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WURSDAY, Jan. 27.— The speech accounts were immediately brought up, and

laid on the Table.
sideration, the eustomary Address was pro- The House theo resolved into the Con..
posed by Mr. Wodeliouse, and seconded by mitter. The estimates for the current year
Mr. Windham Quio. 'Lord Altborpe agreed were laid before the Cominiftee, and on the
with every part of the Address, excepting motion of the Chancellor of the Exchequer,
that which ascribed the present tranquillity it was resolved, That a supply be granted
of the country to the pral reg of Govern- to liis Mujesty.– The House then resumed.
ment; yet on that subject he should not now Report to be received on Monday.
enter. After a few words from the Lord

TUESDAY, Feb.3.--Mr W. Sinilh mored Advocate of Scotland, Lord A. Hamilton, for an account of the movies paid by Mr. Messrs. Bennet and Broagham, the address Ilone for copies of the information against was carried unanimously. –

him. His object was to make some change WedNESDAY, Jan. 28.-Lord Castle. in the practiee of the Crow s-ofliice reagh, after an introductory speech, moved

this subject. The motion was resisted by addresses of condolence to the Queen and to

Lord Castlereagh and the Attorney General, Prince Leopold, on the los, which the

who urged that it was unnecessary, and Royal Family and the country had su-tained that if persisted in, the motion should be jo the death of the late Princes, Charlotte of generally for papess. After a few words Wales. On the question being put for an

from Sir F. Bordelt, Lord Folkestone, and address to the Queen, no numerical division Mr. Brougham, Mr. Sinith withdrew the took place on the subject; but it is remark- motion, expressing his intention to briog able that Mr. Speaker, when the cries

it forward in another shape. of ave and no had been repeated from THURSDAY, Feb. 5. -The motion for all parts of the house, adopted that form balloting the Committee, was carried by of words which is expressive of doubt,

Ministers by 102 10 29. and usually leads to a division; " and the MONDAY, Feb. 9.-On the motion of ayes, I think,” said he (casting a glance

Lord Castlereagli a commillee of the whole over the house, and speaking besitatingly) -

house was formed to take into consideration " the ayes, I think, have it." The motion the Treaty with Spain for preventing was then declared to be carried in the Spaniards from engaging in an illicit trattic affirmative, and Mr. Desborough was

in slaves—and granting 400.0001, 1o Ferappointed to carry it in the Queen.

dinand, as an indemnification for losses Thursday, Jan. 29.--A Bill to repeal incurred by his subjects.-The poble Lord the Act for the Suspension of the Habeas concluded by moving, that“ a provision be Corpus, was brought from the other Jloose made for carrying into execution the creaty and read a first and second time.- On the concluded between his Britannic Majesty third reading Lord Folkstone proposed a

and the Court of Spain, at Madrid, on the clause to the following effect: * That all 28th September, 1817.” persons bound by recognizances under the The resolution was very slightly opposed, Suspension Act, be henceforth completely and was ultimately carried by only four discharged from these recognizances, but opposing voices. that this clause should not apply to any

TUESDAY, Feb. 10.- Lord Archibald other recognizances." Further conversa- Hainilton made his motion for the prodoc. lion took place, which terminated in the tion of the papers connected with the trial Astorney-General undertaking that the of Alexander M‘Kinlay, in Scotland, og recognizances of these men should forth with the 19th July, 1817.-The motion for dischargeil, on which Lord Folketove with- papers was opposed by the Lord Advocate drew the proposed clause.

of Scotland (who entered into an exculpaSATURDAY, Jan. 31,--The Mouse was tion of his conduct). Mr. A. Colquhoun, summoned to the House of Peers, t, bear Lord Castlereagh, the Altorney Geueral, the Royal Assent given by commission to and was supported by Mr. Wyon, Sir the Bill for repealing the Habeas Corpus

S. Romilly, Mr. J. P. Grant, and Mr. Suspension Act.

Pinlay. On a division the motion was The Speaker on his return, acquainted negatived by 136 10 71. the Honse that the Royal Assent bad been WEDNESDAY, Feb.1).-Mr. Ogle brought given to the said Act.

in a bill whose provisions tended to legalize Mr. Arbuthnot moved that there should gaming.- Mr. Lyttleton protested agaiost be laid before the House an account of the provision in this bill with respect all Excheques Bills issued under the 57th to licences, declaring that as it now stood, Gieo. III. c. 2.; entitled an Act for Raising it proposed, upon the same principle 24 millions for the Service of His Majesty that the lottery was supported by the for the year 1817, outstanding and on. Chancellor of the Exchequer, that gaming provided for.-Ordered.

should be tolerated for the sake of revenue. A similar account respecting 9 millions of He would never acquiesce in such a propoExchequer Bills, issued at a later period sition as that for a little filthy proft, the of the same year, was also ordered. The country should descend to joitaie the


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kusiskos práctice of some continental only io discover. This motion gave rise to a rater, by wbom .gaming-bouses were warm discussion, in which the conduct spool kirppeed.

of the notorious Oliver did not escape ** Fazikerler said that it appeared without severe animadversion. The prinfrom the Hipert of the Compitiee of cipal speakers against the motion were, e tecy of las: Session that that Committee Messrs. Canning, Bathur:t, Wilberforce, ed apprehend, that some of the persong the Solicitor-General; and for it, Messrs. cepiosed to detect the designs of others, Bennel, Tierney, Sir S. Romilly, &c. The had dobe more than their duty, and bad motion was altimately negatived by Hil (atented that which they were employed to 53.-- Adjourned.



s. d.

4 V Account of the Amount of Gold and pounds, of which it is composed; also,

Silver coined at his Majesty's Mint an account of the highest and lowest par the two years preceding ist January, amount of each separate kind of Notes 18%, distinguishing each year; and also at any one time in circulation, for the distinguishing the amount coined from old same period ; specifying and distinguishGold and silver Coip.

ing as before, GOLD. 1816...


Highest aggregate amount, from 1st of 1517...


January 1817 to the 3d of February

1818, both inclusive. The Gold imported in the. Mint by the

£. Ewk, for Coinage, is received in ingots,

15th July, 1817. stacat reference to the coin from.which Bank Notes of 5!. and upwards 22,055,720

Bank Post Bills....

1,451,340 is produced.

Bank Notes under 51.

7,932,070 . L:16 Areunt coined (in.

31,439,190 riuding for the Pix) 1,806,181 0 6 Ibli Amogat coined (in.

Lowest aggregate amount, froin Ist of cluding for the Pir) 2,437,095 18 0

January 1817 to the 3d of February

1818, both inclusive, Amount coined from

6th January, 1817. old Silver Coin 1,516.038 3.4

Bank Notes of 51. and upwards 14,174,310 7.759,315 1 10 Bank Post Bills

1,129,060 There remaios yet to coin about half

Bank Notes under 51.

8,300,340 a millise sterling of the old Silver Coin.

23,603,710 Lramined $!99x Barron, Comptroller.

Ww. Dicksov, King's Clerk.

Highest amount of each separate kind of
Master and Worker.

Notes, at any one time, from 1st of Niat Ofice, Feb. 10, 1818.

January 1817 to the 3d of February, .1818, both inclusive,

Bank Notes of 51. and upwards, The Origapre Estimates for the ensuing 15th July, 1817

.22,055,790 Tear askarpt to $92,888!. for fireat Britain,

Bank Post Bills, 31st January, and 1159091, for Ireland; but from the


1,816,990 formet san'a deduction is to be made

Bank Notes under 51, 18th Januells 00', for Old Stores, and for a credit

ary, 1817......

8.409,670 er the vote for paval ordnance, leaving the 2 decessary for the first service at Lowest amount of each separate kind of

Notes, at any one time, from 1st of January 1917 to the 3d of February 1818,

both inclusive. An Account of the Highest and lowest Bank Notes of 51, and upwards, erogate Amount of Bank Notes, in- 6th January. 1817

'4,174,310 Cuding those of every kind, at any one Bank Post Bills, 3d January, use is circulation, from the 1st of Japu- 1817......

1,126,770 ary 1517 to the 3d of February 1818, both Bank Notes under 51, 17th De. days inclasive; specifying ihe date of cember, 1817

7,325,510 mery séch amount, and distinguishing the amant of Bank Post Bills, and that of

WILL, DA WES, Acct. Gen. Acces, above or below the value of five Bank of England, 1311 Feb. 1818.

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An Account of the Amount of Balances of Sums issued for the Payment of Dividends due and not demanded, and for the Payment of Lottery Psizes or Benefits wbich had pot been claimed, and which remained in the hands of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, on the under-mentioned days, being those pext before the issue from the Exchegner of Money for the payment of Dividends on account of the National Debt, for each of the four preceding quarters respectively.—{Pựrsuant to 48 Geo. III. cap. 4.) On 1st April, 1817,

£. , , Dividends due and not demanded

1,255,908 3 8 Lottery Prizes not claimed.....

12,263 00

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1,268,171 3 8 Advanced to Government, pursuant to 31st and 48th £. Geo. III.

.876,639 0 0 Ditto, 56th ditto.......,

97,331 Remained in the hands of the Bank ...,

294,100.13, 7 On 5th July, 1817. Dividends due and not demanded

. 19067,356 8 11 Lottery Prizes not claimed..

12,126 00


1,079,482 81

Advanced to Government, pursuant to 31st and 48th
Gen. III.....

.....876,7390..9 Ditto, 56th ditto

....105,319 15 1

982,128 18.10

97,358 13 ]

Remained in the bands of the Bank ......

On 8th October, 1817,
Dividends due and not demanded
Lottery Prizes not claimed

.1,140,130 6 3

12,657 5 0

1,152,807 II 3

Adsapced to Goverament, pursuant to 31st and 48th
Geo. 111. .........

....876,739 0 0 Ditto, 56th ditto ...

... 192,743 83

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1,133,266 13 5

Advanced to Government, parsuant to .3)st and 48th
Geo. 111,

.876,739 0 9 Ditto, 56th ditto

..156,784, 2

1,083,523 3 2

Remained in the hands of the Banki....

99,743 10 3

WILLIAM DAWES, Accountant-general. Bank of England, 13th Feb. 1818.

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a total

The army estimates for the year 1818, charges for corps to be reduced in 1818, have been printed by order of the House of viz. 4,200, making together 99,146, From Commons. The total number including ofa. there again are to be deducted the corps

and non-commissioned officers, is ordered home from India, 4,299, and their 133,539; from which are to be deducted, remains to be provided for in 1818, the troops in France, and the regimeots for of 94,847 men including officers. The total service in India amovoting to 42,892.- expense of providing for this army is esThere will then remain exclusive of corps, timated at 6,494,2901, 106. 4d., of which, &c, intended for reduction 90 617. To 5,313,2321. 9s. is to be defrayed by Great this last number is to be added corps or. Britain, and 1,181,0581. Is. 4d. by Ireland. derod bome from India, viz. 1,299, and

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An Account of the Total Amount of the National Debt in each year, from the 1st of February, 1786, to the 5tla of January. 1818. stating the Amount of Debt contracted, the Amount of Debt redeemed, and also the Total Amount of uuredeenred Debt in eactı of those years. GREAT BRITAIN.


IRELAND, funded in Great Britain. Debt contracted in Debt redieowted Total unredeem. Total Amoun | Debtcontract. Debt redeemed Total unredeem

each year.

Total amount of

Debt. Co. i.

in each year.

Co, s.

ed Debt,

Co. 4.

Co. 2.

of Debt:

Co. 5.

ed in each Yr.

Co. 6.

in each Year.

Co. 7.

ed ebt.

Co. 8.



.1788) 238,231,248
1789 238,231,248
1791 238,231,2481
1792 238, 231,248
1793 238,231,448
1794 244,481,243 6,250,000
17951 260,157,773) 15,676,525
1796 311,863,471 51,705,698
1797 $68,809,040 56,945,569
1798 $94,159,040 25,350,000
1799 429,783,290 35,624,250
18001 451,658,290 21.875,000
1801 480,703,290 29,045,000
1802 536,657,603 55,954,313
1803 567,008.978 30,351,375

1808 687,689,958 18.087,111
1809 701,299,515) 13,539,557
1810 792,446,770 21,217,255

1813 819,018,135 40,649,739
1814 905.849,504 98,036 867
1845 930,184,109| 04.681,607


paid of 41,0991


662,750 2.37,568,498
1,456,900 236,111,598
1,506,350 234,605,218
1,558,850 233,046,398
1,587,500 231,458,898
1,507,100 229,951,798
1,962,650 | 227.989,148
2,174,405 232,064,743
9,804,945 244,936,323
3,083,455 293,558,566
4,390,670 346,113,465
6,695,585364,767,880 2,925,000 2,995,000 15.404
7,779,807 | 392,612,323 6,925,000 4,000,000 96,530
20,211,571 S94,275,752

12,175,000 5,250,000 150,185
10,281,776 | 413,038,977 15,315,000 8,140,000 233,360
9,925,739 459,067,551 19,708,750 4,393,750

310,928 8,846,450480,572,476 22,348,000 2,639,250

337,008 12,409,854 484.162,629 | 25,548,000 3,200,000

11,951,711 493,147,726 33,738,000 8.190,000

12,673,475 517,280,561 $8,898,000 4,660,000 738,849
13,105,761 553,075,543
41,718,000 3,320,000

14,836,628 636,776,046 47.189,645 5,491,625 907,575
14,574,551 535,741,0052 0,094,000 2,954,3751 951,463
15,000,404 | 541,957,856 59,694,000 3,600,000 1,013,577
16,087,487 545,662.698 61,274,250 7,680,250 1,155,716
18,509,174 856.684,819

Included in
Gr. Britain

1,356,970 21,716,165 175,911,398 68,930,250 7,656,000 1,567,541 *4,579,590 644,168.169 79,180,850 10,800,000 1,798,434 19,748.510 619,07 1,83) 86,472,780 7.349,500 1,819,10 0,561,137 692819,618 103,031.900 16,800,000 ,316,690 19,828,360 602,769,314 103,039,750

2.807, 101 18,470,928740, 401,09)

2,909,596 6,819,066 11,932,881 14,839,521 18,992,343 21,224,585 29,952,329 31.569,901 35,484,052 37,996,659 42,510,699 14,513,611 47,100,034 59,514,568 59,188,899 58,476,751 66,678,317 79,808,695 86,139,003 89,944.900

The 'sums in columns 8 and 7 have been re

deemed and transferred as follows : By the Sinking Fund 2328,274,369 Land-tax

25,389,233 Life Annuities parchased 4,323,385 Stock the dividends due up.

on wbicb bave remained uoclaimed 10 years and

222,097 upwards. Pachased with unclaimed di, vidends.



d. :
.48,442,3698 9
46,971,580 2 74
..50.454,166 15 8
:.51,055,632 17 II
1.56,749.184 20
:.65,096 695 12 10

.46 013,578 12 11
,.46,777.672 6 4

58 513.399 9 2



1.-An account of all Exchequer Bilder Tue cums stated in columns 3 and 7 amount

issued by virtue of the ici. 37, Geo. IT to 358,557,623. The difference arises cap. 2, entitled “ an Art for raising the sui from the fractibwai parts of a paund be.

of Twenty-four. Milionsby. Excbegue ing omitted.

Bills, for the service of the year, On * The above debt of Ireland, column 5, Thousaod Eight Hundred and Seventeen is exclusive of 1,000,000 Irish 5 per cents.

outstanding and unprovided for payable in England. . By 57 Geo. 3. cap.

Twenty-four Millions. 48, the Sjoking Fuod Accounts terminale

Edwd. H, NEVINSON, on the 5th January in each year, instead of

H. JADIN. 1st February as heretofore.

WM. WATERFIELD, Accountant,
S. HICMAN, Secretary.

Exchequer Bill.Office,
National Debt-ofice, Feb. 13.

31st Jan. 1819.

2.- An account of the Exchequer Bills An Account of the Amount of the Un.

issued by virtue of the Art 57, Geo. In, funded Debt of Great Britain, on the Ist of

cap. 60, entitled an Act for raising the Febroary in each year, from the Ist of Fe.

Sum of Nine Millions by Exchequer Bille bruary 1808 to the Jst of February, 1818,

for the service of the year One Thousand inclusive :-

Eight Hundred and seventeen"-outstand. d.

ing and unprovided for 1991.... ...23,727,251 15 34

Nine Millions. 1805.ii. ..31.515,548 3 94

EdwD. H. NEVINSON 1806. .34,196,500 13 104

H. JADIS, . 1807. .....34,345,321 10 81

1808 ... 39,669,960 2 87

Erchequer Bill-Office,
..47,383,732 18 3

31st, Jan, 1818.

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MHIS Gazette notifies, that the Prince

bis absence, the Right. Hop. Thomas Wal. lace, President of the Committe of Council

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year 1818.

unto the Right Hon. Sir Jobb Leach, ters relating to trade und foreign planta. Knight, the office of Vice Chancellor of* tions. Englapd, in the room of the Right Hon. At the Court at Brighton, the 24th of Sir Thomas Plumer, appointed Master or Jan. 1818 - present his Royal Highness the Keeper of the Rolls and Records of the Prince Regent in Council. Court of Chancery. It also notifies the Sperifes appointed by his Royal Highness appointment of Major-general Sir John the Prince Regent in Council, in the nani's Keane, K.C.B, to be Govergor and Com- and on the behalf of his Majesty, for the mauder-in-Chief of the Island of $1. Lucia, jn the room of Major-general Seynioùr; Bedfordshire-John Pedley, of Eaton, deceased.

Bray, Esq.

Berkshire--Robert Palmer, of Holine

Park, Faq.
TUESDAY, JAN. 27, 1818.

Buckinghamshire-George Hassel, of At the Court at Brighton, the 24th of Cholesbury, Esq. Jan. 1818-present his Royal Highness the Cambridge and Iluntingdonshires-Poste Prince Regent in Council. His Royal poned. Highness the Prince Regent in Council, Cheshire-Henry Hervey Astoo, of Aswas this day pleased in the name and on the toni, Esq. behalf

of his Majesty, to appoigt the Right: Cumberland-William llartley, ef Rose. Hon. Frederick Jobe Robinson, and, in Hill, Esq.

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