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dency and the city of Nagpore, at the same ward to the attack. It was with the utmost time taking possession, with the first batta- disficulty that they had been prevailed on to lion 24th regiment native infantry, of a hill wait for the cavalry, and I found my utmost about three hundred yards on the left of this exertions necessary to prevent the hill se position, and to relain which was of the were oo from being deserted. On the near utmost consequence to our retaining pos. approach of our troops the Arabs fled, session of Seetabaldee. Having made all leaving two guns. Captain Lloyd took the arrangements that I thought necessary possession of the bill, supported by Captains during the 26th, at six p. m. of that day, 1 Macon and J. Macdonald, Lieutenants Wai. was posting sentries, accompanied by Capt. son, W. Macdonald, and Campbell. Lieu. Bayley, on the face of the hill, and in front tenant and Adjutant Grant, Ist battalion of ihe Arab village at the foot of the hill, 24th regiment Native Infantry, who had into which we had during the day observed been twice wounded during the night, in Jarge bodies of Arabs with five guns to be the defence of the hill, was here killed; sent to reinforce a party of the Rajah's in- and I beg leave to offer my tribute of praise, fantry, who had been previously posted and to express my regret for the lass of a there, when the Arabs in the village opened most gallant officer. Shortly after the Arabs a fire on our small party, although previously beginning to collect in considerable numbers informed that it was merely a matter of in front of the hill, and the cavalry having military precaution, customary with us, (to by this time returned with their captured which they had assented), and that it was not guns to the Residency, a charge of a troop my intention to molest them. Seeing their of cavalry, led by Cornet Smith, round the determination to commence hostilities, and base of the hill, in which he cut op numbers the small party with me having shewn the of them, seemed so totally to dispirit them, utmost forbearance, and until this time not that from this time their attacks in every having fired a shot, I'directed them to fire a gaarter began to slacken, and at twelve volley, and retreated to the top of the hill entirely ceased. under the fire of all the troops posted in I can never sufficiently express my admi. the village.

ration of the conduct of the troops on this The action immediately commenced on occasioa. To Major M'Kenzie, second in both sides, and continued incessantly until command, and to every oficer and indivi. twelve o'clock the following day, when it dual engaged, I have to offer my thanks, ceased. In consequence of their great loss which are feebly expressed in my orders and fatigues, I found it necessary to with. issued on that occasion, and of which in draw the Ist battalion 24th regiinent, toge- inclose a copy. Mr. Jenkins, Resident, was ther with a party of the 1st battalion 20th present during the whole action, and his regiment, by whom they had been reinforced animating conduct tended, in a very comiduring the night, at five a, in of the 27th derable degree, to excite the troops in their instant, and to confine the defence of the duty. I bave to deplore the deach of Mr. bill on our left (which had been strengthened Sotheby, his first Assistant, a gallant gentle during the night by a breast-Work of bags man, who had also been present from the of graia), to the immediate possession of first, and exposing himself in every situation, the top. For this purpose I had detached was severely wounded towards the close of Captain Lloyd with one hundred men of the action, and died in the course of the the Resident's escort, and fifty men of the day. 1st battalion 20th regiment Native Infantry, I shall by to-morrow's iappal (post) forunder an European officer. A body of ward regular returns of the killed aod Arabs gained possession of this post, at wounded, which I am sorry to say is consi. eight a. m. hy the charge of an overwhelm. derable, amouuting to 14 officers, and $33 ing force up the face of the hill; after killed and wounded, of all other ranks, Captain Lloyd had displayed the utinist

I bave, &c. &c. gallantry in endeavouring to keep his men

H. S. SCOTT, to their duty and to maintain the post.

Lieut. Col. commanding at Nagpore. this momeni, Coprain Fitzgerald, reinforced by a Native officer, and twenty five troopers obtain, and my observations, the enemy

P.S. From the best information I caa of the Madras Body guard, charged an inmense body of the evemy's best horse, and opened upwards of 35 guns upon us. The

yumber of their cavalry is said to amooot having captured their guns, which were

to 12,000, and their infantry 8,000, 3,500 immediately turned upon them, he remained in possession of the plain, covered in every

of which are Arabs, from whoin we met our direction with the tlying enemy.

Whilst we

principal loss. were waiting for spikes to send to Captain

Camp, Nagpore, 291h Nov. 1817. Fitzgerald io spike the enemy's guns, it ORDERS BY LIECTENANT. Col, Scott, being my lotention to recall bim to support

Parole, Seetabaldy. an attack of the infanıry on the hill in the The commanding officer congratulates the possession of the Arabs, an explosion was troops on the happy results of their gallant observed to take place in the midst of thern, conduct on the 2015 and Yuh instant. The and the troops with one accord rosbed for. detachment of three troops of the Ob regi


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mest Bengal cavalry bave covered them- to endure, and to Captain Bayley, who
seires with glory, io charging so greatly a continued tbose exertions even after he was
superior body of the enemy's cavalry; and, severely wounded.
in the capture of two of their heavy guns, It is the intention of the commanding
bare secured a trophy of their gallant con- officer that every corps, officer, and indivi.
duci ea this occasion, and the commanding dual present at the defence of Seetabaldy,
officer will consider it a most pleasing part shall be considered as participating in the
of his duty in rendering to Captain Fitzge- praises and thanks conveyed in the above
raid, for his promptitude and decision in seiz- orders, which is to be fully explained by
ing the critical moment for making his attack, Major M'Kenzie, to the 1st batialion 201h
and to the officers and every individual of Native Infantry, as the commanding officer
bis detachment, that degree of praise which could not so extend his orders as to mention
he considers their conduct entitles them to, every individual to whom he acknowledges
is bis report to his superiors.

commeodations are due.
The numerous list of 149 killed and Present state of corps and detachments,
veended in the first battalion 241h Native as they stood on the 26th instant, previous
Infantry, soficiently marks the arduous task to the commencement of the attack, as also
that corps had to perforin in the maintenance the returns of the killed and wounded,
of their post on the night of the 26th specifying the names of officers, to be sent
instant. The commanding officer has to to the Major of Brigade as soon as pos.
deplore the loss of Captain Saddler, the sible.
offirer who commanded

corps in the

Captain J. Charlesworth to assume the carlier part of the night, and Captain immediate charge of the Ist battalion 20th Charlesworth being wounded who succeeded regimeot of Native Infantry, from the 27tb bin; but he can never sufficiently admire iostant, vice Captain Sadler. his cool, determined, and officer-like con- The three troops 6h regiment Bengal duet

, when he bad an opportunity of ob- Cavalry to join the head quarters of their Herving him in the command of the corps, corps with Lieutenant-Colonel Graham's as well as that of Caplaio J. M'Donald, on detachment. when this important charge devolved after

Grand Total of Killed and Wounded, wards, and bas fixed those officers in his bigh estimation as worthy to bold so impor

| Major, 6 captains, 7 lieutenants, 3 tant a trust,

adjutants, I assistant-surgeon, I serjeant. The gallant enthusiasm of those officers major, ? quarter-master-serjeants, 5 subeandmen of the different corps (particularly 2 drummers, 303 rank and file, 10 gun las

dars, 3 jemedars, 18 bavildars, I corporal, those of the Ist battalion 24th regiment

cars, Native Infantry) who were first to rush

1 recruit boy, 1 horse-keeper, 2 serforward in the charge to recover the hill in jeants, 45 horse. the temporary possession of the Arabs, will Names of the Officers Killed and Wounded. ever remain impressed on bis mind as worthy

KILLED. of his lasting admiration, and the subject of Ist Batt. 20th Reg. N. I:-Lievt. Clarke. bis praise in his report to the Commander- 1st Batt. 24th Reg. N. I.-Captain Sad. in-Chief, in which he will not fail to record ler, Lieutenant and Adjutant (sant. the same of Captain Lloyd, wod those Unatached--Mr. Assistant Surgeon Ni. oacers who accompanied the attack. With respect to the Artillery he needs

WOUNDED. merely to say, that Lieutenant Maxwell and Detachment 6th Reg. B. C.--Lieut, R. the men conducted theinselves, as the Coast W. Smith, Lieutenant agd Adjutant HearArtillery are ever known to do, as gallant sey, severely. and steady soldiers in the execution of their Detachment of Foot Artillery-Lieut. duty: and he has to regret the numerons

Maxwell, slightly. casualties in that corps. To Major Jenkius

1st Barr. 201h Reg. N. I.- Major Mac. be offers his thanks for his exertious while kenzie, slightly; Captain Pew, severely ; in command of the Artillery.

Lieut. Dun, slightly. To Lieutenant Doo, the Pioneers, and 1st Bart. 24ih Reg. N. 1.- Capt. Charlesmen employed in streng hening the hill on worth, Lieui.. Thuillier, severely. the left of ibe position, the commanding

Resident's Escort-Captain Lloyd, se
oficer considers great praise is due for their verely,

Major Jenkin's Batt.-Captain Robison,
To Captain Store. Lientenant Richie, and slightly; Captain and Adjutant Bayley,
Dr. Gordon, hie offers his best thanks for severely.
their gallantry in the attack, captore, and

H. S. Scott, Lieut. Col. spiking of iwo of the enemy's we're

Commanding at Nagpore. pounders, defended by a body of Arabs. To the officers who acted on bis immediate

List of Guns captured from the Enemy on staf, Captains Taylor, Stone, and Hindley,

the 26th and 27th Nov. at Nagpure, be afres bis sincere thanks for their indefa- 2. Brass nine.pounders, 2 brais foire tigable exertions onder the fatigue they had pounders, 2 brassiuelve pounders., Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXI!I. May 1818.

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Extract from a Despatch from the Governor wards which' place the edény is reported to

in Councit at Bombay, to the Secret Comi. have fled after the action of the 21st. miltee, dated 5th of January; 1818. Accounts have been received from Lieu

tenant-Colonel Burr, dated the 3d, intimaSince our last letter to your Honourahle ting, that Captáin Staunton, commanding Committee, dated the qd instant, was closed, the second battalion 1st régiment of Bomwe have received through the Resident at bay Native Infantry, had been fortunately, Nagpore, the copy of a despatch from Bri- able to commence his march back to Seroor, gadier-General Doveton, to the Adjulant, with 125 wounded, having buried about General of the army of the Deccan, dated 50 at Goregaum, and lefi 12 or 15 there, the 19th of fast móniti, a transcript of whichi very badly wounded ; that the Peishi wa had we have thie honour to inclose.

proceeded southward, General Smith being On å perusał of that despatch,, your in pursuit, which has probably saved the Honourable Committee will learn, that after battalion. the arrival of the Rajah of Berar at the Residency, and a compliance on the part of Copy of a Report from Brigadier-General his highness with all the conditions which Doveton, commanding the 2d Division of had been deminded of him, the Brigadier- the Army of the Deccan, to the AdjutantGeneral, in proceeding to take possession of General, dated Camp, Nagpöre, 19th Dec. the artillery and to disperse The Rajali's 1817, with an enclosure. troops, was attacked by a large body of

SIR, tfie enemy, on the 16th December, which I had the honour of reporting, for his he completely defeated, and no less than Excellency the Commanders-in-Chief's insévedty-five pieces of orddance fell ipto his formation, (through the Quarter, Master: hands, with the loss of one buodred and General of ihe Army) my arrival at this thirty men killed and wounded ; ille return place with a part of the force. highly referred so was omitted to be forwarded ; equipped, on the morniog of the 12th, in but we understand, by a letter received expectation of being joined by the remainfrom Lieutenant-Colonel Burr, that no der on the following day. officer' was among the number of either. These troops did join me on the even

We offer to your Honourable Committee ing of the 13th, and I determined to allow our bearly congratulations on this happy them sufficient time to recover their fatigues and complete termination of the contest at after so long a march, previous to the ResiBerar, the effects of wbich can hardly be dent making known to the Rajah the terms estimated at this interesting crisis.

which it was proposed to grant him, in order Letters from Lieutenant-Colonel Burr, that I might have it in my power to attack and Lieutenant Robertsen of the 1st of

his troops immediately in ihe event of bis acquaint us that the Peishwa this appeared with his troops in tlies the afternoon of the 13th, ordered the

not agreeing to them. I accordingly on vicinity of Poonak, with the supposed in- whole of the stores and baggage of the tention of attacking the British detach- force, to proceed and take post noder the ment, under the command of the first men- Sutabuldur hill, where they would be protioned officer, and the city.

tected by the 1st battalion 20th, and 1st The second battalion of the Ist regiment battalion 24th regiment, and a battalion of of Bombay Native Infantry, which Colonel

bis highness the Nizam's Infantry, I having Burr had ordered to join him from Seroor, placed the troops in the order I intended. has been attacked and surrounded by large they should attack, the whole slepi upes bodies of the enemy, and has suffered con- their arms to be in readiness to commeace siderably. It had reached the town of hostilities at half past four o'clock the Goregaum, within about 14 miles of Poona, following morging, previous to which time and, we hope, it may be enabled to protect the Rajab's deiermination would be knowo, itself against fütiber loss, until succours Early in the morning I received information may be sent to it.

from the Resident that his highness bad The only further account we have received agreed to the terms proposed, and was from the head-qtiarters of the army of the hoorly expected at the Residency; the time Deccan with Sir Thomas Hislop. reports, fixed however elapsed, and the Resident was we regret to say, that upwards of 30 Euro- told, that the troops could not well be furpean officers and 700 men were killed and ther delayed in their inovements should the wounded at the battle of the 21st of Dec. Rajah oot soon make his appearance ; with About 2000 infantry of the enemy bad heen his approval, therefore, I shortly after moved killed in the field and during the pursui!, down: I took up the position from which I and upwards of 60 cannon had fallen into intended the troops should commence the 'our hands. The names of the officers ad- attack: soon after my reaching it, I was verted to are not melltioned.

informed of the Rajah's arrival at the The last accounts from Major-General Sir Residency, of his having given orders to W.G. Keir, are dated at Rutlaum, the 25tb; put in any possession the whole of his artilof December. The Bombay division was lery by twelve o'clock, and that the agent, moving in the direction of Rampoor, to- "from bim would arrive io my camp for that

parpose. I accordingly waited the arrival mapper: and I am happy, after bearing of the agent, and accompanied by bim this general testimony to the merits of the proceeded with the whole of my force in officers and men of the division under my battalion columns of divisions, followed by command, to mension more particularly for De fferent reserves in line.

his Excellepcy's information, those of LieuOn my approach to the first battery, it tenant Colonels Guhan, M'Leod, Scott, drawp out io line ready to oppose us,

Mackellar, and Crosdile, commanding bribu baving come rather unexpectedly upon gades of cavalry, infanıry, and artillery,

the enemy quitted their guns and retired and of Major Munk and Captain Western, baring taken possession of abese, and left commanding corps of cavalry, and of Lieu. the division ander Lieutenant-Colonel Scout senant-Colonel Stewart and Fraser, Majors to charge of them, I continued my advance Pereira, Pollock, M'Dowal, Wildop, Mac in the same order, when shortly after a heavy biạn, and Garner, commanding cops of fre was opened on us by a large body of infantry and artillery.' I most also bring lo troops

, posted in the Sucker Durry Gardens, bis Excellency's favourable notice the merils which was followed by a general discharge of Lieutenant Poggen pobl, in command of from the whole of their batteries; the in the horse artillery, aud of Lieutenant Han. faptry consisted of the divisions under ter, of that corps, the latter of whom Liedtepaol-Colonel M'Leod and Mackellor, having been attached to the column where rapported by a battery and a reserve of I myself was, afforded me an opportunity infantry under Lieptepant-Colooel Crosdile; of wiinrasing personally bis uncommon ex. and a reserve of iofaotry under Lieutenant. erljons; to Major M'Leod and the officers Colonel Stewart, continued their advance of the General Staff, and to Captains Mor ustil the ground could admit of a formation gap and Edmonds, my personal staff, I am is live, when the enemy's batteries in the quite at a loss lo express how much I feel front were carried in a most gallant manner myself indebted; nor muşi | omit 10 men at the point of the bayonet.

tion the uncommoo zeal and inclivity of The horse artillery under Lieutenant Pog. Lieutenant Davis, senior engineer in the genpohl, and cavalry in parallel regimental field, during the entire movements ; I am Columns of divisions under Lieutenant.Colo- likewise much indebied to Caplains Lucas, Del Gohao, supported by their reserve of Grant, and Nixon, and 10 Lieutenants Dar gallopers and cavalry under Captain Smith, vidson, Fenwick, and Sherril', who volonwere fred upon at the same time, and having teered their services on this occasion ; of Ma. made a detour round a tank immediately in jor Addison's valuable service, I was yo før, front of the Sucker Durry Gardens, charged tunately deprived by severe indisposition. and carried instantly the batteries opposed Before I conclude this despatch, I beg to them in a most dashing style, driving at leave to mention, for his Excellency's fure the same time before thein an iminense mass ther information, that the Resident having of the themy's cavalry, which they routed previously requested that his brother, Majoe. aed pursued as long as there was a chance Jenkins, commanding the infantry of the of doing them any mischief.

Rajah's contingert, might attend ine as an A few of the enemy's guns, which had exira Aid-de Camp on the occasion, it been charged by the cavalry, but which had becomes a pleasing part of my doly 19 te-opened their fire upon the latter advan- express how much I was indebied to that cing in pursuit of that of the enemy, were ollicer for his uncommon exertions, nor con charged and carried again in a very spirited I pass over in silence the merits of Lieuten. napher by five con panies from the reserve, apt Bayley, attached to the Nagpore conander Lieutenant-Colonel Stewart, by the tingent, who, though suffering under a severe artillery of reserve, and a party of reformed wound received in the attack of the 26th, horse, under Captain Pedlar, who distin. volunteered his services, and from his local, guished themselves much on the occasion ; knowledge, was of great use to ipe. and by half-past one o'clock the whole of His highness the Nizam's troops, under the enemy's gons and camp equippage were the command of Major Pitano, having in our possession, together with upwards of heen previously detached to bring on the

baggas, were preveuced being present in His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief the action; but I am thoroughly convinced, will be gratified to learn, by the accompa- that had it been otherwise, they would have nying list of killed and wounded, that our distinguished themselves equally with the less has not been so considerable as might other troops. I enclose for his Excellency's have been expected, from the great saperi. information, a return of the killed, brity of the enemy's cannon ; The wounds, wounded, and missing, of the division I kowever, I regrei to say, are generally have the hogour to command, as also of the kevere, being chiefly from cannoo-chni. orduance, &c, capiured from the enginy. It gives me much satisfaction to assure his

I have', &c. Excellency the Commander-in-Chicf, that

J. DoveToY, B.G. A whole of rlie troops composing inis force Camp, naar Nagpore, Dec. 19, 1817. *ho had the good fortone of being engaged * Not transmitted, 04 this occasiop, behaved in the most gallant Total number of guns captured, 75,

forty elephants.

Extract from a Report from Brigadier-Ge- On the 7th, during the mareh upon this

neral Lionel Smith, C.B. commanding the town, be again shewed from six to 7,000 Poona Subsidiary Force, to the Honoura. borse in our rear, and seemed inclined to ble Mountstuart Elphinstone, Resident at attack, but afterwards kept in very disperthe Court of the Peishæa, dated Camp, at sed order. The rear-guard was strengthened Punderpoor, 9th December, 1817, with during the march, and towards the close of one enclosure,

it the eneiny annoying us with rockets, I I avail myself of this opportunity to re- directed three troops of the second regi, port occurrences since the force left Poona ment of cavalry, and a few infantry of on the 22d ult. ; here he shewed from four the rear-guard, with a galloper, to drive to five thousand borse in front and rear of them off, wbich was immediately accom. our column; we pursued one body in plished. advance, of about two thousand, with the

Extract from 4 Report from Brigadier, 2d regiment of cavalry and horse artillery

General Smith, to Lieutenant-General Sir gallopers, but with no great effect, the 28

Miles Nighlingall, K.C.B. dated Camp, regiment of cavalry being a good deal

four miles North of Ahmednuggur, 241k broken dowo by their recent forced marches.

December, 1817. The second and larger body of the enemy

In a letter I addressed to the Adjutant. hung upon the rear, and the march being

General from Seroor, I begged him to acvery long (24 miles), and winding tisrough hills, they succeeded, towards the evening, quaint you, that nothing whatever of in,

terest had occurred since my report* to you in carrying off from fifteen to twenty bol. locks, and some private baggage also. In

from Panderpore. the course of the day's skirmishing the

The enemy appeared in greater force enemy lost about twenty men and horses,

than I have ever yet seen, since he broke up Our loss was two auxiliaries killed and four

from Gorpurat, at our passage of the Gore wounded. I crossed the Nura the same

river, but he attempled nothing, except keepe evening, and on the 26th reached the bottoin

ing op an iucessani fireof matchlocks, scarceof the Salpee Ghaut. On the 27th we

ly within cannon range. We had not a man balted to refresh, the enemy threatening to

touched, aod I never returned his fire in defend the pass.

any way. Goklah's, the Vinehoorkur and The following morning we ascended the

Narroo Punt Apty's divisions appear to Ghaut, and perfectly unmolested, until we

have united at that time, and amounted reached the top, when the enemy shewed

probably to about 10,000 horse; they left about 600 horse, and threw a few rockets:

a small body when I halted between Seroor Tlie advance drove them back with loss,

and Poonah, and then followed the Peishwa, but they gathered strength as they retired in

who, by our latest accounts, was near our front, and towards the close of the inarchi

Nassick. His highness marched himself shewed about 3000, while a larger body through the strong hilly country of Kulliain which had ascended by another pass, hung

and Puoneer, having been previously joined upon the rear ; the horse artillery gallopers by Trimbucjee with about 1000 Bheels and drove them from the front with great effect:

Arab infauiry from Sungumnier : he had The rear-guard, consisting of the 20 batia.

been also joined on the Beemah by some Lion of ihe 9th regiment, under Major infantry and four or five guns, under Bapoo Thatcher, took an opportunity of misking have not yet heard how he disposed of those

Scindiah, the late chief of Darwar. I a galloper, under a division of the auxiliary, guns, but conclude he has not takes them which the enemy threatened to charge, which did considerable execution ; weliad

with him in the very difficult strong country no casualties. Ou the 29th the enemy aere

he has entered, which indeed determined cautious and distant till the line of the

me on iny present route, and will enable march, when he shewed about 5000 horse,

me the better to keep him from passing into formed as if disposed to stand.

Khandeish. If I could have possibly per. The advance was thrown forward, and

suaded his big hoess to any particular route the enemy slowly retired to keep out of

for our advantage, he has brought me in sange. The nature of the uround, bowever,

that I should have pamed, and which has enabled me to push opop them rapidly, and

enabled me to provide supplies for our unperceived, when all the gallopers and a

bazar, and every thing we rrquired. tive and a half-inch howitzer opened upon

By his having taken up ipfuntry also (and them with great effect, and they immediately

no other troops can defend him in the Ghaut), dispersed in confusion,' and 'retired for

I earnestly hope I may be able to get op several miles.

with him. I should be at Naboorie to. They disappeared altogether from the

morrow, on the Moola Ghaut, and shall 3011 November to the 6th instant, when they

bave turned all the Ghauts to tbe westward, came upon our rear again at Inoze, in con

and be prepared to act eitber with or withsiderable strength, but were baffled in every

out light guns. attempt upon our baggage by the rear. * Nol poblished, as it merely warrales the giard, under Lieutena o(-Colonel Cox, of operations reported in the foregoing ex: the 1st battalion, 8th regiment.


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