Talent Is An Asset: The Story Of Sparks

Omnibus Press, 7 de abr. de 2010 - 336 páginas
When LA musicians Russell and Ron Mael moved to Britain in 1973, they hit the pop world as Sparks and looked like oddballs, even in the context of the glam rock movement that made them welcome. Soon defined by their weird and wonderful 1974 single This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us from the Kimono My House album, Sparks have now released 22 albums over four decades, each record inhabiting a bizarre world of its own.

Their songs were peppered with puns and pop culture nods, as well as nostalgia and jokey images, all mixed up in a kaleidoscope of musical references ranging from rock to opera to disco. They remain one of pop music's truly original and uncompromising acts.

The Sparks story is now celebrated in this unauthorised book, Daryl Easlea's exploration of their extraordinary drawing on hours of new interviews and research. Talent Is An Asset comes as close as possible to pinning down the quicksilver nature of two gifted musicians who have gone out of their way to remain unpredictable and elusive, forever entrenched behind a dazzling gallery of jokes, impersonations and musical eccentricities.

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Information Page
Its A Sparks Show Tonight
Californian Folk Songs Halfnelson
A Cross Between Bobby Vee And
Island Life
Christ Theres Hitler On The Telly
Hasta Mañana Monsieur
Spewing Out Propaganda
Noisy Boys Are Happy Boys? Terminal
So You Better Have Fun Now America
A Rainbow Over The Freeway
Not So Senseless But Quite Gratuitous
So Close So Real The Look The Feel
Practising Makes Perfect Lil
Can I Invade Your Country? Hello
A toetapping ribtickling delight

Just Almost Overcooked Indiscreet
Throw Her Away And Get A New One
We Cowboys Are A Hardy Breed
Tiny Actors In The Oldest Play Or Disco
Talent + Invention + Mystery
What Happened Next
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