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22nd JUNE.

The trumpeters in a row,

With a note as clear as a bell,

And all the flutes and the fifes below,

And the brazen throats, and the strings of fire,
To let the people know

That the Mother, the Queen, the heart's desire,
From her palace forth doth go.

Princes, form in array!

Great ye are, and greater may be;
But only guards and vassals to-day
To the Lady enshrined in duty and love;

Pacing forth on her way
In weakness of age, and in power above

All words we can sing or say.

The streets that sound like the sea
When the tumult of life is high,

Now, in a murmur of voices free,

Hum and ripple and rustle and stir,
Straining each eye to see—

To gaze and to watch and to wait for Her
Whose subjects and lovers they be.

Sons and lovers and subjects all,

The high and the low together—

From Princes that ride in the festival

To us in the crowd who but shout and gaze;
Rendering, every man and all,

Thanks to our God for her lengthened days
And the nation's festival.


Hark! whut is this which hushes the crowd?

A sound of silence amid the noise; The sweep of a pause through the plaudits loud— A moment, a stillness, a start, a stir—

The great heart of the multitude Holding its breath as it waits for Her,

One being in all the crowd.

She is coming, is coming! the Queen! the Queen!

Here is our moment in all the day.
One voice for all, and the air serene
Quivers, as if a storm blew by:

A little more, and there had been
Gates burst apart in the very sky,
To hear a whole nation shouting on high—
The Queen! the Queen! the Queen!


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