The History of the Siege of Manchester by the King's Forces, Under the Command of Lord Strange, 1642

author, 1822 - 107 páginas

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Página 16 - And the House of Representatives, by protestation, saving to themselves the liberty of exhibiting at any time hereafter any further articles or other accusation...
Página 7 - By the King. A Proclamation, forbidding all His Majesty's subjects belonging to the trained bands or militia of this kingdom to rise, march, muster or exercise, by virtue of any Order or Ordinance of one or both Houses of Parliament, without consent or warrant from His Majesty, upon pain of punishment according to the laws.
Página 15 - Whereas the knights, citizens and burgesses of the House of Commons in this present Parliament assembled, have, in the name of themselves and of all the Commons of England, impeached Thomas Earl of Strafford of high treason, for endeavouring to subvert the ancient and fundamental laws and government of His Majesty's realms of...
Página 16 - ... shall be so exhibited) doth for the said treasons and crimes, on the behalf of the said people of England, impeach the said Charles Stuart as a tyrant, traitor, murderer, public and implacable enemy to the commonwealth of England, and prayeth that the said Charles Stuart, king of England, may be put to answer all and every the premises ; that such proceedings, examinations, trials, sentences, and judgment, may be hereupon had, as shall be agreeable to justice ; and further prayed justice against...
Página 54 - You are to seize two parts of the estates, real and personal, of all papists, (as they are papists) and the whole estates of all other sorts of delinquents mentioned in the said ordinance, whether they be papists or others : and you are to understand by two parts of papists' estates, two of their whole lands, and two of their goods and personal estates in three to be divided.
Página 15 - Parcivall of Kirkman-Shalme in the said County of Lancaster, Lynen Webster; And did then, and there, and at divers other times and places, in like hostile manner as aforesaid, shoot, stab, hurt, and wound divers others of his Majesties good Subjects, contrary to the Lawes and Peace of this...
Página 33 - Majesty's command ; but if you shall yet continue obstinate in your disobedience, and resolve to stand it out, I will in that way proceed with all honour, by offering you a safe convoy of your women and children out of the town, so that it be done immediately.
Página 45 - ... both Houses of Parliament. 6. That the laws in force against Jesuits, priests and Popish recusants be strictly put in execution, without any toleration or dispensation to the contrary; and that some more effectual course may be enacted by authority of Parliament to disable them from making any disturbance in the State, or eluding the law by trusts or otherwise.
Página 84 - Enemies hands, than at any time I could have preserved them. But, alas, I should then have been a Manchester man, for never let an unthankfull man, and a promise-breaker, have another name.
Página 85 - ... of the chief Men of the Town, layed open the whole designe, told them how to prevent the danger, laboured night and day to get our Cannons to the Work, repaired our Mudwals, as well as time would suffer. In a word, left nothing uncared for, which was necessary to entertain an assault. But the Enemie having got some intelligence of our actions by our treacherous friends, or homebred enemies, when he had marched within one or two miles of Manchester at his appointed time, having notice of an hot...

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