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Nitrate of potash, 1 scruple ;

Mint water, 6 ounces ; Syrup of Tolu, 6 drams :

Simple syrup, balf an ounce : Mir; and take a fourth part three times Mix. a das; paying attention to the state of After this is done, the fever must the bowels, and abstaining from the use he checked by a diaphoretic medicine ; of walt liquors, and every thing likely as, to cause an increase of fever.

Water of acetate of ammonia, 12 The irritation of the affected parts drams; generally produces cough : to allay Campbor mixture, 6 ounces ; abich, take the following emulsion : Antimonial wine, i dram; Oil of almonds, 1 ounce ;

Simple syrup, 2 drams : Syrup of Tolu, 6 drams;

Mix ; and take a fourth part every Distilled water, 8 ounces;

four or six hours. Solution of subcarbonate of potash, Should sore throat ensue, add i dram 40 drops :

of diluted sulphuric acid to the gargle Mix; and take two table-spoon sfull before described, and use it as often as at any time when the cough is trouble. convenient. seme. Mucilagidors drinks, such as It is proper to observe, that the doses, baseed tea, &c. will be found to assist which are intended for adults, may be Fery materially in easing the cough. diminished at discretion, according to

Should the irritation produce ulcera- the age and constitution of the pation of the fauces aud trachea, com- tient. monly called “ Sore Throat,” the fol. The medicines above prescribed, if lowing gargle will be found serviceable: applied as directed, and assisted by a

Infusion of roses, 8 ounces ; · proper attention to regimer, will, I am Tincture of myrrh, 6 drams:

satisfied, proye sufficient to effect a Hir. To be used frequently.

cure in most cases of catarrb; and they When the inlammatory symptoms, may be the means of keeping off a which were felt at the commenceinent train of diseases less common, but far of the disease, disappear, and a diffi more dangerous. I am, Sir, culty of expectoration ensues, I would

Your well wisher, recommend the following mixture, to St. John's-square, Jan. 5, W. W. M. be taken in the quantity of two large

1818. table-spoonsfull three or four times a day; viz.

To the Editor of the European Maguzine Syrup of white poppies, 1 ounce ; Oxymel of squills, i ounce' ; Mint water, 6 ounces :


OBSERVED in one of your late Mis.

square root of 2, and which was anShould this prove insufficient to pro. swered in tlic ensuing Number, the de. duce a free expectoration, a blister to cimal having been carried to a few the chest will be of service; and an places only. 19 Dowling's excellent occasional laxative should be taken, System of Arithmelic, lately published, if the bowels require it,

I see the square root of 2 carried to 22 It sometimes, though less frequently, places ; viz: 1 41421356237309504880), happens, that the fever which attends and the remainder (consisting of 22 catarrh is evidently of a typhoid na figures) 1948006236179128462399. ture, which may be distinguished from Now I wish to state, that the square the inflammatory kind, by the sudden root of 2 bas been extracted by a paand great prostration of strength which tient and laborious friend of mine to ensues on its first attack; by the tongue upwards of 1000 places, and that it is a becoming more or less of a browo or circulating decimal after the 997th place, black colour; and by the acrid and cach circle containing 993 figures, and more intense ficat of the skin. In such consequently beginning 421356237; &c. cases, bleeding would be highly inju This curious fact, hitherto unknown, rious; but ari emetic taken early is

I am sure will be grateful to many of generally of service. The action of your readers, and whom, perhaps, my the bowels should be excited by taking friend will shortly gratify more with three table-spoonsfall of the following several novelties of ihis kind. I feri mixture every two hours, till ibe effect them novelties, because I am not aware

of any useful purpose to which they can Antimonial wine, half an ounce ; apply. J remaiu, Sir, your's, &c. Epsom salts, 1 ounce ;

H volwich, 6th Jan. 1818. C.


is produeed.




Abstract of the Nel Produce of thc Revenue in the years and Quarters ended

5th January, 1917, and 1818.

[blocks in formation]

Thus the receipts of the Consolidated Fund were better in the last, than in the preceding year, hy 2,008,715l.; and the annual duties were better, by nearly 200,000. The War Taxes were happily less by about twelve millions and onethird, and would bave been so by thirteen millions and a half, if there had not been arrears of Income tax to be received. The receipts of Peace Taxes in the Jast quarter were better than those in the corresponding quarter of 1817 by 752,0251. If from the total produce of the Peace and War l'axes we deduct what was received for arrears of Income ax, leaving the War Duties upon exciseable commodities to the possibility of being rendered permanent, the Revenue may be estimated at 46 millions per year. What the Expenditure shall be will depend much upon tbe ensuing Session, and more upon the New Partiainent.

Emparison of the Produce of the Revenue (exclusive of the Arrears of the War Duty en Mall and Properly), from October 10 to December 26, 1817, with the tirresponding Period 1816.

[blocks in formation]

Revenue applicable to the Consolidated

406,779 6,321,5291 983,410 7,359,225 Prodace of the Revenue from Oct. 10 to Dec. 26, 1817

-£.8,588,669 Ditto, ditto, in 1816.....

-.7,977,306 Increase


[blocks in formation]

MEMORANDUM. - In the period of 1916 is not included the receipt upon the general articles of Excise nor of the Stamp Duties for the last week, the receipt upon these balances of revenue not having been paid into the Exchequer on account of the holidays, till the subsequent week; therefore, from the above increase sbould be deducted the sum of about 320,6941. leaving the increase 290,6691.


The import duty on Muscovado Sugar will from this time be 30s. in place of 218. per ewt. The merchaots were so convinced of this event happening, that at the Custom-house the amount paid for sugar-duties only, for the week ending on Monday, 5tb Japvary, was 851,7971. sterling. The duty of 338. has now coinmenced; the aggregate average of the Sugar for the four mooths preceding 5th January, was 508. 84d. exclusive of duty.


The dotted lines signify when the Fish are in season, and the blanks when they

ase not.

Jan. | Feb. | Mar. April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.


Cole Fish
Sea Smelt
Conger Eel



Feet. The following are the altitudes of the Folkestone Turnpike, ditto 575 stations, and other remarkable bills, in Goudburst, ditto

497 the South West and South East of Eng. Greenwich Observatory, ditto 214 land :

Higb, near Dymchurch, ditto... 280
South West.
Hollingbourn Hall, ditto

616 Altitude above the level of the sea. Highbeach, Essex

760 Feet. Hind Head, Surrey

923 Brown Willy, Cornwall... 1,368 Hundred Acres, dilto.. Buttertoo Hill, Devou

.1,203 Hanger Hill Tower, Middlesex 251 Breadumy Beacon, Glocester. 1,086 King's Arbours, ditto

132 Cader Brown, Cornwall.... .1,011 Langdon Hill, Essex

620 Carraton Ilill, dilto

Leith Hill, Surrey

993 Cawsand Beacon, Devon . .1,792 Norwood, ditto..

389 Cleavc Dowzı, Glocester .......1,184 Paddlesworth, Kent

642 Dundry Beacon, Somerset ......1,638 Shooter's Hill, ditto

446 Hensbarrow Beacon, Cornwall .J,034 Swingfield Steeple (top), ditto 330 luk pin Beacon, Hauts ..1,011 Tenterden, ditto..

322 Kit Hill, Cornwall...... ..1.067 Malverp Hill, Worcester ..),444

LIST OF THE NAVAL OFFICERS, CORRippon Tor (Dartmoor), Devon 1,549 South East.

RECTED UP TO THE YEAR 1818. Allington Knoll, Kent

329 Admirals .. 191.Jo commission 12 St. Anne's Hill, Surrey 240 PosiCaptains 868..

60 Bagshot Heath, dilto..

463 Commanders 791.. ditto.... 42 Banstead, ditto

Lieutenants 3,951..

dillo....298 Botley Hill, ditto

80 Dover Castle, Keot




ditto con







The Keight of St. John ; a Romance. able impartiality, the unhappy son con

By Miss Anna Maria Porter, Author ceives au inveterate hatred for his vic. of " The Recluse of Norway," " Don torious opponent, and sanctifies bis vinSebastian," $c. 1817.

dictive sentiments by the name of filial

piety. In the mean while, his friend, LACE to the spirit of chivalry !-- ship is assiduously courted by Giocate dot its influence:--but a Knight of sary--but who, far from participating St. John is confessedly a monastic cava in the spirit of bis father, is anxious lier, and encumbered with certain tre- to repair the injury which has been mendous vows, of all others the most sustained by the unfortunate Cesario. chilling to the imagination. From such These overtures to kindness are rejected 2 personage we were prepared to recoil by their object with disdain, but not with disgust, till we discovered that the without a secret consciousness of his hero who really challenges attention injustice. In the following scene, the ie this work, is pot a Knight of st. two characters are opposed with a force Johp, but a bigh-spirited noble, a and truth which are highly creditable to Forthy compatriot of the Dorias, and the author's powers of feeling aod disthat the story in which we had been crimination. led by the title-page to anticipate a · Cesario threw himself on a seat, dry monkish chronicle, is a narrative of and sunk into deep thought ; for å interesting events, a lively portraiture while his reflections were full of anxiety, of man and of woman, calculated to and the dismal future; but they soon tagage human sympathies, and to cap. changed, leading him back to the days tivate romantic imagination.

of his childhood and his youth, to the Having thus made the amende ho- cherished images of his father and his per able to the fair author, whom we home; that home which was now the vould protect from the mischievous property of another ! miscoestruction suggested by the title Flattering faocy gently deluded page, we proceed to give some account him with a succession of beloved re. ei ber work.

collections ; which, as they continued The scene is laid in the thirteenth to arise, arose in forms of stariling century at Genoa-the story opens with reality, and made him live the past the arrival of Cesario Adimari, a young again. Gecoese Bobleman, from an unprosper “ In imaginatioa he walked beneath oos voyage. During his absence, the the lofty plaue-trees that shaded the rights of his father to the lauds of bis terrace at Nervi, conversing with bis encestors had been attacked by a liti- father ; now and then stoppiog to list gives adversary; the old man has been the soft laving of the tide against the the victim of chagrin apd disappoiot. steps which led into the sea; or leaning leat ; and Cesario only arrives to over the balustrade, to watch the pro• learn, that be is at once bereaved of gress of a skift, or the flight of a bird ; his parent and his patrimony. Ex: the gracious voice he was dever again. asperated at the injustice of a sen to licar on earth, fell on his car in tence sbieh be is led to refer to frau. accents of teoderness and instruction ;, dulent intrigue rather than to honour- they talked of Cesario's meditalcd rog,

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