The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq: In Verse and Prose, Volume 9


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Página 59 - I hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.
Página 457 - I know an eminent cook, who beautified his country seat with a coronation dinner in greens ; where you see the champion flourishing on horseback at one end of the table, and the queen in perpetual youth at the other.
Página 468 - ... human nature at one glance, and to be the only author that gives ground for a very new opinion, that the philosopher, and even the man of the world, may be born, as well as the poet.
Página 70 - Take care the bad poets do not out-wit you, as they have served the good ones in every age, whom they have provoked to transmit their names to posterity. Maevius is as well known as Virgil, and Gildon will be as well known as you, if his name gets into your verses : and as to the difference between good and bad fame, 'tis a perfect trifle.
Página 207 - ... to your stock, and then I shall be in less pain about you. I know you can find dinners, but you love twelvepenny coaches too well, without...
Página 88 - A Bishop here said that book was full of improbable lies, and for his part, he hardly believed a word of it; and so much for Gulliver.
Página 81 - The politicians to a man agree, that it is free from particular reflections, but that the satire on general societies of men is too severe.
Página 467 - ... between penetration and felicity, he hits upon that particular point on which the bent of each argument turns, or the force of each motive depends.
Página 57 - DR. SWIFT TO MR. POPE. "Sept. 29, 1725. "I am now returning to the noble scene of Dublin — into the grand monde — for fear of burying my parts ; to signalize myself among curates and vicars, and correct all corruptions crept in relating to the weight of bread-and-butter through those dominions where I govern.
Página 68 - Drown the world ! I am not content with despising it, but I would anger it, if I could with safety.

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