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Right Hon. Lady Harriet Bagot, of a
John Round, Esq. M.P. of a son.
Lately, the Viscountess Folkestone, of a 16. At Limehouse, the lady of the Rev.

James Rudge, minister of Limehouse, of a April 12. At Yester. house, the Mar- daughter. chioness of Tweddale, of a daughter,

19. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir A. 0. 27. At Walthamstow, the lady of the Molesworth, Bart, of a son. Rev. George Hughes, of a son.

21. The lady of T. J. Pettigrew, Esq. of MAY 5. At Blichfield, Staffordshire, the Spring gardens, of a son.



Esq. agent-victualler of his Majesty's Hon. Mr. Jostice Dallas, to Lucy, daughter Victualling-yard, Chatham, to Miss Jane of Henry Davidson, fsq. of Bedford-square, Picton, sister of the lamented hero, Lieute. 12. At the New Church, Mary.le-Bone, nant general Sir Thomas Picton, G.C.B. the Hon. llenry Pierrepont, brother to the

Lately, George Hagge, Esq. of Lynn and Earl of Manvers, to Lady Sophia Cecil, sis• Thornham, Norfolk-to Margaret, daughter ter to the present Marquis of Exeter. of Dr. Ainstie, of Dover-street,

16. Mr. George Walker, of Mark-Jane, Lately, James llance, jun. Esq. of Bromp- to Ann, daughter of William Ruston, Esq. ton, to Eliza, widow of the late Colonci of Peckham, Surrey. Sebastian Cabot, of Boston, Massachusets, 16. Thomas Benjamin Sumerfield, Esq.

Arril 25. Christopher R. Preston, Esq. to Sarah, daughter of the late Thomas Ter. of Jerico;house, Essex, to Elizabeth-Mary, rey, Esq. of South Lambeth. daughter of Sir William Hillary, Bart. 18. The Hon. Colonel Seymour, to Lady

Alr. Isaac Vale,, of Sun. Charlotte Cholmondeley, daughter of the street, to Mary, daughter of John Yardley Marquis Cholmondeley. Verpon, Esq.of Broad street-buildings. Hepry ilarvey Monro, Esq. son of the

Mayl, At Limpsfield, the Rev. Robert Jate George Monro, Esq. to CatherineTritton, B.A. of Si, John's College, Cam- Mary Mason, widow of Richard Mason, bridge. youngest son of John Henry Trit.

Esq. ton, Esq. of Loinbard-street, to Mary, 19. J. L. Mallett, Esq. of Upper Gower. daughter of Vincent Hilton Biscoe, Esq. of street, to Frances, daughter of John MerriIlockwood, Surrey.

vale, Esq. of Exeter. 2. At Walthamstow, Mr. Lewis Jolin de 20. Jorin Sabb, Esq. of Epsom, to Miss la Chaumette, to Miss Sibella Wilkinson. Speek, of North Cheam.

5. George Robert Smith, Esq. son of Mr. Samuel Plambe, of Henley, Oron, George Smith, Esq. M.P. of Upper Harley- to Caroline, daughter of Mr. Philip Payne, street, to Jane, daughter of John Maberly, of Aylesbury. Esq. of Grosvenor-square.

21. John Myiton, Esq.of Halston, Salop, 6. The llon. Captain Granvillo Levison to Harriet Eirma Jones, daighter of the Proby. R.N. son of the Earl of Cary.fort, late Sir Thomas Jones, of Stanley, Salop. to Isabella, daughter of the Hon. Colonel Major Loftus Gray, of the rifle brigade, Howard, of Bushy.park, Wicklow.

to Susannah-Maria, daighter of James 7. Mr. John Young, of Southamplon. Lewis, Esq. of Powis plaie place, son of John Young, Esq. of the Isle 22. Frederick Savery, Esq. banker, of of Wight, to Miss Davies, daughter of Bristol, to Miss Elizabeth Butler, daughter George Davies, Esq. of Scarborough. of Anacreon Buller, Esq. Caerleon, ton

Isaac, son of I, Cooper, Esq. of Stock- mouthshire, well, to Deborah, daugiiter of thie late John 25. At Mary le-Bone Church, by the Rhodes, Esq. of Finchley.

Rev. Archdeacon Coxo, John Clayton FrerMr. John Whitehead, of Bank-side, to ling, Esq. second son of Francis Freeling, Maria, daughter of James Green, Esq. of Esq. of the General Post Office, to Mary, Brixton.

third daughter of the late Edward Core, 9. Robert William Dallas, Esq. captain Esq. of Hampstead heath,


, Lately, at Eltham, Kent, Richard Har. 76th year of her age, Mrs. Moore, very, jun, aged 28; March 23, Richard relict of the late Archbisbop of Capter. Harvey, sen. aged 61, and Elizabeth Has. bery.

vey, aged 63, son, futber, and another, of an infectione fever; they resided in the same 30. The Rev. Servingion Savory, rector house, and were much esteemed.

of South Wykelain, Lincolnshire, vicar of Lately, at Camden Town, in a decline, Sutton Benger, Vills, and chaplain to St. in the 19d yr ar of his age, Captain Samuel Thomas's Hospital, Nortage Sears, of the late 8th royal vete- Marl. The Rev. Charles Edward Finch, raa baitalion, and son of the late Lieute- B.D. fellow oi Benet College, Cambridge. nant-colonel Sears, of the Bengal artil. Suddenly, in 'Tenterden-street, Hanoverlery.

square, Mr. Bullock, proprietor of the Lately, at Bath, Alexander Darblay, Mona alarble Works. E-q.a eneral in the French service, one of 2. Sir George Hope, K.C.B. rear-admi. the legion of honour to Louis XVIII, &c. ral of the red.

3. At Peckham, Surrey, in the 720 year Latels, at Coggeshall, aged 89, Sarah of his age, Jacob Hagen, one of the society Sace, ref- of the late W. Smer, of that of Friends, and late of Bermondsey. place, and one of the Society of Friends. 5. Al Mangham Hill, Essex, Philip

Lalelv, at Fason Lodge, near Yaxley, Booth, Esq. aged 73, late of Russell-square, aged 106. Mrs. Ann Lason, auot of Sir 6. At Withington, near Manchester, Richard Phillips, of London.

John Parker, Esq. aged 67. Oct. 12, 1817. At Serepore, Berar, At Liverpool, Edward Murphy, Esq. for. Celonel P. Walker, of Clayton.

merly of Eto! and Cambridge. 14. At Hydrabad, Captain Charles Corn- 7. At Florence, Lady Campbell, wife of mallia Jobuston, of the ilon. East ludia Sir Grey Campbell, Bart, and daughter of Company's service.

Montague Burgoyne, Esq. of Mark-hall, Jar. 13, 1218. On board the Willian Essex. Pit Last Indiaman, and soon after leaving Archer Moore Barlow, Esq. of SouthBengal, Itiliian Hall, Esq. a partner in the street, Finsbury square, and of Austinhouse of Messrs, Palmer and Co. of Cal. friars, London.

7. At Walkhampton, Mr. John Wil. F+B. 23. Oo board the Richmond East Jiams, at the advanced age of 100 years. Indianan, Lieutenant Robert Jenkins, 9. The Hon. Mrs. Walpole, widow of the Plia regiment N. I. Madras establishment. late Hon. Richard Walpole, and sister of

APRIL I, In Montague square, John the late Lord Huntingdon. Crawford, Esq. aged 71.

19. At Putney, John Pooley Kensing2. Al Iberdeen, William Knowles, Esq. ton, lisq. in the 55th year of his age. of Easter Skeine, aged 81.

14. In Hans place, Sloane-street, James 10. Henry Duncoinbie, Esq. of Copgrove, Keith, Esq. late of the Haymarket, St. Dear Kaare borough, many years N.P. for Jaunes's, aged 69. Tork, aged 90.

Al Crouch End, Charles King, Esq. of At Hackney, Mr.J. S Yarrow, late of Bernard's-ion, aged 72. Burten-street, Tavistock square, aged 35. 15. At Upper Tooling, Joseph Braster,

12. Ai Vesport, Isle of Wight, awfully E:q. aged 75. sudden, John Delgarno, Esq. who expired Charles Bowns, Esq. of Darby Hall, near in a fit of apoplexy, without any apparently Barnsley, aged 65. previous illness, and before any medical 16 At the Plantation, near Gisborough, aid could arriie.

Yorkshire, Henry Hale, Esq. second son 16. Suddenly, at Redruth, Silvanus of the late General John Jale. James, one of the people called Quakers. 17. The Rev. Martin Coulcher, rector of

21. At the Vice-regal Lodge, Phæpix. Ciaston Thorpe, and master of the grammarpark, Dublin, in the 6th year of his age, the school, Lynn, aged 52. Hoa. Walter Chet wyod Talbot, son of their 18. In the 36th year of bis age, Dr. John Excellencies the Lord Lieutenantof Ireland Thomson, of Leeds, and late of Halifax. and Countess Talbot.

At Milford, Lady Bayly, relict of Sir 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs. Isabel Taylor, Nicholas Bayly, Bart. lale of Anglesey, aged 105.

aged 79. 24. Al the South Parade, Bath, George 20. At Aldenham, near Elstree, John Mogg, Exq. of Somerset,

Mackintoch, Esq. formerly of Pood lane, 25. At Edinburgh, aged 78, Mr. Andrew merchant. Bell, late farmer, at Hilllead, Edinburgh. In her 220 year, Sophia, wife of Mr.

J.J. Alphonso M‘Arthur, Esq. b.rrister- Thomas Butler, of Cheapside. al-law, aged 33, son of Joho M'Arthur, Elizabeib, daughter of the late Edward Esq.

Croper, Esq. of Infield, in her 26th year. 26, At Isleworth, Daniel Birkett, Esq. 22. The lon, Mrs. Grenfell, lady of aged 50.

Pa-coe Grenfell, Esq. of Taplow House, 27. At Wallbrook, Mr. William Ross, Bucks. aged 58.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. THE Collectors of Portraits and Ilustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Penpani's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a pew proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this Work, are struck off on Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED, TH The Proprietors of the Rev. H. J. an improved and far less expensive plan, in Morals, in 8vo, embellished with a fine Por- Pieces, Revivals, Pantomimes, &c. with trait.

Todd's Edition of Dr. Johnson's Dic. atlas quarto ; including a preface and histionary, beg to inform the Public; they are torical accounts of the several books, by preparing an Abridgment of that valuable the Rev. Dr. Edward Nares. Work under the Direction of the Editor, Professor Dunbar is engaged in preparing which will be very soon published.

an additional volume to Dalzel's CollecThe Rev. Prof. Mearos, of Aberdeen, tanea Majora, to contain the following Exhas in the press, an Essay on the Principles tracts, with Notes selected and original, of Christian Evidence; containing stric- chiefly explanatory of the Text. 1. Æschitures on Dr. Chalmers' Evidences of Reve- nis Oratio adv. Ciesiphontem. 2. Demostlation.

hrnis Or. pro Corona. 3. Thucydidis Hist. Captain Light, of the Royal Artillery, lib, vii.-1. Aschyli Promtheus Vinciu will soon publish, in a quarto volume, Tra. et Septem adv. Thebas. 2. Sophoclis Phi. vels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land, Mount Joctetes. 3. Euripidis Alcestis. 4. Eori. Lebanon, and Cyprus, with platis.

pidis Cyclops. 5. Aristophanis Plutos et James Morier, Esq. has in great forward. Nubes. ness, a Second Journry through Persia and Dr. Withering's Systematic Arrangement Constantinople, in 1810-16, in a quario of British Plants, with an easy introduction volume, with maps, coloured costumes, and to the study of Botany, in 4 vols. 8ve. other engravings.

illustrated by copper plates. Lieut.- Colonel Johnson is printing, in a Whistle and Laurie have announced a quarto volume, a Narrative of an Over. General Description of, and Directions for, land Journey from lodia, performed in the the Coasts of Brazil, from Maranham, in present year, with engravings of antiqui. the North, to Rio de Janeiro and Santos, in ties, costume, &c.

the South, from the Surveys of Lieutenant Captain Bonnycastle, of the Royal En. Hewitt, R.N. gineers, is preparing for publication, Spanish A Familiar Review of the Life of David, America, or an Account of the Dominions King of Israel, for the instruction of of Spain in the Western llemisphere, illus- youth, and to be read in families, by Henry trated by Maps.

Lacey, morning Preacher of Salter's Hall. Lieut. F. Hall, late military secretary to By Mr. Bisset, of the Historical Gallery, general Wilson, governor of Canada, has Leamington, a Poetical Gazetteer of the in the press, Travels in Canada, and the principal Cities, Boroughs, and Seaports of United States of America, in 1816.17. the United Kingdom,

The Rev. Oliver Lodge has in the press, By Miss Sandhain, the School Fellows. Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew, in The still Voice of Peace; or, Tender an octavo volume.

Council to Freemen and Slaves, Professors Mr. T. H. Horne is preparing for public and Profane, in answer to some deep-rooted cation, in two octavo volumes, an intro- objections and prejudices, will very soon duction to the Critical Study of the Holy appear. Scriptures, illustrated by Maps, and lac- In the press, to be published by Subscrip. similies of biblical manuscripts.

tion, Angela; or, the Moss-Grown Cell. A A System of Divinity, in a series of Ser- Moral Poem, in four Cantos, by Joha mons, by the late Dr. Timothy Dwight, of Church, Connecticut, is printing in five uctavo In the press, a Satirical Novel called volumes, accompanied with a Life of the Bath. Author.

Dr. Bateman is prepariog for the press, The Rev. Peter Roberts has in the press, a Sketch of the Character of the Epidemic a Manual of Prophecy, or a View of the Fever ;'revailing in the Metropolis. Prophecies contained in the Bible, and the In the press by Aliss Thurile, in one Eveots by which they were fulfilled.

volume, the History of France, from the T. Walford, Exq. will 8000 publish, in Earliest Periods down to the Second Return two pocket volumes, the Scientific Tourist of Louis XVIII. through England, Wales, and Scotland.- The Rev. Arthur Crichton has in the press, The Scientific Tourist through Ireland is a Second Edition of the Festival af Flora, also in the press.

a Poem, with Botanical Notes, illustrated Macklin's Bible, with its splendid En. with engravings. gravings, is preparing for re-publication, on A New and Elegant Edition of Seneca's

occasional Notes and Anecdotes. Being a The Third Part of the Encyclopædia Me- continuation of Victor's and Oulton's His. tropostana will appear early in the ensu- tories, from the year 1795 to 1817 incluing nooth,

sive, by W. C. Oulton, 3 vols. 12mo, 18s. The Book of Common Prayer, according Observations on the Bible Society, shewto the use of the United Church of England ing that the present method of distributing aod Ireland: with Translations into the Bibles among the lower orders of people, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, tends rather to check than encourage the and German Languages.

Doctrine of Christ, by the Author of the Obervations on the Properties of the Letters on the Propagation of the Christian Air-Paap Vapoar- Bath, in the Cure of Doctrine in India. Gout, Rbeunalism, Palsy, &c. By M. la By Mr. Kendall, the Architect, of ExeBeaver, Medical Electrician.

ter, An Elucidation of the Principles of Just published,

English Arcbitecture, usually denominated Modern Maladies and present State of Gothic. Medicine : the Appiversary Oration deli. By the immediate sanction, and under vered before the Medical Society of Lon. the special patronage of His Royal Highdoo, and published at their request, by D. ness ihe Prince Regent, who has most graUsins,

ciously condescended to allow his Royal A Hepls (by way of remonstrance) to a Name to be placed at the hrad of the subLetter lately addressed to the Right Hon. scribers, A Volume of Sermons, by the George Canniog, signed " Your Country Rev. Robert Dickinson, Vicar of nfordepas," by an Impartial Englishman. combe, North Devon, Curate and After.

The Confession, or the Norice of St. poou Lecturer of St. Mary, Newington Clair, and other Poems, by the Author of Butts, Surrey. Purity of Heart, 4s, boards.

The History of the Island of St. Domingo, Cadine, a Fairy Romance, in 1 vol. from its first discovery by Columbus to the 18m9, translated from the original German present period, in I vol. 8vo. of Baron de la Motte Fouque, by George A Series of Twenty-seven Designs in 803 ne, A.B.

Outline, illustrating the incidents of Mr. A History of the Theatres of London; Southey's Poem of Malaba the Destroyer, containing an Annual Register of New executed by Mr. Hawkes Smith.


PUBLISHED IN MAY, Al the Prices they are adverlised at, in bourds, unless otherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL.
It is earnestly requested that Anthors and Publishers will continue to communicate
Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of

Woman, a Poem, 5s, 60,
DESCRIPTION of Greenland, by

Hans Egede, a new edition, 8vo. 19s. Lockwood's Description of Nova Scotia, Marriott's Sermons, 8vo. 8s. 6d.

4to, 15s. Haslett's View of the English Stage, 8vo. Adolphus's Political State of the British 1%.

Empire, 4 vols. 31. The Beauties of Sincerity, 8vo. 5s. 6d. Greenland : being extracts from a JourColbrooke on the Import of Colonial nal kept in that country froin the year Corn, 8vo. 73, 6d.

1710 to 1778, 10s. 6d. Marriage, a Novel, 3 vols. 21s.

Morell's llistory of England, 8vo. 8s. Memoirs of John, Duke of Marlborough, Ditto, J2mo. 5s, 6d. by the Rev. &rchdeacou Coxe, Vol. I. 4to. The Northern Courts, by J. Brown, $I. 34.

2 vols. 8vo. 14s. Narrative of a Residence in Algiers, 4to. View of the State of Europe during the places, 21. 2s,

Middle Ages, by Henry Hallam, Esq. Narrative of a Voyage to Senegal, and 2 vols. 4to. 31. 3s. Shipwreck of Medusa, 8vo. 10s, 6d.

Clarke's 100 Wonders of the World, Lectures on the English Poets, delivered 9s. at the Surrey Institution, by William Haz- Herrey's Meditations, with designs, by lett, 8vo. Ios. 6d.

R. Westall, R.A. 8vo. I2s. Schreiber's Guide down the Rhipe, Ss. The same Work in 12mo, 7s.

Picturesque Views in Rome and its Vi. Faber on the Prophecies of 1260 Years, cicity, 12s.

Vol. II. 128. Madame de Stael's Work on the French Trimmer's Help to the Unlearned, a new Resolation, in French, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 16s. edition, 2 vols. 1 2mo, 9s.

Ditto, translated, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 16s. The History of Greece, by William Mit

Macdonald Kennier's Travels in Arme. ford, Esq. 4to. Vol. V. 21. 26. nia, Koordistan, &c. 185,



Alfred's Essay on the Use of Machinery quest of J. C. and R. IV. of Wor- iz received, and shall be commenced in our cester.

July Magazine. We thank A, H. D. for his communica. Has 1. B. forgotten us?-We hope le tions.

will redeem his promise, The Gleaner, No. IX. and Fragmentn. A Constant Reader-M. R. B.-and W. No. XXVI, are unavoidably deferred till are received, and shall be inserted as soge our next.

as possible. J. R. Y. in our next.



Extructed from the Landon Gazette.
N.B. All the Meetings are at Grilduart, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Allornies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDEN, WILSON, R. Manchester, innkeeper. April 28. TOWNLEY, SARAH ELIZ. Pope's-bead-alley, SANDILANDS, KEV, RICH. Lower Grosvenor- Lombard streri, victualler. May 9.

place, Pimlico, clerk, money-scriveper. May 2. ALPE, JAS. PROTHEROE and Co. Fencharch-st. COWELL, BENJ. BATES, High-streel, Shoreditch, merchants, May 12. oilman. May

HARVEY, GEORGE, Lane End, Stafford, draper, JONES, JAS. and Co. Leominster, Hereford, linen. NICHOLSON, JAMES, and Co. Bow-lane, Cleap. drapers. My 9.

side, pin and needle manufacturers. PORTER, JOHN, Wrington, Somerset, nursery.

man. May 9.

BANKRUPTS. ALPE, JAMES PROTHEROE and Cn. Fenchurch. seller, June and July 4. (Harvey and Co. Buck.

st. merchants, June 20. [Young and Co. Si. Mil. lershury. May 23. dred' Poultry.) May y.

CARMICHAEL JOHN, Little Russell-st. CorentASHE, JOHN STEWART," Messina, island of garden, baker, June 13. (Rogers and Son, Man

Sicily, merch, June 1929, and sw, George, Liver. chester-build. Westminster.) May 2. pool. (Lace and Co. Liverpool; and Taylor and CAKNABY. JOHN, Morpeth, Northumberland, Co. Temple.) May 19.

common brewer, June 1, 2, and 90, George, Ner. BARBER, BENJ. Bradwell, Derby, lead merchant, castle upon-Tyne. [Meggison and Co. Hatton

Jane ), Angel, Sheffield. (Rimington and Co. garden ; and Brunell, Morpeth.) May 9.

Sheffield; and Wilson, Greville-st.] April 28. CLARK, JOHN, Manea, Isle of Ely, carpenter, June BLURTON, JAMES, Old couch maker, 11, 12, and July 4, George, Chaiteris, Isle of Ely.

June 9. (Martin, Fitzroy.street, Fitzroy-square.] (Leigh and Co. New Bridge-st.; and Sewell, ChalApril 24,

feris.) May 23. BRIGGS, JOS. Sculcoates, Yorkshire, grocer, June COLEMAN, WILLIAM ORTON, Wapping, slop.

16, White Hart, Kingston upon-Hull. (Richard- seller, May 30, June 6, and July 4. (Knight and son, Hull; and Shawe, Ely-place.] May 5.

Co kasinghall-st.) May 23. BRINSLEY, CHARLES, Ashborne, Derbyshire, CLIFFORD, MARK, and Co. Kingston-upon-Hull,

butcher, June 16, Bell, Derhy. [Briltlı bank and merch. July 4, Dog and Duck, Kingston-uponCo. Asliborne; and Alexander and Co. New-inn.) Hull. (Rosser and Co. Bartlett's-buildings, HolMay 5.

bom; and Sandwith, Hull.) May v3. BARTON, WILLIAM, Doncaster, malester, June DORN, ANTHONY, Vanxhall, viciualler, June 90. 20, Guildhall, Doncaster. (Lever, Gray's inn-sq.; Nellefold, Norfolk st. Strand.) May 9. and Fisher, Doncaster.) Mayo.

DEAN, JOHN, Dean' huildings, Poplar, baker, BUDDLE, WM. Drury Jane, carpenter, June 20. June 6 and July 4. Willeti, Crown-co. Thread(Coombs, Clifford's.inn.). May 9.

ne May 29. BATTY, WILLIAM, Kirkby. Stephen, Westmore. FORDER WILLIAM, Basingstoke, Hants, stageland, tobacconist, Jane 20, office of Mr. Williams, coachi-proprietor, June 27. (Shearman and Co. Liverpool. (Williams, Liverpool; and Chester, Rer.lion-sq.) May 16. Staple-inn.) May 9.

FARRAR, 140s. Waterside, Sonthnuram, York, BALL, ROBERT CHAMBERS, Bristol, baker, June manufacturer, June 27, White Lion, Halifax,

20, Bush. Bristol. (King. Se rjeant's-inn, Fleet- (Wigglesworth and Co. Halifax; and Wigglesst.; and Frankis, John sl. B.istol.) May 9

worth and Co. Gray's-inn.) Mey 16. BARNARD, DAN. Fenchurch-st. merci. June 6 and HOLDEN, JOHN, West Bromwichi, Stafford, buckle 27. (Holt, Threadneedle-st.) May 16.

inaker, June 13, Castle, Birmingham. (Anstice BROWN, JOHN, London, merchant, June 9 and 30. and Co. Temple. Nay .

(Clarke and Co. Chancery-lane.) May 19. HALSTED, WM. Chichester, ligen draper, Jane BARUH, DANIEL, Houndsditen, apothecary, June 15, Wheatsheal, Chichester. (Dalby, Chiches.

6, and July 4. [Nettlefold, Norfolk-st. Strand.] ter; and Few and Co. Covent-garden.) May 8, May 23.

HAINES, JOHN, Longton, Lancaster, common BULLOCKE, JOHN, Strand, button- carrier, June 13, Red Lion, Preston. (Win.

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