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The ship Grace, Daries (with officers and had engaged tlieir passage in the above ship, passengers, bound to Soath America), which and who were subsequently concerned in a was seized at Cowes, bas been liberated, duel at Cowes, witb Lieutenant Sutton and arrived at the Motherbank, preparatory Cochrane, it is ascertained, sailed for South! to proceeding to St. Thomas's, the first fair America in a brig, a few days after tben a wind, Major Lockyer, and the officers who fatal event took place.


CAMBRIDGE, Dec. 25, 1817. Eman.; Dewe, St. John's; Davies, Cl. |

of Gonville and Caius College, has

This examination has been particularly been elected a Fellow of that Society oo

distinguished for superior scbolars, and the Dr. Perse's foundation.

contest for Senior Wrangler the sharpest Heury Tasker, Esq. B.A, of Pembroke

ever remembered ; the three first gentlemen Hall, was, on the 18ih insl. elected Fellow contesting for it to the last hour. of that society.

Total number of lionours, 69; a number A dispensation has passed the great seal, unprecedented in any one year, in the annals to enable the Rev. John Brocklebank, B.D.

of the University. chaplain to the Bishop of Ely, to hold the

The subjects for the prizes given by the vicarage of Melbourn, with the rectory of representatives in Parliament for this UniTaversham, bolb in the county of Cam. versity, for the present year arena bridge.

For the Senior Bachelors,

Antiqnæ Musicæ species et natura.
JAN. 27.

Middle Bachelors,

Ioter Græcos et Romanos Historiæ Scrip

tores comparatione factâ, cujusvam stylus

imitatione maxime dignus esse videtur.
Lefevre,* Trio. ; Hinde, St. John's; The subjects for Sir William Browne's
Malkin, Trin.; Pope, Eman.; Warren, gold medals for the present year are-
Jesus ; Broughton, Pemb.; Attwood, do.;
Fisher, Triv. ; Hutchins, Pemb. ; D'Arblay,

For the Greek Ode,
Christ; Tyson, Cath. H. ; Hawkes, Prin.;

In Obitum Ilustrissimæ Principissæ Caro. Greenwood, Beu't; Twigg, Trin.; Rim- letlæ Auglisia Georgii Walliæ Principis say, Jesus; Henslow, St. Joho's ; Geldart,

Trin.; II. Thelwall, Trip. ; Veon, Queen's;

For the Latin Ode,
Beech, St. John's; Skinner, Jesus; Jeremy, la Memoriam Ricardi Vicecomitas Eitz-
Trin.; Escreil, ditto ;. Crombie, dito; william Musei Fitzwilliam Fundatoris
Clarke, Caius ; Godsone, dillo; Hallowell, munitici..
Christ; Walters, Sid.

For the Epigrams,
Sen. Optim.

Magna Civitas, Magna Solitudo.
Brandt, Trin.; M‘Dowell, Ben't ; Plas.
kett, Pernb.; Studholme, Jesus; Blundell,

Porson Prize.-The passage fixed opod Trin.; Harvey, Cath, H.; Melville, Trin,

for the present year, isHindle, St. John's; Buller, ditto ; Hazel. SNAKSPEARE, HENRY VIII. Act 3, Sc. 2. wood, et H. Franks; ditto; Courtenay, St. Beginning with John's; Ashe, Queen's; "Pearce, St. John's; " Cromwell, I did not think to shed a Icar;" Carlisle, do.; Ellis, Trin. ; Staipforth, do. ;

And ending with Priskett, Pei. H.; Whateley, do.; Thompson, ditto ; Peach, $t. John's; Thirlwall,

* He would not in mine age Trio.; Evans, St. John's; Warreo, ditto;

." Have left me paked to mine egemies."
Juno, St. John's; Ward, ditto ; Dobree, Which is to be translated into lambic Aco-
Pemb.; Leigh, Tria.; Hildyard, St. John's; talectic Trimeters, according to the laws
Jones, Jesus.

Jaid down by the Professor, in his Preface
Jun. Optim.

to the Hecuba of Euripides.
Torless, Trin.; Benson, ditto ; Tomlin,
St. John's; Formby, Jesus; Hopkiosón,

Dr. Smith's annual prizes of 25), each to CI. Hall; Luard, St. John's; Litilewood, the two best proficients in mathematics and Pet. H.; Ward, Queen's; Oldershaw; natural ploilosophy amongst the commencing

Bachelors of Arts, are this year adjudged to

Mr. Joko Shaw Lefevre, of Trinity College, • This gentleman is son of the Member and Mr. John Hind, of St. Johu's College, for Reading

the first and second Wrangleri.

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University Intelligence.


Haster of Arts.

J. W. Rose,

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Look College.

of Eallial College.

The Rer. Wm. J. Coppard, of Emmanuel

JAN. 17, 1818.
, was, on the 25th Jan, admitted Wednesday, the first day of Lent Term,

the following gentlemen were admitted to
The Rer, W. E. Fitzthomas, of Emma. Degrees :-
al College, was on the same day admitted Doctors in Divinity. The Rev. H. B
Baselor in Civil Law.

Wilson, of Lincolo College, rector of St.
Nr. W. F. Cobb, of Trinity College, Mary, Aldermanbury, and St. Thomas the
tu on the same day admitted Bachelor of Apostle, in London, Grand Compounder.

Bachelor in Divinity.—The Rev. A. Mat.

thews, Fellow of Brasennose Coll. FEB. 12.

Masters of Arts.- The Rev. J. Watkins, The Rev. George Walker, M.A. Fellow Scholar of Jesus Coll. of Trinity College, has been presented, by

Rev. J. Charnock, of Merton Con. the later and Fellows of that Society, to

Bachelors of Arts.--Mr. J. Ellioll, of St. the rectory of Papworth Everard, in that Edmund's Hall. Kects, vacant by the death of the Rev.

Mr. W. Robinson, of Magdalen Hall.

The Regius Professor of Modern History proposes, during the present Term, to read

iwo courses of Lectures ; one on History, OXFORD.

and aooiber on Political Economy.

JAV, 26. Tednesday, Dec. 17, 1817, the last day of Michael mas Term, the following gen

The following gentlemen have been reIlang rere admitted to Degrees :

cently admitted to their respective Degrees Dacter in Civil Lax.-Rev, Jas. Moore,

in this University : u 8 Joho's College.

The Rev. H. B. Wilson, D.D. of Lincola

Dackelors in Divinity.—Rev. John Rus.
Britime lime Stodent of Christ Church, and

The Rev. John Brereton, D.C.L, of New

for manter of the school of Charter House,
Grand Compounder.

The Rev. A. Matthews, B.D. of Brasen.
Res. Charles Wrottesley, Fellow of all

DOSP Coll.

The Rev. J. Shipton, B.D. of Balliol

Westers of Arts.- Rev. William Sutton,

The Rev. Stephen Hyde Cassan, M.A. of
Mr. Charles Henry Watling, of Jesus

Magdalen Hall.

The Rev. James Charnock, M.A, of Mer

ton Coll.
Res, Robert Heath, of St. John's Coll.
her. Robert Faithfull, of Wadham Coll.

The Rev. John Watkins, M.A. of Jesus

Coll. Berkelets of Arts.- Mr. Jobo Sydenham, of Exeter Coll,

The Rev. Thomas Shore, M.A. Of Wad

ham Coll. dr. Francis Bayett Grant, of Christ

The Rev. S. W. Perkins, M.A. of Wad.

ham Coll.
Wr. Wm. Ferriar, of Brasennose Coll.
Mr. Gilbert Henderson, of Brasennose

Mr. J. W. King, M.A. Christ Church


Mr. A. Shrubh, M.A, Christ Church Coll.
Frederick Sullivan, Esq. of Brasennose

Mr. E, Jacob, M.A. Christ Church Coll.
Mr. Thomas Johpson, of Brasennose Coll.

Mr. Win. Greswell, B.A. of Brasennose

Mr. John Woodcock, of New Coll.

PER, 7.
Dr. George John Thomas, of St. Mary

Richard Lowndes, Esq. M.A. of Trinity
Nr. Nicholas Aylword Vigors, of Trinity Coll. Cambridge, bas been admitted ad

eundem in this University.
Nr. George Warry, of Trinity Coll. Saturday, Feb. ), the following gentle-
Mr. Poilip Filleuí, of Pembroke Coll. men were admitted to Degrees :-

The whole number of Degrees in Michael- Masters of Arts. - Mr. John Thomas
mas Terro wasD. D. 5; D. M. 2; D. C. L. Claridge, of Christ Church.
1; B. D. 69; B, M, 2; B, C. 1.3; One Rev. Edward Gregory, of Trinity Coll.
incorporation of B. C. l. ; M. A. 19; B. A. Bachelors of Arts.--Mr. Jobin Saiduel
10; liatriculations, 143.

Enys, of Exeter Coll,
The whole oynber of Matriculations for Mr. Francis Lloyd, Student of Christ
the last year, endisg at Michaeloas, was Chorch.

Mr. William Spencer Whitelocke, of
The number of candidates to whom Tes. Balliol Coll.
fimogirms for their Degrees were given by Mr. William Perkins, of Lincoln Coll.
the Public Examiners, on the 12th, but who Mr. Joseph Palmer Griffith, Scholar of
Were opt admitted into either of the classes, Wadham Coll.
alogated to 43.

Mr. Griffith Richards, of Queen's Coil.
Ewrop. Mag Vol. LXXIII. Feb. 1818.





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The number of Determining Bachelors, 164.

FEB. 13.
On Wednesday, Feb. Jith, the Rev.
Thomas Carr, M.A. and Fellow of Trinity
College, Cambridge,was admitted ad eundein
in the University.

And the following were admitted to Degrees:

Bachelor in Divinity. --Rev. Thomas Tunstall Haverfield, Fellow of Christ Church Coll,

Masters of Arts.- Rev. E. Henley Acton, of Krasennose Coll, Grand Compounder.

Rev. Jobo Manly, Fellow of University Coll.

Rev. Charles-Carr, Fellow of University Cow.

Mr. Walter Stevenson Halliday, of Exeter Coll.

Bachelors of Arts.-Mr. William Brown, of Queen's Coll.

Mr. William Glaister, of University Coll.
Mr. Frederick Cox, of Lincoln Coll.

The Rev. Martin Sandys Wall, M.A. Student of Christ Church, is appointed one of the chaplains in ordinary to H.R.H. the Prince Regent, and chaplain to the embassy at Vienna.

The Rev. H. Pearce, B.A. of Christ Church, in this University, is elected a Vicar Choral of Heretord cathedral,



THE Rev. Richard Chapman, to the vica- Esqrs. void by the resignation of the Rev.

rage of Tannington, with the Chapel J. F. G. Fortescue, A.M. of Brundish, in Suffolk.

The Rev. Charles Mann, A.B. to the perThe Rev. Charles David Brereton, M.A. petual curacy of West Dereham, Norfolk, to the rectory of St. Edmund the King, in patron, and Rev. George Leonard Jenyns, Norwich, upon an exchange for the rectory of Boulisham, Cambridgeshire, Prebendary of Hullcott, Buckinghamshire, to which the of Ely. Rev. John Alhow has been instituted by the The Rev. John Wicklow, to the rectory Lord Bisliop of Lincoln.

of Manstone, Dorset, patron the Right Hon. The Rev. Edward Ollspring Holwell, Mas. Lord Bolingbroke. ter of Arts, to the rectory of Plymtree. De The Rev. George Walker, M.A. Follow of von, void by the death of the Rev. Daniel Trimity College, Cambridge, to the rectory Veysie.

of Papworih Everard, Cambridgeshire, va. I'he Rev. Joseph Fayrer, M.A. to the pre- cant by the death of the Rev. J. W. Rose, bend of fleredum Morney, alias Mornay's, parsons the Masters and Fellows of Trinity. founded in the Church of Eudellion, Corno The Rev. 1. A. Dule, to be Second Master wall, void by the death of the Rev. Dr. of the Grammar School at Louth, instead of Flamank.

the Rev. William Stoplorı), deceased. The R •v. G. M. Slater has been appointed The Rev. Thomas Jephson, B.D. and Felby the Dean and Chapter of Cambridge, re- low of St. John's College, Cambridge, to he gular allernoon-preaciver, on Sundays, at the one of the Duke of Northumberland's Do. Cathedral Church of St. Peser, Cambridge. mestic Chaplains.

The Rev. John Woodrootte Morgan, A.M. The Rev. Wm. Watson Dickens, rector of of University College, Oxford, has been ap. Hawkeridge, and Vicar ot Folkstone, Kent, pointed to the rectory of Saint Giles, in Cói. to the rectory of Adislam cum Staple, void chiesler, upon the presentation of Nicholas by the decease of the Rev. Jalan Palmer, Covyngham Tindal, and Thomas Frost Gepp, patron the Archbishop of Canterbury.


'AN. 12. - The Lady of l'iscount Here-

ford, of a son).
40. In the North Parade, Brighton, the
Lady of William Ledlord, Esq. of a daugh-

FEE, 6. Ai Bath the Lady of T. G, Estcourt, Exq.M.P. for Devzes, 01 a 30.1.

13. 1a Uper Seymour-sireet, the Lady of James Weducıburn, Lj. of a son.


Jan. 31. A+ Swindon, Wilts, Mr. John sor of Furufications, Ruya thuary Puik, of Newbery, Beris, 10 Ann, eldest College, Farnban, 10 Sarali, daughter oi 11.

daughter of James Strange, Esq. Banker, of Parsons, Esq. Prospeci Huuse, Southampion. Swindon.

F82 4. Sampel Davis, Esq. of Manor 10. John Woollett, Esq. of Rye, Sorrey, to Haase

, Kensington-lane, to Mrs. M. Nix, of Elizabeth, daughter, of the late Isaac Ruston, Career Green, Camberwell, Surrey.

Esq. of Ospring, Kent. 20. Mr. Jesse Hobson, wine merchant, 11. Mr. Robert Charles, jun. of Calvertkutenball-street, to Miss Lydia Bingham, street, to Miss Paton, daughter of Andrew Bez Cf William Gillman, Esq. Bank-build- Paton, Esq. Bishopsgate-street.


Manchester, aged 83.


ATELY, the Rev. W. Wilson, of Bra- 22. Mrs. Wyatt, wife of Mr. John Wyatt,

tenngre College. Oxford, and 41 years of, aged 69. Becor of West Shetford, Berks.

23. Mr. Edward Terrey, of Clapham Dec. 14. At her house, io Horton-street, Common, aged 64. Icasington, aged 73, Mrs. Hatrey, widow 24. In Islington, Mr. John Powell, aged at the late John Hafiey, Esq. of Walıbame 69; upwards of 46 years Clerk to the above $, El.

Parish. 13. After an illness of a few days, at At Feltham Vicarage, the Rev. Alexander Combrège, the Hon, and Rev. Chades Fox Kilgour, D.D. aged 79. Niland, 1.1. youngest son of James Earl 20. la Colebrouk-row, Thomas Jackson, di Lauderdale.

Esq. aged 74. 19. Ai Soho Hall, Handsworth, Mr. Wil. 27. At Bentley Priory, Stanmore, Jobn day , of the Royal Hotel, Birmingham, aged James Hamilton, Marquis of Abercorn, a

Knight of the Garter, &c. His complaint At Tottenham, John Trelawney, Esq. late was an enlargement of the liver, under which di Ravell-square, aged 59.

he bad laboured some time. The Noble Lord W. At eld College, Hoxton, the Rev. suffered much previous to his demise. The Paben à npson, D.D. many years resident Marchioness, and Lady Maria Hamilton his 20. theological tutor in that institution, daughter, were present. This lordship had 4. Mr. Robert Gillan, Secretary to the been thrice married, and was in his 630

year, Society for the Poor, and the British institu- Thomas Beaunuolit, Esq. of Buckland, tea, aged 27.

Surrey. Mr. William Drury, late goldsmith in the

28. In Devonshire-place, Gen. Morse. Strand.

Mr. W. Mountain, Proprietor of the Sara23. At Hampton Court Palace, the Right cen's Head-inn, Skinner-street, Snow-bill. Hen. Lady Caroline Herbert, relict of Chas. Frances, wite of Mr. Williain Clarke, of Hertert , Esq. and sister to the late Duke of Portugal-street, Lincoln's-inn, aged 75.

29. In Lincoln's inn-fields, Sir Claude 36. Capi. George Bulley, R.N. of Heavi- Champion de Crespigny, Bart. Receiver-Getree, Devon, aged 56.

neral of the Droits of the Admiralty, &c. Jax.4. Mr. Thomas Colebatch, of Para- Fsb. 1. Al his seat, Ampthill Park, Brda dix-fox, Islington, aged 77.

fordshire, the Earl of Upper Ossory. The di Cowes , tiie Lady of James Macdonald, earldom is an Irish one. The paroiry of Up

pe: Ossory is British, and was conferred up3. Rubert Stokes, Esq. of Queen's-row, on bis Lordship in 1794. He latter title is

certa'nly extinct, his Lordship liaving left no A: Fuzwalters, Essex, ia bis 61st year,

son; the former, if it be not so, must go to T. Wnght, Esq. of Henrietta-s:1cel, Covent- some very distant relative, General Fitzpa. Barten, banker.

trick, who was the only brother of the Earl, B. Wyatt, Esq. Lime Grove, near Bagnur, is dead. His Lordship was in his 72d year. Bed 73.

Lu Castle-street, Long Acre, Mr. Joba 6. DIr, John Charles Pocknell, late of the Pearkes, one of the principal officers of East India Company's service, and a free Bow-street. Barnter of the Bombay Establisbment.

2. Oi apoplexy, Mr. John Grindle, chy7. Henry White, Esq. of Brasted, mist, of Pall-Mall. Seren Oaks, Kent, aged 22.

At Leyton, Essex, Sarah, the wife of Jos. At 51. George's in the East, Mr. Wm. Colton, Esq. Depoty-Miaster of the Triony

House, and whose loss will be deeply dce Al lalinzion, Juba Stevens, Esq. many plored by all who knew her. Pears an inhabitant of Fore-street, Coppie- Ai the Rev. E. Cogan’s, Higham hill, Walals, eed 73.

thamstow, Thomas Cogan, M. 1), having wilde 11. Daniel Cartwright, the city marshal- in a few days completed his 820 year,

4. Ai Chelmsford, atier a long affliction, 17. At Higham Hill, Walthamstow, John in the 41st year of bis age, Juwes Aleyne

Houdy, N.D, alles enjoying a very tai

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Talworth, aged 80.

Corderos, aged 71.

Beanlou, Exq, aged 60.

sive respectable practice, in which he dis- laboured under the most severe mental afflic. played the most distinguished abilities. His tion ever since the fatal termination of the loss will be seriously regretted by a numerous accouchment of the amiable Princess Char. list of patients, and by the public in gene- lotte Augusta. ral.

In Bedford-square, of an apoplectic fit, in At Chislehampton, Oxfordshire, Robert the 78th year of his age, Sir William FraPeers, Esq. a Deputy lieutenant of that zer, F.R.S. and one of the Elder Brethren of County, and a Member of the Honourable the Trinity House. Society of the Inner Temple, aged 76. At Deptford, of a nervous consumption,

3. At Ewell, Edward Hunt, Esq. aged 77. in the 22d year of her age, Ann, daughter

David Milne, Esq. an eminent insurance of Mr. Samuel Lewes of that place. broker of Lloyd's Coffee House.

15. In the Grange-road, Bermondsey, 6. Suddenly, at Walthamstow, Mr. Robert aged 77 years, Elizabeth, widow of the laie Tabor, of Colchester, aged 54, and if vety Mr. William Fort, of Broad-Wall, Lambeth. superior talents, united to indefatigable ex. 16. In New Norfolk Street, the Right Hon. ertions in the cause of public goud and the Lady Mary Ker, in the 720 year of ber most extensive benevolence, be a test of age. greatness, the loss of this truly valuable and 20. In Baker-street, Portman-square, Lady respectable man must be deplored as a public Impey, relict of Sir Elijah Impey, Knt. late calamity.

Lord Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 9. Mrs. Henrietta Tassie, mother of Mr. Judicature at Calcutta. William Tassie, of Leicester-square, aged 76. 21. In the Poor House, at Henley-upon

At Brompton, Colonel Richard Fleming, Thames, the celebrated Anthony Power, Esq. aged 79.

so often noticed on the cover of our Miscel. 19. At Mr. Crosthwaites, Fenchurch- lany, and well known in London, Bath, street, Mrs. Ann Fawell, aged 72.

Cheltenham, and other places, amongst the 13, In Dulwich Common, Perceval North, Booksellers, Jewellers, Tailors, &c. for taking Esq. aged 86.

LONG Credit, Suddenly, at Mrs. Thackeray's, Wimpole- 23. At Upton, Essex, aged 73, Henry Hine street, whom he was attending in child-bed, Pelly, Esq. one of the Elder Brethren of the Sir Richard Crofi, Bart.-Sir Richard had Trinity Company.


In the press,

با ما

Rp1, D. Adem E, or the Thessalian

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The Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,
Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Penpant's
London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a
Pew proof impressions of the Portraits that accompany this Work, are strack off on
Columbia Paper, and may be bad separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be
pecessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED.

Travels through Germany, Poland, Mol.

davia, and Turkey, in a qnarto volume, Spell, a poem.

illustrated by eleven engravings. By Dr. Sermons on various Subjects and Occa. Neal. sions, by the Rev. W. Hett, of Lincoln. Nichols's 3d volume of the Illustrations

“ Useful Hints on Drawing and Paint. of Literary History, including Memoirs of ing, intended to facilitate the Improve. George Hardinge, Esq. ment of Young Persons,” by Mrs. Burges, Dr. J. P. Smith's Scripture Testimony of Chelsca,

of the Messiah, in two octavo vols. Young's Reports on Treatment of Can- The Suffolk Garland, a Collection of cerous Complaints by Pressure.

Poems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, &c. relative
Epistolary Curiosities, or Unpublished to that County,
Letters from Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, Cole's Conversations on Algebra ; being
Prince Rupert, &c.

an Introduction to the first Principles of A Collection of the Poems of Arthur that Science, Brooke, Esq.

Blaquire's Translation of Signor Panan. Mr. Nicholas Carlisle's History of the ti's Narrative of a Residence at Algiers, Endowed Grammar Schools, ornamented

with notes. with engravings.

Dr. D. Dewar, of Aberdeen, Sermops. The Dragon Knight, a poem, by Sir The Hall of Hellingsby, or the Discovery, James Bland Bargess, Bart.

a novel. By Sir Egerton Brydes. Mr. Peter Core has in the press, the Sass's Journey to Rome and Naples, conSocial Day, a poem, embellished with 28 taining also a Dissertation on the fine engravings. By Peter Coxe.


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