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12548 Utafrt'd (Win.) most trttllmt, profitable, airtf pbattant Boofe

of tlie famous Doctor and expert Astrologian Arcandam, or Alcandrin, to find every Man his Destiny, Constellation, Complexion, and natural Inclination; 12mo, woodcuts, calf extra, 7s. 6d. n. d.

12549 Warden's (J.) System of Revealed Religion ; 2 vols. 8vo,

calf gilt, scarce, I/. 10s. 1819

12550 the same. Third Edition, corrected and enlarged by

James Nichols; 8vo, cloth, 12s. 1843

"This work is exceedingly valuable as a common place book. It was recommended by Dr. Robertson the historian, and other eminent divines of the Scottish Church. The author has collected all that the Scriptures contain relating to any one article of faith or practice under each respective head, in the very words of the sacred writers, with the occasional insertion of brief notes and remarks. The work is executed with singular ability and fidelity, and is a truly valuable acquisition to the biblical student"—Harm.

12551 Warden's (D. B.) Statistical, Political, and Historical Account

of the United States of North America; 3 vols. 8vo, maps (pub. at 2l.2s.) bds. 15*. Edinburgh, 1819

12552 the same, 3 vols. 8vo, hf-bd. morocco, uncut, top edges

gilt, R7«. ib. 1819

12553 Wardrop's (James) Essay on the Morbid Anatomy of the

Human Eye ; royal 8vo, coloured plates (published at 1/. Is.) bds. 10s. Edinburgh, 1808

12554 Ware's, or Warr's (John) Privileges of the People; small

4to, 3*. (1649)

12555 Corruption and Deficiency of the Laws of England

soberly discovered ; small 4to, 4s. 1649

12556 Ware's (Sir James) Works Concerning Ireland, with Ad

ditions by Walter Harris; 2 vols, folio, plates, russia, 8/. 18s.6V£ Dublin, 1739-46

"This work, which is now become exceedingly scarce, is by far the most esteemed book we liave on Ireland."Sir Richard Coll Hoare.

12557 Antiquities and History of Ireland. To which is added,

Sir John Davies of the Cause why Ireland was never entirely subdued ; small folio, hf-bd. 15s. 1705

12258 Ware's (James) Tracts on the Eye, viz. on the Extraction of Cataract, and on the Cure of Gutta Serena, also Remarks on Epiphora, 1795.—Translation of De Wenzel's Treatise on the Cataract, 1791—Remarks on Ophthalmy, Psorophthalmy, and Purulent Eye, 1787. — Appendix and Notes to ditto, 1795.—Chirurgical Observations on Epiphora, &c. 1792.—Remarks on Fistula Lachrymalis, Haemorrhoids, and additional Remarks on Ophthalmy, 1798. In 2 vols. 8vo, very neat, 10s.

12559 Warinq's (Edward Scott) Tour to Sheeraz, by the Route of

Kazroon and Feerozobad, with various Remarks on the Manners, Customs, Laws, Language, and Literature of the Persians. To which is added a History of Persia, from the Death of Kureem Khan to the Subversion of the Znnd Dynasty; 4to, (pub. at 1/. 5s.)'bds. 14s. 1807

12560 the same, royal 4to, Large Paper (published at 1/. 16s.)

bds. 18s. 1807

"This work is chiefly confined to the manners, laws, religion, language, and literature of the Fenians; on all of which it is instructive and inte12561 Waking's (Edward Scott) History of the Mahrattas: to

which is prefixed an Historical Sketch of the Decan; 4to (published at 18s.) bds. 7#. 1810

12562 Warner's (Ferdinando, LL.D.) Ecclesiastical History of Eng

land to the xvmth Century; 2 vols, folio, uncut, 1/.4*.1759

12563 Memoirs of the Life of Sir Thomas More. To which is

added his History of Utopia, translated into English, with Notes; 8vo, neat, 8*. 1758

12564 History of the Rebellion and Civil War in Ireland; 4to,

bds. lis. Tonson, 1767

12565 (warner's) Metronariston: or a new Pleasure recommended in

a Dissertation upon a Part of Greek and Latin Prosody; 8vo, very scarce, 10s. 1797

"A curious, rational, find convincing treatise on the pronunciation of the Greek and Latin languages."—Dr. Valpy.

12566 Warner's (Richard) Letter to D. Garrick concerning a Glos

sary to Shakspeare, with a Specimen; 8vo, hf-bd. 8s. 1768

12567 Warnf.r's (Rev. Richard) Companion in a Tour round Ly

mington; 12mo, half-bound, scarce, Is.Southampton, n.d.

12568 the same, 12mo, uncut, 6s. ib. n.d.

The 6rst literary production of Mr. Warner.

12569 Hampshire, extracted from Domes-day Book, with an

accurate English Translation, a Preface, and an Introduction, containing an Account of this curious Record, a View of Anglo-Saxon History and Government, and a Glossary; 4to, neat, 12s. 1789

12570 Antiquitates Culinary, or Curious Tracts relating

to Old English Cookery, viz.—I. The Forme of Cury, a Roll of ancient English Cookery, compiled about A.d. 1390, by the Master Cooks of King Richard II.—It. Ancient Cookery, A.d. 1381, containing ninety-one English Receipts, or Nyms.—ill. Recipes in English Cookery, written in the Fourteenth Century.—iv. Ancient Receipts to preserve Fruits.—v. Inthronization Feast of George Neville, Archbishop of York, in the 6th Edward IV.— vi. Lenten Inthronization Feast of Archbishop Warham, A.d. 1504.—Chiefly printed from Manuscripts, with a Preliminary Discourse, Notes, and Illustrations.—Royal 4to, plates, hf-bd. morocco, top edges gilt, 15s. 1791

12571 An Attempt to ascertain the Situation of the ancient

Clausentum, with Proposals for compiling and publishing the History of Hampshire ; 4to, sewed, 6s. 1792

12572 Topographical Remarks relating to the South-We«ern

Parts of Hampshire: to which is added a descriptive
Poem ; 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 12s. 1793

12573 Collections for the History of Hampshire and the Bishoprick of Winchester, including the Isles of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey, and Sarke ; 6 vols. 4to, map, and numerous portraits and plates, calf neat, 4/. 4s. 1795

12574 History of the Isle of Wight; 8vo, map and plates, calf

neat, 8s. Southampton, 1795

12575 Illustrations of the Roman Antiquities discovered at

Bath; 4to, plates, bds. 7s. Bath, 1797

12576 Warner's (Rev. Richard) History of Bath; royal 4to, portrait

and plates, uncut, 21. Balk, 1801

12577 the same, royal 4to, hf-bd. mor. gilt edges, 2l.2s. ib. 1801

12578 Excursions from Bath; 8vo, bds. 6s. ib. 1801

12579 Walk through some of the Western Counties of England;

8vo, hf-bd. 5s. ib. 1800

12580 the same, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 8s. ib. 1802

12581 Tour through the Northern Counties of England and the

Bordersof Scotland; 2vols, in l,8vo, hf-bd. 8s. Bat/t,lH02

12582 Tour through Cornwall; 8vo, bds. 8s. Bath, 1809

12583 English Diatessaron: a chronological History of our

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, from the compounded
Texts of the four holy Evangelists; 8vo, bds. 8s. t'6.1819

12584 History Of The Abbey Of Glaston, and of the Town

of Glastonbury; royal 4to, 20 fine plates (cost 8/. 8s.) boards, 3/.13s.6d. Bath, 1826

Printed by subscription, and the impression limited to 250 copies.

12585 A set of the Engravings to the History of Glaston, Proofs

On India Paper, taken off in folio size, with the Author's Portrait (a private plate) 21.2s. ib. 1826

12586 Literary Recollections; 2 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 1/. 6s.) bds.

16s. 1830

12587 Warr's (Daniel) Course of Lectures, illustrative of the Pil

grim's Progress; 8vo, (pub. at 8s.) bds. 5s. 1836

12588 Warren's (Dr. Robert) Impartial Churchman; 8vo, 3s. 1728

12589 Warrington's (Rev. William) History of Wales, in nine

Books, with an Appendix ; 4to, fine copy in old calf gilt, 11. Is. 1786

12590 Warton's (Dr. Jos.) Poems ; 8vo (title-page deficient) 5s. n.d.

Dr. Parr's copy, with the following note: M Very scarce; by the father of the yery learned, and ingenious, and amiable Dr. Joseph Warton."

12591 Warton's (Thos.) History of English Poetry, from the Close

of the Eleventh to the Commencement of the xvmth Century. To which are prefixed three Dissertations :—

i. On the Origin of Romantic Fiction in Europe tt. On

the Introduction of Learning into England.—ui. On the Gesta Romanorum, 4 vols. 4to (including the Fragment of Vol. 4, with Ritson's Observations and Indices) halfbound vellum, 21. 15s. 1774-1806

12592 the same, bound in 3 vols. 4to, complete, fine copy in calf

gilt, 11. 14s. 6rf. 1774-1806

12593 the same, vol. 1 and 2, 4to, calf neat, H. 8s. 1774-78

12594 the same, vol. 4 (Fragment) 4to, bds. 7s. n.d,

12595 the same, New Edition, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, 1/.16*. 1840

12596 the same, 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 21. 8s. 1840

12597 Ritson's Observations on the first three volumes of Warton's History; 4to, uncut, scarce, 6s. 1782

12598 Life of Sir Thomas Pope, Founder of Trinity College,

Oxford; 8vo, neat, 8s. 1780

12599 Life and Literary Remains of Dean Bathurst, President

of Trinity College, Oxford; 8vo, neat, 8s. 1761

12600 History of Kiddington; 4to, 7s. 6d. 1783

12601 the same, royal 4to, Large Paper; bds. 16s. 1815

12602 Warton's (Thos.) Description of the City, Colleges and Ca

thedral of Winchester; 12mo, very neat, scarce, lQs. 6rf. Hjl

12603 Poetical Works. To which are now added Inscriptionnm

Romanarum Delectus and an Inaugural Speech as Camden
Professor of History. Together with Memoirs of his
Life and Writings; and Notes, critical and explanatory,
by Bp. Mant; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, bds. 12*. Oxford, 1802

12604 the same, 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 18*. 3>. 1802

12605 Observations on the Fairy Queen of Spenser; 2 vols. 8vo,

very neat, 10*. 1807

12606 the same, 2 vols, in 1; 8vo. calf, 9*. 1807

12607 Warton's (Joseph) Essay on the Writings and Genius of

Pope; 8vo, neat, 3*. 1756

12608 the same, Second Edition enlarged; 2 vols. 8vo, 10s. 1782

"A very pleasing book."—Dr. Johnson.

12608*warwick's (Arthur) Spare Minutes : or Resolved Meditations, and Premeditations, and Premeditated Resolutions; square 12mo, calf extra, 10*. 6d. 1822

*' An excellent Utile work."—Lotcndet.

12609 Warwick's (Sir Philip) Discourse of Government, as ex

amined by Reason, Scripture, and Law of the Land; tcitk

the suppressed Preface; 8vo, neat, 15*. 1694

With the following MS. note, transcribed from Mnlone's copj: * This book was published by Dr. Thomas Smith, the learned writer, caatxunag the Greek Church. The preface, not being agreeable to the Court at the time it was published (the fifth rear of William lit), was suppressed by authority; but is found in this and a very few other copies.

u Granger says (vol. iv. p. 06) that this preface by Dr. Smith wa prefixed to Sir Philip Warwick's Memo in of Charlet I; bnt this is a mistake. Whether Smith was the editor of the Memoirs, I know not."—E. Maknr.

12610 Warwick's (Earl of) Letter from aboard the James in the

Downs, &c. small 4to, 2s.6d. 1642

12611 Warwickshire.—Brewer's Topographical and Historical De

scription of the County of Warwick; 8vo, map and 16 engravings; bds. 10*. 1807

12612 Relation of the Earle of Northampton's surprizing the

Magazine at Banbury; and also his taking of Warwick Castle and his carrying the Magazine there; small 4 to, 2s. 6d. 1642

12613 Trial of John Donellan, Esq. for the wilful Murder of

Sir Theodosius Boughton, Bart, folio, 5*. 1781

12614 Warwick Castle, a Poem: embellished with engravings,

from drawings by Roe; 4to, 4*. Stratford-on-Avon, 1812

12615 Waterland's (Archdeacon Daniel) Work; now first collected

and arranged: with a Review of the Author's Life and Writings, by Bishop Van Mildert, and a general Index; 12 vols. 8vo, calf gilt,7/. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1823-28

12616 thesame, 12vols.royal8vo,LARGEPAPER,bds.8Z.ti.l823-28

12617 Sermons on the Divinity of Jesus Christ; 8vo, 7s.ib. 1815

12618 Sermons on several important Subjects. To which are

added two Tracts on Justification and Infant-Communion; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 7s. 1742

12619 Scripture Vindicated, in Answer to Tindal's Christianity

as old as the Creation; 3 parts in 1 vol. 8 vo, 3*.6rf. 1730-32

12620 Watkrton's (Charles) Wanderings in South America, the

North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the years 1812, 1816, 1820, and 1824. With original Instructions for the perfect Preservation of Birds, &c. 4to, plates, bds. scarce, 1 /. 5s. 1825

12621 the same, 4to, calf gilt, 1/. 8s. 1825

12622 another edition, 8vo, frontispiece, bds. 10*. 1829

12623 the same, foolscap 8vo, frontispiece, cloth, 6s. 1839

"Every page of thin book breathes such a spirit of kindness and benevolence,—of undisturbed good humour and singleness of heart,—that we know nothing to compare with it, except the little volume of that prince of piscators, the amiable Isaac Walton. His book we may safelj pronounce to be full, not of amusement only, but of curious and useful information regarding the natural history of the equinoctial regions of S. America."—Quarterly Review.

12624 Essays on Natural History; foolscap 8vo, cloth, 8s. 1838

12625 Wathen's (James) Journal of a Voyage in 1811-12 to Madras

and China; returning by the Cape of Good Hope and St Helena; 4to, 24 plates (pub. at 2/.2s.) bds, 12s. 1814

12626 the same, 4to, hf-bd. morocco, top edge gilt, 11. Is. 1814

12627 the same, 4to, with the 24 plates Finely Coloured (pub.

at 3/. 3s. unbound) russia, marbled edges, 1/. 1 Is. 6d. 1814

12628 Series of Views illustrative of the Island of St. Helena;

4to, portrait and 10 Finely Coloured Views, half-bound, 12s. 1821

12629 Watkins' (Dr. John) Characteristic Anecdotes of Men of

Learning, Natives of Great Britain and Ireland; 8vo, bds. 6s. 1808

12630 Biographical Dictionary, brought down to the end of the

Year 1828, 8vo, bds. 1/. 4s. 1829

12631 Essay towards a History of Bideford in the County of

Devon, 8vo, neat, 6s. Exeter, 1792

12632 Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of the Right

Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, with a particular Account of his Family and Connexions; 2 vols. 8vo, portraits, calf gilt, 12s. 1817

12633 Watson's (D.) History of the Gods and Goddesses, and their

Contemporaries; 12mo, neat, 2s. 1753

12634 Watson's (G.) Complete English Brewer; 12mo, neat, 3s. 1767 12634*watson's (William) "Important Considerations," or a Vindication of Queen Elizabeth from the Charge of unjust Severity towards her Roman Catholic Subjects, by Roman Catholics themselves: being important Considerations in the Name of certain Secular Priests, printed in 1601. Edited, with a Preface and Notes, by the Rev. Joseph Mendham, I2mo, cloth, 4s. 1831

12635 Watson's (Richard, Bishop of Llandaff) Two Apologies, for

Christianity and the Bible. To which are added two Sermons and a Charge in Defence of Revealed Religion, 8vo (published at 9s.) bds. 6*. 1820

12636 the same, 8vo, calf, gilt, 9s. 1820

12637 Address to the People of Great Britain, 1798.—G.

Wakefield's Reply, 1798; in 1 vol. 8vo, 3s.

12638 Apology for the Bible; 12mo, calf, neat, 4s. 1797

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