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Wyndham, Henry Penruddock, Wilt Yarmouth, the Earl of, Litburne


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INDEMNITIES IN GERMANY. the number of the Powers. Justice and The Imperial Commissioners having gererosity, which are always the firft refused to ratify the Conclufim of the

heard in the heart of the First Consul, Extraordinary Deputation, the following made it a law with him to forget what important Notes have been presented by wrongs the Elector might have done to the Ministers of France and Russia :- the Republic, and not to tuffer to perish a'

State weakened and threatened, but how. NOTE OF THE FRENCH MINISTER.

erer hitherto lecured by the policy of the The undersigned Minilter Extraordi- Governments interested in maintaining a nary of the French Republic to the Diet just equilibrium in Germany ; for if the of the Germanic Empire has taken the equilibrium of Europe requires that earlieft opportunity of trantmitting to Auftria Ihould be great and powerful, that his Government the Rescript communi. of Germany requires that Bava:ia Mould cated by the Sub-delegate of Bohemia to be preserved ertire, and protected from the Extraordinary Deputation of the En- all farther invasion. What would become pire, in the fitting of the 24th of Auguit, of the Germanic Body, if the principal and communicated also to the underligna States which compose it hould see their ed on the 28th of the said month. He is indeper.dence every moment endangered! charged to transmit to the Deputation and would not the honour of that an. the followirg oblervatious :- The First cient tederation suffer, by weakening Consul has been much affected to fee a Prince whole house has concurred in that his intentions for fecuring the peace 10 honourable a manner to the establishand prosperity of the Germanic Body have ment and fupport of the Germanic Cor..' been milunderstood, since they reproach ftitution ? Ti is not then at Paris that the him with not having answered the over- intinuacions of the Court of Ve 'na, in tures made by his Imperialand Royal Ma. regard to the affairs of Germany, could jetty, since the conclusion of the Treaty be received, and though it has since re. of Luneville, and having thus attarded newed them at Petersburgli, they could to Germany, that intereiting porrion of not meet with hetter fuccels. The great Europe, the advantages of the peace, le and generous foul of the Empercr Alexmuft declare, that the overtures which, ander could not permit him to neglect the though confidential and fecret, are at interests of Bavaria, which were recomprefent publickly alluded to by the Couit mended to him also by the ties of biood, of Vienna, tar from being calculated to and by every conlideration of sound poprocure the execution of the oth article of licy. Having been unable to succeed, ihe Treaty oi Luneviile, cuild tend only either at Petersburgh er Paris, the Court 10 remove, rather than to indicate, the of Vienna nevertheless purlied at Mu. incans of providing for the indemnifica nich ihe execution of its projects, and it tion of so many lecular Princes who had was the communication of his uncarinels Sustained such coniiderabie Totles; their made by the Elector to the French and only vhjeet 10 regulate the in- Rustian Governinents, which contributed demnification of the Archduke Ferdinand, above all to make them feel the necesity by employing lily and hereditary domi. of uniting their influence to protect the nions. The projects of the Count of Vi. hereditary Princes, fecuire the execution enna tended to extend its territory beyond of the 7th article of the Treaty of Lunethe Lecli, and their effect coni quently viile, and not to suffer to fall io the lowest would have been to erale Basaria from rank one of the oldest, and not long ago

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one of the most powerful, Houses of Ger-" Hereditary States of his Serere High. many. The underligned, therefore, is nofs the Élector Palatine of Bavaria, as charged to declare tu the Deputation,' well as the positions alligned to him that the States of his Serene Highness the as an indemnity, as indispensably placed Ele&tor Palatine of Bavaria, as well as under the protection of the Mediation ; the poffeffions deftined for hiin as inden- and has no doubt that the town of Palau nities, and as necessary for re-establishe' will be immediately given up to its deftiing the equilibrium of Germany, are nation. naturally and indispensably placed under (Signed) BARON DE BUHLER. the protection of the Mediating Powers; Ratisbon, Sept. 13. that the First Conful, personally, will not suffer the important place of Passau to

RATISBON, SEPT. 28. remain in the hands of Austria, nor allow it to obtain any part of the terri.


PLENIPOTENTIARY OF HIS IMPEtories which Bavaria postelles on the right of the Inn ; for he conliders that

RIAL MAJESTY, ADDRESSED, THE there would be no independence for Bava.

26TH SEPT. 1802, TO C. LAFORET, ria, the inoment when the troops of Au...

MINISTER EXTRAORDINARY OF THB Atria hould be near its capital. It remains

FRENCH REPUBLIC. to the undersigned to express to the De. « The declaration delivered at Ratifputation the regret which the Firft Con. bon, in the name of the intervening sul feels for divulging negociations which Powers, contained an heavy and und took place only under the real of confi. merited imputation upon the delays dence, and the secrecy of which ought which attended the meeting of the Depúconfequently to have remained facred; tation of the Empire. His Majesty owed but he has been constrained to it by just it to bimself, as well as to the Germanic reprisals, and by the value which he Empire, to prove by facts, that nothing attaches to the opinion and efleem of had been neglected on his part to abridge the brave and loyal German people. thele details. Far from willing to in

(Signed) LAFORET. culpate any body, the faithful expofition Ratisbon, Sept. 13.

of what is patling had only for its ohjeet to evince the purity of the conduct of the

Emperor. The underligned Plenipotentiary of his " Such is also the morive which Majesty the Emperor of all the Rusias to obliges his Majesty to call to inind here the Germanic Diet, has seen a Note, other facts relative to anterior conterdated the fime day, which was tranf. ences which had taken place upon the mitted to the Extraordinary Diet of the Indemnity of Tuscany, for the purpose Empire, in the name of the French Re. of opposing them to affertions contained public, in consequence of the Rescript in the Nore tran!mitted the 13th of this communicated by the Sub. Delegate of month to the Underligned, hy C. Laforet, Bolemia to the Deputation, in its litling Minitter Extraordinary of the French of the 24th of August, and communi. Republic. His Majelty willingly lubmits cated also to the underligned on the 28th it to the judgment of all Europe, wheof the fame month. At present he can ther he can be charged with injustice or only refer to the contents of his Nyte ambition, for having infifted upon the delivered to the Deputation next day, full and entire indennity which the August 29, without dwelling on the facts Treaty of Luneville allures to his august which preceded and rendered necessary Brother. As to the means which he bas the concert between Rússia and France, employed to obtain the execution of to But he must again declare, that his formal a ftipulation, far from entertain. Imperial Majesty has manitested the fen- ing a fear of expoting them in full day, Liments of jultice by which he is diftin. he can only feel a desire for their pubguilhed, and the interest he takes in the licity, inasmuch as all his efforis have happineis and equilibrium of the Ger. had exclusively for their object to commanic Empire, in the Declaration which bine the thrict execution of the Peace he caused to be tranfmitted on the 18ch of Luneville with the maintenance if the of Augait lait, conjointly with the First Germanic Conititurion. Some in i det Conful. His Imperial Majesty cannot intinuations made at Vienna, by a diitin. then but expect a speedy accomplih. guilhed person in the service of the Court ment. He particularly considers the of Munich, have given re:fon to think,

that VOL. XLII. OCT. 1802.


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that the Elector Palatine himself wished Properties and Free Cities situate in the to settle with the Grand Duke of Tur- circle of Suabia. The plan of it has cany upon the exchanges for their mutual been drawn up in Paris, and afterwards convenience; nobody then doubting, but proposed by his Imperial Majesty of that the Indemnity of his Royal High. Rullia, who in his wisdom adopted it nels would be such as the Treaty im. in full. In confining himself to this ported. In the supposition that the com- faithful Harement of every thing that plement of the Indeinnity of Tuscany passed upon the subject, he may dispense could not be found, except in the eccle- with noticing the indu&tions contained haftical properties of Suabia, it was in in the Note of Citizen Laforet. Never queftion to concentrate the respective could the Emperor have entertained a poffeffions by an exchange of the part of thought of procuring for his auguft Bavaria, in the neighbourhood of the Brother any part whatsoever of Bavaria Bishop of Salzburg.

in any other manner than by an arrange“ His Majelty, having no motive to ob. ment of mutual consent, to the perfe& je to such an arrangement, did not fhew convenience of the Elector Palatine. His himself difinclined to give effe&t to these Majefty has already given, relative to the overtures. Infinuations of the same kind City of Passau, every assurance that could took place at Paris at the time of the ra- be expected from his joftice and modera. tification of the Treaty of Luneville, and tion.' He is ready to sus render that city they went even so far as to put in doubt to the person who, by the legal and deb what had been said to the Austrian Ple- nitive arrangement of the Indemnities, nipotentiary, whether the Elector would shall be acknowledged its lawful owner. be able to preserve the City of Munich; It is not until then, that the present pofbut it never had been, nor could be, feffor shall cease to be so, and that his a question, in these different Conferences Majesty will be disengaged from the oblito carry so far as the Lech the Indem- gation which he has contracted, at the nity of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. request of the Prince Bishop, to provide

“ Upon what title could the Elector for his fafety until the decision of his be deprived of the whole of Bavaria ; fate. The Emperor would not willingly Where could the means be found to in. renounce the hope, that the moderate and demnify him and though his Majesty equitable propositions with which he has thould have had views so foreign from his recently charged his Ambassador to the fentiinents, how could he conceive the French Republic, hall put an end to all idea solely to engage the French Govern- differences of opinion between him and ment to adopt them? He appeals, in this, the First Consul; but Mhould it be otherto the testiinony which he has himfelf wise, his august Brother, without having furnihed, to that of the Court of Mus any pretentions to make to any part of nich, ard to that of the Imperial Court Bavaria, which he never entertained an of Rullia, to which every thing was com- idea of acquiring, except by the way of municated upon this subject. All those exchange with mutual content, will not who had a knowledge of the subject the less retain the incontestable right, which was then in treaty, know that secured to him by the Treaty of Lunethe only question was, that of the Iler, ville, to a full and entire indemnity in with the addition of the proposition made Tuscany ; a right, of which the Empire by Austria to leave to the Elector a and France have folemnly bound thema suitable extent of country, for the pur- selves to put bim in poslelfion. pose of removing the City of Munich “ The underligned eagerly embraces from the frontier: and that this projet, this opportunity to repeat to C. Laforet, which surely was not exaggerated in the Minilier Extraordinary of the French suppo@tion of a tull and entire indemnity. Republic, the assurance of his high con. for Tuscany, at the same time that his Oderation." Palatine Highne!s thould have obtained in Suabia a complete equivalent of cele

NOTE ADDRESSED THE SAME DAY TO fions, to which it would be willingly carried, was entirely abandoned by the

IMPERIAL PLENIPOTENTIARY. Emperor the moment it was perceived • The underligned has not failed to that the Elector was not inclined to put make his august Matter acquainted with his hand to it. Since that time the views the Note which M. the Baron de Buhler of his Majesty for a supplementary por- tranlinitred to hiin the 13th of September. tion to be given to his augur Broiher He is charged to inform him, in answer, have been folely fixed upon Ecclesiastical that the welfare of the Germanic E.npire,



and the most prompt arrangement of what relies with confidence upon his friends Aill remains to be regulated in confe- hip; he cannot doubt but that august quence of the Treaty of Luneville, form Sovereign appreciates, at once, both the equally the object of the most ardent justice of his demands, and the spirit of wishes of his Imperial and Apoftolic conciliation that directs his whole conMajesty and King,

duet. In claiming the accomplishment of “ His Imperial Majesty thall be, no what the Treaty of Luneville secures to doubt, immediately informed of all the the Grand Duke of Tuscany, as his Ma- ' circumstances which have rendered necef. jesty cannot dispense with it, the means of fary the occupation of the City of Passau conciliation which he has bimself pro. by the Imperial troops. He will acposed in that respect, the moderation knowledge in his wisdom, that this ocof his demands, notwithstanding the in- cupation having taken place at the incontestable rights of his Royal Highness Atance of him, who is fill its lawful to a full and entire indemnity : every poffeffur, his Imperial, Royal, and thing unites to prove, that it is not Apoftolic Majesty, has satisfied every his Majesty's fault that the issue of im- thing that could be required of him, portant affairs, which are at this moment in declaring, that this city should be treating of, should not be as prompt delivered up, without any obstacle on as all those interested in them might de his part, to the person to whom it Mould fire. The Emperor is convinced of the be legally adjudged by the definitive arsentiments of equity entertained by his rangement,' Imperial Majelty of all the Ruflias : he



lain in the earth a considerable time. The late excessive heats having near- Specimens of both have been

presented ly dried up one of the arms of the to the Museum of Natural History at Saone, at Pontailler, several of the in- Paris. habitants of the neighbouring country

20. Prince Charles of Hesse, and went there to procure stones for build- Felix Lepellitier, are among the French ing. They discovered several columns, patriots transported to the Seychelles. fragments of beautiful marble, instru- Mr. Fox, and the party at Paris ments of copper, and a figure of bronze, with him, aslisted at the extraordinary about ten inches in height, represent. Sitting which took place at the Triing a woman coming out of the water bunate on the 16th.' A few minutes with her hair wet. The figure is fin. before the opening of the Sitting, gularly graceful. A Member of the Citizen Boyer, Captain of the Guard Academy, Citizen Leschevin, hearing to the Tribunate, advanced to Mr. of the circumstance, immediately went Fox, who was in one of the adjoining to Pontailler, to examine the bed of rooms, and addressed him in the folthe river. In addition to what had lowing terms : “ I am one, Sir, of two been already discovered, he found there hundred French Officers, who, in the several chirurgical instruments, a num. year three, were prisoners at Portber of medals in bronze of Nerva, Vef- chefter. We applied to you ; you had palan, Nero, Antonius, Domitian, &c. the generosity to exert your eloquence and several copper utenlils.

in our favour. On a sudden our chains A mine of amber, of the finest colour, were broken, and we were almost fres bas been discovered a few leagues from This benefit will never be forgotten by Laon, in the Department of l'Aisne, in my companions in misfortune : but I France. The pieces which have hi. am at present happier than they are, therto been found do not present any because I am able to declare to you veftige of plant or infe&t; leveral have publickly my gratitude. I intreat you been met with incrusted with fulphur to add to it, it it be pollible, by conof iron. Near the same place have also descending to accept my weak, but been found several blocks of wood, sincere, expression of it.” Mr. Fox almust converted into charcoal, supo appeared to be much affected by this posed to be parts of wees that have act of gratitude, He replied, with a




motion expressive of modesty-" Oh! instrument, to ascertain the hour' by Sir-yes-i recollect."

the stars, has been invented in France On the 27th ult. the Union of Pied by M. I. Berard. mont with France was celebrated at Tu- Paris, Ox. 2.- On receipt of the rinin a splendid manner, after the cele- intelligence of the present disturbances bration of a solemn mass in the catlredral in Switzerland, the First Consul issued of Turin,by the Archbishop of that city. the following Proclamation: Over the p incipal entrance of the ca- BONAPARTE, First Conful of the French thedral were two figures of Fame pro- Republic, Prefulent of ibe lialian Repub. claiming these words“ The Union of lic, to the EightEEN CANTONS of the Piedmont with the French Republic" Helvetic REPUBLIC. " Glory to the Eternal Being:"

St. Cloud, Sept. 30. On one of the fide gates was written INHABITANTS OF HELVETIA, - Toleration, and on the other You have afforded, for two years, _" Concord."- After the ceremony, an amlieting spectacle. Opposite faca variety of military evolutions were tions have succeflively taken poffeffion performed ; to whiclı fucceeded danc. of the fovereign authority : they have ing in the National Gardens from two hgnalized their temporary empire by a in tlte afternoon till midnight.

system of partiality which proved their In pursuance of a plan of the Firft weakness and want of ability. Conful to establish camps in the vici- : In the course of the year 1801-2, nity of the Piedmontele territory, the your Government defired that the tollowing curious orders to that effect small number of French troops in have just been published :

Helvetia should be withdrawn. The The Makinister of War to tbe Ceneral baving French Government willingly availed

the present Command of the Firf Military themselves of that opportunity to ko. Division.

nour your independence ; but soon " The Government is desirous to afterwards your different parties began give a substantial testimony of the nato be agitated by fresh fury; the blood tional gratitude to those soldiers who of the Swiss was thed by the hands of have been maimed or otherwise wound: Swiss. ed in the war, for the support of its You have been disputing for three liberties; and has therefore come to year's, without coming to any indera resolution to form five camps of itanding; if you are left longer to veterans, each' to consist of 400 men, yourselves, you will be killing each in the departments of the Po. Ma. other for three years more, without rengo, La Doira, La Sezia, and Tanaro, coming, to a better understanding. forming the twenty-seventh military Your History besides proves, that your division; as allo five other camps, inteltine wars could never be termi. cach to contain 200 men, in the four nated but by the efficacious interven:: departments of Mont Tonnere, the tion of France. Rhine and Morelle, the Sarre and Roer. It is true that I had determined not To each individual of the soldiers in to interfere at all in your affairs; I there

camps will be aligned an extent had contrantly seen your different Go. of land, of which the produce fall be vernments ask advice of me, and not equal to the present national allowance follow it, and sometimes abuse my for his support. He thall, besides, con- name, according to their interests and tinue to enjoy his prelent pay. Of their pailions. this, one month's pay fhall be given in But I neither can nor ought to readvance, to enable the foldier to pur- main insensible to the miseries of which chale furniture and other necefiries you are the victims ; I recall my de, for his new establishment. All folo termination will be the mediadiers who have obtained the benefits tor of your differences, but my me. appropriated to invalids, all who have diation shall be efficacions, such as been maiined or fevereiy wounded in befits the great people in whose name the war, are competent to receive there I speak. recompences, if, under forty years of Five days after the notification of Ke, and unmarried, they are disposed the present Proclamation, the Senate to marry women, natives of the depart- shall' allemble at Berne.-Every Maplents in which the lands are situated giftracy that shall have been formed to the allotted."

at Berne since the capitulation, shalt A new Noelurlab, or finall pocket be dissolved, and shall ceafe meeting


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