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1034 Bigland's (John) Letters on the Modern History and Political

Aspect of Europe; 8vo, boards, 4s. 1804

1035 Reflections on the Resurrec tion and Ascension of Christ;

8vo, sewed, Is. 6d. 1803

1036 Essays on various Subjects; 2 vols. 8vo, boards, 7s. 1805

1037 History of Spain from the earliest Period to the close of

the year 1809; 2 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 1/. 4s.) bds. 8s. 1810

1038 System of Geography and History, or a complete Delineation of the Natural and Artificial Features of each Country, and a succinct Narrative of the Origin of the different Nations, their Political Revolutions, Literature, &c. &c. ; 5 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 3/. 13s.6rf.) bds. l/.5s. 1812

"In these volumes, Mr. Bigland exhibits ft very pleasing picture of tlie past and the present state of mankind, of their progress in civilization and arts, with portions of their topographical, their civil and military history, so judiciously combined, as to constitute u very edifying and amusing work. It may be perused with great advantage by juvenile students who wish for a general view of the present and the past state of man in all parts of the world, before they enter on the detailed investigation of particular portions of the globe; nor will it be unacceptable to those who are more advanced in life, and w ho wish to renew their former recollections, and to retrace the historical path which they have before trod."—Critical Revieiv.

1039 History of England from the earliest Period to the close

of the year 1812 ; 2 thick vols. 8vo, (pub. at 1/. 12s. bds.) calf extra, marbled edges, 1/. 4s. 1813

1040 Billingsley's (John) Agricultural Survey of Somersetshire;

8vo, map, half-bound, 4s. Bath, 1798

1041 Ringham's (Joseph) Whole Works, including the Antiquities

of the Christian Church. A new Edition, with the Passages quoted in the original Languages at length now first added, and a Riographical Account of the Author; 9 vols. 8vo, boards, 4/. 4s. 1840

1042 the same ; 9 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 5/. 15s. 6d. 1840

1043 The French Churches' Apology for the Church of England; 8vo, neat, 3s. 6d. 170(1

1044 Ringham's (Rev. George) Dissertations (on the Apocalypse),

Essays, and Sermons, with Life by his Son ; 2 vols. 8vo, boards, 8s. ' 1804

1045 Ringham's (Rev. R.) Trials for Arson; 8vo, boards, 2s-. 1811

1046 Bingley's (Rev. William) Animal Biography, or Popular Zoo

logy, comprising authentic Anecdotes of the Animal Creation ; 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 4s. 1813 1046* the same; 4 vols. 12mo, bds. 16s. 1829

This w ork has been pronounced by various critics to be one of the most entertaining books in the English language.

1047 Memoirs of British Quadrupeds, illustrative principally of

their Habits of Life, Instincts, Sagacity, and Uses 'to Mankind ; royal 8vo, Large Paper, numerous coloured plates by Howitt (pub. at 21. 10s.) boards, 1/. 4s. 1809

1048 the same; royal 8vo, Large Paper, coloured plates, calf

extra, 11. 8s. 1809

1049 the same ; 2 vols, imperial 8vo, Largest Paper, coloured

plates (pub. at 31. 13s. 6rf.) boards, 1/. 10s. 1809

1050 the same ; 2 vols, in 1, imperial 8vo, coloured plates, halfbound morocco, uncut, gilt top edges, 21. 1809 1051 Biographia Britannica, or Lives of the most Eminent Persons

who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland from the earliest Ages to the present Time; 7 vols, folio, in old binding, 6/. 6s. 1747-66

1052 Bioghaphia Britannica, or Lives of the most Eminent Persons

of Great Britain and Ireland. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged by Dr. Andrew Kippis; 5 vols, folio, containing A—Fastolf (all that was published) uncut, 1/. 15s. 1778-93

1053 Biographia Dramatica, or a Companion to the Playhouse,

containing Memoirs and Anecdotes of British and Irish Dramatic Writers and Actors, with an Alphabetical Account of their Works, and the Dates when printed, also an introductory View of the Rise and Progress of the British Stage, by David Erskine Baker and Isaac Reed; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 8*. 1782

1054 Biographia Dramatica, by D. E. Baker. New Edition, con

tinued from the year 1764 to to 1782, by Isaac Reed, and brought down to the end of November 1811 by Stephen Jones; 3 vols, in 4, 8vo, boards, 16*. 1812

1055 the same ; 4 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 8s. 1812

1055*biographical Dictionary, projected and partly arranged by

the late Rev. Hugh James Rose, and now edited from the Papers of various Contributors, Vol. I-iv; 8vo, cloth, each 16*. 1840-42

To be completed in Twelve Volumes.

1056 Biographical Dictionary, published under the direction of the

Useful Knowledge Society, Vol. I. Parti ; 8vo, 12s. 1842 1056*biographical Dictionary of Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland (by W. Upcott); 8vo, uncut, 8s. 1816

1057 the same; 8vo, interleaved with a few Additions in MS.

half-bound, 10s. 1816

1058 Biographical Sketches of Eminent Persons, whose Portraits

form part of the Duke of Dorset's Collection at Knole, with a brief Description of the Place ; 8vo, 2 views, bds. 5s. 1795

1059 Biographical Anecdotes of the Founders of the French Re

public; 12mo, half-bound, 3s. Dublin,1797

1060 Biographical Mirrour, comprising a Series of ancient and

modern English Portraits of eminent and distinguished Persons, from original Pictures and Drawings, with some Account of their Lives and Works (byJ.andE. Harding); 3 vols. 4to, 126 fine portraits, calf neat, 21, 2s. 1795-1802

1061 Biographical Magazine, or complete Historical Library;

2 vols, in 1, 4to, many portraits, neat, 1/. 5s. 1776

The title of this work does not convey an accurate idea of its contents. It is entirely devoted to lives of celebrated persons bom in Great Britain and Ireland, arranged in alphabetical order.

1062 Biographie Moderne. Lives of remarkable Characters, who

have distinguished themselves from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the present Time ; 3 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 1/. lis. 6d.) boards, 12s. 1811

1063 Birch's (Wm.) Delices de la Grande Bretagne; Picturesque

Views in Great Britain, with Descriptions ; oblong 4to, Proof Impressions of the 36 fine engravings, green morocco, gilt edges, 1/. lis. 6d. 1788-91

1064 Birch's (thomas) General Dictionary, Historical And Critical, in which a new Translation of Bayle is included, with Reflections on those Passages which seem to favour Scepticism and the Manichee System, by J..P. Bernard, T. Birch, J. Lockman, and other Hands; 10 vols, folio, neat, in old calf, 11. Is. 1734-41

106.5 Lives and Characters of illustrious Persons; 2 vols, in 1,

folio, no portraits, uncut, Xs. 1747

1066 Life of Archbishop Tillotson; 8vo, uncut, 7s. 1753

1067 History of the Royal Society of London, in which those

Papers communicated to the Society, which have hitherto not been published, are inserted as a Supplement to the Philosophical Transactions; 4 vols. 4to, fine copy in russia, marbled edges, 11. 8s. 1756-57

1068 Historical View of the Negotiations between the Courts

of England, France, and Brussels, from 1592 to 1617, extracted chiefly from the MS. State Papers of Sir Thomas Edmondes and A. Bacon, Brother to the Lord Chancellor. To which is added a Relation of the State of France, with the Characters of Henry IV and his Court, by Sir George Carew; 8vo, neat, 9s. 1749

1069 Birch's (Rev. Samuel) Two Sermons before the Lord Mayor

(Birch); 4to, 2s. 6d. 1815

1070 Birkbec K's (Morris) Notes on a Journey through France from

Dieppe through Paris and Lyons to the Pyrennees, and back through Toulouse ; 8vo, half-bound, 3s. 1814

1071 Notes on a Journey from the Coast of Virginia to Illinois;

8vo, map, boards, 3s. 1818

1072 Letters from Illinois ; 8vo, boards, 3s. 1818

1073 Biscoe's (Richard) Boyle Lectures: the History of the Acts of

the Holy Apostles, confirmed from other Authors, and considered as full Evidence of the Truth of Christianity; 8vo, calf extra, 12s. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1829

1074 Bishops. A modest Apology for the suspended Bishops, by a

Gentleman of the Grand Jury of Gloucester; small 4to, 2s. 6d. " 1690

1075 Answer to this quodlibetical Question, Whether the

Bishops be a fundamental and essential Part of the English Parliament? small 4to, 3s. 1661

1076 Discourse of the Peerage and Jurisdiction of the Lords

Spiritual, 1679. The Honour of the Lords Spiritual Asserted, 1679. The Clergy Vindicated, 1679. Discourse concerning the Illegality of the late Ecclesiastical Commission, 1689 ; 4 Tracts, folio, 8s.

1077 Bisset's (Lieut. Charles) Theory and Construction of Fortifica

tion ; 4to, 15 plates, neat, 7s. 1751

1078 Bisset's (Dr. Robert) History of the Reign of George III.

Second Edition, completed to the Death of the King; 6 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 3/. 3s.) boards, U. 10s. 1820

1079 Sketch of Democracy ; 8vo, boards, 2s. 6d. 1796

1080 Life of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, comprehending

an impartial Account of his Literary and Political Efforts, &c. ; 8vo, portrait, boards, 5s. 1798 1081 Black's (John) Life of Torquato Tasso, with a critical and

historical Account of his Writings ; 2 vols. 4to, fine portrait by Raimbach (pub. at 3/. 3s.)t>oards, 1/. 4s. 1810

1082 the same; 2 vols, in 1, 4to, calf gilt, 1/. 10s. 1810

"English literature is much enriched by this very valuable and elaborate account of the life of Tasso. The reader will here receive ample satisfaction as to the disputed parts of Tasso's eventful history, and many illustrations of the times in which he lived, and of the lives of his contemporaries, the relative state of literary history, and, indeed, will find an assemblage of every kind of evidence that can be expected to throw light on the genius of this truly great poet."—Chalmers.

1083 Black's (Dr.) Observations on the Hypothesis that the Evan

gelists made use of written Documents in the Composition of their Gospels; 8vo, sewed, 4s. 1815

1084 Palasoromaica, or Historical and Philological Disquisitions,

inquiring whether the Hellenistic Style is not LatinGreek? whether the many new Words in the Elzevir Greek Testaments are not formed from the Latin? and whether the Hypothesis is that the Greek Text of many MSS. is a Re-translation from the Latin seems not to elucidate numerous Passages, &c.? 8vo, calf gilt, scarce, 1/. Is. "1822

1085 Blackall's (Bp. Ofspring) Works; 2 vols, folio, portrait by

Vertue, very neat, 1/. 1*. 1723

1086 Black Box (Taxae Cancellarise) of Roome opened; small 4to,

curious woodcut, sewed, 8s. 1641

A bitter satire against the Jesuits.

1087 Blackburne's (Archdeacon Francis) Theological and Miscella

neous Works', with Life; 7 vols. 8vo, portrait (published at 21. 12s. 6d.) bds. 1/. Is. Cambridge, 1804

1088 Blackek's (Lieut.-Col. Valentine) Memoir of the Operations of

the British Army in India, during the Mahratta War of 1817-19, with maps and plans in a separate volume; 2 vols. 4to, (pub. at 4/. 14s. 67/.) bds. II. 10s. 1821

1089 Blacklock's (Thomas) Poems, and Essay on the Immortality

of the Soul, with Life by Spence; 4to, Large Paper, very neat, 8s. Dodsley, 1756

1090 BlackMore's (Sir R.) Creation, a Philosophical Poem; 8vo.

neat, 3*. 1712

"This work was undertaken with so good an intention, and executed with so great a mastery, that it deserves to be looked upon as one of the most useful and noble productions in our English verse."—Addison.

1091 Blackstone's (Sir Wm.) Commentaries on the Laws of Eng

land ; 4 vols. 4to, Firstedition, uncut, 11. 0xford,1765-69

1092 Commentaries on the Laws of England, with Notes by

J. T. Coleridge; 4 vols. 8vo, bds. 21. 8s. 1825

1093 Commentaries on the Laws of England, with copious

Notes, by Christian Lord Redesdale, Lee, Hovenden, and
Ryland; 4 vols. 8vo, bds. 3/. 10s. 1829

1094 Discourse on the Study of the Law; 4to, 2s. Oxford,\758

1095 Biographical History of Sir W. Blackstone, and a Catalogue of his Works: with a Nomenclature of WestminsterHall ; 8vorneat, 4s. 1782 1096 Blackwall's (A.) Introduction to the Classics, with a List of

Editions; 12mo, bds. 2s. 6d. 1809

1097 The Sacred Classics Defended and Illustrated; 2 vols. 8vo,

portrait by Vertue, neat, 10s. 1727-31

"A must useful work."—Archdeacon Todd.

1098 Blackwell's (Thomas) Enquiry into the Life and Writings of

Homer ; 8vo, portrait, bds. 5s. 1735

"By Blackwell of Aberdeen, or rather by liishop Berkley. A fine though sometimes fanciful effort of genius ami learning.'—Gibbon.

1099 Letters concerning Mythology; 8vo, neat, 4s. 1748

1100 Blackwell's (Elizabeth) Seventy-two Drawings of English

Plants, highly, but accurately finished in Colours; 4to, 27.8s.
From Lord Bute's Collection.

1101 Blackwell's (Thomas) Memoirs of the Court of Augustus;

3 vols. 4to, Large Paper, illustrated with 25 heads, engraved by Strange (pub. at 4/.4s.) calf, l/.lls.6(/. 1760-63

Iu the Literary Magazine, Dr. Johnson reviewed! this work in liis usual caustic style. Still, with all his bitterness, he is compelled n> acknowledge "that it is the work of a man of letters, that it is full of events displayed with accuracy, and related with vivacity; and that it is sufficiently entertaining to invite readers."

1102 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, from its Commencement

in April 1817 to December 1841 inclusive; 50 vols. 8vo, half-bound russia, 25/. Edinburgh, 1817-41

1103 No. 146 and 180, Is. each.

1 103*blackwood's Standard Novels, 12uio,eloth, each 6s.t6.1841-42

The following Volume* are already published:
I. Annals of the Parish, and Ayr-
shire legatees, by Gait
II. Sir Andrew Wylie, by Gait
in. Tom Cringle's Log, by Scott
iv. The Provost, the Steam-Boat,
and the Omen, by Gait

1104 Blag Don's (F. W.) New Dictionary of Classical Quotations,

with Corresponding Paraphrases or Translations, by British Poets; foolscap 8vo, (pub. at 9s.) bds. 6s. 1820 1104*blaine's (D. P.) Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports; 8vo, nearly 600 woodcuts by II. Bramston, cloth, 21. 8s. 1841

1105 Blainville's ( Travels through Holland, Germany, Swit

zerland, but especially Italy: translated from the Author's unpublished MS. by Dr. Turnbull, Mr. Guthrie, and Mr. Lockman; 3 vols. 4to, maps and numerous plates, including Canaletti's Views of Venice, fine copy in old russia, 1/. 4s. "1767

These travels are praised by Dr. Johnson.—See BotwelVf Life.

1106 Blair's (Dr. Hugh) Sermons, with Life of the Author, by J.

Finlayson; 5 vols. 8vo, genuine Edition, large letter, dark calf extra, marbled edges, 1/. 15s. 1818

1107 the same, with Life by Finlayson; 3 vols. 8vo, portrait,

genuine Edition, finely printed (pub. l/.ls.) bds. 15s. 1822

1108 the same; 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 7s. 1822

1109 the same; complete in 1 vol. 8vo, new genuine Edition,

bds. 9s. Cadell, 1827

1110 the same; 8vo, new and neat, in calf gilt, 12s. ib. 1827

v. Cyril Thornton, by Hamilton vi. Entail, by Gait vil. Valerius, a Roman Story viir. Cruise of the Midge, by Scott IX. Pen Owen

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