Reports, Appointments, Organizations and Communications, Volume 6


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Página 60 - ... cents upon each one thousand dollars of the valuation on which the appropriations of the City Council of the city are based, and shall from...
Página 137 - If it is not completely offset, the quantity of such goods at the disposal of the community will be less at the end of the year than it was at the beginning; if it is more than offset, the quantity at the end of the year will be greater.1 The same process of using-up and replacing will occur with consumers
Página 155 - And it shall be the duty of the mayor to be vigilant and active at all times, in causing the laws for the government of said city to be duly executed and put in force ; to inspect the conduct of all subordinate officers in the government thereof, and as far as in his power, to cause all negligence, carelessness, and positive violation of duty to be duly prosecuted and punished.
Página 74 - Legislature authorized the consolidation of the West End Street Railway Company and the Boston Elevated Railway Company...
Página 231 - regular interest" mean interest at three per cent per annum compounded semi-annually on the last days of January and July, and reckoned for full three and six months periods only. • (/) The words "continuous service" mean uninterrupted employment, with this exception: a lay-off on account of illness or reduction of force; and a leave of absence, suspension or dismissal followed by reinstatement within one year, shall not be considered as breaking the continuity of service. ESTABLISHMENT OF RETIREMENT...
Página 74 - January, 1910, whether or not in their opinion it is advisable, expedient and in the public interest : — First. — To amend chapter five hundred and fifty-one of the acts of...
Página 239 - Any employee who had already reached the age of fifty-five years on the date when the retirement system was established, and also became a member of the association, may be retired under the provisions of the preceding paragraph without having completed the otherwise required service period of fifteen years. For the purpose of computing any pension payable for prior service, the board of retirement may estimate on a basis determined by them the wages received at any period for which they may deem...
Página 233 - ... and any member who reaches the age of seventy must so retire. (5) Any member who has completed a period of thirty-five years of continuous service may retire, or may be retired at any age by the board of retirement upon recommendation of the head of the department in which he is employed, if such action be deemed advisable for the good of the service.
Página 88 - This implies that information was given Mr. Cusick to which he was not entitled. The statement was made before a committee of the Legislature by Dr. Gallivan as one of the grounds which justified his belief that Dr. Jordan was in collusion with certain milk dealers. Evidence. No evidence was submitted tending to show that information was improperly given to Mr. Cusick. Dr. Jordan and Mr. Cusick admitted that information respecting prosecutions of the latter's clients was frequently requested and...
Página 238 - Should a member of the association cease to be an employee of the city or town for any cause other than death before becoming entitled to a pension, there shall be refunded to him all the money that has been paid in by him under section five, (2) A, with regular interest.

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