The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ...: With Notes, Historical and Critical, Volume 11


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Página 288 - ... soldiers, English, Scotch, French, and the rest. But principally I hate and detest that animal called man ; although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.
Página 287 - I like the scheme of our meeting after distresses and dispersions ; but the chief end I propose to myself in all my labors is to vex the world rather than divert it ; and if I could compass that design without hurting my own person or fortune, I would be the most indefatigable writer you have ever seen, without reading.
Página 18 - Tis impossible to describe what I have suffered since I saw you last ; I am sure I could have bore the rack much better than those killing, killing words of yours. Sometimes I have resolved to die without seeing you more ; but those resolves, to your misfortune, did not last long.
Página 241 - Indian scholars and missionaries, where he most exorbitantly proposeth a whole hundred pounds a year for himself, forty pounds for a fellow, and ten for a student. His heart will break, if his deanery be not taken from him, and left to your Excellency's disposal.
Página 201 - The merry vein you knew me in is sunk into a turn of reflection, that has made the world pretty indifferent to me ; and yet I have acquired a quietness of mind, which by fits improves into a certain degree of cheerfulness, enough to make me just so good-humoured as to wish that world well.
Página 137 - I have written in this kingdom a discourse to persuade the wretched people to wear their own manufactures instead of those from England. This treatise soon spread very fast, being agreeable to the...
Página 385 - Our Miscellany is now quite printed. I am prodigiously pleased with this joint volume, in which, methinks, we look like friends, side by side, serious and merry by turns, conversing interchangeably, and walking down hand in hand to posterity...
Página 283 - I dare say always will remember), Dr. Arbuthnot, is at this time ill of a very dangerous distemper, an imposthume in the bowels ; which is broke, but the event is very uncertain. Whatever that be (he bids me tell you, and I write this by him) he lives or dies your faithful friend ; and one reason he has to desire a little longer life, is the wish to see you once more.
Página 429 - IT is a perfect trouble to me to write to you, and your kind letter left for me at Mr. Gay's affected me so much, that it made me like a girL I can't tell what to say to you ; I only feel that I wish you well in every circumstance . of life...
Página 62 - But I am surprised to think your grace could talk, or act, or correspond with me for some years past ; while you must needs believe me a most false and vile man ; declaring to you on all occasions my abhorrence of the Pretender, and yet privately engaged with a ministry to bring him in ; and therefore warning me to look to myself, and prepare my defence against a false brother, coming over to discover such secrets as would hang me.

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