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belir-John Charles Girardot, of Member returned to serve in Parliament, bir-Sir Wm. Templer Pole, of

Borough of Ripon.-The Right Hon.

Frederick John Robinson. b.Bart. Indukira-Disney Jobo Disney, of forsese, Psg.

SÁTORDAY, FEB, 14. inz-Jobs Theopbilus Daubuz, of ers, bag.

As the Court at Carlton House, the bronterskirs-David Ricardo, of Gat,

10th of Feb.- Present, his Royal Highness afari, E-4,

the Prince Regent in Council,

-His Royal Herfordshire - Joha Williams, of Will. Highness the Prince Regent was this day. wit, Fa.

pleased, in the name and on the behalf of Hetlandskire-fieo. Palmer, of Much

bis Majesty, to make the following amend. ments on the Roll of Sheriffs for the several

counties of England for the present year. lai-Waliam Henry Baldock, of Pet

Dorselshire -D. J, Disney, Esq. made I. Leitershire - Sir George Robinson, of Disney, Esq. barren, Bari.

Oxfordshire-P. L. Powis. Esq. made, listuiashire-lohn Charles Lucas Cal

P. L. Powys, Esq. eft, of Ancaster, Esq.

Staffordshire-E. T. Nicholls, Esq. made of

E. T. Nicolls, Esq.
Mamathshire-Nathaniel Weils,
Peretteld, Esq.

Worcestershire--S. Wall, Worcester, Nerfect - Edward Lombe, of Great Mele Esq. made S. Wall, Hallow-Park, Esq. a,

SOUTH WALES. Sulkeaptonshire-Jobo Booth, of Glen.

Carmarthen-Lewis Price Jones, Esq.

Glannyranell. lettenberland - Robt, Launcelot All.

Pembroke- Robert Ackland, Beq. Boule mi, ef Yeowick, Esq.

ston. Ltinghamshire Henry Walker, of Brid, F8q.

Cardigan-John Jones, Esq. Derry Or.

mond. Befordshire – Pbilip Lybbe Powis, of

Glamorgan--Lewis W, Dillwynn, Esq, hivirke, F89.

Penllargari. Rotardshire - Robt. Peach, of Lydding

Brecun-John Wilkins, Esq. Cue.

Radnor-Hugh Stephens, Esq. Cascob. Saphirgsbomas Borfield, of Hopton. mert, fq.

NORTH WALES Sussiskire-joba Evered, of Hill, Esq.

Merioneth-John Edwards, Esq. Tyoy Stafordshire - Ed, r. Nichols, of Swidi

Coed. hley Park, Esq.

.. Carnarvon-Thomas Jones, Esq. Bryu, Ceantg of Southampton-Rd. Goodlad, of


Anglesey—John Price, Esq. Čadcant. Safalz-Charles Berners, of Woolver.

Montgomery-Joho Edwards, Esq. Ma

chynlleth. ung-itenry Peter, of Betch worth

Denbigh-Edward Lloyd, Esq. Berth.

Flint-John Wynn Ealon, Esq. Lees. Baues-Joha King. of Loxwood, Esq.

wood. War picks’ire - Rob. Vyner, of Eatborpe,

This Gazette also announces tbat on the

12th instant, (Feb.), Duke San Carlos Washire-bles. Powell, of Hurdcott.

had an audience of the Prince Regenis,

to deliver a letter froin' his Sovereign adParcestershire - Samuel Wail, of Wor.

nouncing the death of the Infanta of Spain,

Baron de Stjerneld had an audience of Yerksdire-John Yorke, of Richmond,

leave previous to bis return to Sweden ; Mr. Rush the American Minister, and

Count Ludolf, Neapolitan Minister, their TC ESDAY, PEB. 3.

first audience to deliver their credentials :

and the Prince Regent the same day inThis fazette potifies that the Prince

vested Vice-Admiral Sir Wm. Domett' and Recent has approved of Mr. Wm. Lake as Consul at Falmouth, for bis Majesty the

Major-fieceral Sir John Aswald with the King of the etherlands.

ensigus of Knight, Commander of the Bath :
and that he has appointed Lord Graniban

Lord Lieutenant of the County of Bedford,
This caret'e certifies that the right void by the death of the Earl of Upper

. Frederick Joko Robinson has been

-Member returned to serve in Parliament, appointed Treasurer of his Majesty's Kary,

Borough of Cockermouth. - The Right is the man of the Right Hon. George Rose, Hon, Thomas Wallace.

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Worcestershire, Saturday, March 7, at

Worcester. This Gazette notifies that the Prince Regent has conferred the honour of Knight: City of Worcesler, Same day, at the City of

Worcester. hood upon Francis Baron de Rottenburg, * Major.General of his Majesty's Forces, Staffordshire, Tuesday, March 12, at Stafa

ford. and a Knight Commander of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Orders; also, that the Herefordshire, Tuesday, March 24, at He

reford. Prince Regent has appointed Joseph Fed. den; Tsq. of Wetton House, Sheriff for the

Monmouthshire, Monday, March 30. County Palatine of Lancaster for the

Gloucestershire, Wednesday, April 1, at year

Gloucester. ensuing.

City of Gloucester, Same day at the City of NORTH WALES SPRING CIRCUIT.

Gloucester, Hugu LEYCESTER, Esq.-WILLIAM KEN.

WEITERN CIRCUIT. RICK, Esq. Anglesey, Tuesday, March 17, at Beau- Mr. Justice ABBOTT.-Ms. Justice Holmaris.

ROYD. Carnarvonshire, Monday, March 23, at

Winchester, Monday, March 2. Carnarvon.

Salisbury, Saturday, March 7. Merionethshire, Saturday, March 28, at

Dorchester, Thursday, March 12.. Bala.

Exeter, Monday, March 16. CARMARTHEN SPRING CIRCUIT, 1818. Launcester, Tuesday, March 24. SAMUEL HEYWOOD, Serjeant at Law,- Taunton, Saturday, March 28.

John BALGOY, Foq.
Cardigan, Wednesday, March 18.
Haver fordwest, Tuesday, March 24.

Carmarthen, Monday, March 30,

(This Gazette contains the appoiotment

of Thomas George Apreece, of Washingley, William WINGFIEED, Esq. ABEL Moy

Esq. to be Sheriff of the Counties of Camasev, Esg.

bridge and Huotingdon.] Glamorgan, Tuesday, March 17, at Car. difie.

CROWN-OFFICE, FEB. 21. Brecon, Tuesday, March 24, at Brecon. Member returned to serve in Parliament. Radnor, Monday, March 30, at Presteigne. Borough of Plymouth.-Sir Wo. Con.

greve, Bart. in the room of the Right Hon. CHESTER SPRING CIRCUIT, 1818.

Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, who has accepted WILLIAN DRAPER BEST, Esq. Chief Justice. the office of Keeper of his Majesty's Privy Montgomeryshire, Friday, March 13, at Purse.

Denbighshire, Thursday, March 13, at

Sir RICHARD RICHARDS, Koight, and Mr.
Flintshire, Wednesday, March 25, at Mold, Justice BAYLEY.
Cheshire, Tuesday, March 31, at the Castle City of York, and County of the same City.
of Chester.

-Saturday, March 7, at Che Guildhall of

the said City. OXFORD CIRCUIT, 1818.

Yorkshire, The same day at the Castle of Mr. Justice Park-Mr. Justice BUR- York.

Lancaskire, Saturday, March, 21, at the

" Berkshire, Monday, March 2, at Reading. Castle of Lancaster. Orfordshire, Wednesday,

4. at Oxford.



ABSTRACT OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE, THE Secretary to the SOCIETY of also acts as Clerk to Thomas Gray, Provi

sion Warehousemao, No. 4, Bory-Court, of TRADE against SWINDLERS and Lovc-Lane, Wood-street, and gives his adSHARPERS, held at No.36, Essex-street, dress, No. 22, Lower Smith-street, NorthStrand, by a Circular bas informed the amploo-square, Members thereof, that

JoạN TURLEY, late of Ospreye, Kent, RICHARD COSTER, (frequently mention and of 13, James'-street, Marsh-gate, laned) now describes himself as a Job-Broker, beth, and since, of Old Tan-yard, BroadNo. 5, Oat-Lane, Wood-street, and that be wall, and of Rocherer.

Alo Jous Browy, goticed last year as a are to occupy besides, the Bassein and Cheerzeeger, 472, Strand, and of Gill's. Jombosen and its dependencies, and also Poly, Ganford Hill, and afterwards as have the Peishwa's share of tribote froin Jou Beory and Co, Manchester Ware- Katty war. The remaining bine lacs of Beze, 8, Budge Row, before he left ropees go to the Presidency of Madras. te stad, negotiated a Bill dated "'Lon. These are provided for by cessions in the de-trawa by" WEST" on “ Mr. Ri-. Carnatic and the forts of Darwar and Que Porter," Provision Merchant, Kishelgur. The important fort of AshHei, by whom it was accepted, payable at mednuggur is also ceded to us, with land

. SMITA, Parke and SMITH's ; for around it to 2000 yards. It was taken tích be received goods and a balance ia by General Wellsley on the 12 of August

sege, but that on presenting it the accep- 1803, and ceded to the British hy Dowlut or was not known.

Row Scindia, at the treaty concluded in The above are reported to that Society Dec. 1803. In April 1804 it was restored a izproper to be proposed, to be balloted, to the Peishwa. The possession of this fer benbers thereof.

fortress gives the command of the city of The Secretary also informs the members, Poonah, and affords the best eotrance'

into the territories of the Peishwa and ROBERT WILKÓT bas lately made several the Nizam. Certain pasture lands are also Notes, dated" Weston Dear Bath,” payable given ns for our troops in the Deccan. On at the botse of a member of the Society, our parts we are to augment our subsidiary and was recently drawn a bill upon him, force to 12,000 men. The Peishwa is also dated ** East Bourne"-the said megaber required to maintain irregular horse and Inring given to authority, nor having any font, amounting to 8000 men, to be officered zess for the payment of the same,

by Europeans. In addition to the above Tre potes of the " Ipswica and SUFFOLK intelligence, it is kgonn that large field, Basz" being still in circulation to a consi. forces are on foot after the Piodarees, derzhle amount, the Secretary is desired to under Sir Thomas Hi-lop aod Sir Joha repeat the description of them." Malcolm, Brigadiers Dovetun, Smith, and They are for One, Two, and Five Floyer. Sir Johd Malcolin is associated Pocass, entitled “ Ipswica and SUFFOLK with Sir Thomas Hislop in the conduct of Barc" sigoed " for RALPH HOLDEN, SAN- political affairs. The Marquis of Hastings stri and Co. Ralpg HOLDEN,” and are is also up the country. sade payable to Bearer on Demand there, The cause of the Queensberry legacies has

at * Messrs. WrXKLEY, BROTHERS, and been decided by the Court of Session in Co. No. 6, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill, favour of the trustees, and against che Duke Lesdon," and are marked as entered, some of Buccleugh. Should this decision be con"T.L. LAWRESCE;" and others, "Tros. firmed by the House of Lords, a very large Youse," and are circulated 'principally sum of money, now standing in the name of by women, of one of which, the following the Accompant-General of the Court of sa description. She calls herself

Chaucery, will become the property of the Mrs. SúTh, Vipegard.Walk, High. legatees under the will of the Duke of treet, Croydon," ber person is stort and Queensbury. The whole of the funds left thin, her complexion fair, and her age by bis Grace, with the accomulated interest about 95. She is dressed in a straw bonnett, since his death, now amount to upwards of a with black ribbon, and a green cloth pelisse, million sterling! tridimed round the collar and cape with

The claim of the Chief Baron of the Court etin of the same colour. The letter ad- of Exchequer, Ireland, to appoint to the dressed to her has been returned by the place of Clerk of the Pleas in that Court, Pest Sce, marked " not to be found," and bas been rejected in the Court of Error by that a perion calling himself JAMES Ro. a great majority. Baron Smith was, we BEKT963 bas obtained four Silk Shawls believe, the only member of the Court who from a Tradesman, stating that he was sent gave judgment in favour of the Chief by members of the Society who have no Baron. kdos ledge of him.

In France, the Chambers are wading Jan. 31. We bave private letters from through the interminable projet respecting Bombay, which communicate to me in a the army. Dore detailed form than has yet been Frigaies belonging to all the European Published in this country, the arrangement powers, have appeared on the coasts of made with the Peishwa. He cedes to the South America. Brilie Gererobent territories yielding a The recognizances of all the persoos disdear revenue of 34 lacs of rupees--25 of charged froin confinement under the Habeas bem fall to the Bombay Presidency, by. Corpus suspension have been discharged, out accupation of the country from Panweli, and a subscription entered into by Sir F. ar Paarelly, 27 miles E. of Bombay, to Burdett's party, for the relief of these Detaan, on the coast N. of Bombay-a lize of territory about eighty miles. We Monsieur Valabreqne, the husband of

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Catalani, bas published at Paris, under the lamented Princess Charlotte, Not only were riile of State of the Italian Theatre, a immense sums demanded for admission to refutation of some calumpies, which had the body of the chapel, but the Prince been circulated against his wife, as Direca Regent's pages, and other member of the tress of the Theatre Feydeau. She had Royal Household, were excluded, to make never made unlawful profits at the expense rooin for the profitable (rastic. This subject of performers. Her supplies from Governó has justly brought about a new prrange, mont are less by 130,000 francs than those ment. By order of the Prince Regent, the at ibie former adıninistration of the Odeon. canons are removed from the Sialls which She had deposited 120,000 francs as security, they have occupied for many years, and are and had to pay a great rent, as well as to Dow to sit behind the poor Knights. make 'many repairs. During her absence

THE KING'S HEALTH. she had lost 100,000 francs; and in the pre.

Windsor Castle, Feh. 3. sent state of affairs, she had no profit except “ His Majesty has continued through the When she sang. Her expenses are 32,000 last month in a very tranquil and comforta francs per month; the Government pay ble state. His Majesty's hodily, health is 21,000 ; Thus she loses whenever the receipts good, but his disorder is undiininished, do not amount to 11,000.

, Halford, The Prince Regeni, in Council, lately

M, Baillie, sent an order to the Royal Court of Guern

“ W. Hsherden, sey, to prohibit the importativo of French

R. Willis," silkx, lace, &c, into that island After the The internal state of the country has order had been read io open Court by the chiefly occupied the attention of Parlia.. King's Treasurer, the Court refused to ment. register it, alleging, that it militated against A Secret Committee has been appointed, the long established costomus, rights, and pri- preparatory, we suppose, io a Bill of invileges of the island; that the islanders had demnity. The Treary with Spaio underwent, suffered great privations by the å bolition.of. one night's debate, and was, we think, fully smuggling; and that should the importation justified, as one of great pational pride, of silks and lace be put a stop to, it would wisdom, and honour. We cannot say, hov, reduce many to poverty and distress. The ever, that we assent to the justice of 30 Cours further ordered, that a humble repre- argument adduced by Mr. Wilherforce, sentation should be made to the Privy Coun. though it seemed to be cheered by the House ; eil of all those circumstances, and praying namely, that the 400,0001. paid for the exthat the order might not be put in force in tinction of the Slave-lrude, would be a tax Gorrosey.

of only about trupence per man on the. · The Fife case, which has excited great British population. It is not the amount interest in Scotland, as involving property which proves the elegibility or impropriely to a large amonni, lias just been decided by of such transactions, and did not this ready the Court of Session in favour of the Earl stand on far better gropody, it is not that of Fife. The latr Jame: Earl of Fife, his only one day's bread should be takeo from uncle, had acquired in his lifetime by pur- a huogry mouib to fulfil it, which should ree chase, estates to the value of opwards of concile either statesmen or the people to its 20,0001, a year, which he conveyed to trus- terms. But the treaty is as expedient and tees, the renta of which were to accumulate prudent as it is just and conobling. for an indefinite period, excluding bois nephew, From the high price which grain has kept: and heir at law, the preseot Earl, from any ap, in spite of oor late abundant harvest, future benefit whatever in the estates. An the ports of this country will be open tolm, action was brought before the Supreme portation for the next quarter, commencing Cours-in-Scotland for reducing the deeds, on Feb. 15. the ground, that in the yrar 1808, when they of a mixed nature, between politics aod, 'were executed, his lordship was so blind as science, a Society has been forined for the not to be able to read any written instru. fyrihrrance, hy public subscription, of the medt or printed book, and that they were measure recommended in the Royal Speech, not read over to him and signed in the pre- respecting the erection of Churches. Every sence of all the subscribing witnesses, as the thing of this sort is now done by calling a lew of Scotland requires. These allega. meriing at a tavern; having enn mendatory. tjops were proved, after a long trial before speeches made ; publishing the proceedings the new Jury Coart, who made their report in the newspapers; and gratifying human accordingly to the Court of Session. After vanity, hy advertising the list of subscribers. henring counsel, at great lengih on the im. We will not however guarrel with these, port of the verdict of the Jury, the Court means, provided the object, as in the present, gave judgment in favour of the plaiouiff, instance, he good, We goly, smile at the therehy reducing ihe deeds in question. excellent Archbishop of Canterbury prest:

Our readers will remember the indecent ding at a Tavern Meeling; and with all our and percenary conduct of some persons hearis applaud his purpose, and wish is the attached to St. George's chapel at Windsor, ufinost success. "Only one suggestion se on the ceremony of the funeral of the deem requisite, and it is that a fais avd


bogorrible competition he opened for our kind of preventer, made fast to the eye satire artists on this occasion. Architec- the foregaoger, which, passing along the tere lasguishes in this great country, and it shank of the harpoon, is attached to the i wsy to be hoped that the building of thick part of it in such a manner as neither to turches may borbe Dade Parish fobs. to lessen its strength, nor impede its entrance

Ús the night between the 101 aad 11th when the fish is struck.. ise 20, 10 allempl was made to assassinate It appears, from a list of eacla clase in * Duke of Wellington, as be entered the serted in the last pumber of Annals of the rate of his boiel, in Paris

. The villain, who Fine Arts, that modern patronage bas tad concealed himself near the place, rushed created in England not less than 931 pror

a bis Grace's carriage approached, and fessional artists of various descriptions, ja ired at him, inank Providence, ineffecioally. and near the metropolis ; of whom there le ta sade bis escape, and it does not are 532 painters, 45 sculptors, 149, archi. appear that any clue has been obtained lo tects, 93 engravers in line, 38 in mixed Itaze biw to bis lair. The political jouroals style, 19 in mezzotinto. 83 in aquatinta, 22 have novated ac argument on this diabolical on wood ; and it deserves to be especially adi, and eagerly discuss the question, whe- noticed among the painters there are no ter the attempt was ibe result of public or less than 43 ladies. privale vengrance,

A letter from Sierra Leone mentions the da olleial intimation was given on Fri- return to that place of the British scientific day the 20th iost, on the duties on timber. expedition for exploring the interior of * That upon a fol consideration of all the Africa. They were completely unsuccesscircumstances of the case, and more parti- ful, baring advanced only about 150 miles claly with reference to the Aci of the into the interior from Rio Nunez. Their S5th Geo. III, ¢, 86, (by which timber from progress was there stopped by a chief of te British North American colonies is ex- the country, and after unavailing endea. Sipted from Duty till the 25th March, vours, for the space of four months, to var 1820, it is not al present the inteotion of his tain liberty to proceed, they abandoned the Majesty's Government to submit to Parlia. enterprise, and returned. Nearly all the sent any alteration of the law, as it now animals died. Several officers djed, air, Bands, in respect to the importation of what is remarkable, but one private, be: taber, u beiber from our own colonies, or sides one drowned, of about 200. Captaio. fra Foreiga States." To give our readers Campbell died iwo days after their rciora e idea of this frade, and of its value to to 'Rio Nunez, and was buried, with ano; the Shipping laterest, we need only state, ther officer io the same spot where Major. that is 1816, 783 British Ships (for none Peddie, and one of his officers, were buried ce are allowed to be emploved in id of oo their advance. 181,344 tops burthes, and navigated by A dreadful event lately took place in the sios British Seamen, arrived in Great Bri- neighbourhood of Castris, in France. The tuin from British North America ; and to sa. gendarmerie of that town received orders tisfy the Manufacturers of the deep ioterest to arrest in his house the Sieor N. condemy. while they kezve in this question, we shall ed to death for contumacy.

His house merely quote from the printed documents, stood by itself in the open fields. · Tbey, that in 1600 the oilicial value of the Er. summoned him to surrender. He arriet pats to British North America was himself with a fusil, half opened the door, $31.8241. 17s. 11d. whilst in 1814, it was and pierced M., Andoni, Brigadier, with 4,091, 9901. 9s. 2d.!!! an increase, which two bullets, The brother-in-law of die must attopish persons unacquainted with Sieur N. and his domestics wished to sup. the practical details of the subject, and port bim ja the resistance he made; but ibe convince the Manufactaring Interests of gend'armes fired, and mortally wounded the importance of the Trade to them. Be- two, of ihem. The son seeing they were side, be Mother Country, in her inter, preparing to set fire to the house, exhorted. Course with the colonies, realizes all the ad- his father not to prolong a uşeless resist, vaolages of it, direct and collateral, ance... Yes, my son," said his father, “ ! To fuck an extent has the carrying trade am about to give myself ups" and ijumea of money been on the Jamaica stalion,' diately blew out bis brains. since the peace of 1814, that within the A letter froin a gentle nan sent on pur: last command, the sums paid by the British pose to ascertain the state of the Indian, and Spanish Merchants, for the freight Lost of Roscoff, states, that the bodies of cals, amboat to no less than 300,0001, one- 143 of the unfortunate sufferers have boca third of which the Commander-in-Chief re. found and buried; the crew and passengers ceira a dis share,

amounted to 198, and not to 240, as was re'The Greenland fcherý is likely to derive ported. The only survivors froin this mo. Coraiderable advantage from a lancholy shipwreck are two pigs, that came fented hårpôso, calculated to save the on shore in qne of the , boats without da. hale in Estle of the shank of the harpoon mage. The vessel is scarcely to be seen at breaking, which is frequently the case, low water. She bus been sold for 2,000 The improvement consists to placing a livres,

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