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MR. EDITOR, Aug. 4, 1802., and its parachute; the experiment THE afcenfi vn I made yeiterday from with which, by proving fufficiently the

Vaux!iall was unquestionably per.. elaiticity of the air, mut do away the formed in the most favourable weather uneafine's which my own descent, by experienced this season.

means of a pu achute of a greater mag. The day was so calm and serene, that nitude, might excite; an experiinent I should have been g'il of that oppor- which, I trult, will take place between tunity to make the experi nent of the this and the 10ih inft Having thrown Parachute, which seerns to live fixed away sume ballait, the balloon went more particulariy the expectation and up progre lively, although it appeared intereit of the Public. ' Axious to ftationary. However, the dilatation of gratify cariofity on this occation, and the infiinmable air, caused by a dini. to their my eagerness and acknowledg. nution of the weight of the atmosphere, ments on this fiift and only opportu- compelled me to open the valve. Ac. nity, I made the otfer, which was re- cording to the barometer, we ject :-1.

then at the height of 300 yards., The The calın of the day affilted much in temperature being nine degrees lower, the operation of filling my balloon. the inflammable gas condented itself, At five it was ready to ascend, and and the balloon was sensibly lowering remained on the platform erected for on the Thames, so as to make people the purpose till the signal was given. believe that our balloon was coming A quarter after seven was the time down upon it, which was clearly perwhen Madame Garnerin and Mr. Glail- ceivable by the movements of the numford feated themselves in the car with herleis boats which were putin motion, me, and we gradually. afcendet, under in order to protect the descent. the most fattering autpices, and with I thould mot ceriainly have per. the plau lits of a general multitude, formed it had I been by myself, ia surrounding, whole unani nous appro order to reafcend, and prove thereby bation has rai ed a monu'nent t at will how little dan verous 'it is to descend be ever dear to my pride and grati on a river. Every one will readily tude. After having cleare:t the trees, conceive that the regud due to the we perceived an inmense number of timidity of a young woman, and of spectators, which enlivened, beyond a newly initiated aeronaut, made me the p. fibiiity of description, the b-au- rejezt the thought. Having made a tiful picture of the metropolis, which proper uie of my ballast, and being we explored at an elevation of 200 leconded by a degree of dilatation yards. Having obtained this height, which the inflammable: air received I launched a cat with a parachute, in fro'n the warmer temperature we were miniature, which encompassed a column then in, we role fenfibly above St. of air 38 inches and a half in its bulis. James's Park, and reached an elevation The deicent was gradual, and the cat of 400-yards, wien I let at Jiberty fell, with its little vehicle, in the gar- a pigeon carrier, which 'immediately den of a man who in hits on receiving took an unsettled direction, and seemed threë guineas as an indemnification for wandering wild for a time ; we at lait

а the trelpafs committed by poor pu's, loit fight of him, and I ain informed or at leait its picture with the para- that he returned to his nest at night. chute.

I have ulten in fornier ascensions let Under such well grounded pretences, Joose, at the height of so y rds, birds allo, I have this very moment received which were feen Hying about my na. a letter from a Mr.'c. of Hanıpltcard, chine, and caine at last to perch on my deli:ing that I thould " appoint a fur- car, in a state of stupefaction and drow. veyor immediately, to ascertain the finess the mult extraordinary: damages done to bis premites, in con- When above Weltminitèr Abbey, we sequence of my descent and trespass on were severally engaged with the lensa. them yeterday evening wiin ný bal. tions which affected each of us most, loon, which, when estivated, Mr. C. The curiolity of ny travelling comprelumes I will injtantly reiinburle panions led them more particularly to Digression alde, I return to my cat the observation of sounds. They ob

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ferved the fenfible evaporation of the Invited by the serenity of the atmo. noise coming from the earth, although sphere, I kept my travelling compawe were not at a great height. This nions at a moderate distance from the effect, which is produced by the rarifi. carth. But it becoming late, ! was cation of the air, proves the use of under the necessity of landing, which I trilling philosophical experiments on effected at the time and place men. the constitution of the atmosphere, tioned in all the Papers, with the where fo many changes are felt in rapid assistance of a few very polite indivi. succession. It happens, sometimes, that duals. Notwithfanding the annoyance inexperienced aerial travellers are led of the mob, I folded, after inexpreffiinto error on account of the sounds ble toils, niy balloon, which has been produced, when the lower part of the since brought to the Pantheon, where balloon offers cavities tolerably regular, Mrs. Garnerin attends in person, in and of an extent equal not only to the order to answer the questions, and to reflection of the voice of the aerial acknowledge the kind intereit and pe. travellers, but susceptible even to re- culiar marks of attention she was hofect the sounds which come from the noured with at her return to Vaux-. Surface of the earth. Such is the hall. effect which conftitutes the magic attri.

GARNERIN. butes of the Invisible Girl.


taxes among the Citizens having a Extrad from the Registers of the Delibera right to vote in the Cantonal Allem, tions of the Council of State.


The President and four Inspectors SITTING OF AUGUST 4.

appoint the Secretary. ROJECT OF A SENATUS CONSULTUM

6. The Assembly of the Canton di.

vides itself into sections for performFOR ORGANIZING THE CONSTITU:

ing the operations belonging to it. TION.

At the first convocation of each TITLE I.

Assembly, its organization and forms ART.1. EACH jurifdi&tion of a Justice of proceeding thall be determined by

of the Peace a Cantonal Assembly.

a regulation issued by the Govern.

ment. 2. Each communal circuit, or district

7. The President of the Cantonal of Sub-prefecture, has an Electoral Col- Assembly appoints the Prefidents of Jege for the circuit.

the Sections. 3. Each department has an Electoral

Their functions terminate with each College for the department.

Sectionary Afl'embly.

They are, each of them, affifted by OF THE CANTONAL ASSEMBLIES. two Inspectors ; the one being the 4. The Assembly of the Canton is eldest, and the other the most heavily composed of all the Citizens domicie taxed, of the Citizens having a right to liated in the Canton, and inscribed on vote in the section. the commune list of the circuit.

8. The Cantonal Assembly returns From the epoch when the communal two Citizens, out of whom the First lifts ought to be reneired in the terms Conful chooses the Justice of the Peace of the Constitution, the Assembly of for the Canton. the Canton thall be composed of all the It, in like manner, returns two CitiCitizens domiciliated in the Canton, zens for each vacant place of Suppleant and enjoying the rights of Citizenthip. to the Justices of Peace.

5. The First Consul nominates the 9. The Justices of the Peace and President of the Cantonal Affembly. their Suppleants are appointed for ten

His functions continue for five years, years. and he may be re-appointed indefinitely. 10. In cities containing 5000 persons,

He is affifted by four Inspectors ; the Cantonal Assembly presents two two of them being the oldest, and the Citizens for each seat in the Municipal other two the persons paying most Council. In cities where there may


De several Juftices of the Peace, or seve- 22. A meinber loses his feat in the ral Cantonal Assemblies, each Assembly Electoral Colleges for the fame causes will, in like manner, present two Citi, which would deprive him of the rights zens for each leat in the Municipal of citizeu fhip. Council.

He also loles when, without any legi11. The Members of the Municipal timate obstru crion, he absents himself Councils are taken by each Cantonal from three fuccellive meetings. Asembly from a list of a hundred of 23 The First Conful appoints the che persons paying mot taxes in the Preudents of the Electorai Coileges on Canton. This list shall be executed each Seslion. and printed by order of the Prefect. The Police of the Electoral College

12. The Municipal Councils are re. when assembled is exclusively under. newed in the proportion of one-half the direction of the Prelident. every ten years.

24. The Electoral Colleges appoint, 13. The First Consul chooses the at the coinmencement of each Semion, Mayors and Afliftants in the Municipal two Infpectors and a Secretary. Councils. They are to be five years in 25. In order to the formation of the office, and diay be re-appointed.

Electoral Colleges of Department, there 14. The Cantonal Allembly nomi. thall be drawn up in each department, nates to the Electoral College of the under the orders of the Minister of Circuit the numb of members alligned Finance, a list of 600 Citizens, who are to it, in proportion to the number of moit heavily afferred to the land tax, Citizens of which it is compused. the tax on moveables, the tax on lux

15. It nominates to the Electoral ury, and the tax on licences. College of the Department, from a list To the amount of the contribution hereinafter referred to, the number of mult be added in the departmental domembers alligned to it.

micile, such fum as may be proved to 16. The inembers of the Electoral be paid in other parts of the territory Colleges must be domiciliated in the of France or the Colonies. This list respeětive circuits and departments. thail be printed.

17. The Government convokes the 26. The Cantonal Allembly will Cantonal Assemblies, fixes the time of select from this list the members to be their Gtting, and the object of their appointed to the Electoral College of mcering.

the department. TITLE III.

27. The Firit Consul may add to the

Electoral Colleges of circuit ten memELECTORAL COLLEGES.

bers chosen from among the Citizens 18. The Electoral Colleges of the belonging to the Legion of Honour, circuits have one member for every or who have performed public ler. soo domiciliated inbabitants of the vices. circuit.

He may add to each Electoral Coilege The number of members cannot, of department twenty Citizens, ten of however, exceed 200, nor fall below whom to be taken from the thirty molt

heavily taxed in the department, and 19. The Department Electoral Col- ten others either from the members of leges have one member for every 1000 the Legion of Honour, or Citizens domiciliated inhabitants in the depart. who have performed public services. ment; but notwitbitanding, these mem- He is not limited to precise periods bers cannot be more than 300, nor in making these nominations. fewer than 200.

28. The Electoral Colleges of circuit 20. The members of the Electoral present to the Firit Contui two Citizens Colleges are appointed for life. domiciliated in the circuit for each

21. If a member of an Ele&toral Col. vacant seat in the Council of the cisa lege is denounced to the Government cuit. as having permitted any act contrary of these Citizens, one at least must, to the dictates of honour or the inte- of necellity, be chosen from among the rests of the country, the Government members of the Electoral Coliege which invites the College to manifeit its appoints him. opinion thereon. "Three-fourths of The Councils of circuit are removed the votes are necessary to make a de. by thirds, once in five years. nounced meraber lose his place in the. 29. The Electoral Colleges of circuit College,

prelent at each meeting iwo Citizens



to form part of the list, from which

are 35. No Cantonal Assembly shall pro. to be chosen the members of the Tri ceed to nomipate to the places that be. bunare.

Jong to it in an Electoral College, until Of these Citizens, one, at least, muft these places are reduced to two-thirds. necessarily belong to the College which 36. The Electoral Colleges can affem. presents him.

ble only in conlequence of an act of Both of them may be chosen from convocation emanating from the Go: persons not residing in the depart. vernment, and in the places afligned to ment.

them. 30. The Electoral Colleges of the They can take cognizance of the Departments present to the Firit Con subjects only for which they are aflemful two Citizens domiciliat-d in each ble, nor can they prolong their fit. department for every place vacant in tings bevond the time fixed by the act the Council General of the depart. of Convocation. ment.

If they exceed these limits, the Go. One of these Citizens, 'at least, must vernment possesses the right of diffoly. necessarily be taken from the Electoral ing them. College which presents him.

37. The Electoral Colleges can nei. The renovation of the Councils Ge. ther directly or indirectly, nor under neral of the departments takes place by any pretext whatsoever, hold any inthirds every five years.

tercourse with each other. 31. The Electoral Colleges of the 38. The disolution of an Electoral departments present at each meeting Body necessarily leads to the renewal of two Citizens to form the lift from which all its members. the members of the Senate are named.

TITLE IV. - One of them, at least, muft necessarily

OF THE CONSULS. be taken from the College which pre- 39. The Contuls are for life. They fents him, and they both may be taken are members of the Senate, and act as from the department.

Presidents. They are to have the

age and the 40. The Second and Third Confuls qualifications prescribed by the Con- are appointed by the Senate on the titution.

presentation of the Firit. 32. The Electoral Colleges of the 41. For this purpose, when any of departments and circuits present each the two places becomes vacant. the two Citizens domiciliated in the de. First Contul nrelents to the Senate a partment, in order to form a lift from first perfon, If he is not appointed, he which the members of the deputa- presents a second ; and if the second is tion to the Legillative Body are to be not accepted, he presents a third, who named.

is of neceflity appointed. One of there Citizens is necessarily 42. When the First Corful thinks to be taken from the College which proper, he appoints a Citizen to fucpresents him

ceed bim after his death, according to There must be three times as many the forms prescribed in the preceding different candidates on the list formed article. by the combination of the prelenta- 43. The Citizen appointed to fuctions of the Electoral Colleges of the ceed the First Consul takes an oath to departments and circuits as there are the Republic, to be administered by vacant places.

the Fit Coptul, afiited by the Second 33. The same person may be a mem- and l'hird Consuls, in the presence of ber of a Council of Commune and of the Senate, the Ministers, the Council an Electoral College of Circuit or De- of State, the Legifiative Body, the Tri. partment.

bunate, the Tribunal of Callation, the - The same person cannot, however, Archbishops, Bishops, Prefidents of be at the same time Member of a Col. the Tribunals of Appeal, the Presilege of Circuit and College of Depart. dents of the Flectoral Colleges, the ment.

Prehdents of the Cansonal Allemblies, -34. The members of the Legillative the Grand Officers of the Legion of Body and of the Tribunate cannot Honour,and the Mayors of the twentyattend the fittings of the Electoral four principal Cities of the Republic. College to which they belong. - All The Secretary of State draws up the the other public functionaries have a proces-verbal of the adminiftration of right to attend and to vote.

the oath.

44. The

44. The oath is in these terms': tbird, from which the Senate muft of

« I swear to maintain the Constitu. necessity nominate. tion, to respect the liberty of con- 52. In every case, the presentations science, to oppose the return of feudal and nomination must be completed inftitutions; never to make war but within twenty-four hours after the for the defence and glory of the Re- death of the First Consul. public; and not to employ the power 53. The law determines for the life wherewith I thall be inverted, but for of each Firft Consul the state of the the happiness of the people, from whom expenditure of Government. and for whom I shall have received it."

TITLE V. 45. Having taken this oath, he takes his feat in the Senate immediately after

OF THE SENATE. the Third Conful.

54. The Senate regulates, by an Os. 46. The Firf Conful may depo- ganic Senatus Consultum fit, among the archives of Government, ift, The Conftitution of the Colon his with as to the nomination of a suc- nies. ceffor, to be presented to the Senate 2d, Every thing not provided for by after his death.

the Constitution, and whicb may yet be * 47. In this case, he fummonses the neceffary to its operation. attendance of the Second and Third 3d, It explains those articles of the Confuls, the Minifters, and Presidents Conttitution which admit of different of the Sections of the Council of State. interpretations. In their presence he delivers to the 55. The Senate, by acts entitled SeSecretary of State the paper sealed natus Consultawith his real, and in which his with ift, Sufpends for five years the funcis recorded. This paper is subscribed tions of Juries in the departments, by all those who are present at the where that measure may be neceffary. transaction. The Secretary of State 2d, Proclaims, when circumstances deposits it among the archives of Go. require it, certain departments out of vernment, in the presence of the Min the protection of the Constitution. nitters and Presidents of the Sections of 3d, Determines the time when the the Council of State.

individuals arrested in virtue of the 48. The First Consul may withdraw 46th article of the Conftitution, are this deposit, observing the formalities to be brought before the Tribunals, in prescribed in the preceding article. such cases where they are not brought

49. After the death of the First Con- to trial in ten days from the period of ful, if his choice has remained in depo- their arreft. fit, the paper containing it is with. 4th, Annuls the judgments of the drawn from the archives of Govern- Civil and Criminal Tribunals, when ment by the Secretary of State, in the dangerous to the safety of the state. presence of the Ministers and Prefi- sth, Diffolves the Legislative Body dents of the Sections of the Council and Tribunate. of State ; their authenticity and iden- 6th, Appoints the Consals. tity being afcertained in the presence 56. The Organic Senatus Consulta of the Second and Third Confuls. It and Ordinary Senatus Consulta are: is addressed to the Senate by a message deliberated upon by the Senate, on the from the Government, with a copy of initiative of the Government. the proces-verbaux, certifying the de- A simple majority fuffices for a Senapofit, the identity, and authenticity. tus Consulta. Two-thirds of the votes

50. If the person presented by the of the members prefent are necessary First Consul is not appointed, the for an Organic Senatus Consultum. Second and the Third Consuls 57. The projects of the Senatus Conone each, in case of neither of the fe fultum, adopted in consequence of being nominated, they each make an- articles 34 and $s, are discussed in a other presentation, and one of the two Privy Council, composed of the Conmult of neceffity be appointed. suls, two Minifters, two Senators, two

51. If the First Conful leaves no pré. Connsellors of State, and two grand sentation, the Second and Third Con. Officers of the Legion of Honour. suls make their presentations separate, At each meeting the First Consud one first, one second, and if neither appoints the members who are to obtains the nomination, they make a compose the Privy Council. VOL. XLII. Aug. 1802.


58. The

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