The Tübingen school [of biblical critism] and its antecedents: a review of the history and present condition of modern theology


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Página 170 - And ever against eating cares, Lap me in soft Lydian airs, Married to immortal verse Such as the meeting soul may pierce In notes, with many a winding bout Of linked sweetness long drawn out, With wanton heed, and giddy cunning, The melting voice through mazes running; Untwisting all the chains that tie The hidden soul of harmony. That Orpheus...
Página 170 - Lap me in soft Lydian airs, Married to immortal verse, Such as the meeting soul may pierce, In notes with many a winding bout Of linked sweetness long drawn out 140 With wanton heed and giddy cunning, The melting voice through mazes running, Untwisting all the chains that tie The hidden soul of harmony; That Orpheus...
Página 356 - England, it would doubtless have done the same, had it been strong enough ; but, as this was beyond its strength, an adjustment was come to between the rival powers. What neither party cared about, the ends of existing institutions, the work that was to be done by teachers and governors, was flung overboard. The wages of that work the teachers and governors did care about; and those wages were secured to them. The existing institutions in Church and State were to be preserved inviolate, in outward...
Página 41 - So far from this, the true miracle is a higher and a purer nature, coming down out of the world of untroubled harmonies into this world of ours, which so many discords have jarred and disturbed, and bringing this back again, though it be but for one mysterious prophetic moment, into harmony with that higher.
Página 366 - For otherwise the Church could by necessity receive into the ministry only men of dull minds or dull consciences ; of dull, nay almost of dishonest minds, if they can persuade themselves that they actually agree in every minute particular with any great number of human propositions ; of dull consciences, if exercising their minds freely and yet believing that the Church requires the total adhesion of the understanding, they still, for considerations of their own convenience, enter into the ministry...
Página 366 - ... is that most awful one, on which all very inquisitive reasoning minds are, I believe, most liable to such temptations — I mean the doctrine of the blessed Trinity. Do not start, my dear Coleridge ; I do not believe that Arnold has any serious scruples of the understanding about it, but it is a defect of his mind that he cannot get rid of a certain feeling of objections...
Página 161 - The -question agitated is not that of mere testimony, of its value, or of its failures. It refers to those antecedent considerations which must govern our entire view of the subject, and which being dependent on higher laws of belief, must be paramount to all attestation, or rather belong to a province distinct from it.
Página 71 - Ich weiss dass ohne mich Gott nicht ein Nun kann leben ; Werd' ich zu nicht, Er muss von Noth den Geist aufgeben.
Página 378 - I am not worthy of the least of all thy mercies, and of all the truth which thou hast showed unto thy servant : for with my staff I passed over this Jordan ; and now I am become two bands.
Página 392 - Vol. III. The Vedas : Opinions of their Authors, and of later Indian Writers, on their Origin, Inspiration, and Authority. Second Edition, revised and enlarged.

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