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of the Empire should be transferred to the faid cities, and within the extent of the See of Ratisbon, with the Abbeys of their territory: ---Thirdly, that he shall St. Emeran, Ober Munfter, and Heidercede the bailliwick of Wildchaufen to Munster, keeping of his old possessions the Duke of Oldenberg, and his sights the Grand Bailliwick of Aschaffenbourg, to the eventual fuccefon of the county on the right of the Mayn, and that there of Sayn Alcinkirch:n to the Prince of should be united to it, besides a fufficient Nalan-Ulingen.. number of mediare Abbeys, so as to In confideration of the ceilion of the make up to him with faid lands, an an- bailliwick of Wildhaulen to the Duke nual revenue of a million florins.

of Oldenbourg, and the secujarization And as the best means to consolidate that shall be made for his advantage of the Germanic Body is to place in the the Bihopric, and of the Grand Chapter first college the Princes of the greateft of Lubeck, ihe roll ot Eisteet thall be influence of the Enipire, it is proposed suppressed, and thall not be re-establihed that the electoral title thould be granted under any pretence whatever, ard the to the Margrave of Baden, to the Duke rights and properties of the said Bithopof Wirtemberg, and to the Landgrave of ric and Chapter in the city of Lubeck Helle-Caflel.

thall be united to the domain of the Moreover, as the King of ENGLAND, Said city. in his quality of Elector of Hanover, has The proposition made by the underrailed his pretensions to Hildecim, Cor. signed with respect to the regulation of wey, and Hoexeter, and it would be of indemnities, lead him to state here leveral interest that he thould defit from his pre- general conliderations which he thinks tensions, it is propoled that the Bishopric ought to fix the attention of the Diet. of Osnaburgh, which now belongs alter. The principal are, that the Princes nately to the Electoral House of Brunt. of Nassau-Ulingen, Naflau Weilbourg, wick, thould devolve to him in perpe- Salm Salm, Salm Kerbourg, Linange, tuity upon the following conditions :- Areinberg, Niall he introduced into the Firit, that the King of England, Elector College of Princes, and that the College of Hanover, shall renounce all his rights of Cities Mhould be composed of the tree and pretensions to Hildesheim, Corwey, and imperial cities of Lubeck, Hamburg, ard Hoexeter.–Szcor.dly, that he mall Bremen, Wetzlar, Frankiort, Nuremlikewise give up to the cities of Ham- berg, Augsbourg, and Ratisbon. "burgh, Bremen, the rights ard proper

(Signed) C. M. TALLEYRAND. lies which he exercises and peseiles in


[FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE.] DOWNING -STREET, SEPT. 14. .cheerfulness all such affairs and objects A DISPATCH has been received from as may be reciprocaily vieful, and may

Alexander Stratton, Esq. bis Ma- have a rank among the talutary truits of jesty's Charge d'Affaires at the Ottoman those itcady bonds of alliance and perfect Porte, transmitting an official Note de. good harmony which happily lubilt belivered to him by the Reis Ehendi, on tween the Sublime Porte and the Court the 29th of July last, relative to the na- of Great Britain; and as permission has vigation of the Black Sia, of which the beretofore been granted for the English Illowing is a copy :

merchant thips to navigate in the Black

Sta for the purpotes of trade, the same Oficial Note, delivered by the Reis Effendi having been a voluntary trait of his im. 10 A. Stratton, Esq. ai a conference in perial Majesty's own gracious heart, as bis Excellency's bluje, on the 2016 July, more amply appears by an official note 18.2.

prelented to our friend, the English Mi. Il behoves the character of true friend. nitter seliding at the Sublime Porte, thip and fincere regard to promote with dated 3. Gemaziel Ahir 1214 this

prefent The following is a Cory of the Original Grant, which is recognized and renewved in this Refcript presented to Mr. Stratton, and recorded in the public registers of the Chancery of the British Factory at Constantinople.



present “ Takrir"? (official note) is 'if- enumerated ; after which the Minister Sued; the Imperial Ottoman Court gives an official account of the proceedhereby engaging that the same treatment ings of the French squadron. Thall be obferved towards the English & The division,” says he, merchant ships coming to that sea as is manded by Rear-Admiral Leislegues, offered to the ships of powers most fa- appeared before Algiers, the sth of youred by the Sublime Porte, on the August, and carrying on board an Offscore of that navigation.

cer of the Palace, the Adjutant Hullin, The 23 Rebiul Evvel 1217

charged with a letter trom the First (2311 July 1802.)

Consul to the Dey. On the 6th of

August this Officer landede was re[FROM OTHER PAPERS.) ceived with distinction, and he pretented Paris, Sept. 10.-Our Miniiter of the the letter of the First Conful, which is Marine has just made a report to the conceived in the following terms : First Contul, by which we learn that the differences between the French Re.

BONAPARTE, Firji Consid, to the Most public and the Dey of Algiers have been

High and Magnificent, the DeY of Alamicably terminated. In this report the

GIERS, whom God preserve in Glory Minister adverts to ihe situation of affairs

and Prosperity. previoully to the late differences with the " I write tbis letter directly to yourAtrican powers: he laments that the self, because I am aware, that you have North of A!rica should be governed by Ministers who deceive you, and who ad. men totally ignorant of the public law of vile a line of conduct the most injurious Europe, wbo acknowledge no code but to you. This letter will be delivered that dictated by their own private in- into your own hands, by the Adjutant of terelts. He ftates, that after the great my Palace. Its object is to demand successes of Bonaparte in Europe, a peace prompt reparation, and such as I have was determined upon between Algiers a right to expect, from the sentiments and France, but its signature was pre- which you have always manifested to. vented by a fresh interference of the wards me. A Fre!ch Oficer has been Porte : it was however signed on the ad actually beaten in the Road of Tunis, of December. The caules which pro- by one of your Officers ; the Agent of duced a rupture of this treaty are then the Republic has in vain demanded latil.

[TRANSLATION FROM THE TURKISH.] “ The friendship and good intelligence which iubiilts, lince the most remote times, between the Sublime Porte of Solid Glory, and the Court of England, being now crowned by an alliance, founded on pris.ciples of the mou inviolable tincerity and . Cordiality; and thele new hands thus itrengthened between the two Courts, having hitherto produced a series of reciprucal advantages, it is not prefumptuous to lupo pole that their falutary fruits will be reaped till more abundantly in time to come:

“Now, after mature reflection on the representations that the Englith Minister Plenipotentiary seliding at the Subline Porte, our very esteemed friend Spencer Smith, has made relative to the privilege of Navigation in the Black Sea, for the Merchant Vesels of his Nation ;-reprefentations that he has reiterated, both in writing and verbally, in conformity to his inttrictions, and with a jult confidence in the lively attachment of the Porte towards his Court:

“ Therefore, to give a new prout of the le sentiments, as well as of the hopes entertained by the Sublime Porte, of ieeing henceforward a multiplicity of new fruits spring from the connection that has been renewed between the two Caris, the allent granted to the before-named Micitter'o solicitations is bereby fanctioned as a love. reign concesion and gratuitous act on the part of his Imperiai Majuity, and to take full and entire effect as soon as farther amicable conferences all have taken place, with the Minister our friend, for the purpose of determining the burthen of the EngJith vesels, the Mode of transit by the Canal of Coniiantinople, and such other regulations and conventions as appertain to the ohjeet, and which thall be as exactly maintained and observed with segard to the English Navigation, as towards any other the most favoured nation.

“ And in order that the Minister, our friend, do inform his Court of this valuable grant, the prefent Reicript has been drawn up and delivered to hiin. Constantinople. 1. Jemazi ul-Evvell, H. H. 1214. “ 30th October, A. D. 1799."


faction ; two brigs of war have been “ 1. You complain to us of the Rais taken by, your corfairs, and carried Ali-Tartar.-Although he is one of my into Algiers ; a Neapolitan vessel has Joldaches, I have ordered his arrelt, been captured in the road of Hieres, for the purpose of his fuffering death. which violates the French territory : But at the inoment of his intended finally, from a French vessel which ran execution, your Vakeel requerted his aground on your coasts laft winter, pardon of me in your name, and I have more than 150 men have been taken, accordingly liberated him. and are still in the hands of the Barba- “ 2. You demand of me the Neapo. rians.

litan polacre, taken, as you say, under “ I demand reparation for all those the cannon of France. The particu. injuries, and entertain no doubt of lars which have been furnished to you, your adopting every measure which I relative to that transaction, are not should take in similar circumstances. very exact :- however, according to I have dispatched a veliel to bring home your desire, I have liberated eighteen the 150 men which are missing. I Chriftians, which composed its crew; have also to request, that you will they have been delivered to your Vaplace no confidence in such of your keci. Ministers as are the enemies of France. “ 3. You demand a Neapolitan vessel, You cannot have greater enemies which, it is said, had failed from Corfu than those ; and if I desire to live in on the French service. There have amity with you, it is necessary also been no French papers or documents that you should take every step to pre- found on board : but as you have de serve a mutual good understanding, fired it, I have ordered the crew to which alone can preserve your present be restored to liberty, and delivered to rank and prosperity, for God has de- your Vakeel. termined that all those who shall be un- " 4. You require the punishment of just towards me, shall be punilhed ! the Rais, who conducted hither two If you are willing to live in friendship vefsels belonging to the French Re. with me, you mult not consider me as a public. According to your desire ! feeble Power, but respect only the have degraded them : but I have to French flag, as also that of the Italian Itate to you, that my Rais cannot read Republic, which has constituted me European characters - they are igno. its Chief, and make reparation for all rant of the usual forms of passports : the outrages that have been commit- the ships of war of the Republic should ted againit me. These being the sole adopt lome particular fignal, in order objects of this letter, I pray you to to be known by my cortairs. read it with attention, and to inform 5. You demand 150 men, which me, by the return of the Officer, what you say are in my dominions- there is you deem expedient to do."

not one. All the perfons in question The Dey condescended to receive the have perished by the will of God, Envoy without the usual formalities, which has greatly grieved me. in a magnificent pavilion, and after- 6. You say there are men who offer wards gave him the following an: council tending to embroil us.-Our swer :

amity is closely cemented, and of long “ In the name of the only GOD duration, and all those who endeaThe Man of Gop, the mont llustrious voured to lesen it will be unsuccessful. and Magnificent Lord, MUSTAPHA 7. You require that I should be PACHA, DEY of ALGIERS, whom God the friend of the Italian Republic. I permits to reign in glory, &c.—To shall respect its Hag as your's, accord. our Friend BONAPARTE, First Consul ing to your desire. But if the propoof the French Republic, and Presi- fition came from another, I would not dent of the Italian Republic.- I falute accept it for a million of piastres. you-The Peace of God remain with “'8. You do not appear willing to you.

give me the 200,000 piastres, which I “ By these presents, our friend, I demanded to indemnify me for the inform you, that I have received your loties I have sustained upon your acletter dated the 18th of July. I have count.-Whether or not you give me read it. It has been delivered to me by there, we thall always remain good the General of your Palace, and your friends. Vakeel, Dubois Thainville. I ball “ 9. I have settled with my friend (wer you article by article.

Dubois Thainville, your Vakeel, all the



affairs relative to she Coasting and the acknowledged himself guilty, and Coral Fishery. - The African Company begged that the confinement to which Thall enjoy the same privileges which he had been subjected since the month they formerly possessed. I have or of October laft, may be considered a dered the Bey de Constantine to afford fufficient punishment. Beaumont, one it every kind of protection.

of his accomplices, has also confessed; “ 10. I have satisfied you in every re- one but M. Vigneron perfitted spect, in the manner you have desired; in denying the crime ; but when the and for which you will doubtless fa- depositions of the rest who charged tisfy me, as I have rendered you fatis. him with it were fhewn to him, he faction.

said, “Since you know the whole « 11. In consequence, I request you transaction, it is needless for me to will give orders that the Nations hoitile perlift in denying ; if the rest had not to me thall not fail under your flag, been so weak as to make a full connor with that of the Italian Republic, feffion, you should never have drawn that there may be no farther disputes any thing from me." between us, for I am defirous of re- Prince Bafilius Gortschakoff his maining in amity with you.

been posted on the Exchange at Ham.. “ 12. I have ordered that my Rais burgh, for circulating false bills of ex:Thall respect the French flag at sea, and change. I will punish the first who conducts a Fifteen hundred Poles, under the French ship into any of my ports. If guidance of Kosciuško, are stated to in future any matter for discussion be on the eve of leaving their coun. should exist, write to me directly, and try, for the purpose of forming a every thing thall be amicably settled. colony on the banks of the Susquehan-I salute you.-May God keep you na, in the ttate of New York. in glory, &c.-Algiers, 13th of the The Emperor of Russia, in order to Moon Rahiad -Ewel, year of the He- encourage the commercial views of gira, 1217."

the Rullian Company trading to AmeThe Agricultural Society of Paris rica, has ordered two ships to be fitted has elected, as Foreign Affociate of the out for a voyage of circumnavigacion. First Class, William Marthall, Esq. Au. They are

to fail from Petersburgh thor of " The Rural Economy of Eng with a cargo of provisions, anchors, land, &c. and has communicated the cables, rigging, &c. to proceed round saine, in a very Aattering letter to that the southern extremity of America, Gentleman, through M. Coquebert acrols the South Sea, to N.W. America, Montbret in London.

and the Aleusian Inunds, to supply By accounts from Munster, it appears the Russian establishments there with that the inhabitants are uncommonly these necessaries, take in a cargo of prejudiced against the Prussian Go. furs, to be bartered in China for Chi. vernment. Its colours are repeatedly nele goods, to make an establiment torn down, and treated with every at Urup, one of the most southernly mark of indignity. The respectable of the Kurile Idlunds, for the greater part of the inhabitants never mix convenience of the trade to Japan, with the Ofacers, but absent thein- and then to return from China by the selves from every place to which the Cape of Good Hope. The ships will. latter resort.

be wholly manned with Russians ; and Advices from Eichsfield announce, the Emperor has ordered that the best that the Commissaries having officers and failors of the Navy may be taken possesion of the Collegiate employed in the expedition. Church of St. Peter, belonging to The French Minister General Laines Eichsfield, and situated at Noerton, in having quitted L ibon in an abrupt the territory of Hanover, and having manner, his unexpected departure placed the Pruffian arms there, the caused great consternation in that city. Regency of Hanover ordered, after The cause of the offence is said to the departure of the Prullian Commis- have been the refulal of the Prince faries, the arms to be taken down, and Regent to dismiss the Minister of replaced by Georgius Rex.

Police, who had inufted on searching, Prince of Salm Kyrbourg. –The trial some baggage belonging to the Amof this Prince for forgery is at length ballador, The First Consul has dils; finished, and the result has been sent countenanced him. to Vienna. He made a full confession, Forty-three millions of dollars were




bately imported into Spain from South board the privateer, they hailed a America.

vessel under American colours, and

brought her to, sent their boat on AMERICA.

board, which returned with a large The Captain of a merchant vessel, sum of money; they burnt the vessel, which arrived at New York from New and probably made the crew walk Providence on the 6th ult. gave in overboard, as there were none of them formation, that on the 14th of July brought on board the privateer.there was brought into the latter place General Bowles had commissioned a pilot boat ichooner, mounting, a three other vessels, with orders to number of swivels, and manned with burn, link, and destroy all Spanish ver36 men, commislioned by Gen.Bowles, sels they could meet with. After rewho commands the Indians to the ceiving the above information, the fouthward. A prisoner on board Governor of New Providence armed a stated that the had taken three Spanish brig and sent out a floop of war in vessels, and, after plundering them, search of the pirate ; in a few days gave the boat to the people, and burnt they brought her in, and the pirates the ships. That while he was are now in irons.





they fastened the door and began to EARLY in the morning the party, plunder the housê, when the door was

wall belonging to the house of forced by some people without, who Messrs. Jarman and Atwood, moe: suipected their intentions, and they makers, in Oxford-road, gave way and were all taken and sent to the Compfell down into a vacant space, where two other houses bad lately been pul- A very extraordinary robbery was led down in order to be rebuilt. The effected last week in the parish of St. wall in falling drew all the floors along Andrew's, Holborn. A young wo with it, and all the furniture and goods man, genteelly dressed, went to the have been buried in the ruins. No per- overseers of the workhouse, and de.' Ton was injured by the accident. tired to know whether they could pro.

SEPT. 1. Early in the morning, a vide a wer nurse for a lady of rank and dreadful fire broke out in the houle of fortime. They informed her there was Mr. H. Davis, oilnian, in Leadenhall- a young woman who had just lain-in of ftreet. On the firít alarm, the watch- a fine healthy child. It was thewn men belonging to the India-house af- her; the praised its beauty, and faid forded afliitance with the Company's she would inform the lady, and call engines, which prevented the exten. again.-She returned in the evening, son of the file; but a sufficient quan- again killed and praised the child, and tity of water could not be procured requested permision to take it to fhew for two hours, when the confligration the lady, who was waiting near the had extended itself to Mr. Swift's, place in her carriage. The child was trunk-maker, Mr. Ward's, the ship intrusted to her care, but she never af. tavern, the Geneva warehouse, and the terwards made her appearance with it. top part of Mr. Tinkler's premises. Every search was made, but without The fury of the flames was so great, effect. The mother has been in a state that very little property could be lived. of distraction ever since. The premises above-mentioned, with A few days ago, Mr.Judd, a respectable the exception of Mr. Tinkler's, arc attorney, of Old-street-road, was on a entirely destroyed. During the fire, visit to a friend in Lincoloshire, whose two Jew bog's were detected in at- house being attacked in the night by tempting to cut the leathern hose be- fome thieves, the man- fervant took a longing to the East India Company's loaded piece and went down stairs, fol. engines, when they were secured and lowed by Mr. R. though unperceived sent to the Compter. Some villains, by him ; when the servant, (lupposing alfo, during the progress of the fiames, him to be one of the villains) fired, and got into Nr. Tinkler's house, under wounded hiin so shockingly, that he the pretence of affording assistance; expired two hours after.


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