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8747 Novell's Summary and Free Reflections; foolscap 8vo, pri

vately printed, neat, scarce, 10*. Chelmsford, 1783-85

8748 Nugent's (Lord) Memorials of John Hampden, his Party, and

his Times; 2 vols. 8vo. portraits, calf extra, 1/. Is. 1832

8749 Nugent's (Thos.) Grand Tour: containing an Exact Descrip

tion of most of the Cities, Towns, and Remarkable Places of Europe; 4 vols. 12mo, neat, 8s. 1749

8750 Travels through Germany; 2 vols. 8vo, plates, boards,

7*. 1768

8751 Nuttall's (Thos.) Genera of North American Plants and a

Catalogue of the Species, to the Year 1817; 2 vols, crown 8vo, bds. scarce, 18s. Philadelphia, 1818

8752 Nuttall's (de. P. A.) Classical And Arch.eological Dic

Tionary of the Manners, Customs, Laws, Institutions, Arts, &c. of the celebrated Nations of Antiquity, and of the Middle Ages. To which is prefixed a Synoptical and Chronological View of Ancient History; 8vo (pub. at 16s.) cloth lettered, 8s. 1840

8753 the same ; 8vo, calf extra, 12s. 1840

A companion to Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, which treats of Names, whilst this treats of Things.

8754 Oath Of Allegiance. An Apology for the Oath of Allegiance

against the Breves of Pope Paulus V, and the late Letter of Cardinal Bellarmine to G. Blackwell; small 4to, 5s. 1607

8755 Oathes. A briefe 'but most learned and convincing' Treatise

■ of Oathes exacted by Ordinaries and Ecclesiasticall Judges, to answere generallie to all such Articles or Interrogatories, as pleaseth them to propound. And of their forced and constrained Oathes ex officio, wherein is proved that the same are unlawfull; small 4to, calf extra, rare, 12s. n. d.

"Full of excellent learning. It was answered by R. Cosin, Bishop of Durham, in his work entitled Apologie for sundry Proceedings by Jurisdiction Ecclesiasticall, printed in 1593."—MS. note.

8756 O'beirne's (Thomas Lewis, Bishop of Ossory) Visitation

Charge in 1796; 8vo, 2s. Bristol, 1801

8757 Observations upon the Four Gospels, showing their Defects,

and how far those Defects, together with the Writings of St. Paul, have misled the Compilers of our Church Services, &c. thereby evincing the Necessity of revising the whole by Authority: by a Friend to Truth; 8vo (Dr. Parr's copy) neat, 15s. Geneva, 1789

"A copy of this book sold at Hollis's sale for 11.18». Dr. Parr gave a guinea fur his copy in 1819, and read it on Christmas-day, without any diminution of his faith."—Dr. Parr's Note, See Bibliotheca Parriana.

8758 Ocellus Lucanus on the Nature of the'Universe.—Taurus, the

Platonic Philosopher, on the Eternity of the World.— Julius Firmicus Maternus on the Thema Mundi.—Proclus on the Perpetuity of Time. Translated by Thomas Taylor; 8vo, bds. 3s. 1831

8759 Ockley's (S.) History of the Saracens. To which is prefixed,

an Account of the Arabians or Saracens, of the Life of Mahomet, and of the Mahometan Religion; 2 vols. 8vo, best Edition, calf, neat, scarce, 1/. 10s. Cambridge, 1757

8760 Translation of Hai Ebn Yokdhan's Life; 8vo, plates, neat,

5s. 1708'

8761 O'connor's (Dr. Charles) Chronicles of Eri ; being the History of the Gael Sciot Iber or Irish People ; translated from the original MSS. in the Phoenician Dialect of the Scythian Language; 2 vols, royal 8vo, Large Paper, portrait (pub. at 1/. 15s.) bds. 18*. 1822

8702 O'connor's (E.) Grammar of the Gaelic (Irish) Language;

12mo, boards, 5s. Dublin, 1808

876.3 O'drisc-ol's (John) Views of Ireland, Moral, Political, and Religious; 2 vols. 8vo (published at 1/. 4s.) bds. 16s. 1823

8764 History of Ireland; <2 vols. 8vo, boards, l/.ls. 1827

"We can recommend it as a most safe and useful guide to all those wbu are conscious cither of redundant zeal, or deficient knowledge, on the subject of Irish affairs. It is easily read and understood ; for it is short for lite quantity of matter it contains, and agreeably and clearly written. The author, we feel assured, is not only an intelligent but a pood man, and he has done good service in a season when it was urgently wanted."—Edinburgh Review.

8765 Office of the Holy "Week according to the Missall and Roman

Breviary; 8vo, Fine Copy, First Impressions of the [Engravings by Hollar, in old calf, rare, l/.lls.6rf. /tiw,1670

Nassau's copy sold for 11. 15*. and Townelcy's for 5i.2«. 5ti.

S766 O'flaiikrty's (Robert) Ogygia, or a Chronological Account of Irish Events, translated by the Rev. James Hely; 2 vols. 8vo, calf, scarce, 1/. 4s. Dublin, 1793

8767 Ogborne's (Mrs. E.) History of Essex from the earliest Period

to the present Time, vol. I (all published), containing the Hundred of Becontree, the Royal Survey of Haveringatte-Bower, the Half-Hundred of Waltham, and the Hundred of Ongar; 4to, plates (pub. at 21. 5s.) cloth, 12*. 1817

8768 Ogden's (Samuel) Sermons, with Life of the Author, and a

Vindication of his Writings by Bishop Halifax; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 14s. 1788

"These sermons are interspersed with remarks, eminently brilliant and acute, but too epigrammatic at their close. They display that perfect propriety and purity of English diction, that chastized terseuesa of composition, which have scarcely been equalled by any writer. Like Cicero, he waots nothing to complete his meaning ; like Demosthenes, he can suffer no deduction without essential injury to the sentence. He was a good scholar, a liberalminded Christian, and an honest man."—Wakefield {Life, vol. i. p. 98.)

8769 Ogilby's (John) Descriptive Accounts of Africa, America,

Asia, China, Japan, and England, with his Translations of Homer and Virgil; 9 vols, i'olio, fine impressions of the several hundred plates by Hollar, uniformly bound in calf, neat, 10/. 10s." '1660-73

8770 China, being an Account of the Dutch East-India Company's Embassies to China; 2 vols, folio, numerous fine plates by Hollar, very neat, 3/.3s. 1673

8771 Asia, being an exact Description of Persia, the Empire of

the Mogul, &c. royal folio, many fine plates by Hollar, neat, l/.4s. ' 1673

8772 Africa, being an exact Description of Egypt, Barbary,

Lybia, Guinea, ./Ethiopia, &c. folio, numerous fine plates by Hollar, neat, l/.lOs. 1670

8773 Britannia Depicta, being a Survey of all the Roads of

England and Wales, with a Set of County Maps and the Arms of the Boroughs, Towns, Peers, Bishops, &c. improved by John Owen and E. Bowen; small 4to, engraved throughout, fine copy in old Cambridge calf, 12s. 1731 8774 Ogilvie's (C. A.) Bampton Lectures: the Divine Glory mani

fested in the Conduct and Discourses of our Lord; 8vo, boards, 8*. 1837

8775 Ogilvie's (James) Sermons, 8vo, half-bound, 8*. 1786

8776 Ogilvie's (Dr. John) Philosophical and Critical Observations

on the Nature, Characters, and various Species of Composition; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 8s. 1774

8777 Rona, a Poem, in 7 Books, 1777.—The Mine, a Dramatic

Poem by Jno. Serjeant, 1785.—The Library, by George
Crabbe, 1783.—The Village, by G. Crabbe, 1783.—The
Newspaper, by G. Crabbe, 1785.—In 1 vol. 4to, calf, some
of the Margins cut off, but not to injure the Text, 7s.

8777*ogle's (George) Gemma? Antique, or a Collection of Figured Gems, illustrated by Descriptions taken from the Classics; royal 4to, with 50 fine plates by C. Du Bosc, in old calf, very neat, 12*. 1741

8778 Ogle's (N.) Western Australia, a Manual for Emigrants to that

Settlement; 8vo, map and plates, cloth, 12*. 1839

8779 O'keefe's (John) Dramatic Works; 4 vols.8vo, calf, U. 8s. 1798 8779* Recollections of his Life, written by Himself; 2 vols. 8vo,

portrait (published at 1/. 8s.) bds. 14s. 1826

8780 Olaus Magnus' Compendious History of the Goths, Swedes,

and Vandals, and other Northern Nations; small folio, neat, 12*. 1658

8781 O'halloran's (Sylvester) General History of Ireland, together

with his Introductory Volume; 3 vols. 4to, calf, 3/. 1778

8782 the same; 3 vols. 8vo, boards, 1/. 4*. 1803

783 Oldfield's (T. H. B.) Representative History of Great Britain

and Ireland, being a History of the House of Commons, and of the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs, &c. from the earliest Period; 6 vols. 8vo (pub. at 3/. 12*.) 1/. 1*. 1816

8784 Oldham's (J.) Poetical Works and Remains; 8vo, neat, 3s. 1710

8785 Oldmixos's (John) Secret History of Europe; 4 parts in 3 vols.

8vo, calf, scarce, 1/.10*. 1712-15

8786 Critical History of England, Ecclesiastical and Civil,

wherein the Errors of the Monkish and other Writers are exposed and corrected, with Remarks on Clarendon, Echard, and Burnet; 2 vols. 8vo, fine copy in old calf, 10*. '1724-26

8786* Clarendon and Whitlock compared; 8vo, calf, 9*. 1727

8787 History of England during the Reigns of Henry VIII,

Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth; folio, neat, 16s. 1739

8788 History of England during the Reigns of the Royal House

of Stuart; folio, neat, 12s. 1730

87S9 History of England during the Reigns of William and

Mary, Queen Anne, and George I, being the Sequel of the Reigns of the Stuarts; folio, neat, 12s. 1735

8790 the same; folio, Large Paper, neat, 1/.Is. 1735

8790* History of England from the Accession of Henry VIII to

the Death of George I; 3 vols, folio, new and neat in calf gilt, 41. Is. 1730-35-39

8791 British Empire in America; 2 vols. 8vo, maps, 10s. 1708

8792 History of Addresses; 8vo, neat, 3s. 1709

8793 The Governour of Cyprus, a Tragedy; 4to, 2*. 6d. 1703 8794 ©It Jlapsl.—Dodsley's Select Collection, with additional

Notes and Corrections by Isaac Reed, Octavius Gilchrist, and J. P. Collier, 12 vols. 1825-27.— Old English Plays, being a Selection from the early Dramatic Writers, by C. W. Dilke, 6 vols. 1814-15.—Old English Drama, 2 vols. 1825.— Together 20 vols. 8vo, Large Paper (pub. at 14/. 4*. unbd.) lit'.-bd. mor. uncut, top edges gilt, 10/. 10*.

8795 ©10 $laj>0, being a Continuation of Dodsley's Collection, with

Notes, Critical and Explanatory (by C. W. Dilke); 6 vols, royal 8vo, Large Paper (pub. at 6/. 6s.) bds. 3/. 3s. 1816

(©lU %attxv.

8795*A Reasonable Motion in behalfe of such of the Clergie, as are now questioned in Parliament for their places (in Verse); small 4to, calf extra, gilt edges, by Charles Lewis, 18s. Printed in the unfortunate yeare to Priests 1641

A very rare and severe satire on the clergy.

8796 Collection of the newest and most ingenious Poems, Songs,

Catches, &c. against Popery; small 4to, uncut, 5s. 1689

8797 lEntrrluoc of %a\)\\ Son ano iHa«t fhrton (a hitter Satire on

the Real Presence); 4to, Printed On Parchment, (only 25 copies printed) boards, 10s. n.d.

8798 another copy; royal 4to, Large Paper (only 25 copies

printed) boards, 7s. n. d.

Jteprinted from the only known copy of the edition by Daye and Seres.

8799 ©H) ISiigliSh, $3ott8\ with Critical and Biographical Notices,

containing: Sackville (Lord Buckhurst's) Gorbobuc, and Induction, and Legend of Henry, Duke of Buckingham: Chamberlayne's Pharonnida and Love's Victory: Marlowe and Chapman's Hero and Leander; 5 vols, foolscap 8vo, boards, 18s. 1820

8800 the same; 5 vols, foolscap 8vo, calf extra, 1/. 7s. 1820

8801 Select Early English Poets, edited by S. W. Singer;

10 parts in 8, foolscap 8vo, portraits and woodcuts, boards, 21. 18s. Chiswick, 1817-23

Only 250 copies printed. Containing: Lovelace's Lucasta; Chapman's Hymns of Homer, Batrachomyomachia, &c.; Lodge's Gluucus and Silla, with other Lyrical and Pastoral Poems; Chalkhill's Theahna and Clearchus; Shakerley Manniou's Cupid and Psyche; Marlow and Chapman's Hero and Leander; Sir Philip Sidney &• Countess of Pembroke's Version of the Psalms.

8802 World in a Maize, or Oliver's Ghost; small 4to, 5s. 1659

Other old poetry will be found dispersed throughout the Catalogue, under the names of the authors.

8803 Old Whig (The), or The Consistent Protestant; 2 vols. 8vo, calf

extra, 12s. 1739

8804 Oldys'(William) British Librarian; 8vo, calf gilt, rare, 18s. 1738

8805 Oliver's (Rev. Dr. George) History and Antiquities of the

Town and Minster of Beverley, in the County of York; 4to, numerous plates (pub. at 21. 2s.) l/.lOs. Beverley, 1829

8806 Historical and Descriptive Account of the Collegiate

Church of Wolverhampton, in the County of Stafford; 8vo, plates, boards, 7s. Wolverhampton, 1836

8806*oliver's (William) Scenery In The French Pyrenees;

imp. folio, 26 lithographic Views, hf.-bd. uncut, 4/. 1842

8807 — the same; imp. folio, the 26 Views Coloured In Imitation

Op Drawings and mounted on cardboard, 10/. 10s. 1842

8807*olivier's (G. A.) Travels in the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Persia; 2 vols, in 1, 4to, with maps and 16 plates, very neat, 10s. 6d. 1801

8808 Ollendorff's (H. G.) New Method of learning to read, write,

and speak a Language in Six Months, adapted to the German; 8vo, boards, 12s. 1838

8809 the same; 8vo, cloth, 14*. 1841

8810 Key to the Exercises in the New Method; 8vo, 6s. 1841

8811 O'mjeara's (Barry) Napoleon in Exile, or a Voice from St.

Helena; 2 vols. 8vo, ports, (pub. at 1/. 8s ) bds. 16s. 1822

8812 Onesimus, the Pulpit, or a Biographical and Literary Account

of eminent popular Preachers, interspersed with Clerical Criticism; 3 vols. 8vo, half-bound calf, 12s. 1809-16

8813 Opera.—The Lyric Muse revived in Europe, or a critical Dis

play of the Opera in all its Revolutions; fcap 8vo, 3s. 1768

8814 Opie's (Mrs.) Poems; 12mo, frontispiece, calf gilt, 5s. 1811

8815 OpriAti's Halieutics, or the Nature of Fishes, and Fishing of the

Ancients, in Verse, by Jones & Diaper; 8vo, 7s. Oxf. 1722 8815* the same; royal 8vo, Large Paper, neat, 12s. ib. 1722

8816 Orange. A pologie or Defence of the most noble Prince William

of Orange; small 4to, last leaf MS. hf.-bd. 8s. Delft, 1581

A very scarce and curious work. It was most carefully suppressed by the King of Spain, immediately after its publication.—See Du Fremoy.

8817 <©rtJtr of tf)t fjoSpttallS of 8. ftcnru tht Eighty null S. lEMD.irtJ

the j&trth, (St. Bartholomew's, Christ's, Bridewell, and St. Thomas's); small 8vo, neat, 10s. 1557

This facsimile wv printed at the expense of Mr. Secretary Pepys,

8818 O'reilly's (Bernard) Greenland, the adjacent Seas, and the

North-West Passage to the Pacific Ocean, illustrated in a Voyage to Davis's Strait, during the Summer of 1817; 4to, charts and plates (pub. at 21.10s. in bds.) half-bound calf, gilt, 1/. Is. 1818

The author has devoted a large portion of his work to the description of Arctic Zoology.

8819 Ohford's (Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of) " Very Witty" Last Will

and Testament; 8vo, uncut, scarce, 8s. 1745

"My hands I bequeath to that honourable and worthy patriot my Lord Gowtr, being fully persuaded that by their help he may chance to keep the Great Seal, or any other great office of the court, from slipping so often out of his fingers. This legacy may also be of great use to his lordship, in his nouvelle capacity of a courtier; for 1 am credibly informed that his lordship is not much experienced in receiving a bribe," &c.—" My legs I bequeath to

Sir John C n, to help him bear up the enormous weight of hi* broad

b—tt—in, and his most unwieldy corporation."—•' To his Grace the Duke of Bedford I give 2000?. in consideration of his small fortune and expensive manner of living."—" To the good-natured people of Great Britain I leave the sole right of purchasing and perusing this my last will and testament."

8820 Orford's (Horace Walpole, Earl of) Anecdotes Of Painting

In England, and some Account of the principal Artists, &c. digested and published from the original Papers of George Vertue; with a Catalogue of Engravers who have resided in England; 5 vols, small 4to, numerous fine portraits, neat, 41. Strawberry Hill, 1765-71

8821 Anecdotes of Painting. A new Edition, with considerable

Additions by the Rev. James Dallaway ; 5 vols, royal 8vo, Proof Impressions of the numerous beautiful Portraits on India PAPER( 15/.15s.) bds.6/.6s. J.Major, 1828

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