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rable branches far and wide, shielding " The mysterious absence of old those who reposed under it from the Chickweed, who was always a staunch heat of the sun, or the peltings of the friend of the present altoruey, employed storm - and interrupted 1, putting a by Sir Thomas's heir, led me to suspect Finishing stroke to his comparison--can all was got right; and accidentally meet. put forth many a strong arm for the ing liim a day or two ago, coming from suspension of ihose wbu disregard its the bouse, confirmed ny suspicions. I dictates.

binted them to the attorney, and, puto A few minutes brought us to the lane ting on a reserved air, was still furiber which led to our destination, at the cor- convinced by his apparent uneasiness, ner of which staod Farmer Heartly's and the vagueness of his answers. By all cottage. The sound of our horses' accounts the present possessor is an hofeet brought bis daughter to the door, nourable man, which leads me to think, who, instantly recognising me, ran up that he has been imposed upon by these and welcoined me home Without men, for the sake of enriching them. waiting a reply, she dropped a curtsey, selves at his expense. Chickweed was and tripped ip the lane to apprize Mr. always a troublesome prying knave, and Somers of our arrival.

has lived so many years in the village, “ One of your wild roses," said the that he must have been acquainted with lawyer, smiling, “and worthy of trans- the transaction, and. I bave no doubt, planting too."

has possessed himself by some means of "I fancy this air will suit her best; the very paper we are in search of. 'Tis besides, I am no advocate for the sys- true, it has been missing for several : tem. The contamioating breezes of a years, but I can't divest my mind of London atmosphere can neither heighten ihe idea that he has it, for his frequent the healthy colour of her cheek, nor eu- meetings with the allorney must have hance the simplicity of her manners- some other foundation than that of two considerations, sufficiently weighty common acquaintance.'' in my estimation, for her remainiog “ You'd do for a lawyer, Mr. Sowith the present stem."

mers," said Mr. Plausible, but I'll be "And so you would let her waste her even with this Mr. what's his name?" fragrance in your sotitary retreat, as if Spindle. Sir." you had not beauties suificieut around Spiudle! Very well. I think I see you."

how the matter rests, and to morrow “ Uncorrupted innocence, Mr. Plau. will conlrive some plan for outwitting sible, is a gem of too frail a nature to these worthy gentlemen." bear exposing without fear of contami.

(To be continued.) naliun; ond as the absence of those idcal gratifications will not cause regret, but if indulged, would most probably

REMEDY FOR SCALDS. tarnish its purity. I think"

S accidents are so frequent from “ O I've done, I've done.”

“ Glad to see yon, gentlemen," said equally cheap and simple, cannot be Dir. Somers, who now approached us. tou generally known, as it will imme“ I have been some time expecting diately remove every sense of pain, howe you, and have every thing prepared." ever dreadful the wound. An instance

One of the real luxuries of life is a of its efficacy lately occurred at the confortable fire, and a well spread house of a poor man, a sboemaker, cortable, after a long ride. We enjoyed ner of Jones'-lane, Redcliff Backs, Bris. both to the utmost advantage, aod did tol. An infant, baviog fallen into the fire, ample justice to the care of Mr. Somers, was so dreadfully burnt, that from the who had provided so well for us. After ear to the apex of the shoulder was an dinner, as I was impatient to be ac- entire scoria, the skin having come off. quainted with all that had transpired, A person passing by at the moment, respecting the business that brought us recommended the application of pul- . down, he recapilulated his fruitless en- verized chalk and whites of eggs, deavours to find the document,'&c. mixed to the consistence of cream, but added, that he had discovered a when the child was jostaotly relieved circumstance, which, he hoped, would from pain. Care should be taken to preultimately tend to the preservation of vent its coogealing by frequent applie the estate, and spoke as follows: cation.-(Bristol Pupèr.)




in tbe Calf of Man. This islet is still PORTFOLIO.

tenanted by one solitary farmer, whose

sheep occupy the wild and trceless do. Continued from Vol. LXXII. page 493.)

main, disturbed only by groupes of SOHE years ago, my curiosity to white sea-fowl wbich cluster in the gal. 9

examine the Manx laws relating to leries of rocks that overhang the sea. tektor and creditor,combined with some On one of these galleries I saw a man family affairs, to determine me on a visit walking, whose appearance did not reto the Isle of Man. I had been informed semble any iomate of the farmer's house tez these laws subject a native to no at which I was a temporary guest. He pooral imprisonment, but expose his was bosied in a sketch of the Eye, or Poole property to the claims of his cre- lonely rock, said to be a hermit's grave. hors. In regard to strangers, as set- It was easy to begin a conversation redes from England, Scotland, or Ire. specting the traditions of the isle ; and lad, are termed, the principle of Manx my new acquaintance shewed me ano. 17 is singulariy reversed. À mere affi- ther drawing of Thomas Bushel's house, hrit of debt empowers a constable to now in ruins, and the interior of his size the person of a stranger, arrest all tomb. Then he described the beautiful his property, and hold it till the ques- valley of Glenmoi, and the beight of ton of right is deeided : then to seil, Soowfield, from whence the romantic nel to the amount of the debt only, but coast of Kirkcudbright and its neighthe whole effects; and “ first paying a

bourhood are visible. I told him, that fear's rent, if due, and the servants' I had seen the Giant's Quoiting-stones, vages for the same time, he is to satisfy the holy village of Kirkmichael, and the creditor with all costs and charges, especially the Tynwald Mouot, celead afterwards to deliver the overplus brated as the seat of the Legislative to the right owner." These are the Assembly. From thence we naturally Tards of the statute, and at the period digressed into a discussion of the laws of my visit, the brief but benevolent and their founders, during which my at which released an insolvent prisoner compavion spoke of the great Earl of after one year's confinement and a com- Derby, and the patriarchal Bishop Wilpete surrender of bis effects, had not son, with so much historic accuracy and been introduced to the House of Keys, moral feeling, that I felt tempted to er Manx legislators.—The hard fate of regret the transient nature of our aca bonest man of my acquaintance, who quaintance when we parted. Evening had given Manx bail for a friend, and had advanced, and after a farther rain. by that means rendered himself liable to ble alone, I relurned to my hospitable a heavy debt, though the debtor's person farmer's house, the only one in the had been surrendered to gaol, stimulated islet, and was surprised to find my new my enquiries respecting the peculiar friend already seated there, with the air goveroident of this island.

of a well-known inmate. I considered lieached the pier of Douglas on a pro- him an artist in quest of local scenery, pilious day, when the fine semicircular and his presence seemed no restraint on barbour, the Duke of Athol's free-stove my hust, who appeared an intelligent palace in tbe centre, and a cultivated and civilnian, though the simplicity of bill bebiad it, seen without the usual his housebold reminded me of those taulopy of mist, gave a pleasant idea of days when a pan and a blanket were old Mona. My poor friend, whose bail heirlooms in a Manxman's family. in the Manx fashiog threatened his ruin, Aficr telling me of the benefit bis farin was an inakeeper, who received me derived from an earth-pot, as he called with great bospitality, and wearied a alimekiln, he began to deviate into the lean horse by driving me in a kind usual fire-side-lales of Lady Derby's of cari-carriage to Castle Rushen, ghost, the spectre-hound, and the subwücre the courts of law are held. , marine gardeos discovered by a divingThey are sufficie hy tedious, therefore bell. The supposed artist intimated his I bad leisure to see all the castles, bar- doubts, whether the sentence of the intous, beath, and gorje, to be found sular court on the reputed Irailor Chris. in the island. The simplicity which tian, accused of basely betraying the stili prevailed there rendered the re- Earl of Derby's widow, could be jussources of an idle stranger very few in tified. Our host, aller listening pafemale society; and alter a month's tienily to a long argument, asked leave stay, I was driven to seek amusement to tell one of many arccdotus relating Europ. Hag. Vol. LXXIII. Jun. 1818.



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to the misjudgements of this court, and and for what purpose it came, the the probable abuse of its laws. All my spectre replied, " I am in prison”professional curiosity was awake, and and she bebeld it no more. But its the farmer's story began.

impression on her fancy did not pass “ I was very young, gentlemen, when away. She considered all the circum. the eldest son of the south dcemster une stances of her entertainer's family, and fortunately shot a favourite horse wbile recollected the mystery always prebunting the wren on New Year's Day. served respecting a loft or chamber This sport, as you may know, comes above her’s. Louan and bis wife slept from our belief, that a lovely fairy in the kitchen ; the hour was safe ;

1 of most mischievous power appears in and having contrived a ladder of some the wren's sbape every year. Guttrid chairs, she found a chasm in the rafters, Lonan, the owner of the horse, had by which she could introduce her band, once been aggrieved by what he thought and unbolt the loft's trap.door. Within, the deemster's upjust summons; and on a chaif- bed, she discovered a female this accident became the pretence of child, as lean, pale, and deadly as the the longest and most bitter litigation spectre sbe bad seen. “ Miserable creaever remembered in our island, though ture !” said the Englishwonian—" why it has been called the paradise of law- did you not remain in my room when yers. The deemster in revenge tor- you had found it ?"-" I have not inented bis adversary with fodder-juries walked for a long time”-it answered to estimate bis cattle, and carried a dis. in a dying voice-" Have you brought puted grave-digger's bill for two sbil- me any thing to eat ?” A strong iron lings and sixpence into half a dozen chain, firmly fixed to a staple in the courts. But his enemy found a heavier wall, convinced its visitor that its mode of expressing his resentment. The escape was not possible without aid, and deemster's son gave Manx bail for an that' food was now more easily supunfortunate Englishman, and half his plied than liberty. She returned in a property became a forfeit. He died of few mioutes with bread and wine, and grief and agitation; but his second moistened its lips while it lay in the brother reconciled himself to bis family's torpor of extreme weakness. To reantagonist by acts of singular conde- move it from its desolate prison was scension, and their frieodship grew even impracticable then, for day was fast more remarkable than their former en- approaching, and Lonan always rose mity.

with the dawn. But after preserving, Last summer, a young Englishwoman during breakfast, a degree of calmness, landed at Douglas, and enquired for sufficient, as she hoped, to prevent susa cheap and solitary lodging. She ap- picion, she quitted the house on the peared to be one of those numerous beath, and hastened to the coroner with refugees whose misfortunes or indiscre- this parrative. Having a power both tions bring them to this asylum. Consi. executive and inquisitorial, ihe coroner dering her mild and gracious manners, it immediately entered the black-hoved's was thought strange when she fixed her den with proper officers, but his wife, residence with Guttrid Lonan, a farmer himself, and the unhappy child, were of such mean and dishonest babits, that removed. The chall bed, the dried bis neighbours styled him the Manthè herring, and oatmeal, which the EnglishDoog, or black hound, of the heath woman bad observed in the loft, in where he lived. He had a wife as old short every trace of tbis mysterious and peourious as bimself, and their ad. scene, had vanished ; and, except the mission of a stranger who seemed poor fight of Guttrid and dame Lonan, no. was a matter of surprise to all the vil thing remained to prove the truth of lagers of Kirkmichael. Our island, her assertion. gentlemen, is said to be the kingdom The new deemster, or judge of the of fairies and witchcraft, therefore no district, made zealous enquiry : 'but one was surprised when the stranger before the motive or method of this came to the coroner of that district flight could be ascertained, a fisherto relate a very singular dream aud wan's boat was driven back by vio. its effects. At midnight, in her solitary lent gales into Ramsey-bay, and the room near the roof of Guttrid Lonan's bodies of Gultrid and his wife were cast house, she had seen what seemed the ashore. The latter had been evidently almarition of a meagre child at the foot dead some bours, but art restored her of ler bed. To her question, whence husband ; and when conveyed before the deemster, bis courage and com- bounce her own last moment. This posure seemned onshaken. Wben con. beautiful apparition visited her mind's fronted by his accuser, he stated, that eye in the instant of death; but both she was the mother of the child, and these new facts may be explained withkad given him a large sum to secrete out supernatural agency. The local iis body. She had misrepresented its governor and the gentle and pious wo. age, he added, as it was, in fact, a man were naturally apt in their slume suill-boro infant, wbich he had de- bers to associate the images which posited at her request under the low- their imaginations were accustomed water mark of Ramsey-bay. The owner to consider probable and pleasing. In of the fishing boat had perished, and such cases, an event is sometimes no one remained to disprove or con- caused by our determination to exfirm this tale, except the fisher's wi- pect it, or at least receives the colour. dow, who confessed that Lonan's wife, ing we are predisposed to bestow.” with a small basket in her hand, had " However,” rejoined the artist, hired the boat, though it was Sunday- eying mc attentively, “you perceive eve, and they bad no burot gorse or no reason to doubt that this supposed pren's feathers to secure it from " the English woman spoke truth ?” eru eye."-1 was one of the sixty-four * None at tbis momentul admit the Dea from whom a jury was impan- possibility of her dream, though I conBeled; Guttrid Lonau's guill was cer.

sider it the effect, and not the cause, tais in my mind ; but on the day of some suspicion respecting a conappointed for a hearing of the cause, cealed child ; and her fight appears to the Eaglishwoman escaped by some un- me po absolute proof of her guilt!" kaown artifice, and Lonan was ac- “ I have not told you all yet, Sir, quitted. The deemster, it was said, that was said about her!” added my bud reason to fear a man who had been historian, eagerly -" We people of so formidable to his father and elder this island suspect she was no - no more broiber ; but as the hunting of the than an apparition berself, for is vrea caused Guttrid Lonan's pretence very certain, and hundreds will attest to ruin an honourable mao, a wreu's it, ibat 110 woman the prison when feather may ruin Guttrid Lonan.” she was missing, and nobody like her

My bost ended his tale with a shrewd was seen in the vessel which brougbt and 'forcible emphasis, which induced her to Douglas till half an bour Before me to reply-" I have heard some she landed. Hing of this, and the spectre-child is as " And who," said I, " will allest tremeadous in a winter's night as the that you have heard the whole truth, spectre-bound of Peel Castle. But what and nothing but the truth i-It is forare the grounds of this decisive pre- tunately, in my power to give you some jodice against Losan! The pretended farther intelligence. A day or two be. dream, or the divination of some witch fore I left the main.isle, a piece of blue in wren's feathers ?"

slate, with two leilers scratched upon it, " You speak, Sir," said the artist, was found in the hut of the fisherman's who bad been silent till pow, “as if widow. She, a doting and distressed there were no well attested instances woman, believed it still what it once of a singolar connexion between dreams was in Mona, a judge's token or ruin. aud eseats,"

She ultered such strange and * Not so," I answered, " for many terrible things in the confusion of fear such are upon record. Governor F- ; abd guilt, that Gultrid was examined the American philosopher's venerabile again, and after another hearing the soa, who was once designed to orna. jory agreed in their verdict. While I loent my profession, has often told mic remained in court, the foreman was of the singular vision which visited him asked by the deemster, if the ministers while imprisoned during the rebellion of the cburch might remain, and he of the colonies, and was singularly answered" verified by the circumstances of his ." Yes or po }” exclaimed the artist, first wife's death. The dove which an rising eagerly-" The Bishop and his eminent sediptor has lately placed oo clergy retired from court, and I fol. the monuineut of a lovely lady, alludes lowed them.” lo her repeated assertivo that she ex. “ Then the sentence was death !" said pected the messenger of a deceased the farmer, striking his hands together inead in the form of a dove tu au- above his head, and casting a glance

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of subdued congratulation on the art. the court pronouuced' ber condemna. ist.

tion." - Sentence of death was passed cer- “ Then they erred !” exclaimed my tainly,” I replied, “but on the English- bost's strange guest ; " and their senwoman also. Sbe was convicted of aid. tence will add another to the unnuniiog Guttrid Lonan in his confederacy bered failures of human tribunals.”: with the younger brother of the on- Approaching me, and removing with happy man who gave Manx bail forbis large hat a tuft of coarse red hair an English debtor. I need not tell you and broad mustachiocs, he added, “Did that this' unhappy inan was the son of no one remember the Englishman for his father's first wife, and his brother, whom the unfortunate Manxman gave therefore could clajın, by virtue of your such fatal bail ? --His personal property Manx laws, only a fourth part of their was sacrificed, and his heart brokeo by inheritance. His death without ofl. my ruin ; but though I obtained my spring seemingly entitled the younger release from unmerciful creditors too brother to possess all at their father's late to save him, I made one effort death; and Gultrid found an abundant to save his child, whose fale I suspected. source of profit in keeping his reputed Woman's attire alone sufficed to dedaughter, a child legitimated by iis pa ceive Guttrid Lonan, who never guessed rents' private marriage three years after my motive; and it has proved suffiits birth, according to Manx law, con- cient to deceive experienced judges. cealed at his lonely house on the moor. As an insolvent deblor, I am liable The treacherous uncle paid largely for to perpetual imprisonment in this this iniquitous secretiou of his brother's island, therefore I dared not reveal iny heiress, whose existence was never sus. sex and name, and am now compelled to pected till the English woman revealed hide myself in this privileged house. it.”

But justice has overtaken the guilty, Has it perished -certainly pe- and the innocent will not suffer, unless rished ?" asked my unknown asquain. I have trusted rashly to a lawyer's hotance, with a tremor of tone and eye nour." which justified a new suspicion.

My profession's spirit was challenged “Our bost's prediction is fulalled," I by this appeal, and I felt all that such answered.-" the wren which began this absolute trust demanded from me. А tragic romance assisted the catastrophe. powerful magistrate obtained bis inWhen Gutirid Lonan conveyed the in- demnity and complete acquittal, which fant heiress into the fishing boat, he opened a path for his return to ease paid homage to the superstition of his and liberty in England. There he still island, by placing round her neck a lives, among my best friends, to whom circle of wren's feathers as a talisınan I am not ashamed to confess the lesson against the evil cye. These feathers taught me by false appearances, and tuued with the dead body of a female the distrust of human judgment, which child have identified and fixed his guilt, always connects itself with my remenithus pursued by au Eye bc could not brauce of Maux Bail.”

V. deceive.”

(To be continued.) “ But by what proof,” interrupted the farmer, anxiously stealing a glance to the Editor of the European Magazine, at his strange guest,. " do they condemn the Englishwoman?”

“ By circumstantial evidence at least TRAVELLING some months ago in -She gave no clear account of the rea

one of the midland counties of sons for her stay at Lonan's house, and England, I happened to stop at an inn her fight was incomprehensible, woless in a small market-lown The keeper of she had been a spy or an accomplice the inn was an honest talkative sort there. That they disagreed in dividing of fellow, who appeared, I thought, their employer's pay, is his own state. never better pleased than when he could ment, and a sufficient reason for her draw his guests into a couversation. conduct. Or as she was not an up. Accordingly. while I was sitting at did. gentle female, she might be influenced ner, he came in, and with a very polite by some' attachment io a man whose bow enquired if every thing was agree, vices were not distinguished by out able :- I told him it was : -- he rubbed ward deformity. These are the opi- bis hands, and asked how I found the uions I adopt, and with such opinioes

, roads. la a word, it was bot long before


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