A Digest of the Public Acts of 1882-1883, which Affect the Public Statutes: With Decisions from Vols. 130, 131, 132, and 133, Massachusetts Reports

G.B. Reed, 1883 - 86 páginas

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Página 16 - Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island or Connecticut, whose net indebtedness does not exceed five per cent, of the last preceding valuation of the property therein for the assessment of taxes...
Página 43 - Section eight of said chapter is amended so as to read as follows: " A Corporation organized for any purpose mentioned in section two may, for the purpose of assisting the widows, orphans or other relatives of deceased members, or any persons dependent upon deceased members, provide in its by-laws for the payment by each member of a fixed sum, to be held by such association until the death of a member occurs, and then to be forthwith paid to the person or persons entitled thereto, and such fund so...
Página 21 - Public Schools. CHAPTER 46. — Of School Registers and Returns. CHAPTER 47. — Of the Attendance of Children in the Schools. CHAPTER 48. — Of the Employment of Children, and Regulations respecting them. CHAPTER 41. OF THE BOAR.D OF EDUCATION.
Página 16 - England states, issued for municipal purposes, whose net indebtedness at the time of purchase does not exceed five per cent of the last preceding valuation of the property therein for the assessment of taxes ; or in the notes of any corporation established within this commonwealth to become due in one year or less time if secured by a pledge of bonds of the United States or of this commonwealth of at least an equal value estimating them at not more than eightyfive per cent of their market value.
Página 11 - Personal estate shall, for the purposes of taxation, include goods, chattels, money, and effects, wherever they are, ships and vessels at home or abroad, money at interest, and other debts due the persons to be taxed more than they are indebted or pay interest for, but not including in such debts due any loan on mortgage of real estate, taxable as real estate, except the excess of such loan above the assessed value of the mortgaged real estate...
Página 62 - ... clerk of a court of record may issue summonses in all cases, but a justice of the peace only in civil cases, unless requested by the prosecuting officer or the party prosecuted, and in the latter case it must be expressed in the subpoena. St. 1884, c. 247, is repealed. St. 1885, c. 141. SECTS. 7, 8. The board of police commissioners are added to the bodies which may call witnesses before them, and if they do not attend, the chairman may issue a warrant. St. 1882, c. 267. Justices of the supreme...
Página 33 - SECTION 21. A child under twelve cannot be committed in default of bail, except to the custody of the state board of health, lunacy, and charity, except in cases of offences punishable by imprisonment for life, or of truancy. St. 1882, c. 127.
Página 45 - St. 1882, e. 251, § 1. SECTION 10. In lending the money, the bids may be, instead of a premium, a rate of interest not less than five per cent. St. 1882, c. 251, § 2. SECTION 16 is amended, by providing that the share of a member six months in arrears may be declared forfeited. He is then given credit for the withdrawing value of his share, and the balance is enforced against his security. St. 1882, c. 251, § 1. CHAPTER 119. OF INSURANCE COMPANIES AND INSURANCE. Provision is made for insurance...
Página 24 - ... but no notice under the provisions of this section shall be deemed to be invalid or insufficient solely by reason of any inaccuracy in stating the time, place or cause of the injury if it be shown that there was no intention to mislead and that the party entitled to notice was not in fact misled thereby.
Página 18 - The voters of any town, at a meeting legally called for the purpose, and the city council of any city, may, for the purpose of devoting a portion of the territory of such town or city to the preservation, reproduction, and culture of forest trees for the sake of the wood and timber thereon, or for the preservation of the water supply of such town or city, take or purchase any land within the limits of such town or city, may make appropriations of money for such taking or purchase, may receive donations...

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