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fhine ;

(cay i

rung !

“'Tis harveft home," a hundred tongues Where are the verdant walks, with marreplied ![(parkling eyes,

gins gay.

(loveliest flow'rs? -Whilo many a sur-burnt Jals, with Deck'd with the sweeteit fhrubs, and As, hand in hand, the graced her lover's Where are the daitied banks on which I fide, [for tighs. lay?

(jeff'min bow'rs? Heard his blunt vows, and echo'd lighs

Where the tail elms ? and where the And many an age-worn swain, and ma- Near yon done yew, the green house reared tron grey,

its head,

[were feen: By youths supported as they creep'd

Where fair exotics, rang d in urns, Glow'd with new vigour on that felive At evening oft their parching roots i day, [choral fong!


(pelling skreen. And join'd, with trembling voice, the

And o'er them clos'u the c-ld-re

But lo! the sun declines behind I saw their eyes with smiles unwonted

the hill : Toid :

[the ky i I heard then talk of happier times of

Yon changeful clouds that seuden in

Whole tranfient forms elude the painter's Close to their ears, I, pleas’d, united mine,

Ikill, [they told !

[ry !

A faithful emblem of man's life lupAnd much I wonder'd at the tales

O thou ! whose Now.consuming hand, Oft, on the marble floor that grac'd the

unster, hall,

[the plain,

Bade all the glories of this vale deWhen bursting clouds had delug'd all

Fre long. alas ! thou'lt creep my breast At many a sport, I met with many a tall,

within, Yec ftill pursued, regardless of my pain.

And feala passion, or a pow'r away! What lively joys my parting bosom O Time! to youth how bright thy pror. knew!

pects shine!

[to fair ! 'The bat I wielded, and the bow I

Entranc'd we gaze, allured by scenes The drum I rattled, and the fife I blew, We lietie deem how foon the bow'ss de. A noisy imp! and hills and vallies


frith there!

Which Fancy's plastic hand bids flou. But all is silent now! mute every sound! With eager foottteps as we urge the The milk-maid's carol, and the


(light, thrasher's fail; [ground, And busy Hope leads onward to deThe creaking plough along the furrowd A group of forrows check our heedless The sportive children, prattling in the


[all is night! vale !

Tear us from Hope's fond arms, and Where is the cot, which, built beneath Wakes not the Spring to grace with the hill,

[fon ? How'rs the piain ; [ver creit ; Was once poffessed by old Agrelles' Lifts not the Moon on high her filWhere, oft, of milk and fruits I took my Nor Day returns, with all its active train, fill, (work was done?

But fome sweet hope expires within the When the horn summon'd, and our

brealt. Othou! with whom I thared each rural Not diftant far, perhaps, the faddening toil,

(were pait,


[foul's delight ; With whom my happiest hors of life When death mall snatch me from my Oft would I follow, as thou tillid the When, lick of life, I dwell a hermit foil,

[blait !

[night. And chide the bitings of the wintry Grown fond of ruin, and the glom of Alas ! no longer at thy cottage door, Perhaps like thee, o bard of Arun's At eve's return, thall I behold thee

Itream !

[cline! ftand!

[no more, Feel all the ralliance of my mind de Shall fold, with thee, the bleaung Hock Feel all its fires extinct ! fave one faint Armed with a little (witch in either


(vine ! hand!

Oh * darkness visible !" Oh say di. - turn to yonder gently rising hill, Weak ! fuffering man ! how gloomy is Where, lovely, once to view! the

thy view! ['cene will rise, garden rose : (rili ;

-But ceati', my toul ! a brighter Yon ledgy pool was then a purling Wben to this tranfient 'world thou bid'st No mcre it, twinkling, murmurs as it


[parent kies! flows :

And leck'st, on trembling wing, thy * Collins.


[fed ! Cries, is



EXTEMPORE; JULY 16, 1802. Stanzas, addressed to Agricola Snellius, at How widely Doctors disagree! Oxford *.

One cries, “ Abftain ! abstain !

" So thall beat loft each artery, O LITTLE deem'd I whence the chaplet And health glow in each vein."

(around my head!
Which, Bard unknown ! thou twin'd When, lo! another learned wight,
O little deem'd 'twas from the bower of In physic-skill more great,
Fame !

Nothing do from morn till That Ifis' wave its parent roots had


“ But eat, cai, eat, eat, eat t." Exult my Muse! and elevate thy ftrain !

RUSTICUS. Firm be thy step, and bear eiect ihy Cottage of Mon Repos.

crest ! No more It lonely on the diftant plain;

EPITAPH No mere let thoughts defpondent gloom


JOCOSELY ASKED THE AUTHOR, IN The wreath was gather'd from the Mufes'

A PARTY AT DINNER, TO WRITE bower ! [the Gothic night, Froin that fam'd bower, which, midit In Albion rais d fair Learning's earliert STERN Death at last has seiz'd my beau

trous flower, [less charms; flower,


Spite of her youth, spite of her matchAnd saw the Arts diffuse their earliest

Not all our prayers could stop the ruf. Yes! from notrivial stem the wreath was

fian's power,

(less arms. torn,

(and me!

Or snatch the prize from out his ruthTho' the first tribute to iny Muse And now, beneath this melancholy rod, O! with what pride, levett gift! salt

Her lovely form to moulder is com thou be worn,

[tree !

fignid, Thou proffer'd branch from the Aonian No more to cheer the circle where me

[trod, No vulgar hand the unfought wreath be- Or charm us with her elegance of ftowřil, [:ent bough;

mind. Or pluck'd it, rudely, from its pa. Hard fate, that beauty such a change Bat, to a Poet's care the gist I owed,

thould know,

[lcorce, Who courts the Muse with many a

Should turn to foon to such a loathed secret vow.

A ghaitly skull, that not one trace can Yes! I must honour that auspicious


[once. day,

Of the lov'd beauties that adorn'd it And ever bless that unexpected hour, When, pentive as I irod my lonely way,

Dear maid, thy friend inscribes this

mournful verse, A Poei crown'd me, from the Muses'

(with woe,

He whole afdicted heart's oppress'ul bow'r !

He whole atfe&tion to low'd thy sad hearie, Now, Stour ! exult! Now, native Dure!

He who on earth shall comtort never rejoice!


know. O Nymphs ! hyljis, lovelyllis,

T. DAY, Stour ! mix thy whilpers with my Dura's Woodford, Oa. 1802. voice.

(around. And each bid Echo swell the tale

Cottage of Nion Repos,

IN WOOLWICH CHURCH-YARD. near Canterbury, Kent, July 3; 1802.


BANKS, Shipwright, who was un(To be continued.)

fortunately killed on March 21, 1799. • See a “ Sonnet addressed to Rufticius Dellius, by Agricola Snellius,'' at page 4+$, Vol. XL.; alf), “ To Ruiticius Dellius, at his Cottage of Mon Repos," Vol. XLI. page 207 of the Tiuropean Magazine. † See Memoirs of Dr. Darwin. 4



The Shipwrights' Apprentices, as a Thus far I attentively heard the sweet teftimony of their respect for bis amiable


[could subdue ; character, and to perpetuate his memory, But my patience no longer my love have caused this Stone to be erected by And revealing myielf, I in ecltacy taid, their voluntary contributions.

What I fervently swore on her lips to

be true. Ye generous youths, whom sympathy « When that beauty shall fade that inhas led

raptures my mind, (with thee : To raise this fad memorial o'er my head,

It Mall not be so, my sweet flow'ret, While genial Friendfhip heaves for me

Should the rest of the world prove deceit. the figh,

(die :

ful and blind, [thip in me. Remember, dear Companions, you must

My Phyllis shall find more than friend. No human power can elude the blow ; Death uncontrolld Jays all distinction When the Rose, thro' the chill blates Jow.


of wister, decays, Then let religious Virtue guide your

It then, I allow, will experience nego That we may meet, and join in endless And the girl who alone from her beauty praise.

gains praise,

(must expect.

As the equals the Rose, the same tate THE ROSE.

But when Time thall have robb'd my

sweet Phyllis of youth, More pow'rful attractions the ftill will retain :

(ness and truth, I LATELY one morning observ'd my fair For the girl who to beauty joins mildPhyllis,

[der'd alone, In her age will be fure to bear blossoms As in good Lycon's garden she wan- again.” Improving the charms of the roses and Sept. 1802.

J. H. lilies,

[own. To make them the rearer resemble her

MARIA. Tho' my joyful emotions I scarce could

BY D. STIDOLPH. fuppress,

[bowers, I stole into one of the neighbouring AH! once, alas ! I had a friend -finWhere the sweetelt of mortals I heard thus address,


Her name Maria, fairest of the fair, In mellifluous accents, the sweetelt of Sweet as the honey of the Narbonne bee ;

I lov'd my charming friend, and le lov'd « Gay child of Aurora ! most beautiful Rofe !

[main, Soon as the moon arose at filent night, The faireft in Flora's extensive do

Beneath the elm my love she blett my Hatte ! halte all those exquisite charms fight;

[dove, to disclose,

[yet remain. There, icated near the gentle meek-ey'd That conceald in these promising buds

We to each other vow'd eternal love ; Rash fool that I am! alas ! why, faid The bird of night, responsive, sung his I lo? [delay,

[way. That feast of the senses a moment

The murm'ring brook beloiter'd in its For experience tells us you scarcely can

Ah ! we were happy, bleft with health blow, [cay. and youth;

[truth. Before we perceive the approach of de. Sweet was each scene, endeard hy sacred Tho' at present so conftantly lov'd and But now, alas ! no longer in the grove

admir'd, [me, deceives ; Sweet Philomel attunes his notes to love. The voice of the world, Rose, believe The brook Atill murmurs on the oczy As you fade, of its conftancy it will ground,

(with your leaves. But with a fad and melancholy found; And your friends so sincere will fall off The branching cyprus fills the moonlight Imagine not vainly, when wither'd and glade,

shade. dead

[eye ; Where once arose the tow'sing elm-tree's You fill will continue to charm every Maria's gone to the bright realms above, For the bitter remembrance of excellence And I, alas ! no longer seek the grove : fled,

But to her grave at midnight oft return, Produces at best but a tear or a ligh." And pour my fcrrows o'er her lonely urn.




grow tird,



x our Magazine for Auguft, p. 146, Barham, Joseph Foster, Stockbridge

&c. we gave a List of the Members Baring, Sir Francis, bart. Chipping
returned to the New Parliament ; plac- Wycombe
ing the Counties, Cities, Towns, and Barlow, Francis William, Coventry
Boroughs, which they respectively re. ' Barlow, Hugh, Pembroke
present, in Alphabetical Order.- For the Barne, Snowdon, Dunwich
purpose of reference, however, we think Baltard, John Pollexfen, Devonshire
it equally necessary to give the List in Battard, Lieut. Col. Edmund, Clifton,
a different forin; placing the Members' Dartmouth, and Hardness
Names alphabetically.

Beacli, Michael Hicks, Cirencester [Those in Italics are New Members.]

Beauinont, Thomas Richard, North


Belgrave, Viscount (now Earl Gros.
Abbot, Right Hon. Charles, Heyterbury venor), Cheiter
Abbot, Right Hon. Charles, Wooditock Bennet, Richard Henry Alexander, Laun-
Achelon, Hon. Colonel Archibald,

Armagh County

Bent, Robert, Aylesbury
Adair, Robert, Camelford

Bentinck, Loid William Henry Caven.
Adams, Charles, Weymouth and Mel.

dith, Nottinghauthire
combe Regis

Benyon, Richard, Pontefratt
Adams, William, Totnes

Beresford, John Claudius, Dublin Addington, John Hiley, Bosliney Beresford, Lord George Thomas, London, Addington, Right Hon. Henry, Devizes

derry County Ainflie, R. S. Midball

Beresford, Right Hon. John, Enniskil-: Alcock, John William Congreve, Wa

len terford

Beresford, Right Hon. John, Water. Alexander, Henry, Old Sarum

ford County . • Allen, Jefferys, Bridgewater

Berkeley, Rear Admiral Hon. George Ainyatt, James, Southampton

Cranfield, Gloucester hire
Anderson, Sir John William, bart.

Bernard, Tbomas, King's County

Bertie, Lieut. Gen. Albemarle, Stam. Andover, Thomas Viscount, Arundel

ford Andrews, Miles Peter, Bewdley

Bell, William, Petersfield Annetley, Francis, Reading

Binning, Tbomas Lord, St. Germain's Anfon, Thomas, Litchfield

Birck, Joseph, Nottingham Antonie, William Lee, Bedford

Bithopp, Sir Cecil, bart. New Shoreham Archdail, Colonel Mervyn, jun. Fer.. Blackburn), John, Newport, Hants managh County

Blackburne, John, Lancashire Archdall, Richard, Dundalk

Blandford, George Marquis of, Tregony Alley, Hon. Cropley, Dorchester Bligh, Thomas, Meath County Altley, Sir Jacob Henry, bart. Norfolk Bloxam, Sir Matthew, knt. Maidstone Aikins, John, Arundel

Bond, Nathaniel, Corff-Caitle Aubrey, Sir John, bart. Aldburgh

Bootle, Edward Wilbraham, Newcastle

under-Lyme B.

Boucherett, Ayscoghe, Great Grimsby Babington, Thomas, Leicester

Bouverie, Hon. Edward, Downton Begenel, Walter, Catberlough County Bouverie, Hon. Edward, Northampton Bagwell, Joha, Tipperary County Boyle, Henry Viscount, Cork County Bigwell, William, Clonmell

Bragge, Right Hon. Charles, Bristol Baillie, Evan, Brijiol

Brandling, Charles Jolin, NewcastleBaillie, George, Berwickshire

upon Tyne Baker, Jobr, Canterbury

Brodie, James, of Brodie, Elgin fhire Baldwin, William, Wilbury

Brodrick, Hon. William, Whitchurch Bampfylde, Sir C. W. bart. Exeter Brogden, Jaines, Launcelton Bankes, Henry, Corff. Castle

Brome, Charles Viscount, Suffolk Barclay, George, Bridport

Brooke, Charles, Chippenbam Barclay, Sir Robert, bart. Newtown, Brooke, Henry lord, Warwick. Hants

Brooke, Thomas, Newtown,Lancashire

Browning VOL. XLII, OCT, 1802,


Brown, Francis John, Dorsetshire Cochrane, Hon. Captain Alexander,
Browne, Ifaac Hawkins, Bridgnorth Stirling, &c.
Browne, Right Hon. Denis, Mayo Cockerell, Charles, Tregony

Cocks, Hon. John Sommers, Ryegate
Bruce, Charles Lord, Marlborough Codrington, Christopher, Tewketbury
Bruce, Patrick Craufurd, Evefbam Coke, Edward, Derby
Bullar, Edward, East Looe

Coke, Thomas William, Norfolk Buller, Jobn, East Love

Cole, John Willoughby Viscount, FerBuller, James, Exeter

managh County Buller, James, West Looe

Colquhoun, James, jun. DumbartonBullock, John, Ellex

Thire Bunbury, Sir Thomas Charles, bart. Combe, Hervey Christian, London Suffolk

Cooke, Bryan, Malton Burdett, Sir Francis, bart. Middlesex Cooper. Joshua Edward, Sligo County Burdon, Rowland, Durham County Coote, Major-Gen. Sir Eyre, K. B. Queen's Burland, Yobn Berkley, Totness

County Burrard, Major Gen. Harry, Lymington Cornwall, Sir George, bart. Herefordshire Burton, Francis, Oxford

Cornwallis, Hon. Admiral William, Burton, Hon. Francis Nathaniel, Clare Eye County

Cornwallis, James, Eye Burton, Major General Napier C. Be Corry, Right Hon. Ifaac, Newry verley


, John Geers, Herefordfhire Butler, Hon. Charles, Kilkenny

Courtenay, John, Appleby Butler, Hon. James, Kilkenny County Cowper, Hon. Edward Spencer, Hertford Buxton, Sir Robert John, bart. Great Cranley, Thomas Viscount, Guilford Bedwin

Craufurd, Robert, East Retford
Byng, George, Middlesex

Creevey, Thomas, Tbitford

Crickett, Charles Alexander, Ipswich Calcraft, John, Wareham

Crosbie, James, Kerry County Calvert, John, Huntingdon

Curtis, William, London Calvert, Nicolson, Hertford

Curwen, John Christian, Carline
Campbell, John, Rothely, &c. Curzon, Hor. Robert, Clithero
Campbell, Lieut. Gen. Alexander, Cust, Hon. John, Clitbero

Anstruther, &c.
Campbell, Lord John Douglas Edward

Henry, Argyll shire

Dalkeith, Charles William Earl of, Canning, Right Hon. George Tralee

Ludgerthall Carbery, George Lord, Rutlandshire Dallas, Robert, Midshall Carew, Reginald Pole, Fowey

Daly, Dennis Bowes, Galway Carnegie, Sir David, bart. of Southesk, Dashwood, James, Gotton Fortarshire

Daihwood, Sir Henry Watkin, bart Cartwright, William Ralph, Northamp- Wooditock ton Thire

Dawkins, James, Chippenham Caftlereagh, Robert Viscount, Down Dawson, Rikard, Monaghan County County

Denilon, John, Coicheiter
Cavendith, Lord George Augustus Dent, John, Lancaster
Henry, Derbyshire

Devaynes, William, Barnstaple
Caulfield, Hon. Henry, Armagh County Deverell, Robert, Saltojh
Chaplin, Charles, Lincolnshire

Dickens, Francis, Northampton hire Chapman, Charles, Newtown, Hants Dickenson, William, Somerlethire Chester, Charles, Castle-Rising

Dickenson, William, jun. Leitwithiel Chichijier, Lord Spencer, Carrickfergus Dillon, Hon. Henry Auguitus, Mayo County and Torun

County Chinnery, Sir Broderick, bart. Ban. Dixon, Lieut. Col. William, l.inlitbgow, donbridge

GC. Cholmonideley, Thomas, Cheshire Dolben, Sir William, bart. Oxford UniChute, William, Hampthire

versity Clements, Viscount, Leitrim County Douglas, Alexander Marquis of, Lancafler Clephane, William Douglas M'Lean, of Douglas, Sir George, bart. of Spring, Kirkness, Kinro/s/hare

wood Park, Roxburghthire Clive, Hon. Robert, Ludlow

Dugdale, Dugdale Stratford, Warwick. Clive, William, Bishop's Castle



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