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Letter from Abbé Edgeworth to his Mr. Bakewell's Treatise on Practical Friods

, written between 1777 and 1807, Geology, illustrated by engravings. i Nemoirs of his Life. By the Rev. A new edition of Pilpay's Fables, emI, R. England.

bellished with elegant wood-cuts. dave's Lessons in Mineralogy, in which Thomas Bowdler's new edition of the vil be explained the Methods of distin- Family Sbakspeare; which will contain all gisting one Mineral from apotber.

Shakspeare's Plays, with the omission of A new edition of Smollett's Miscella. some expressions not proper to be read Mests Works, by Anderson, in six octavo aloud in a family. plomes.

A new Picture of Rome, or an interest. A corrected and enlarged edition of ing Itinerary, containing a general deBythaer's Lyra Prophetica Davidis Regis. scription of Monuments, and most distin"William's Essay on the Origin and guished Works in Painting, Sculpture, and Operation of the Dry Rot.

Architecture, both ancient and modern. Chambers's Geographical Questions and By Marien Vasi. Exercises, blended with Historical and The English and French, and French Elegraphical Information.

and English Cambist, or Tables of Ex. Hemoirs of John Evelyn, Esq. the cele. chaoge, from one farthing to a million brated Author of the Sylva, &c. Edited pounds sterling. By J. H. Brohier. by Wm. Bray, Esq.

Mr. Wm. Phillips will shortly publish Narrative of a Voyage to Algiers, and the 3d edition of his little work, entitled Residence in that Čapital. By Signof

“ Outlines of Mineralogy and Geology,"

with some additions, Letters of a Prussiap Traveller, Inter. The first vol. of a complete Translation spersed with numerous Anecdotes, descrip- of Ovid's Epistles. By E. 1). Baynes, Esq. tive of a Tour through Sweden, Germany, Proposals for printing by subscription, Hungary, &c.

a Poem, entitled Harvest. Narrative of a Voyage to Senegal in “ Notitia Architectonica Italiana, or 1516

, undertaken by Order of the French concise Notices of the Buildings and Ar- . Corerament. By J. B. H. Savigny and chitects of Italy," arranged as a Book of Alexander Correard.

Reference as well for the Traveller as for An Account of the Life, Writings, and the Study. By J. Gwilt, Architect, FSS, Ministry of the late Dr. John Fawcett, of The same Gentleman has completed a

Translation of Vitruvius. Ly Lieut. Edward Chappell, a Narrative An Iistorical and Topographical Deof a Voyage to Newfoundland and the scription of the Parish of sixall, in the Coast of Labradore, illustrated by a map County of Stafford, and of the most re

markable Places in the immediate Neigb. By Mr. George Dyer, in two large 8vo. bourhood. By Sir Tbos, Clifford, bart, and ved, the Privileges of the University of Arthur Cliford, Esq,

Collectanea Clifordiana, in three parts, Priace Hoare, Esq. is engaged on a Life containing Anecdotes of illustrious Persong of the late patriot and philaothropist Gran- of the Name of Clifford. By Arthur Clife

ford, Esq. Dr. Busby's New Grammar of Music, Mr. Curtis's Lectures on the Diseases of which will include the whole compass of the Ear, as delivered at the Royal Dise

pensary. G. Arnold's History of the Civil Wars of " The Fudge Family in Paris," in a England

, illustrated by 200 engravings series of letters. By Thomas Brown, the from original paintings.

younger, J. W. Lake's Poems.


's new Method of Book-keepThe Res, Thomas Gisborne's Testimony ing, double Eotry by single, applicable to of Natural Theology to Christianity. all kinds of business. The Rev. C. Latrobe's Narrative of bis General Views relating to the Stomach, bate Tour in South Africa, with some ac. its Fabric, Functions, &c. Cordt of the State of the Missions in that “ The Recluse of the Pyrenees."

Moral Philosophy.

By John Prior The Rev. C. Pbilpot's History of the Cottler, LL.D. French Protestants and the Reformed “ Correction," a novel. Church of France, from the Introduction of The Report of a Commit:ee of the Lin. Protestantisen to the Revocation of the nean Society of New England, relative to

a large Marine Serpent seen near Cape dr. R. Bloomfield's descriptive Poem Ann, Massachusetts, in August 1817. of southill, near Bedford, the seat of the Bernard O'Reilly's Observations on late Mr. Whitbread.

Greenland, the adjacent Seas, and the Tae Rev, E. W. Grenfield's Connection North-west Pasage to the Pacific Ocean, of Natural and Revealed Theology.

illustrated by numerous drawings. The Rev. T. T. Harerfield's Lectures on Childe Harold': Pilgrimage to the Dead the Church Caiachism.

Sea, a poem.

and other engravings.


ville Sharp, Esq.

the science.



Klict of Nantes,

Just published,

Annihilation. By Robert Thorpe, Esq. Remarks on a Course of Education, LL.D. 8vo. designed to prepare the youthful Mind A Summary View of the Report and for a Career of Honour, Patriotism, and Evidences relative to the Poor Laws, pubPhilanthropy. By Thomas Myers, A. M. lished by Order of the House of Commons, octavo.

with Observations and Suggestions. By An 8vo edition of Strype's Memorials of S. W. Nicoll. 8vo. the Reformation under the Reigns of Henry The Introduction to the Beauties of Eogthe VIIlth, Edward the V Ith, and Mary. land and Wales. By James Norris,

Practical Observations on Telescopes, Brewer, in one vol. 8vo. Opera-Glasses, and Spectacles. By W. A Key to Moore's Almanack for 1818, Kitchiner, M. D.

containing Comments on the Universal Frankenstein, or the Modern Prome. Propensity of Mankind to respect Astra theus, in 3 vols. 12mo, price 16s. 60. logical Forewarnings, with an Interpreta

A concise and easy Method of preserving tion of the chief Mysteries belonging to Subjects of Natural History, intended for Astronomy, 12no. the Use of Sportsmen, Travellers, &c.

Nos. III. and IV. of the New and Im. A View of the present Increase of the proved Edition of Stepheos' Greek The. Slave Trade, the Cause of that Increase, and suggesting a Mode for effecting its total




PUBLISPED IN FEBRUARY, Al lhe Prices they are advertised at, in boards, unless otherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE. URGICAL Essays. By Astley Cooper, Sepulchre Memorials for Northampton

Esq. and Benjamin Travers, Esq. shire. By W. H. Ilyett, esq. 410. 21. js. 10s. 60.

folio, 31. Hall, (Capt. Bazil) Voyage to Loo Choo,

proof, 41. 10s. with 15 plates, 410. 21. 25.

Poems. By Arthur Brook, Esq. foolscap D. Thorpe on the Slave Trade, 8vo. 5860, 8vo. 7s. The Naturalist Pocket Book, or Tourist The first Elements of Arithmetic, or the

Companion. By Geo. Groves, F. L. S. First Four Rules taught in one Opera8vo, coloured, 11. ls.

tion. By George Reynolds, of Christ's Practical Observation on Telescopes, Ope- Hospital, 25. 6d.

ra Glasses, and Spectacles. By Wm. Northern Irish Tales, 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. Kitchiner, M.D. 12mo, 5s.

Phillips's Emerald Isle, with additions, 410, Bellamy's Concordance of the Holy Bible, ll. is.

with a Geographical Index, for any dio. Ditto.... ..ditto, 8vo. 10s. 6d. edit. of the Bible, small, 4s.

Drunken Barnaby's Journal, plates, 125. Ditto... royal, 7s,

Junius Identitied, 2d edition, lis. Picquet's Logic, 8vo. 4s.

Quarterly Review, No. 33, 6s.

NVIE lucubrations of J. S. were, we

intended for the Ministry !"--As appearing presuine, intended for wil, though 10 us, however, very ill adapted to grace a after every possible endeavour to analyse Pulpit, we would earnestly recommend it, we are compelled to return a verdici-- his friends' selection of a professiou less Non est inventus.

elevated, than that, which literary abiW. G.'s “ Lines on Morning," are very lion, or the racoethry scribendi, would prelly! though the ideas are any thing but prompt him to aspire der. nero, and in its present shape, the l'aem in Fragmenta, No. Laiv, in our next. really fit for neither moruing, -noon, -- Free Masonry at both is inadmissable. nur night.

Vide page 84, the Constitutions of the Ai. A Review of HARVEY'S " Sensibility, and tient Fraternity. other Poems,” shall appear, il possible, in The cominunications of H. will always be our next.

acceptable. J. D, was sent as a sheet of ill written,--- Nauticus-T. K.--and W. H. M. as soon ill-spelled, wgramın.tical composition, as possible. which he calls a “ Sermon!

on a late

Alfred has our thanks for his polite ** muljnwly' event, and tells us, “ The is nole.




FROM TUESDAY, JAN. 27, 1818, TO SATURDAY, FEB. 21, 1818.

Extracted from the London Gazette.
NE. All the Meetings are at Guildhall, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attornies' Names are between Brackets.

LINE. OHY, Bazniaze Wells, brewer. Jan. 31. HIX, WILLIAM Tydd St. Mary's, Lincoln, wool
OES, S PICKARD, Leicester, bosier, Jan. 31. buyer. Feb. 7.

AEST. JOHN, GEO. and co. Coleman-street, CHURCHILL, SAML.' Oxford-st. distiller, March
Dorpresaats, Varch 28. (Leigh and Co. New 28. (Martin and Co. Vintner's. hall, Upper
Erge.4. Backtrars.) Feb 14.

Thames-st. ; and James, Aylesbury, Bucks.] HALIIT, VATH. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, corn.

Feb. 14. *** March 9, 9, and 2*, Black Lion, Great COATES, WM. Skipton, Yorkshire, grocer, March Treva. (Swain and Co. Frederick's-place, 10, Black Swan, York. (Wilson, Greville-street,

enry: 280 Falmer, Great Yarmouth.] Feb.14. Hatton-garden. Jan. 27. ACRIS PENELOPE, Melcombe Regis, Dorset,

CROWTHER. JOHN, Huddersfield, York, woodre, March 10, 17. and April 4, Three Cups, turner, March 11, Castle, York. (Brown, Huck bel (Das and Co. Doughty-st.; and Empson, dersfield; and Walker, Lincoln's-inn-fields.] Feb. 21.

Jan. 31. PITIKEL, THOS, Ratcliffe Highway, victualler, COX, WM. HEN. Bread-st. warehouseman, March

Wai' (Vatson, Sewington Buits.] Jan. 27, 14. (Swain and Co. Frederick’s-place, Old JewECLEY, JOHN, Larrence-lane, warehouseman, ry.) "Jan. 31. 14. (Wilde, Warwirk-square.] Jan. 31.

CALVERLEY, RICH, Kigworth, Leicester, miller, BILER, RICHARD, and Co. Lane End, Stafford,

Mar.17, White Hart, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. [Dalby, ps, oreh 17, George, Stafford. (Prowse,

Ashby-de-la-Zouch; and Berridge, Halton-gar. Reni and Seison, Essex-st. Strand.) Feb 3. den. I Feb. s.

TOS. THOS, and 10. Kidderminster, Wor. CARTÉR, HICH. New Woodstock, Oxford, iron* E, March 17, White Hart, Harlie. monger, March 2!, Mitre, Oxford.

[Dudley, (Fuery, Kidderminster; and Leigh and

Oxford ; and Robinson and Co. Charter-house 6. V Brdel Feb. 3.

sq. Feb. 7. PAY. ROBEXT, spist, Hants, haberdasher,

CROSS, RICH. Abergavenny, Monmouth, victual.

ler, March 21, at Mr. Jones's, Abergavenny. M. Anary and Co. Lothbury. Frb. 3. BUS, HENRY, Puddington, Notting iam, but. [Jones, Abergavenny; and Jenkins and Co. Now.

21, Warch 24, kam, Sottingham. (Hall, Not- in 1. Feb. 7. **an; and Hard and Co. Temple,] Feh. 10.

DAVIES, WM. Neston Chertire, draper and grocer, RULEY, JOHN, Rracing, finen-draper, Mar, xi,

March 14, White Bear, Manchesier. (Dunvile, ( Reading

Riggs, Reading; and Eyre, Manchester; and Wright and Co. Temple i M. Fr. 10.

Jan. 91. EDTE1D, FISHER, Wymondham, Norfolk,

EVERETT, JOS. and Co. Westminster-ro. stable. In March 21. [Mitchell, Wynondham ; ketptts, March 21. (Boot, Clifford's-inn.) Feb.?. *24Hre. Essay 61. Timie) Febs. 10.

EARDLEY, CHAS, Stockport, Chester, cotton-spinDECO, HINH, Dincisi, dealer in cloths, ner, March 9, 14, and April 4, Albion, Manchester. Wha, Gaidall, Thon anser. (Fisher. Don.

[Halstearl, Manchester; and Milne and Co. Tempe]

Feb. 21. ***; texanier and Co. Sewinn.) Feb. 10. BL06.JOHN, York, woollea-draper, Mar, 6, 7,

FEATHER, KORT. Hare-st. Romford, carpenter, ( Hiuse, Leeds. (Atkinson and Co.

March 14, (Knight and Co. Basinghall-street. I

Jan. 31. HEWER, JOHY ANDREW, Bath, printer, Mar.

FEARNLEY, THOS. Portsmouth, slopseller, Mar. 5. Both. ( Humour, Scott's yard ;

(Teinpler and Co. East Smithfield.] Feb. 14. * Hicru, Ba!!).) F. 14.

GRIFFIN, THO», l'edlar's-ac e, Lainbeih, timber. * *. Gestges Esstno-sq. gun-maker,

merchant, March 10. (Pittman, Symond's-inn.]

Jan. 27. Chates, Feb. 14. 2:57, wy. 'Want, mese, horse-daler,

GRACE, EDW. Seaton Cottage, Northumberland, , , an 16, ('onnccia! Rooms, Bristol.

farmer, March 14, George, Newcastle upon Tine. mes, G uttry; and Adlington and Co.

(Carr, Newcastle upon Tyne; and Bell and Co.

Pow Church-yard.] Jan. 31. Eh, wy, Walden, Eszex, carpenter,

GOLD PINK, RICH. Broeke, Norfolk, butcher, :. and i 4. (Grimaldi and Co. Cop

March 24, Norfolk. Norwich. (Bignold and Co. 2. Trno to st. Fh1.

Noswich; and Alexander and Co. New-inn.] IPOH, ut, titir, March 5, and pril 4,

frh. 10 4. Pan. Hishmor, Scott's-yard; and

GREEN, SAM. Mill-stree', Jambeth, blacking. F. 01.

manufacturer, March 24. (Mills, New North-si. 1198, GE!). Webb's County Terrace, Kent, mer. ked-Lion-sl.) feb. 10. 17., Waren 7, and April 1. (Holt, Thread.

GOODYEAR. THOS. Aldersgate-st. straw-hat-ma.

mufacturer, Feb. 24, and March 7, and 26, Guild. 276, 3PLANT, Liverpool, merchant, Mar.

hall. Pliipps, Weaver's-ball, Basinghall-st.}

HYDE, IM. Blackfriars, merchant, Mar. 5*, ***, King's Arins. Waler-81. Livere and Ca. Liverpool; and Lowe and

10. (Robinson and Co. Austin triars.] Jan 27.

HANSON, JOS. Sortliwicki, Southampton, victual. ( implon buildings, Chancery-la.) Feb.

ler, March 17. Red Lion, Fareh'ın.

[Paddon, BIAN CHRISTOPHER, Jeffrey's Te race, Ken

horeham ; and Alexander and Co. New-inn.j + T.

Feb. 3. Priet, Sorch 7, and April t. (Ha. 2,12 inch, Corent-garden.) Feb. vl.

HURKY, SAMI.. Angel.court, Throgmorton.street, JUETIMP SOTTON, Goldenelane,

bruker, March 11. (Buckle, Size-lane, Buchlers. 79***1,*:, Parthsi. [Constable, Symond's

hare] Fb. 7.

BILLEAR, WM. Winchester, brewer, March 1, C.1ox. Thos. West Ham Abbey, Essex,

Courge, Winchester. [Woodham, Winchester; Auge, Whitechapel road.]

and Allen, London.] Frh. 10.

HINSCLIFFE, JOHN, Lightcliffe, dealer, March CHU.AS. (!d ham, Lancaster, shormitler,

94. [citcherd, Halilax; and Beckett, Noble-st. - Patac. Manchester. (Wisles.

Freter lane.) Feb. 10. 71(e, Gray's-bin; and Chex, Manches

HOFFMAN, LEOPOLD, Liverpool, brewer, Mar. F... 14.

11, 18, aud April 4, George, Liverpool. (Genery, Liverpool ; and Chester, Staple's-101.] Feb. 21,


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HAWES, JOS. Ipswich, pawn-broker, March 6, 7,
and April 4, White Hart, Woodbridge, Suffolk.
(Baxter, Furnival's-inn and Moor, Woodbridge.]

Feb. 81.
HILL, JOHN, Baldwin-st. Bristol, ironmonger,

March 9, 10, and April 4, Commercial Rooms,
Bristol. (Bigg, Southampton-buildings, Chan-
cery-la. ; and Bigs and Son, Bristol.) Feb. 21,
JONES, THOS. Deritend Aston, Birmingham, vic-

tualler, March 14, Royal, Birmingham. Mere-
dith, Birmingham; and Alexander and Co. New.

inn,) Jan. 31.
IRVING, WASHINGTON, Liverpool, merchant,
March' 14, King's-Arms, Liverpool. [Orred and
Co. Liverpool; and Lowe and Co. Southampton-

buildings, Chancery-lane. Jan. 31.
IRVING, PETER, Liverpool, merchant, March 14,

King's. Arms, Liverpool. [Orred and Co. Liver.
pool'; and Lowe and Co. Southampton.buildings,

Chancery-lane.] Jan. 31.
JONES, JOHN, Bellingley, Hereford, corn-dealer,
March 17, Hertford. Walkyns, Hereford ; and

Dax and Co. Doughty-st.) Feb, 3.
JENDEN, CHARLES, Worthing, Sussex, saddler,

March 17. [Ridley, Clemeiit's.inn.) Feh. 3.
KNIGHT, BENJ. Stafford, baker, March 17, at

Messrs. Collins and Keenes, Stafford. [Flint, Uitoxeter ; and Gaskill, Gray's-inn.] Fch. 3. KEENE, TÝREN, Fulham, Middlesex, vichaller,

March 21. (Shuter, Milibank-st. Westminster.j

Feb. 7.
LOCK, JOHN, Woolwich, victualler, March :0.

(Parker, Greenwich.] Jan. 27.
LLOYD, WM. sen. and Co. Peckham, Surry, slop-

sellers, March 10. (James, Bucklersbury.] Jan. 17. LEGG, THOS. Cooper's-row, Tower-hill, dealer,

March 24. [Martin and Co. Vintner's.ball, Upper
Thames-st.) Feb. 10.

street, wine.merchants, March 3 and 31. (Sher

wood and Co. Canterbury sq. Southwark.) Feb. 7. MASTERS, GEO. Langston, Moninouth, dealer,

March 14, Busii, Bristol. [Frankis, Bristol ; and King, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-st.) Jun. 31. MITCHELL, STEP. Dorking, Surry, linen-draper, March 14.

(West, New Boswellico. Lincoln's. inn 1 Jan. 31. MILLER, JAS. Chelsea, Middlesex, merchant,

March 31. [Knight and Co. Basinghall-street.)

Feb. 17.
NORTH, BENJ. Benton, Manchester, chapman,

March 14, Morley Arms, Manchester. [Buckley,
Manchester; and Harvey and Co. St. Helen'

Bishopsgate-st.) Jan. 31.
ODDY,' GEO. Silver-st. Golden sq. soap-maker,

March 14. (Hewitt and Co. Haydon.sq Mino

ries.] Jan. 31 PICKARD, DAVID, Liverpool, coach-maker, Mar.

2, 3, and 17, York, Liverpool. [Witley, Liverpool; and Windle, John-st. Bedford row.) Feb. s. PROCTOR, WM. Sheffield, York, optician, March

21, Tontine, Shefticld. [Sherwood, Shetheld ;

and Blahloch. Serjeant's-inn.] Fel.7. PORTER, THON, Longtown, Cumberland, inn:

keeper, Marcha x4, kickergate. (Saul, Carlisle;

and Clennell, Siaples.inn. ] Feb. 10. POLLY, JOHN,, Manchester-sq. linen

furniture dealer, March 28. (Richardson and Co.

New-inn.) Fib.14.
PARSONS, JOAN, Marchester. cotton-manufac-

lurer, March 2, and 46, Star, Manchester. (Wal

ker, Manchester.) Feb. 1+. PILSBURY, THOS, Lawrence-st. Chelsea, tailor,

March 3, and 28. [Heard, Hooper's.sq. Lenione

sireet, Goodman's fields.] Fıb. 14. PRIVETT, PAL, Bighton, Southampton, mallster, March 8, George, Wincheste!. (Einly, E

chapman, March 21, Bush, Swansea. (James.

Swansea; and Price, Lincoln's-inn.) Feb. 7. RONALDS, FRANCIS HEN. and Co. Foster-lane,

Cheapside, warehouseman, March 14, and Ap. 4,

(Phipps, Weaver's-hall, Basinghall-st.) Feb. 21. RIGBY, WM, Liverpool, corn-factor, March 10, 19,

and April 4, George, Liverpool. [Bulmer, Waterstreet, Liverpool; and Clarke and Co. Chancery

lane.) Feb. 21. SCHMALING, FRED. WM. Fenchurch st, mer

chant, March 10. [Crowder and Co. Frederick's

place, Old Jewry.) Jan. 87.
SEDGWICK, WM. Liverpool, merchant, Mar. 1o.
George, Liverpool. (Gunning. Liverpool; and

Chester, Staples.inn.] Jan. 87.
SIMISTER, SAML. Manchester, dealer in cotton,

March 10, Star, Manchester. [Duckworth and Co.
Manchester ] Jan. 27.
SNUGGS, JOS.' Henrietta-street, Covent-garden,
mercer, March 14. (Spottiswoode, Old City-ch.

Bishopsgate.] Jan. 31.
STRACHÂN, WM, Liverpon), smalt: manufacturer,

March 17, George, Liverpool. (Murrow, Liver-
pool; and Blackstock and Co. King's-Bench-wa.]

Feb. 3.
SMITH, WM. Stone, Stafford, grocer, March 17,

George, Stafford. (Dent and Co. Stone; and

Leigh and Co. New Bridge-st.) Feb. 3.
STEPHENS, SEPTIMVS, Dowgate hill, warehouse-

man, March 17. [Parton, Cheapside. ) Feb. 3. SPENCER, THOS. Manchester, commission-bro

ker, March 21, Siar, Manchester. (Lawler, Man, chester; and Hurd and Co. Temple.) Fib. 7. SHEERES, MICAL. Aldersgate-st. victualler, Mar.

21. (Clutton and Co. High-st. Borough) Frh. 7. SMITH, JOHN, Ristrick, York, corn-dealer, Mar.

94. (Swan, Huddersfield; and Willes and Co. Throgmorion-st.) Feb. 10.
SMITH, WM. Oxford st. ironmonger, March 28,

(Richings, Frith-st. Soho.) Feb. 14.
SAINT, THOS. jun. Gloucester, flax spinner, Mar.

3, 4, and April 4, White Hart, Bristol. (King, Serjeant's-inn; and Frankis, Brisrol.] Feb. 91. TUKNAR, WM. BURTON, Huddersfield, York,

merchant, March 14, Tontine, Sheffield. (Rodges,
Sheffield; and Bigg, Southampton buildings.]
TYE, GEO. JOHN, Colchester, grocer, March 17.

(Noy and Co. Bell-co.] Feh. 3. TWOHY, JAS. Plymouth, master mariner, March

21, Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth.dock. [Bozon and Co. Plymouth dock; and Darke and Co. Chancery-lane.) Feb. 7. THOMAS, JOHN EVANS, Reading, dealer, March

04. (Bartlett, Nicholas-la. Lombard st.) Feb. 10. UPSOM, JOHN, Parti-street. Southwark, baker,

March 14. [Chapman and Co. St. Thomas' Apos.
tle.) Jan. 31.
WALI., GREGORY, Bromyard, Hereford, farmer,

March 14, Union, Worcester. (Bray and Co.
Droit wich, Worcester; and Price and Co. Lin.

coln's-inn.] Jan. 31.
WAGSTAFF. GEO. Dersting, Derby, cotton spin-

ner, March 14, Star, Manchester. [Duckworth
and Co. Manchester, and Ellis, Chancery-lane.)

Jan. 31.
WARI), JOHN, Milton Abbott. Devon, cattle.job-
Iber,March 21, King's Arms, Taristock. (Bridge.

man, Tavistock and Alexander and Co. New.

inn.] Feb. 7.
WALSH, JAS. Halifax, merchant, March 24, Coos
per's Arms, Halifax. (Scarcherd, Halifax; and

Deckell, Noble-st.) Feb. 10.
WATKIN, JOHN, Newark-ipon-Trent, Nottinge

ham, painter, March 28, Rutland Arms, Newark.
upan. Trent. [Tallents and Co. Newark-upon.
Trent; and Long, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn.]

Teinple ; and Gindwin, Winchester.) Feb. 14. POWELL. PETER. MALAPERT, Hastings, Suis.

sux, libra an and bookseller, March 31. (Lamb

and (o. Prince's st. Bank ) Feb. 17.
PAGE, JOUN, Bermondsey-st. Southwark, crorer,
March 3, 14, and April 4. (Buchile, Size-lane.)

Feb. 21.
PALLISTER, THO4. York, currier, March 4, 5, and
Arril 4, Mr. W. Bavnes. Pertgaie, York (Rus.
oll, Yusk; and Cardale and Co. Gray's-inn.]

Trh. 81.
RO3L, SUSAN, Swansca, Glainorgan, dealer and

Feh. 14.
WALKER, THOS. Rochdale. Lancaster, corn-dea,

ler, March 28, White Swan, Halifax. (Wigles-
world and Co. Gray's-inn; and Wiglesworth,

Halitax.) Frb. 14.

and Clowe ('ourt Mills, Bristol, colour.manufac.
turer, March 7, and 31. (Leman, Bristol ; and

Osbaldesion, London-st. Fenchurch st.) Feb. 17. YOUNG, JOHN, and Co. Shetlield, bution-manu.

facturers, March 3, 4, and April 4, commercial Inn, Sheffield. [Shearwood, Sheffield; and Stocker and Co. Furnival's.inn.) Feb. 41.


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AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF DIVIDENDS, nos TFESDAY, JANUARY 24, TO SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1818. Adez, Birmingham, Feb.83. Graves, W. Satton-street, Feb. 21. Martin, T. chiester, March 7. Aant, s. Markez st, Feb. 88. Goudy. T. Clement lane, Feb. 21. Miller, W. jun. Liverpool, March

12. A d. Stockton-epon-Tees. Gibbons, I. and Co. Wolverhampton, Feb. 24.

Nichoils, T. and Co. Birmingham, It, W. and Co. Chipping Nor. Gompertz, A. Great Winchester- April 6. street, Feb. 43.

Peech, D. S. Barnsley, Feb. 23. 133. 1. Little Britain, March 1. Goring, T. Staines, March 21. Phillips, H. Carey-street, March 3.

T. 2 Densbery. Feo. eo. Gariner, T. jun. Liverpool, Feb. Packer, J. Painswick, Feb. 21. hrad, 2. Nfrict, feb. 17.

Pugsley, C. Lower-road, Feb. 21. Be A W. Stanford, Fec. 17. Greaves, J. P. and Co. Coleman. Perts, W. Liverpool, Feb. 24. bekend. Derde, Feb. 17. street, March 17.

Payne, R. Liverpool, Match 2. bits and Co. Corabi!), Feb. 84. Garth, W. Bailgrove, March 10. Peacock, S. Lincoln, March 9. bailes, cits Chambers, Feb.8. Gondchild, J. and 'Co. Durham. Parry, J. Newgate-street, March 3. Ba, Barmogla 1, Feb. vs. March 5.

Parker, S. South Lambeth, Feb.91. Berani G va an's Co. Haughton Gover, T. Withenfeld, March 18. Pritchard, J. Stratford-on-Avon, Gernon, W. Langbourn Chambers,

March 25.
Bra 3. and Co. Liverpool,
March 14.

Pugsley, C. Islington, April 1l. Howbridge, W. B. Cleveland, Feb. Pidgeon, P. and Co. S:ock Ex. ben, 1. Websey, Vuch 4. 22.

change Coffee House, March 14

Peirson, T. and Co. Russia-row, DJL aad C. Goald-square. Huxham, W. Exeter, Feb. 17. Hart, T. Bridport, March 9.

March 81. be C. Bishop Wearmouth, Haigh, J. Marsden, Feb. 21. Pfeil, A. L. and Co. Bishopsgate

Hopps, T. Green hommerton, Jan. stree: Within, March 21. bey, 2 Frobe Selwood, March 31.

Quarton, W. York, Feb. 18. Handbury, J. Shoreditch, Feb. 28. Rice, L. Leicestershire, Feb. 19. Bester, 1. und Co. Black moore, Hislop, J. and Co. Bowlane, Feb. Kichards, W. Chatham, Feb. 24.

Haigla, w. Barneley, Feb. 23. Robertson, J, and Co. Lawrence Bori, f. Sneesbary, March 3 Hodgson, R. and Co. Newcastle- Pountney-hill, March 14. Interk, T. slow. March 8, upon Tyne, Feb 26.

Rcid, W. Fleet street, Feb. 24. Mestert C. Manchester, Match 2. Hoxgson, J. jun. Coleman-street, Richardson, W. J. Nicholas-lane, De B. (unt. March 7. April 7.

Feb. 24 Baca D. Leadenhall-street, Houdon, W: Cannon-street, Feb.7. Read, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Feb.

Haxham, W. Exeter, March 10. 27. POJ. So, to!, March 10. Howard, M. Cateatun-street, Mar.7. Routh, J. and Co. Austin-friars, 2. W le sarua, Varch 18. Holmes, T. and Co. Long Acre. March 14. PW. Śwn-end, liigb-s1. Feb. 14.

Ross, T. and Co. Liverpool, March Hodgson, W. Whitecross-street,

3. to Benet, March 17 Feb. 28.

Ramshottom, R. and Co. Norwich,

March 5. (EM, S.L. Kaj-sireet, March Haines, R. Islington, Feb. 14.

Hurry, J. and Co. Gracechurch-st. Reilly, J. Hart street, March 28. CAS, LEO, March 94. Feb 21.

Small, W. Taunton, Feb. 01.

Sifkin, H. Bislilane, Peb. XI. care, V. Brzitary-house, Steven- Holt, W. Marsden, March 10. Ige, Natis

Hopps, T. Green Hammerton, Scotland, R. South Shields, Fed. 26. Ceres, S. Tarbidge, March 14. Feb.ex.

Spencer, J. B. and Co. Bread-street.

Feb. 28. ( E. North Shiels, Hayward, R. D. Piymouth-Dock, Cat. T. Sara satelis, Feb. 23. April 7.

Sherwood, W. Liverpool, Feb. 28. mall, E. S. Mactaester, Feb.Ingleby, J. and Co. Soughton, Feb : tockham, W. Bristol, March 10. 26.

Shepherd, J. Moorton, Mar. 4. Cice, L. and Co. Borough Mar Jones, R. Northumberland-street, Schroder, J. F. jun. Crutched.friars,

March 10. Peb. 98. lart, Pub 14. Ora, L. St. Alban-street, Feb. Johnson, R. S. Great Yarmouth, Smith, T. and Co. Lawrence PourtMarrh 7.

ney-lane, March 10. Cee, H. Sittingbourne, March Jupe, R. jun. Castle-street, March Smith, J. Tabernacle-walk, March s.

14. Caerde, W. Buningham, March Jessurun, A.Houford-buildings, Mar. Scholefield, N. and Co. Greenwich, 7.

March 5. Cars, G. Whethampstead, March Jones, E. D. Chester, Mar. 18. Swal of. J. Bix, Oxford, March 17.

Knowlton, C Bristol, Feb. 21. Stroinbom, I. Austin-triars, Feb.89. Caes, G. Great Prescott-streer. Knight, J. and Co. Gough squarc. Tomlinson, J. Troley-street, Ped.Ok March 81.

Taylor, W. Clifton, Feb. 21. fan, L. and Co. Cheapside, Knight, W. Bagshot, Feb. 28. Thompson, B. Fetter lane, Feb. 7.

Kershaw, T. W. Southwark, March Trevor, J. and Co. Whitchurch, ( 1 , J. Great St. Helen's, 7.

March 3. King, J. Yeovil, Niarch 14, Tomlinson, J. Northwich, March 8. Cas, S. sc. Mere, Wilts, March. Latham, T. D. and Co. Devonshire. Thompson, J. and J. Newcastle-up. $9. Feb. ).

on. Tyne, March 4. rena, G Aidgate, Feb. 21. Long. C. High Hoyland, Feb. 23. Tom'inson, W. Liverpool, March6. Med Horst, March 5. Lowe, w. Fields, March 1. Thompson, J. P. Great NewportDu, Xurshlesch, March 16. Leeels, T. Salisbury, March 3. street, March 14. Lee, T. Clement's-lane, Feb. I ucas, H. Liverpool, March 4. Turner, M. Basinghall.street, Mar, Lax, J. Sunderland, March 3.

21. I w. 3. jan. Barnhar Westgale, love, C. Old Bond-street, Feb. 88. Turkle, G. M. Net-street-square,

Leuven, A. J. G. and Co. Circus March 14. B, 4. Car slé, Feb. es.

Vinosies, March 17.

Wigglesworth, T. Heylandswaine,

Feb. 23. kan d. and Co. Jerrard streer, Lander, P. Cardiffe, March 17. 6.2.

Larion, W. Wilmslow, March Wilson, W. Portland place, Feb. 17. Lua V. March, March 10.


Whitehead, J. York, Feb. 23. PT. Biek atzr, Feb. 94. Lockwood, G. Whitby, Mar.!!. Whitehead, J. and Co. Cateators im. d. Teement street, Feb.21. Laycock, T. and Co. Bradford, street, March 7. H, E E. Smithampton place,

March 21

Walton, J. Broad-street, Feb. 21. Xarci .

Martindale, J. St. James's street, Williams, J. Coleman-street, Feb. Prer, lanter, March 97. Feb. 21.

21. He, W. Luisrsler, March 17. Mackenzie, A. J. and Co. Cross. Wagstafe, E. Bridport, March 10. Tosce, I wait. S. Yaidiog, Mar.

street, March 26:

Whiteby, W. Lawrence PountneyV.Brair, R. Fen court, feb. 7. hill, March 2. C. J. Kle, Feb. 19. Wanton, J. Dirmingham, Feb 23. Whittle, J. Liverpool, March 13. Ers, tac Co. Ne Broad-st. Voort, H. Ironmonger-lane, Feb. Woodward, J. Aylvebaty, Jarch 16,

Young and Co. it'ater-lane, March Goe, Dentoa, Pet, 21. Viloughtan and Co. Great St, He

10. Gatis, les siteel, fib. 14. len's, Feb Si, Earrp. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. Feb. 1818.


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