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1111 Blair's (dr. Hugh) Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres;

3 vols. 8 To, portrait, neat, 9s. 1801

1112 the same ; in 1 vol. 8vo, calf extra, 12s. Cadell, 1825

1113 Essays on Rhetoric; 12mo, calf, 2s. 1801

1114 Blair's (Dr. John) Chronology and History of the World, from

the Creation to the Year 1814; 2 vols, royal folio, the maps being in a separate volume, neat, 3/. 3s. 1754-1814

1115 the same; 2 vols, in 1, folio, fine copy, in russia, by Kal

thoeber, 3/. 13s. 6d. '1803-14

1116 the same; royal folio, half-bound, 21. 10s. 1814

1117 Blair's (Robert) The Grave, a Poem; royal 4to, portrait of

Blake and 12 beautiful Etchings from Blake's Designs, by
Schiavonetti; half-bound morocco, gilt edges, 1/. 15s. 1813

1118 Poetical Works; 12mo, 5s. 1794

1119 Blake's (Wm.) Silver Drops, or Serious Things: with Letters

concerning the Ladies' Charity School at Highgate; small 8vo, 4 plates, fine copy, in old blue morocco, 8s. n. d.

1120 Blake's (Wm.) Visions of the Daughters of Albion, with illus

trations, tinted by the Author himself; folio, li.l ls.6rf. 1793

Not mentioned by Allan Cunningham.

1121 Illustrations Of The Book Of Job ; folio, 21 beautiful

engravings, bds. 3/. 3s. 1825

1122 the same; folio, Brilliant Proofs On India Paper (pub.

at 6/. 6s.) bds. scarce, 51. 1825

"These engravings are very rare, very beautiful, aud very peculiar. They are in the earlier fashion of workmanship, and bear no resemblance whatever to the polished and graceful style which now prevails. I have never seen a tinted copy, nor am I sure that tinting would accord with the extreme simplicity of the designs, aud the mode in which they are handled. The Songe of Innocence, and these Inventions for Job, are the happiest of Blake's works, and ought to be in the portfolio of all who are lovers of nature and imagination."—Allan Cunningham.

1123 Songs Of Innocence, And Of Experience, engraved and

coloured by the Author; 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, Large Paper, morocco, gilt edges, 5/. 5s. 1789-94

"A work original and natural, and of high merit, both in poetry and painting."—Allan Cunningham.

"Blake is a real name, I assure you; and a most extraordinary man he is, if he be still living. He is the Bloke whose wild designs accompany a splendid edition of Blair's ' Grave.' He paints in water colours marvellous strange pictures—visions of his brain, which he asserts that he has seen. They have great merit I have heard of his poems, but never seen them. There is one to a tiger, which I have heard recited, beginning— "Tiger, tiger, burning bright, Through the desert* of the night; which is glorious But, alas! I have not the book, and the man is flown, whither I know not—to Hades or a mad-house—but J mutt look on him as one of the most extraordinary persons of the age"Charles Lamb.

1124 Blakiston's (Captain) Twelve Years' Military Adventures in

Three Quarters of the Globe, containing the Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington in India, in Spain, and in the South of France; 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 1/. 4s. unbound) calf extra, gilt edges, 11. Is. 1829

1125 Blanckley's (T. R.) Naval Expositor, explaining the Words

and Terms of Art belonging to Rigging, Shipping, &c.; 4to, plates, neat, 5s- 1750 1126 Bland's (Rev. R.) Edwy and Elgiva, and Sir Everard, with

other Tales and Poems; 8vo. (Gifford's Autograph) bds. 6*. 1809

1127 Four Slaves of Cythera, a Romance in 10 Cantos; 8vo,

bds. 4s.' 1809

1128 Collections from the Greek Anthology, and from the Pastoral, Elegiac, and Dramatic Poets of Greece, by the Rev. R. Bland and others; 8vo, bds. scarce, 15*. 1813

1129 Bland's (Dr. Robert) Proverbs, taken chiefly from the Adagia

of Erasmus, with Explanations and corresponding Examples from the Spanish, Italian, French, and English Languages; 2 vols, crown 8vo, bds. 12s. 1814

1130 Bland's (Rev. Dr. M.) Annotations on St. Matthew's Gospel;

8vo, bds. 14*. Cambridge, 1828

1131 Annotations on St. Mark's Gospel; 8vo, bds. 5*. ib. 1829

1132 Blane's (Wm.) Cynegetica, or Essays on Sporting, consisting

of Observations on Hare Hunting, &c. To which is added the Chace, a Poem, by W. Somerville; 8vo, frontispiece and vignette by Stothard, calf neat, 6s. 1788

1133 Blank Book of a small Colleger; 12mo. bds. 2s. 6d. 1824

1134 Blaquiebe's (E.) Statistical, Commercial, and Political De

scription of Venezuela, Trinidad, Margarita, and Tobago; 8vo, map (pub. at 15s.) bds. 10s. 6J. 1820

"Of Ibis useful and instructive volume, it is impossible to speak too highly."—Monthly Magazine.

1135 Historical Review of the Spanish Revolution, including

some Account of Religion, Manners, and Literature in Spain ; 8vo, map (pub. at 18s.) bds. 9s. 1822

1136 Blayney's (Dr. Benjamin) Zecliariah, a new Translation, with

Notes, Critical, Philological, and Explanatory: also a Dissertation on Daniel ix. 20 to the end; 4to, calf gilt, 12s. Oxford, 1797

1137 New Translation of Jeremiah and Lamentations, with

Notes, Critical, Philological, and Explanatory; 8vo, bds. 6s. Edinburgh, 1810

1138 Blioh's (Wm.) Voyage to the South Sea, including an Account

of the Mutiny on board the Bounty; royal 4to, charts, bds. 7s. '1792

Bligb's Narrative and Mariner's Tonga Islands were the sources from whence Lord Byron took the materials for his beuutiful poem, "The Island, or Christian and his Comrades."

1139 Blith's (Walter) English Improver, or a new Survey of Hus

bandry; small 4to, uncut, scarce, 10s. 1649

1140 Blizard's (Sir Wm.) Hunterian Oration, delivered 14th Feb.

1823 ; 4to, sewed, 2s. 6d. 1823

1141 Blome's (R.) Britannia: or a Chorographical Description of the

Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland; folio, maps and coats of arms, by Hollar and others, neat, 15s. 1673

1142 Blomefield's (Rev. Francis) Essay towards a Topographical

History of the County of Norfolk; 2 vols, folio, plates and pedigrees, neat, I/.5s. Fers/ield,17 39, and Norwich,17 45

These volumes contain the Hundreds of Diss, Giltcross, Shropham, the Burgh of Thetfbrd, Grimeshoe, Wayland, Forehoe, and the City of Norwich, and are all Blomefield himself published.

1143 Blomefield's (rev. Francis) And The Rev. Charles Par

Kin's History Op The County Of Norfolk; 5 vols, folio, Best Edition, map and plates, fine copy in russia, marbled edges, very scarce, 15/.

Fersfield, Norwich, and Lynn, 1739-75

1144 —:— the same, a new Edition, continued to the present Time;

11 vols, royal 4to, Large Paper, portraits and plates (pub. at 23/. 2s.) bds. 5/. 5s. 1805-10

1145 Collectanea Cantabrigiensia, or Collections relating to Cambridge Univerity, Town, and County; 4to, fine copy, in old calf neat, scarce, 16s. Norwich, 1750

1146 Blomfield's (Bp. C. J.) Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles,

and on the Gospel of St. John; 8vo, bds. 10*. 6d. 1828

1147 Sermon before the University of Cambridge: Jewish

Tradition necessary to an Interpreter of the New Testament; 8vo. sewed, 2*. 6d. Cambridge, 1817

1148 Dissertations upon the Traditional Knowledge of a promised Redeemer, which subsisted before the Advent of our Saviour; 8vo, presentation copy, bds. 6s. Camb. 1819

1149 Sermons preached in the Parish Church of St. Botolph,

Bishopsgate; 8vo, bds. 10*. 1830

1150 Manual of Family Prayers; 8vo, bds. 4s. 6d. 1840

1150* Manual of Private Devotion; 18mo, Is. 3d. 1841

1151 Chester Sermon, on Mutual Submission in the Fear of

God; 4to, 2s. Chester, 1824

1152 Charge to the Clergy of Chester at his Primary Visitation;

4to, 2s." 1825

1153 Blondel's Treatise of the Sybils, their Names, Numbers,

Verses, &c. (translated by T. Davies) small folio, neat, 5s. 1661

1154 Bloomfield's (Robert) Farmer's Boy, a rural Poem; 4to, wood

cuts by Bewick, 10s. 1800

1155 Bloomfield (Dr. S. T.) Analytical View of the Principal Plans

of Church Reform, &c.; 8vo, sewed, 3s. 6d. 1833

1156 Recensio Synoptica Annotationis Sacrae, being a Critical

Digest and Synoptical Arrangement of the most important Annotations on the New Testament, exegetical, philological, and doctrinal; in two Parts, 8 vols. 8vo, extra boards, 5/. 15s. 6d. 1826-28

"The leading feature in this work is the incorporation of the whole of the exegetical and philological annotations of WeUtein with a great quantity of biblical erudition, extracted from other valuable sources. It would be impoxMble to convey to our readers an adequate idea of the mass of information which the learned author has brought to bear upon the numerous passages which he ha* undertaken to illustrate; and we can safely say, that the inquirer will find very few of which Mr. Bloomfield has not given a complete and satisfactory exposition."—Quarterly Theological Review, Sept 18*20.

1157 Blohe's (Ed.) Monumental Antiquities of Great Britain ; with

Historical and Biographical Memoirs of Noble and Eminent Persons, whose Monuments form subjects of the Engravings, 6 parts, each containing 5 plates, finely engraved in line by Blore and Le Keux, imperial 8vo, (pub. at 3/. 155.) \l 11*. 6d. 1824-26

1158 the same; royal 4to, proof impressions on India paper

(pub. at 9/.) 21.12*. 6d. 1824-26 1159 Bloke's (Thomas) History of the Manor and Manor-House of

South Winh'eld, in Derbyshire, 4to, plates, bds. 7s. 181(5

1160 History and Antiquities of Rutlandshire, royal folio, plates,

bds. 21. 5s. .Stamford, 1811

1161 Blount (Sir Thomas Pope) do He Poetica: or, Remarks upon

Poetry; with Characters and Censures of the most considerable Poets, whether ancient or modern; small 4to, neat, 8.v. 1694

1162 Essays on Several Subjects; small 8vo, neat, 5s. 1691

"In point of learning, judgment, and freedom of thought, these essays are in no way inferior to those of the celebrated Montaigne."—Chalnwrn.

1163 Blount's (Edward) Historic of the Uniting of the Kingdom of

Portugall to the Crownc of Castill. With a Description of
Portugall, the East Indies, the Isles of Terceres, and other
Dependencies; small folio, neat, 10*. . 1600

A translation from an anonymous Italian work,which i.s usually attributed to Jerome Connestni.'io, though in reality supposed to have been written by the Count John l)e Silva.

1164 Blount's (Thomas) Fragmenta Antiquitatis, or Ancient Tenures

of Land, enlarged and corrected: and Jocular Customs of Manors, by Josiah Beckwith. Re-edited ; with considerable Additions, by Hercules Malebysse Beckwith ; royal 4to, Large Paper, calf extra, marb. edges, 2/.12s.&/. 1815

1165 Blumenbach's (J. F.) Institutions of Physiology, translated by

John Elliotson, M.D.; 8vo, (pub. at 12a.) bds. as. 1817

1166 Blundell's (Henry) Account of the Statues, Busts, Bass-Re

lieves, Cinerary Urns, and other Ancient Marbles and Paintings at Inee; 4to, bds. '21. Liverpool, M'-Creery, 1803

Privately printed, and very scarce.

1167 filuifOtbtllt'S (Cfyog.) Briefe Description of Universal Mappes

and Cardcs, and of their Use, and also the Use of Ptholemey his Tables ; small 4to, fine clean copy, hf.-bd. scarce, 10s. Printed by R. Ward for T. Cadman,l589

1168 Blunt's (Rev. Henry) Lectures on the History of Abraham;

12mo, boards, 5.5. 1836

1169 —— Lectures on the History of Jacob; 12mo, bds. 4s. 1836

1170 Lectures on the History of Elisha; 12mo, bds. 5s. 1839

1171 Lectures on the History of Christ; 3 vols. 12mo, boards,

15s. 1834-36 Lectures on the History of St. Peter; 12mo, bds. 4s. 1833 Lectures on the History of St. Paul; 2 vols. 12mo, boards, 10s.' 1833

1174 Sermons Preached at Trinity Church, Chelsea; 12mo,

boards, 6s. 1837

1175 Discourses on the 39 Articles; 12mo, bds. 5s. 1835

1176 Exposition of the Epistles to the Seven Churches; 12mo,

boards, os. 1838

1177 Exposition of Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus; 2 vols.

12mo. bds. 12s. 1841-42

1178 Blunt's (Rev. J. J.) Veracity of the Five Books of Moses;

small 8vo, boards, 5s. 1830

1179 Veracity of the Old Testament; small 8vo, bds. 6s. 1832

1180 Veracity of the Gospels and Acts; small 8vo, bds. 5s. 1829

1181 Establishment of the Jews in England; 8 vo, bds. 6s. 1830

1182 Blcnt's (Rev. J.J.) History of the Reformation in England;

small 8vo, boards, 5*. 1832

1183 Hulsean Lectures for 1831 and 1832 ; 2 vols, small 8vo,

boards, 12*. 1832-33

1184 Sermons Preached at Cambridge in 1836; small 8vo,

boards, 6s. " 1836

1184* Vestiges of ancient Manners and Customs discoverable in

modern Italy and Sicily; 8 vo, boards, 10s. 1823

1183 Bldnt's (Gregory) Letters to Granville Sharpe on the Greek Article; 8vo, 5s. 1803

1186 Boaden's (James) Inquiry into the Authenticity of various Pic

tures and Prints of Shakspeare ; 8vo, with 5 fine portraits, boards, 7s. 1824

1187 The same; 4to, proofs on India paper (pub. at 11. 11s. 6d.)

boards, 14*. 1824

1188 Memoirs of the Life of J. P. Kemble, Esq., including a

History of the Stage from the Time of Garrick to the present Period ; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait (pub. at 11. 8s.) boards, 14s. 1825

1189 The same ; 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 1/. Is. 1825

1190 Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons, interspersed with Anecdotes of

Authors and Actors ; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait (pub. at 1/ 8s.) boards, 14s. 1827

1191 The same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 1/. Is. 1827

1192 Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald, including her Familiar Correspondence. To which are added 'The Massacre,' and 'A Case of Conscience,' now first published from her Autograph Copies; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait (pub. at li. 8s.) boards, 14s. 1833

1193 The same; 2 vols 8vo, calf extra, 1/. Is. 1833

1194 Life of Mrs. Jordan, including original Private Correspondence, and Numerous Anecdotes of her Contemporaries; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait (pub. at 1/. 8s.) boards, 14s. 1831

1195 The same; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, calf extra, 1/. Is. 1831

1196 Boafetuau'a (Stter) Chtatrr, or the Rule of "World. Englished

by John Alday; 12mo, neat, scarce, 12s.

Imprinted by Thomas East for John Wyght, 1581

Dedicated to "my Lord James of Beton, Archbishop of Gla^co."

1197 Boase's (Dr. H. S.) Treatise on Primary Geology; 8vo, (pub.

at 12s.) boards, 5s. 1834

1198 Boat's (Dr. Arnold) Remonstrance of the Proceedings of our

Army in Ireland; small 4to, 2s. 6d. 1642

1199 Boate and Molyneux's Natural History of Ireland; small 4to,

plates, neat, 12s. Dublin, 1726

1200 the same ; small 4to, (part of title cut off) neat, 8s. ib. 1740

This work contains likewise a discourse on the Danish Mounts, Forts, and Round Towers of Ireland, written by Thos. Molyneux, M.D.

1201 Boccacio's Decameron, or Ten Days Entertainment, (translated

from the Italian); 8vo, neat, 7s. 6d. 1741

1202 Decameron, with Remarks on his Life and Writings by

Dubois; 2 vols, royal 8vo, Large Paper, bds. 15s. 1804

1203 the same; in 1 vol. 8vo, portrait, boards, 12s. 1820

1204 Decameron, 4 vols. 18mo, (pub. at 18s.) bds. 8s. 1822

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