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960 Bernoulli's (James) Doctrine of Permutations and Combina

tions, being an Essential and Fundamental Part of the Doctrine of Chances: translated and published, together with some other useful Mathematical Tracts, by Baron Maseres; royal 8vo. (pub. at 1/. Is.) bds. 7s. 1795

961 Berriman's (John) Eight Sermons at Lady Moyer's Lecture, on

1 Tim. iii. 16; 8vo, neat, 5*." 1741

962 Berry's (Wm.) History of the Island of Guernsey, and of the

neighbouring Islands of Alderney, Serk, and Jersey; 4to, map and 30 plates (published at 3/. 3s.) bds. 12*. 1815

963 Berry's (Wm.) County Genealogies : Pedigrees of the Families

in the Counties of Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire; 3 vols, folio (published at 18/. 18s.) bds. 3/. 10s. 1830-33

964 JStrtholonuug (©lanbtl) Vt -Proprictattbusf 3&erum, translated into

Englishe by John Trevisa; fol. fine copy, in calf, gilt edges, from the Roxburghe Library, 21. \2s.Qd. T.Berthelet, 1535

Bartholomew Glanvil, au English Minorite or Franciscan, of the family of the Earls of Suffolk, was the author of this ' General History of Nature,' formerly so popular as to have been translated into every language. "It is a most marvellous compound of weakness and wisdom, of gossiping and instruction." Speaking of this edition, Dr. Dibdin observes (Amct, vol. iii. p. 291): "Perhaps this work may be the chefd'o?uvre of Berthelet's press. It is not very rare; but from the scarcity of Wynken de Worde's edition, and the intrinsic value of the work, this second impression brings rather a considerable price."

965 Bertolacci's (A.) View of the Agricultural, Commercial, and

Financial Interests of Ceylon : with an Appendix, containing some of the principal Laws and Customs of the Candians, &c.; 8vo. (pub. at 18s. in bds.) calf gilt, 10s. 1817

966 Betagh's (Wm.) Voyage round the World; 8vo, neat, 5s. 1728

967 Betham's (Sir Wm.) Historical and Genealogical Memoir of the

Family of Fleming of Slane, in the County of Meath; folio, privately printed, 10s. Dublin, 1829

968 Beveridge's (Bp. William) Works ; 2 vols, folio, best edition,

portrait by Van der Gucht, calf gilt, 3/. 1729

969 Works, with a Memoir of the Author, and a critical Examination of his Writings, by the Rev. Thomas Hartwell Home ; 9 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 61. 6s. 1824

970 Discourse upon the xxxix Articles; 2 Parts in 1 vol. 8vo,

First Complete Edition, boards, 12s. Oxford, 1840

971 Private Thoughts upon Religion, and upon a Christian

Life; 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, calf gilt, 5*. 1743

972 Private Thoughts; 12mo, neat, 2s. 1767

973 Sermons selected and abridged from his Works ; 2 vols.

8vo, calf gilt, 18s. 1822

974 Thesaurus Theologicus, or a complete System of Divinity;

4 vols. 8vo, portrait, neat, 12s. 1710-11

975 Beverley's (R.) History of Virginia; 8vo, plates, neat, 6s. 1705

976 Beverley's (T.) Solemn Persuasion to most earnest Prayer, a

Sermon on the Queen's Death; 4to, 2s. 1695

977 Bewick's (thomas) Works, viz.—History of Birds and Quad

rupeds—Fables of ^Esop and others—and Select Fables;

5 vols. 8vo, numerous beautiful woodcuts, 4/. 4s. 1820-26

978 the same ; 5 vols. roy. 8vo, Large Paper, 57.15s.6rf. 1820-26 979 Bewick's (Thomas) General History of Quadrupeds; 8vo, nume

rous fine woodcuts, boards, 18s. Newcastle, 1824

980 the same; royal 8vo, Large Paper, boards, 1/. 10s.ib. 1824

981 Quadrupeds, a complete set of the woodcuts, proofs on

India paper, rare, 21. 2s. ib. 1824

982 History of British Birds (with the Supplement incorporated, and several additional Figures); 2 vols. 8vo, numerous beautiful woodcuts, boards, 1/. 14s. Newcastle, 1826

983 the same ; 2 vols, royal 8vo, Large Paper, 21. 2s. ib. 1826

984 Fables of iEsop and others ; 8vo, numerous fine woodcuts,

boards, 16s ib. 1823

985 Another copy, royal 8vo, Large Paper, bds. 1/. Is. ib. 1823

986 the same; royal 8vo, Large Paper, a Subscription Copy,

with Bewick's Receipt, boards, 1/. 4s. ib. 1823

987 Bewick's (T. and J.) Select Fables, accompanied by a Memoir,

and a descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs. Bewick; royal 8vo, Large Paper, with 5 portraits and upwards of 300 beautiful woodcut engravings, early impressions, boards, 1Z. Is. ib. 1820

988 Bewsher'scw.r.) Sermon on the Church in Danger, 8vo. Is. 1830

989 Ht%a'A (S.) (Question^ anH Shitftotrcl concerning the Sacraments,

translated by John Field, Printed by T. IVoodcocke, 1580; 9 Cafalt collected of the Yeares of our Lord God, and of the Yeares of the Kings of Englande, from the first Yeare of Wyllyani Conqueror, Printed by J. Waley, 1576; in 1 vol. 12mo, fine copies, neat, 1/.

On the title-page of the latter work is the autograph of Thos. Heamc; and the following note in his handwriting: "this very useful book is scarce"

989*J$t'bIt (it (EngliShe, containing the Olde and New Testament;

folio woodcuts, fine and perfect copy of Arciibishop CranMer's Translation, blue morocco, gilt edges, Extremely Rare, 31/. 10s. Edwarde Wltytchurche, 1553

990 Bible (holy) commonly called the J3mtf)eg SJibU; 4to, good

copy in old binding, 11. 8s. R. Barker, 1610

991 Bible, containing the Old and New Testament; 12mo, russia,

gilt edges, 12s. Cambridge, Roger Daniel, 1618

992 Bible, containing the Old Testament and the New, Edinburgh,

1684; Psalms of David in Metre, J'6.1682;—in 1 vol. 8vo, 6s. 992*bible, containing Old and New Testament; 8vo, calf, 4s. ib. 1684

993 Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with Marginal

Notes and References, together with Jackson's Concordance, and Sternhold and Hopkins' Psalms; 4to, very slightly wormed, else a fine copy, in old blue morocco, gilt edges, 1/. 10s. Cambridge, Field, 1668

The edition of Sternhold and Hopkins is that of 16(16, which varies considerably from the later editions. The following examples will be sufficient to prove the superiority of the older:

IV i. The man is blest that hath not bent The man is blest that has not lent
To wicked reade liis ear, &c. To wicked men his ear, &c.

cxvi. I to the Lord will pay the vows I to the Ix>rd will pay my vows

That I have him behight, &c. "With joy and great delight, Sec.

994 Bible, containing the Old and New Testament, with most profit

able Annotations on all the hard Places, and other Things of great Importance ; folio, vellum, 1/. Is. Amsterdam, 1672

995 Bible (holy). Canne's Edition, with Marginal Notes; 12mo, blue

morocco, gilt edges, 14s. Charles Bill, 1698 996 Bible (holt). Baskett's Splendid Edition, commonly called

The Vinegar Bible; 2 vols, royal folio, Large Paper, with the large Vignettes (which are not in the small paper copies) ruled with red lines, a beautiful copy in old English blue morocco, gilt edges, the sides richly tooled, 14/. 1717

Large-paper copies of this inngnilicent edition are so scarce, that Dr. Dibdin and other bibliographers have doubted their existence. They are, however, easily distinguished by the Large Vignettes, which, in the sinull paper copies, are replaced by fleurons. From the parable of the vineyard being by mistake printed ' Parable Of The Vinegar,' this edition has obtained its mime.

997 Bible (holy) 12mq, uncut, a scarce Edition, 10s. Altona, 1730

998 Bible (holy) with a Commentary and Practical Improvements

by William Dodd, M.A.; 3 vols, folio, portrait, fine copy, in old calf gilt, with joints, &c. 5/. 1765-70

In this compilation are inserted the notes and collections of Locke, Waterland, the Earl of Clarendon, and other learned persons. Dr. Adam Clarke has pronounced this work, "on the whole, by far the best comment that has yet appeared in the English language."

999 Bible, containing the Old and New Testament; 12rao, Pasham's

Edition, with the Notes, title-page supplied in MS. else fine copy in old red morocco, gilt edges, 1/. Is. 1776

1000 Bible (Holy) containing the Old and New Testament and

Apocrypha, printed from the First Edition (compared with others) of the present Translation, with Notes by Thomas Wilson, D.D., Bp. of SodorandMan, and various Renderings collected from other Translations by the Rev. Clement Cruttwell, the Editor; 3 vols, royal 4to, old russia, gilt edges, 21. Bath, 1785

1001 Bible, containing the ^Old and New Testament, and also the

Apocrypha, with Annotations ; 4to, with Engravings from Designs by celebrated Masters, fine copy in old blue morocco, gilt edges, 21.16s. Birmingham, 1788

1002 Bible (holy) faithfully translated from corrected Texts of the

Originals, with various Readings, explanatory Notes, and critical Remarks on the Pentateuch by Alexander Geddes; 3 vols, royal 4to, boards, 1/. As." 1792-1800

1003 the same; 3 vols. roy. 4to, hf-bd. russia, l/.lOs. 1792-1800

1004 Bible (holy) containing the Old and New Testament, orna

mented with Engravings by James Fittler, from celebrated Pictures by Old Masters; 2 vols, crown 8vo, first impressions of the Plates, red morocco, joints, gilt edges, two Scripture pictures painted on the edges, 21. 1794-95

1005 Bible And Testament, with Fittler's Engravings from Pic

tures by Old Masters ; 3 vols. roy. 8vo, russia, 11.16s. J 795

1006 Bible, containing the Old and New Testament; 2 vols, royal 4to,

Heptin8tall's superb Edition, with Engravings; 3/.3s. 1795

1007 Bible, containing the Old and New Testament, with Apo

crypha; Large Letter, 3 vols, in 2, 4to, thick paper, russia extra, gilt edges, 21. 12s.6d. J.Parsons, 1795

1007*bible, Testament and Apocrypha; 7 vols, royal folio, Macklin's Splendid Edition, with Engravings (pub. at 92/. 8s. unbound) blue morocco, gilt edges, 30/. 1800-16

1008 Bible (holy) newly translated from the original Hebrew, with

Notes critical and explanatory, by John Bellamy; 3 parts, containing the Pentateuch (all published) royal 4to, Large Paper (pub. at 3/. 3s.), boards, 15s. 1818-20 1009 Bible (holy) with Notes explanatory and practical, taken prin

cipally from the most eminent Writers of the Church of England, by Dr. D'Oyly and Bishop Mant; 3 vols. 4to, plates, calf extra, gilt edges, 51. 15s. 6d. Oxford, 1826

1010 the same, with the Book of Common Prayer ; 4 vols. 4to,

calf extra, gilt edges, 71.17s. 6d. ib. 1826

1011 Bible, containing theOld and New Testament; 12mo, 4s. i£.1829

1012 Bible. The Pictorial Bible, being the Old and New Testa

ments according to the authorised Version, with original Notes, and Illustrated With Many Hundred Woodcuts, representing the Historical Events, after the most celebrated Pictures, the Landscape Scenes from original Drawings or from authentic Engravings, and the Subjects of Natural History, of Costume, and of Antiquities, from the best Sources ; 28 parts, forming 3 vols, super-royal 8vo, 21.12s. 6rf. 1836-38

1013 the same; 3 vols, super-royal 8vo, blue morocco, flexible

backs, gilt edges, 4/. 4s. 1836-38

1013* the same; 4 vols, royal 4to, numerous woodcuts (pub. at

4/. 14s. (id.) cloth, 3/. 3s. 1838-39

1014 Bible, containing the Old and New Testament, with Explana

tory Notes, Practical Observations, and copious Marginal References, by the Rev. T. Scott; 6 vols. 4to, 6/.6s. 1839

1015 Bible-plates. A Series of 30 Engravings on Wood, to illus

trate the Sacred Writings, witli a concise Account of the Art; 4to, proofs on India paper, boards, 10s. 1811

1016 Pictures of the Old and New Testaments, withDescriptions

in English and French; 4to, 150 plates, neat, \l. Amst.n.d.

1017 Bible History; 12mo, 120 cuts, 4s. 1734

1018 Bibliotheca ToroGRAPiucA Bhitannica (A Collection of

Tracts on the Topography of Great Britain, edited by John Nichols), 52 Nos. in 8 vols. 1780-90; MiscelLaneous Antiquities, in Continuation of the Bibliotheca Topographica, 2 vols, 1791-97 ; together 10 vols. 4to, plates, Quite Complete, fine copy in russia, 63/.

1019 the same, No. i to xxxi in 6 vols.4to,russia,12/.12s.l780-85

1020 the same, containing the Nos. relative to Leicestershire

(Nos. vn. Xliii. L. and Li.) bound in 2 vols. 4to, plates, calf neat, 3/. 3s. 1782-90

From the library of the lute Mr. Justice Vaughan.

1021 Bibliotheca Topographica.—The following Numbers may be

had separately:

No. i. Queries for illustrating the Antiquities of Great Britain, and History of Tunstall in Kent, by E. Rowe Mores; 4to, pedigree and 6 plates, sewed, 12». 1780 ii. Reliquiee Galeanrc, or Miscellaneous Pieces by Roger and Samuel Gale, including their Correspondence with their learned Contemporaries; 4to, pedigree and 2 plates, sewed, 10*. 1781 ill. History of Aberdeen, by W. Orem; 4to, folding plan, sd. 15*. 1782 It. Memoirs of Sir John Hawkwood; 4to, with Plate of his Monument at Sible Hedinghcm, Essex; sewed, 6*. 1782 vn. History and Antiquities of Hinckley, by J. Nichols; 4to, 10«. 1783 Viii. History and Antiquities of Puddington, Luton, and Dunstable, Bedfordshire; Jto, plates, H. It. 1783 Xiii. Account of the Parish of Great Coxwell, Berkshire; 4to, 10.«. 1783 xxi. Pegge*s Account of Eccleshal Manor and Castle, in the County of Stafford, and of Lichfield House in London; 4tor sd. St. 1784 xxii. Essex's Observations on Croyland Abbey and Bridge, and other Additions to the History of the Abbey; 4to, 2 plates, sewed, 8i. 1784 XXIII. Cullum's Hawsted; 4to, 18s. 1784 xxvi. Additions to Luton and Dunstable ; 4to, 5s. 1781

Xxviii. Lewis and Fegge's Account of Suffragan Bishops in England; 4to, sewed, 8i. 1789

xxix. Cooper's (Kev. Oliver St. John) Historical Account of Winimiiigton, with an additional Account of Luton Hoo; 4to, 8*. 1785

xxxvui. History and Antiquities of Barnwell Abbey, and of Sturbridge Fair, Cambridgeshire; 4to, plates, sewed, scarce, 11. Is. 1786

Xli. Pegge's Sylloge of the remaining authentic Inscriptions relative to the Erection of our English Churches; 4to, 29 fac-simile plates, sewed, rare. It 8«. 1787

Xliii. History and Antiquities of Aston Flamville and Burbach, with a large Appendix to the History of Hinckley; 4to, plates, scarce, 1/. 4s. 1787

Xliv. History of Odell, Bedfordshire, by Oliver St. John Cooper; 4to, bds. 6». 1787(1820)


—The following Parts may be had separately:

I. Bartlett's History and Antiquities of Manceter and Ansley, in the County of Warwick; 4to, plates, sewed, scarce, 11.7s. 1791

II. Sketch of the History of Hawkherst, in Kent; 4to, 2 plates, sewed, scarce, 10*. 1792

m. Blore's History of South Winfield, Derbyshire; second edition, 4to, plates^bds. 7s. 1816

Vii. Second Appendix to the History of Croyland, illustrated with ten plates of the Legendary History of St. Outhlac; 4to, plates (only 25 copies printed), very scarce, SI. lit. dd. 1815

vm. Gibson and Gougli's History of Castor, Northamptonshire; Second edition, 4to, plates, bds. 11. Is. 1819

1023 Bibliotheca Biblica, being a Commentary upon the Books of

the Old Testament (Genesis and Exodus) by S. Parker; 3 vols. 4to, neat, 9s. Oxford, 1720-22

1024 Bibliotheca Literaria, being a Collection of Inscriptions,

Medals, Dissertations, &c. (by Drs. Jebb, "Wasse, Wotton, Jortiu, Pearce, and others); 10 Nos. in 1 vol. 4to, scarce, 15*. 1722-24

1025 the same; 4to, Wasse's Own Copy, With His MS. Notes,

1/. Is. 1722-24

"The Bibliotheca Literaria compleat, of which the first six numbers and the tenth were published by Mr. Jebb; the seventh, eighth, and ninth, by me."—MS. note in Wastes handwriting.

1026 Bicheno (J. E.) on Systems and Methods in Natural History;

4to, sewed, 3s." 1827

1027 Bicheno's (J.). The Restoration of the Jews the Crisis of all

Nations, with a brief History of the Jews ; 8vo, 3s. 1807

1028 Bickersteth's (Rev. E.) Treatise on Prayer; 12mo, 5s. 1821

1029 Treatise on the Lord's Supper; 12mo, 5s. 1827

1030 Christian Student, with Lists of Books adapted to the

various Classes of Society; 12mo, boards, 8s. 1829

1031 Bigelow's (Dr. Jacob) American Medical Botany; 6 parts,

royal 8vo, with 60 finely coloured plates (pub. at 71. 10s.) boards, 31. 3s." Boston, 1817

1032 Bigland's (Ralph) Historical, Monumental, and Genealogical

Collections relative to the County of Gloucester, 2 vols. 1791-92, and Fosbrooke's Continuation, 1819; 3 vols, folio, numerous plates, uncut, 4Z. 4s.

1033 Gloucestershire, with Fosbroke's Continuation; 3 vols.

folio, 4 plates deficient, uncut, 3/. 8s. 1791-92-1819

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