The Relation Equation

Wipf and Stock Publishers, 11 de nov. de 2014 - 90 páginas
The Relation Equation is designed to expose both the subversively held and overtly understood nuances of relationships in order to view them through the lens of a commonly accepted formula for equity. As an author, speaker, teacher, and pastor, Stephen Rosenberger helps readers understand challenging, abstract concepts by connecting them to familiar paradigms. To varying extents, we already employ equity in its relational form, though we may never have considered retrofitting it to such an unlikely, but fitting model. By analyzing its component parts, we challenge ourselves to better understand their dependence upon, and reactivity to one another. The Relation Equation provides a substantive way to better objectify the overtly subjective process of relationship management without becoming cold and formulaic. Examining exchanges within this Relation Equation demands an inventory of internal motives and places the love of God through Christ Jesus at the center of the discussion.

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Stephen Rosenberger graduated with an MBA from Bluffton University, an MA in Theological Studies from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, and a BS from Lake Erie College. He serves as the Executive Director of Agape, Inc., and has assembled relationally relevant experience through pastoral appointments, employment at premier financial institutions, and an Adjunct Professor role within the School of Business and Leadership at Malone University in Canton, OH.

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