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the Right Hon. William Earl of Erral, to This Gazette notifies that the Duke of be bis Majesty's Commissioner to the General Richsond has taken the usual oaths as Assembly of the Church of Scotland and Goreroor of the Provinces of Lower and of Sir Richard Goodwin Keats, G.C.B. Upper Cabada, Nova Scotia, and New Vice Admiral of the White, to be Major Brussmick, and the Islands of Prince Ed. General of his Majesty's Royal Marine ward and Cape Breton.

Forces, in the room of Sir George Hope, Ake the appointment of Arthur Richard deceased. Welleky, Esq. to be Page of Honour to his Royal Highoess in Ordinary, in the room of John Arthor Douglas Bloomfield, Esq.

SATURDAY, MAY 23. promoted; ako, the honour of Knighthood

This Gazette notifies the appoiotment of being conferred upon Robert Wigram, of Sir C. Hamilton as Governor of New found Coscangat-place, in the County of Middle- land; the permission of the Prince Regent ses, Esq.

to Lieut.-General Alexander M.Kenzie, to

accept and wear the Grand Cross of the SATURDAY, MAY 16.

Royal Sicilian Order of St. Januarius ; also Nader returned to serve in Parliament,

to the 16th Light Dragoons, and 59th, 71st,

and 79tb Foot, to bear on their colours and Berenga of East Grenstead— The Hon. Charles Gordon commonly called Lord

appointments the names of the different Strathaven, in the room of Sir George places in the Peninsula and France at which Johnstoce Hope, deceased.

they distinguished themselves during the late
war; to the Royal Staff Corps to bear, in

like manner, the word “ Egypt;" and to

the 1st West India Regiment to bear the This Gazette contaius the appointment of words “Martinique" and “Guadaloupe.”



Tauseesetary's to the SOCIETYO Morpheor, E89 235, firos venor-place, Hyde

Park ," by whom it appeared
5. af THADE againsé SWINDLERS and accepted, payable at Messrs. Morland and

SHARPERS, held at No. 36, Essex-street, Co.'s Pall-mall, On applying to those
Strand, by a Circular bas informed the bankers, they stated, that no such person
Members Thereof, that the persons under. kept cash there, nor was at all known at
naged, or using the firms of

their house. And that
The Rev. THOMAS STRETTON, Jate of DANIEL SARGENT (frequently mentioned)

dow resides as a stone apd coal-merchant, E. RogEgg and Co. 16, St. Swithin's- at York-wharf, Princes-street, Lambeth,

Thomas FARLEY (lately mentioned) is
G. DAWSON their Clerk ;

removed to No. 22, Goswell-terrace, Gos-
WILLIAM WEST, late merchant of West well-street Road,
House, Hackney, since coal-merchant, The letters from China, state a circum-
Adan-street, Adelphi ;

stance of much interest. A serious misonJEREMIAH BATLEY, hackoey-coach mas- derstanding has arisen between the Chinese ter, and dealer in bay, xc. late of the Red. Authorities and the British traders, respectLies and Spread Eagle Yard, Whliechapel; ing reported smuggling by the country ships. Marts and Co. merchants, 34, Lom- Bonds have been demanded from the owners,

which had been peremptorily refused : PROTHERO and Co. Lime-merchants, 26, general search of all British vessels had been Nicholas-labe; are reported to this Society threatened. In consequence of this high

as improper to be proposed to be balloted language, Captain Clovell, of the Oriando s for as Members thereof.

frigate, had proceeded from Macao to The Secretary also informs the Members Canton, accompanied by several merchants that

and supercargoes. ALEXANDER LOWE KAYE, of No. 14, We have received Montreal Papers to the Lower Grosvenor-place, lately ordered 6th ult. The disputes between the Hudson's goods, which he desired to be sent there Bay Company and the North West Traders with a receipt and he would pay for them, are expecied to be immediately decided at The man, however, was induced to leave the Session of Oyer and Terminer,, Monthem without the money : on having a bill treal. On the 20 March, bills of indict. for a larger anount given him, drawn by ment were found against Cuthbert Grint, bir said Alexander Lowe Kaye, on Charles Alexander Fraser, Thomas M.Kay, pod



fourteen others, for the murder of Gover- After which the Fraternity dided top nor Semple, and twenty others, near the ther, with that high festivity which is ketlement of Red River, on the 19th of admirable address of his Royal Highpess,

June, 1916. True bills were also found Chairman, never fails to inspire. against a pumber of persons as accessaries

THE KING'S HEALTA. before and after the fact, and for pillaging

* Windsor Castle, May2 and burning the seluements on the Red River.

The King has passed the last month i Wednesday, April the 29th,

being the health of body, but bis Majesty's disorde

great tranquillity, and remains in you day appointed for the annual Festival and

is unaltered." Installation of Grand Officers of the An.

H. Halford, çiępt Fraternity of Free and Accepted

M, Baillie, Masops, it was celebrated at their Hall,

" W. Heberden, in Great Queen-street, with the accus

* R. Willis," jomcd solemnities.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex THE LITERARY FUND.-On Thursday having been at a previous quarterly com

May the 71h, the friends of this Toscit municatioo unanimously re-elected Grand

tion, to the number of above 100 person Master, attended by the Duke of Leinster, observed theit 28th annual festival, Grand Master of Ireland, Sir Patrick diviug together at Freemason's Taver Walker, of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, The Duke of Somerset, the President, w together with a number of eminent and

in the chair. distinguished Brethren visitors on the occa- The usual loyal toasts were draok tritt sion, as well as Past Grand Officers and acclamation, especially the health of to Representatives of Lodges within the king.

Prince Regent, whose half-yearly dom, assembled in 'an adjoining apari. guineas was announced as having raised hi ment, and the Grand Lodge being declared Royal Highness's subscription" in all open, bis Royal Highness was pleased to

2600 guineas.

“ Prosperity to the Lite appoint and instal bis Grand Officers for rary Fund” was followed by the origins the year eosuing, viz.

glee composed by the veteran Shield, we Right Hon. Lord Dundas, Deputy Grand superintended iis cxecution. A Mr. King Master.

(we believe, a new public singer, at leat Right Hon. Lord Viscqupt Torrington, to ns,) gave great pathos to the few linese senior Graod Warden.

solo which this beautiful piece contain R. W. Lewis Hayes Petit, junior, Grand

Mr. Fitzgerald recited bis usual address Warden.

and though this was his twenty-second com John Dept, Grand Treasurer. position on the same subject, we are in Rev. L. D. H. Cockburn, Graud

clined to reckon it among the most succes Chaplain.

ful of his effusions. The following is William Meyrick, Grand Regis. transcript of the principal passages, afte trar.

opening with some lines on the restoratio William H. White, 2 Grand Se. of peace, and the calamity of Claremont Edward Harper, Scretaries. Then let the Bard another subject chuse,

Rev. H. Giese, Grand Sec, for More cheering, but not dearer to his Mese German Correspondence.

Let him, uncharged with vanity, impart: Joho Suane, R. A. Grand Super. The honest pride that warms a patriot intendant of Works.

heart, - Sir George Naylor, Grand Direc. To see cach nation's eager eyes appear, tor of Ceremoojes..

In friendship, or in envy, center d here: William D. Cummins, Grand Where great BRITANNIA, clad in Honor's Sword Bearer.

robe, Sir George Smart, Grand Or. Stands, laurel-crowned, TUE UMPIRE OF ganist.

TILE GLOBE! James A. Frampton, Senior In Europe's bastle, foremost of the van: Grand Deacon.

In peace, the advocate of suffering map: James M‘Cann, Junior Grand Content, with dative majesty, she shines: Deacon.

Her conquests, for the geocral good, te: The company then repaired to the Hall, signs; where a sumptuous envertainment was pros And for her triumphs on the land, or ware; wided by the stewards, and the choicest Only demands his freedom for THE SLAVE? wines were furnished in great abupdance. With ber no Muse can ever plead jo vain The festivities were not confined to the For secret sorrow, poverty, and pain : brotherhood; in the gallery was a splevdid display of beauty and fashion, the fair But of all warts, with which mapkind is friends and relatives of the stewarde : sncin curst, as to form a most interesting and gratifying Th'accomplish'd Scholar's are, by far,

the worst!

spc clacle,


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For gezéroes pride compels

him to control had much facilitated this measurê by their And Hide the worm, that gnaws his very promptitude and favour. soal:

Among the healthế given was that of the thotgh Fortune, in ker gifts' to himis. Marquis of Hastings, whom Mr. Rowcroft Blind,

panegyrized as a warm well-wisher, and Nature bestows nobility of mind,

one likely to promote the benefit of the That makes him rather endless ills enduré, Fund in the East. Than seek from meanness å degraded cure! A considerable subscription was collecta Yet frea lis aprequited labours flow ed, but far froin what we could have Half we enjoy, and almost all we know; wished and expected for the occasion. An dhe en dobles an enlightened age, The illustrious Duke who presided, and the And marks, at once, the Savage from the gentlemen who surrounded him, deserve

the gratitude of all the lovers of literature ; The studios ma directs more active souls and, we trust, that their example will be To steer ta' adventurons vessel to the Poles; more followed hereafter, sióce, in doing Terplore Ibe regions of eternal frost, honour to letters, the great and the wealthy Where

, ages passed, a peopled land was adopt the surést côurse of being hovoured last;

themselves, not only in their lifetime, but By realms of Ice to Polar skies confined, long after their death. Among those preFaar bendred Winters banished from man- sent were Sir Wm. Clayton, Sir George kind!

Staunton, the two members for Norwich,

several eminent learned men, and a majoIn War what science, or in Peace what rity of the most respectable of irie London

Booksellers and Publishers, In which the Sons of Genius bear no pari? MAY 2.- Ilér Majesty was suddenly 44 COMMERCE, with her “busy hum of tåken ill this evening, about ten o'clock, pen,"

w bile taking tea with the evening party at Odes to the Sword less homage than the the Duke and Duchess of York's. She felt Pen;

herself só very unwell, that she wished to That powerful engine of the nighty mind, return instantly; but neither ber chair nor Asa-ed-the bane, or blessing of mankind! her carriage were in readiness, not having Freedom's main spring! the Tyrant's been ordered till eleven o'clock; and it 60 deadly hate!

happened, that there was no royal carriage Shield of the Poor! apd bulwark of the in attendance. However, Lord and Lady State!

Castlereagh arrived, and set down at the Veer may it be, in some malignant hour, time, and on their being informed what By fáctions tainted, or oppressed by power; had happened, they offered the use of their Nar, dipped in malice, aid the assassin's carriage, which was accepted, and the blow,

Queen got into it. She was accompanied And prove to Liberty her bitlerest for: by all her daughters, the Duchess of GlouTras Heaven's great gift! to meliorate cester, the Princess. Augusta, and the

Princess of Hesse Hombourg. Expresses Freedom's first cradle -and perhaps ber were sent by special messengers to call Sir grare!

Francis Milman and Sir Henry Halford to

attend upon the Queen, and they repaired Years be the task to foster and protect to the palace in a short tiine. They re. Getios in rags, and Learning from beglect; maioed with the Queen till past twelve Moral improved, will soon reward your o`clock, when, we are happy to say, the care,

doctors pronounced her Majesty better; For LIBEL'S WANT engendered by despair! and Sir Henry Halford was deputed to conAnd half the LICENCE which the Good de.' vey the agreeable intelligence iø the Prince plare.

Regent, at Carlton House. The whole of Distress relieved, would plague mankind the party at York House broke up much Bo more!

sooner than was expected, in consequence Sir B. Hobhouse spoke at considerable of the illness of the Queen. The Duke of length, and laid great stress upon the Lite- Gloucester and the Princess Sophia of'. rary Fund being on the point of obtaining Gloucester called at the Palace to make . a charter of incorporation. We congratu theiraffectionate inquiries after the Queen's late elke friends of the Charity on this state, on their way home, as did several of Frent, which undonbredly brings with it the Royal attendants, and the particular wany, dvarages; but we can scarcely friends of her Majesty. The indisposition consider that so great'a triumph for litera. with which the Queen was so severely gare, which is readily obtained by every seized, we understand to be a spasmodic Insurance, Bridge, Water, or Gas Com. attack, Sunday morning early, the Prince pary, in England. Sir Benjamin, hoit. Regent and all the branches of the Royal

pret paid a liandsorae and proper tribute Family sent to the Queen's Palace. In the I to the Atorney and Solicitor General, who course of the day the Regent, the Duke

and save,

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and Duchess of York, the Duke and Queen's Palace, May 23, Seven o'clock, Duchess of Gloucester, and the Duke of P.M.- No alteration has taken place in her Clarence, paid their personal respects. Majesty since the morning." Early on Sunday morning Sir Francis Mil- " Queen's Palace, May 24--The Queen man and Sir Henry Halford attended her continues better-her Majesty has passed Majesty, and a little before twelve o'clock another good night." the following bulletin was issued for the

Jt may be interesting, as well as advan. satisfaction of the public:

tageous to our readers, to be acquainted “ Sunday May 3.-The Queen was a with many other things which it is known good deal indisposed yesterday evening, but are intermixed with deleterious and unher Majesty has passed a good night, and is wholesome ingredients, and in the use of better this morning.

which it may be proper to observe a proper " F. MILYAN, degree of caution. Porter and ale, the

“ H. HALFORD." universal beverage of the people of this " Queen's Palace, May 4.- The Queen

country, it has frequently been proved has experienced a slight return of spasm, have been mixed with drugs of the most but her Majesty has passed a good night, pernicious quality. Port-wine, as it is and continues better."

called, and especially that sold at very low “ Queen's Palace, May 5.—The Queen prices, it is known has been manufactured has had no return of spasm, and her Majesty from sloe juice, British brandy, and logo feels refreshed by another good night." wood. Gin, in order that it may bave the

The weather proving fine, her Majesty grip, or have the appearance of being parrode in her garden.

ticularly strong, is known to be adulte " Queen's Palace, May 6.—The Queen rated with a decoction of long pepper, or has passed another good night. Her Ma. a small quantity of aqua fortis-a deadly jesty continues to recover from the effects poison. Bread, from public convictions

, of the late attack."

is known to have been made of a mixture Her Majesty is stated to have so far re- of flour, ground stone, chalk, and pulcovered as to render any further bulletins verized bones - Milk to have been adol. unnecessary.

terated with whitening and water-Sugar But since then the following bulletins to have been mixed with sand- Mustard have been issued :

with cheap pungent seeds-Tobacco with " Queen's Palace, May 20.-The Queen various common British berbs --Tea, it has has passed a tolerable night, but her Ma- been seen, is made from the produce of our jesty is not quite so well to-day as she was hedges and verdigris --Coffeee of scorched throughout the whole of yesterday.”

peas and beans, and so « Queen's Palace, May 21.–The Queen scarcely an article of ordinary consumphas had a good pight-ber Majesty is better tion which is not rendered destructive by to-day."

the infamous and fraudulent practices of " Queen's Palace, May 22.- The Queen interested persons. After such as enubewas not quite so well yesterday evening ration we cannot feel surprised at foding as her Majesty had been in the morning. our hospitals overflowing with patients, but her Majesty has been refreshed by some and the greater part of our population good sleep last night."

sinking into premature old age. 'We might “ Queen's Palace, May 23, Elcven, A.M. add the names of several other things, such - The Queen felt herself better throughout as sausages, Bologna puddings, soups, &c. the whole of yesterday-her Majesty has many of which are nade from the most dispassed a very good night."

gusting materials.

on. There is



Bachelors of Aris.
THE following Gentlemen were on Wed- Edward Collin Woodbridge, of Trinity

nesday, April 27, admitted to the under- Coll.; Charles B. Lilliewood, of St. John's mentioned degrees :

Coll.; George Frederick Jones, of Jesus Coll. Doctors in Divinity.

At the Congregation held on Friday, May Rev. Richard Yales, of Jesus Coll. Rector 15th, the degree of Bachelor in Divinity was of Esher, and Chaplain to Chelsea Hospital; conferred on the Rev. James Henry Monk, Rer, Alexander Richardson, Vicar of Great Fellow and Totor of Trinity Coll. and Reg. Dunmow, and Master of the Free Grammar Prof. of Greek, School, Dedham, Essex, and late Fellow and On the same day, W. F. Chambers, of Tutor of Corpus Christi Coll.

Trinity Coll. Physician to St. George's HosMasters of Aris.

qital, was admitted to the degree of Doctor James Wigram, Fellow of Trinity Coll.; in Physic; and the degree of Master of Arts Rev. Thomas J. Abbult, of Catharine Hlall. was conferred on the lion. Mr. Thellussun, of Bachelor in Physic.

Trinity Coll, sou of Lord Rendlesbam. Thomas Forster, of Corpus Christi Coll. The Norrisian prize for the present year is

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adjudged to the Rev. James Clarke Franks, Wadham Coll, and the Rev. William Russell,
MA. oí Trinity Coll. for his essay on the M.A. Fellow of Magdalen Coll. were ad-
following subject :-“ What conőrmation mitted Proctors.-Rev. Jobo Williams, Al. A.
das the credibility of the Gospel History Fellow of Exeter Coll. Rev. Win. James,
derive from the ember and concurrences of M.A. Vice-Principalof Magdalen Hall, Rev.
the Evangelis s?"

Richard Yalden White, M. A. Fellow of

Magdalen Coll, and the Rev. Henry Jenkins,
Saturday, the 14th March, the last day of M.A. Demy of Magdalen Coll. were ad-
Jænt Teras

, the Hou, and Rev. John Evelyn mited Pro-Proelors.
Boscawen, of All Sonds' Coll, was admitted And on the 3d, the Rev. Andrew Tucker,
Master of Arts, Grand Compounder,

B.A, of Wadham Coll, was admitted Mastor
The neober of Degrees in Lent Term was, of Arts, and Compounder,
One D.D.; One D C.L.; Ten B.D.; Que On Tuesday, April 7, the Rev David Wm.
B.CL: Twenty-five M.A.; and Seventeen Garrow, D.D.of Christ Churchi, was admitted
B.A. - Matriculations Ninety three.

Doctor of Divinity,
Congregations will be holden for the pur- On Thursday, April 9, the following were
pose si grading Graces and conferring De- adınitted
grees on the iollowing days in the ensuing

Masters of Arts. Laster Term; viz. Wednesday, April 1;

The Hon. and Rev. Edward Finch, of Thursday 9; Wednesciay 22; Wednesday Christ Church, Grand Compounder. 99, Saturday, May 9.

Robert Bathurst, Esq. of Christ Church. 21 ARCH 27.

Rev. Robert Williains, of Jesus Coll.
Hi. Henry Jeakins, of Corpus Christi Rev. Richard Culler, of Exeter Coll.
Call. was elected Fellow of Uriel Cull.

Rev. George Fred. Everelt, of Balliol Coll.
April 1st, being the first day of Easter Mr. Charles Atmore Ogilvie, Fellow of
Term, the following Gentlemen were ad- Balliol Coll.
mited to degrees.-

The Rev. Thomas Russel, Canon Residen-
Bichelor in Medicine

tiary of Hereford Cathedral, has been preWilliam Dansey, M.A. of Exetes Coll. senied by the Dean and Chapter to the with a licence to practise in Medicine. Vicarage of Lugwardine, with the Chapels Musters of Arts.

annexed, void by the death of the Rev. The Hon, and Rex. Edward Wingfield Jolin Napleton, D D.; and Mr. Hayter, late and the Rev. Fowlet Hickes, of Brasennose of Salisbury, bas been unanimously elected Cail: and the Rev.Samuel Sheen, of Bal. Organist of the same Cathedral. lal Coll Grand Compounders.

The public examinations of this term offer Ker. Thronnas Davies, of Magdalen Hall, a gratifying proof of the increased attention dir. Jonathan Pelers, of Queen's Coll. paid to study by the members of the Unia: Nt. Francis Mills, Fellow of Merton Coll. versity: the names of those who present The Rev. Richard Moore Boulibee, of themselves for academical honours are par.

ticularly numerous, and include those of The Rev Edward Mcredith, Chaplain of four problemen.

01 Wednesday, April 29th, the following The Rev. Horatio Beror Batchelor, of Gentlemen kere admitted to degrees :

Bachelor in Divinity. The Rev. Richard Lynch Cotton, Fellow The Rev. Charles Abel Moysey, of Christ of Worcester Coll.

Church, The Rev. Wn. Evans, Fellow of Jesus

Masters of Arts.

Mr. Matthew Harrison Taberdar, of
Mt. Francis Gregg, of Brasennose Coll. Queen's Coll.; Hon. and Rev. George Pel.
The Rev. Henry Crowe, of Wadham Coll. lew, of Corpus Christi Coll. ; Mr. John Flo-
The Rer. Robert Mosley Master, of Bal. yer Wickes, of Exeter Coll.

Bachelors of Arts.
The Rer. John Lucas Sutton, of Balliol Rev. James Crosse, of St. Albau Hall;

Mr. Williarr, Rees Davis, of Worcester Coll.;
Mr. Augustus William Hore, Fellow of Henry Owen Cleaver, Esq. Student, and

Hon. Henry Eduard John Howard, of Christ The Rev. Thomas Forster, Chaplain of Church; Nir. Wm. Uimaston Eyre, Fellow of

New Colle: Nr. Charles Cowper CholinonThe Rer. John Woodcock, ditto.

dely, and Mr. Frederick Ackers Dawson, óf Mr. Joseph Smith, Scholar of Trinity Coll. Brasennose Coll.; Mr. William Adams, of Bachelors of Arts.

Trinity Coll. ; Mr. llenry Arthur Beckwith, Mr. Thomas Lawis Slapcoit, of St. Alban , and Mr. Edward George Beckwith, of Alug

dalen Coll.; Mr. Julin llenry Bayly, of dir. Rowland Cooper, ofSı. Edmond Hall.". Magdalen H:Jl; Mr. James Field, of Quieen's

Mr. Robert Gordon, Fellow of New Coll. Coll.; Mr. David Daniel, Fellow, and Mr.
The same day in Culivocation, the Rev. Jamie's George, of Jesus Coll. ; Mr, Edward
Berjanta Parsons Symons, M.A. Fellow of Thomas Maskin, of Truity Coll.
Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. May 1818.


Meron Coll.

Christ Church.

Wo-cester Coll.


bs! Coll.

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Non Coll.


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