 Wood, J. Great Yarmouti, June 10 Fay, J. Upper George-st. June 27 Paion, A. and Co. Old Gravel lane, Wright, J. Stourhridat', June 16 Fowler, W. Leamington Iriors, May 30

Walker, CW.T. Exeter, June 8 June 6

Penision, R. and Co. Horncastle, Wilkin. J. Lancaster, June 13 Fowler, W. Limpe-st. Junt 9

June 4

Yandall, E. Earl-st. May 19


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FROM TUESDAY, APRIL 28, TO SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1818. AINSWORTH, R. and Co. Bolbole, Constantine, J. Kendall, May 23 Ellison, E. Terbeck, May 30 Mnv 9

Cars, G. and Co. Slietiield, Ajay 23 Evans, R. Grimley. June 6 Aginlar, J. Devonshire-sq. June 9 Cook, J. Liverpool, May $) Earle, J. Winchester. Junc 13 Bryant, d.

sen. Barnet, May 19 Cooke, J. S. S. Golden-la, June Fidlin, w. Manchester, Nay Bimson, T. and Go. Upholland, Chainpney, J Balbi, June 0 Fawell, T. Leeds, June y Nay 96

Chiperfield. T. Hertford, June 6 Parker, s, sheffield, June 2

Ford, W. Manchester, June 19 Dancey, N. Bristol, June ? Gralton, E. Liverpool, May 26 Birloop, T. Warnard-co. June 6 Dannah, R. Windley, June 9 Gilkes, W. Great 1 rintry-la. May ? How stead, C. Naniwich, June 6 Doeg. 4. Nexcastle - upon Tyne, Garside, R. Stockport, June 13 Druoks, W. Droitwich, June 13 June 19

Hilderbrant, C. Coleman-st. Maj 19

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Hughes, H. Liverpool, May 19 Mann, S. Kingston-upon-Hull, May Smith, W. Oxford-st. Jane is Hiade, J. Liverpool, May 19 96

Siarkey, W. Gutter-la. Jone is
Hanley. J. Hornsey-la. May 19 Miller, J. Regent Terrace, May 30 Tyson, A. Crock Mill, May 23
Horner, W. Mile End, May 03 Mason, J. Cambridge, May 90 Todd,' T. Newcastle upon Tyne,
Hazard, W. Great Yarinouih, May Miles, J. Uxbridge, June 6

June y
Miller, J. and Co. Holiwell st. June Taylor, J. Wapping, June 19
Hantv, R. Og ford-st. June 6

Torr, J. St. John-sl. June 19 Hopps, T. Green Hammerton, June Nash, J. Haversordwest, May 19 Utring. J. H. Norwich, June 2

Nutt, T. Manchester, June 13 Waddilove, J. London terrace, May Ryland, W. Robertsbridge, June Peall, J. Borouglı market, May 19 23


G. Bersal, May 19 Jerept, $ and Co. Winchester-st. Plimmor, T. Brailsford, May 26 Walker, T Rochdale, May 86 Parry, J. Denbigh, June 13

Ware W. H Bow St. May 96 Jabes, A. Portsmouth, May 23 Reeye, T. Buchlersbury, May 19 Wilson, J. Shrewsbury, May 26 Art cher, E. Thorpe, Essex, May 19 Robinson, M. Fewstone, May 23 Wright, w. N. Stapleford Abbolt, Kershaw, T. W. Southwark, May 30 Rycroft, J. Idle, May 30

May 30. Leretas, W.T. Gatter-la. May 93 Kussell, J. Old Change, June 13 Wilks, J. Finsbury.sq. May 30 Leonard, S. Bristol, June 9 Scott, G. London, June 2

Wood, W. Monyi husloyne, June Larunbe, N. Kingsbridge, June 9 Swinnerton, W. Filloughley, June 6 Wigglesworth, W. Halifax, June

6 Migre, G. Liverpool, May 26 Smith, J. Friday-st. June 9

W'csi, T. Gracechurch-st. June 9

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FROM TUESDAY, APRIL 28, TO SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1818. ADDY, G. Brownell, J. and Taylor, W. Shefteld, Fletcher, E. Glover, P. and Hewett, C. deceased, cutlets.

St. Helen's, Lancaster. Armstrong, W, White, J. and Armstrong, W. New. Fowler, J. Chancery•la, and Whybrew, W. Little castle, common-brewers.

Peter st. Westminster, joiners. Appleton, W. and Appleton, S. Kingston-uponHull, Forwood, G. and Williams, W. Liverpool, commer. corn and cal merchants.

cial brokers. Appleby, T. and Longdale, H. Ripon, Yorkshire, Garnell, J. and Duck, D. Grove-mews, James-st. sergrons,

Marylebone, arnetto-manufacturers. Andrews, C. E. and Hawkins, T. F. Old Swan Gibson, k. and Dillon, J. Sweeting's-alley, CornWharf, Chelsea, coal-merchants,

hill, merchants. Brooke, H. J. and Simes, J. T. Basinghall-st. Goolden, J. Shanklin, J. and Balmer, T. Chester, Bold. G. and French, W. Haitwheele, Northumber. cominon carriers. land, brewers.

Gill, J. Bray, w, and Hornbrook, S. Tavistock, Barker, J. and Ferrday, B. Birmingham, platers. iron-founders. Billing, W. and Bageliot, R. Plymouth-dock, linen- Holbrook, J. and Churches, J. Addle-st. Alderinandrapets.

bury, woollen facturs Eangs, C. and Bangs, G. Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, Hesseltine, T. and Lebrun, P. P. King-st. Coventcarpenters.

garden, chemists. Erięgs, E. Hayes, E. and Briggs, S. London, Turkey Hignam, J. and Goodshaw, R. Freckleton, Lancaberchants,

shire, coal-merchants. Brook, T. and Brook, J. Kinver, Staffordshire, tim. Hammond, T. and Northwood, T. St. Swithin's-la. ber-merchants.

coal-merchants. Trierley, T. and Harrison, J. Marsden-sq. Man. Holmes, J. Aillatt, S. and Sanders, T. Water-la. chest, dealers in printed and cotton goods.

Tower-st, sugar-brokers. Bidwell, J. Bara it. M. and Bidwell, J. G. St. Tho. Hill, A. C. Glover, W. M. and Smith, W. H. Torwas Apostle, Exeter, wine-merchants.

tola, dealers. Berch, T. Whilaker,' R. and Branon, J. Rother- Jefferies, J. and Legge, B. Cheltenham, blacksmiths. hithe, shipwrights.

Kiugton, T. Deane, M. A. and Bertington, S. St. Bayis, J. and Aickin, J. Upper Marylebone-st. Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, white-lead esabrokers,

manufacturers. Barey, W. and Bailey, G. Long-acre, curriers. King, B. and Ramsay, H. Limehouse, boat-bailders. Brightwell, R. and Harrison, B. Canterbury, Lees, J. and Lees, s. Manchester, cotton-merchants. plombers.

Lyall, G. and Robertson, W. Percy Banks, NorthBenson, S. and Horncastle, W. East Tilbury Wharf,

umberland, brick and tile manulacturers. Cel merchants.

Last, M. and Mann, C. Ipswich, carriers. Brentm-re, W. Hyde, J. and Marsh, W. Gains. Little, S. and Tapson, J. M. St. Jermyn's, Cornwall, bargla, Lincolnshire, common-carriers.

coal-merchants. arte, H. Hippisley, H. and Scruce, H. Shepton- Lotherington, E. and Campion, J. Great Tower-st. Mallett, dealers.

insurance brokers. Ccuoland, J. and Smith, J. Lincoln, wholesale. Mitchell, J. and Venn, J. Sweeting's-alley, Cornhill, bewers.

public-notaries. Carne, T. and Rann, F. G. Liverpool, plumbers.

Macbraire, J. Henderson, R. Henderson, P. and Chapman, B. Norfolk, J. and Kettleworth, J. H. Hardie, J. Edinburgli, merchants. Lieds, cloth-merchants.

Milne, R. Withington, T. S and Kandolph, R. Phi. Cripps, S. Baker, T. sen. Cole, J. and Keen, J. ladelpivia anu Manchester. Abingdon, bankers.

Marsden, W. N. and Simpson, R. Manchester, corn. Condros, C. H. and Rathbone, W. Manchester, dealers printers.

Murgutroyd, J. sen. Murgatroyd, W. Murgarroyd, Danson, A. and Ellis, J. Chester, wine merchants. J. jun. and Murgatroyd, T. worsted-spinners. Dodien, R. L. Done, T. Rey, L. Bodenhurst, B. Marwood, T. and Gowland, M. J. Whitby, York, and Skerreu, J. Whitegaie, Cheshire, salt-pro


Marsden, J. Hird, W. and Marsden, W. Great Duanes, W. and Ashworth, J. Manchester, makers. Tower st. agents.

Musgrove, R. and Meriton, H. Houndsditch, men's. Dibtle, H. and Owen, J. Salford, shopkeei ers. Davies, C. and Fidler, W. H. Lower Nicholson, B. and Clay, D. P. Newark-upon-Trent, agents.

silversmitlis. Darison, C. and Simpson, C. R. Liverpool, dealers. Nixon, J and Wolley, G. Tunstall, Stafford, manu. Edmandson, J. leack, R. and Heskin, T. Black facturers of earthenware, barn, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers.

Nelson, G. and Bannister, D. Halifax, Yorkshire, Ellis, J. Trevasse, J. D. and Cornish, J. Falmouth, wool staplers. tailow.chandleis.

Nicholson, T. and Dodd, R. Newcastle upon-Tyne, Fox, T. and Cox, w, Bitton, Gloucester, horse. plasterers.

Newmarch, c. and Harris, H. W, Cheltenham. Farenc, A. Walter, W. and Walter, W. H. Loodon, attornies. terchants.

Notik, and De Lisle, W. Bristo'. ironmongers. Searaier, G. Gore, R. and Gore, J. Cheapside, ware- Person, W. and Burrell, S. 1. Ive's isuntingdon,

lineo-drepers. Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. May 1518.

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Paris, A. A. and Myers, W. Took'

printers. Porritt, J. and Swetnam, G. Minories, cheesemon

gers. Potts, R. and Maurice, W. Holborn-hill, linen

drapers. Pocock, C. sen. Golden, T. and Pocock, C. M. jun.

Bouverie-st. Fleet-st. iron-masters. Pollard, S. and Pollard, W. Bristol, linea-drapers. Plater, J. and Batchelor, J. Baldwin's-pl. Baldwin's. gardens, pap

-makers. Pickwick, E. Woodhouse, R. and Pickwick, M. Bath,

coach-masters. Poolly, T. and Cox, J. Maidstone, maltsters. Pierce, J. and Gnecco, G., merchants. Rumford, R. W. and Ashby, J. Bartholomew-la.

Royal-exchange, stock-brokers. Raingill, C. and Kaingill, D. Manchester, tobacco

nists, Rhodes, E. Champion, T. Crawshaw, J. and Rogers,

M. jun. Sheffield, merchants. Ross, J. and Bates, E. Halifax, woolstaplers. Rutter, J. and Dodson, T. Joiner-st. Southwark,

hop-merchants. Rutter, E. Rutter, s. and Wade, S. Bristol, brush.

makers. Rhodes, A. Clapham, T. and Rhodes, J. W. Leeds,

merchants. Skey, R. S. and Mathews, J. Birmingham, carriers. Stephenson, T. and Pierpont, T. Brighthelmstone,

linen-drapers. Sherwood, R. and Sherwood, J. Lambeth, brick

layers and plasterers. Shippin, P. and Senier, Z. Shoreditch, linen drapers. Samuel, J. Salisbury, R. and Jones, J. Liverpool,

tobacconists. Smith, B. and Smith, S. Tenbury, Worcestershire,

carpenters. Stikeman, W. Stevenson, H. and Clout, G. Maid.

stone, brandy-merchants. Thompson, W. T. Harding, J. and Holtby, W.

Leeds, bankers. Tanner, J. N. Tanner, C. Windeatt, T. and Win.

deatt, W. Totness, Devon, fellinongers.


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shire, Machine-maker; for an improvement

, upon the engine or machine for cutting or reducing into what is called chaif, different articles, as dry fodder for horses and cattle. Dated March 7th, 1818.

Tyler, W. and Gitto, G. R. Bristol, tobacco and

snuff manufacturers. Traer, W. Humphrey, W. and Juliff, J. Redruth,

Cornwall, manufacturers of black-lead pois. Thorne, J. and Marker, J. Bristol, silk-weavers. Taylor, W. and Linstrum, S. Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

cabinet-makers. Thompson, s. sen. and Watson, W. Wakefield,

corn-factors. Thorne, S. and Thorne, J. Carhampton, Somerset

shire, fariners.
Tarbuck, W. Leadbetter, H. and Houghton, P.

Sutton, Lancaster, brewers.
Trafford, T. Cox, J. and Witherhead, J. Derby, iron.

Tunstall, F. and Harrington, G. King-st. Snow-hill,

distillers. Ure. J. and Miller, J. Glasgow. Whitworth, E. and Smith, S. Bury, Lancaster, dra.

Walton, P. and Whitehead, T. Church-passage, Old

Jewry, insurance.brokers.
Westwood, R. and M‘Lachlan, H. Postern-row,

Tower-bill, waich-makers.
Withers, E. and Morris, W. Portsea, curriers and

Walker. J. and Walker, J. Skircoat, Yorkshire,

Webb, J. Webb, J. W. and Webb, J. Portsea,

Hanis, gardeners and seedsmen.
Warwick, T. and Ridout, J. P. Ipswich, linen.dra.

Waring, F. and Nott, J. Whitechapel-toad, grocers.
Westbrook, E. and Smith, W. Keut-road, glue-

makers. Wheatherhead, T. and Benstead, J. S. Cold-bath-sq.

retail linen-drapers. Webb, J. and Schofield, J. Sheffield, knise-manu.

facturers. Young, F. and Tritton, H. Whitechapel, coppet.

siniihs. Young, T. M. Blaylock, s. and Smith, J. New

castle-upon-Tyne, merchants.

GEORGE WYKE, of Bath, Somersetshire, Esquire; and WILLIAM SAMPSON, of Bristol, in

the same county, Merchant; for improvements in pumps, which improveinents are applicable to machinery of various descriptions. Dated March 14th, 18 18.

JOHN READ, of Tinton, Staffordshire, Gentle. man; and WILLIAM HOWELL, of Wednesbury, in the same county, Ground Bailiff; for a new system of working and getting the main or thick mine of coal. Dated March 14ih, 1818.

RICHARD PENN, of Richmond Hill, Surrey ; for a mode of manufacturing ornamental wooden furniture by the application of machinery. Dated March 14th, 1818.

JOHN ASHTON, of Great Tower street, London, Wine merchant; and THOMAS GILL, of Greek street, Soho, Middlesex, Hydrometer Manufactu. rer; for certain improvements in or on instruments and apparatus for ascertaining the strength of spi. rituous liquors, and also the specitic gravity of fluids and metals, Dated March 14, TR18.

SIR THOMAS COCHRANE, Knight, commonly called LORD COCHRANE ; for a working or mak. ing of a manufacture, being lampe for streeis, which efectuate and regulate the combustion of a certain purified essential oil or spirit, obtaince from difterent ligneous, carborraceous, or bituminous sub. stances, usually called spirits of tar er oil of tar, and also working or making a manufacture, being an arrangeinent or arrangements of parts of lamps, whereby all other lamps in which flame is inclosed, as in street lamps, within glass vessels of cases, capable of traösıilling liglit and of protecting the

Aame from the wind and weather, are adapted to the production of a clear light, by the combustion of decomposition of the said purified oil or spirit therein, and in the use of the said purified essential oil or spi. rit in such lamps. Dated April *, 1818.

JOHN JAMES ALEXANDER MCARTHY, of No. 4, Spring-gardens, Westminster, Middleses, Gentleman; for a method or methods of applying granite or other materials in the making, construci. ing, or forming parements, pitching and covering for streets, roads, ways, and places. "Dared April 8, 1818.

WILLIAM ANNESLEY, of Belfast, Ireland, Architect; for certain improvements in the con: 'structing ships'-boats and other ressels. Daled April 8, INIR.

WILLIAM HOPKINSON, of High Holborn, Middlesex, Coach-maker; for a machine or apparatus to prevent the wlieels of carriages, carts, coaches, and all other carriages, from coming off by accident, and which he intends to denominate or call a Wheel Detainer. Dated April 8, 1618.

GEORGE WAITHAM, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, Manufacturer of Spindles; for certain inachinery for grinding, glazing, and dressing, small cotton, and woollen spindles, for spinning of jenney, bills, and mule, and other kind of machioe for fine work. Dated April 8, 1818.

WILLIAM BOOTH, of Eckington, Derbyslıire, Turner in Wood; for a method or process of making. by a certain machine or machines, wooden clogs fir pattens, wooden clogs or soles for shoes, and a description of wooden clogs commonly called or known by the name of the Devonshire clogs, or bs whatsoever ollier name or names, description or descriptions, the same several clogs or soles are commonly called, knowil, described, or distin. guished. Dated April 8, 1818.

WILLIAM CHURCH, late of the New Coffee


heese, Sueting's-alley, Cornbill, London, but now of Calon-street, Finsbury-square, Gentleman; for Certus improvements in the steam-engine. Dated April, 1818.

GILBERT LANG and ROBERT SMITH, both printers in Glasgow ; for a mode of producing the Seris bee deep and pole reds by topical mordeuats at a pale blue discharge on said reds. Duted Apr 11, 1618.

ROBERT CLAYTON, of Nelsor.-street, Dublin, Artist ; for a method of depositing or inserting cer12.8 metais, or a mixture of metals, in wood, ivory, boat, barn, paper, and pottery-ware, whereby the

old and tedions process of inlaying may be superseded, and the same effects be permanently produced in a shorter time, and a less expense, than by any other process now in use.

Dated April 18, 1818.

WILLIAM CRAWSHAY the younger, of Cyf. arthfa Iron works, Glamorganshire, Esquire, and DAVID MUSHET, of Coleford, Gloucestershire, Iron-master; for their improvements for the making and manufacturing of bar or other iron for certain refuse, slags, or cinders, in the smelting of copper ores, in the manufacturing of copper. Dated April 18, 1818.


By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNglL. 1818 Barom Ther. Wind Obser. 1818 Barom her Wind Obser. Apr. 26 29.21 58 S Fair May 10 29.51 56

S Fair 27 29.37 55 SW Ditto

Il 29.56

51 SSW Ditto 98 29.79 54 SW Ditto

12 29.57 56 W Ditto 99 30.94 52 SE Ditto

13 29.32 54 SW Ditto 30 29.65 50 NE Rain

14 29.31 53 SW Ditto May ) 29.74 51 W Fair

15 29.43 55 NE Ditto 21 29.80 50 E Ditto 16 29.52

N Ditto 29.68 56 SW Rain

17 29 61 56

N Ditto 4 29.54 55

18 29.78 61


Ditto 5 29.45 52 SW Ditto

19 29.94 55


Ditto 6 29.28 53 S Rain

20 30.03 56

N Ditto 7 29.27 55 W Ditto

21 30 13 52 NE Ditto 8 29.50 58 S Fair

22 30.21 5)

E Ditto 9 29.52 | 54 SW Rain

23/ 30.28 ( 53 E Ditte


FROM FRID LY, APRIL 21, TO MAY 15, 1818.

for Lumps, which continues; the market COTTON.-The extensive sale at the may be stated a shade lower.- Molasses re. East-India House was bronght forward this main steady.-In Foreigo Sugars there is forenoon, and from the great quantity of little doing. Bengals, it was believed the prices would go COFFEE.-There was a considerable off exceedingly low; the sale was in con- public sale brought forward yesterday; the sequence well attended; the whole went off ordinary descriptions went of at high priwith spirit, and greatly higher than what ces, rather realizing an advance on the late had been anticipated, fully maintaining the rates by private contract; the fine Coffee late prices.--Bengals from 104d, to 124d; went a shade lower. besides the East-India Company's sale, 888 RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.bales Sorats were brought forward to auc- The Rum market continues exceedingly tion this forenoon ; the prices 15 d. to heavy; there are few purchases since our 164d.; and 100 bags Berbice 2s. d. to Jast, and generally the prices may be stated 23. 10. The sales by private contract since a shade tower.- The demand for Brandy our last are-1400 Pernams 2s. Id. to has entirely subsided; were sales forced in 2.4. ; 87 Surinams, 2«, to 2s. Id. ; 600 the present languid state of the market, the Serats 1414. to 1740. ; 300 Bengals 101d. quotations could not be realized; the hole to lld.

ders are however not eager to effect sales, SUGAR.- The demand for Sugar early on acrount of the unfavourable reports in the week was very considerable, and from France. - There have been few sales from the scarcity of good parcels, the hol. of Geneva ; the prices are unvaried. ders realized prices a shade higher; the OIL.-'There have been considerable fequest has since given way, and the market transactions in Whale Oit; several rather Currency cannot be stated at any variation extensive parcels have been changing hands; since our last; the wind continues easterly, the prices are a shade higher. which will prevent any new supplies from RICE.-The demand for Rice has consi. bring brought in market.

dorably subsided : 3320 hags List-India, by The demand for refined goods has rather public sale, met with no huyers; the whole subsided, with the exceptio: of the request was taken in 21s, 6d. a 245.

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