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8577 Neale's (John Preston) Views Of The Seats Of The Nobility

and Gentry in Great Britain. Both Series, 11 vols.-royal 8vo, 740 beautiful Views (pub. at 28/. 12s.) An Early Subscriber's Copy, 14/. 14*. 1818-29

8578 The Same, 11 vols. 4to, Large Paper, Genuine Proof

Impressions On India Paper (pub. at 28/. 16s.) 18/. 1818-29

8579 History And Antiquities of the Abbey Church of

St. Peter's, Westminster (the Literary Department by E. W. Brayley); 2 vols, imperial 4to, Large Paper, with 61 beautiful Engravings, Proof Impressions (pub. at 15/. 15s.) boards, 6/. 10*. 1818-23

8580 the same; 2 vols, imperial folio, Largest Paper (printed

uniformly with the Large Paper Dugdale's St. PauVs)

Proof Impressions (pub. at 311.10s.) 10/. 10*. 1818-23

8581 And Le Keux's Views of the Collegiate and Parochial

Churches in Great Britain; including Fonts, Screens, Monuments, &c. with Historical and Architectural Descriptions; 2 vols, royal 8vo, 96 fine plates (pub. at 5/.) boards, 21. 10s. 1824

8582 the same; 2 vols, royal 4to, Large Paper, Proofs On

India Paper (pub. at 10/.) half-bound, uncut, 5/. 1824

8583 the same; 2 vols, in 1, royal 4to, Large Paper, with

India Proofs, morocco, super extra, gilt edges, 6/. 1824

8583*neander's (Dr. Augustus) History of the Christian Religion and Church, translated by H. J. Rose; 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 1/. 1*. 1831-41

8584 Life of St. Bernard, by M. Wrench; 12mo, cloth, 7s. 6d. 1842

8584*necessity And Liberty. A short Dialogue betwixt Necessitate and Liberato; 8vo, 2s. 1746

8585 Neele's (Henry) Lectures on English Poetry, from the Reign

of Edward III to the time of Burns and Cowper; with Miscellaneous Tales and Poems; being his Literary Remains; crown 8vo, portrait (pub. at 12s.) bds. 8s. 1830

8586 Neilson's (W.) Introduction to the Lish Language; 8vo,

boards, 4s. Dublin, 1808

8587 Nelson's (Robert) Companion to the Festivals and Fasts; 8vo,

neat, 6s. 1705

8588 —— Great Duty of frequenting the Christian Sacrifice, &c.

12mo, neat, 2s. 6</. 1723

8589 Life of Bishop Bull; 8vo, portrait, neat, 6s. 1714

8590 Practice of True Devotion ; 12mo, portrait, neat, 2s. 1721

8591 Address to Persons of Quality and Estate; 8vo, Large

Paper, portrait, calf gilt, 10s. 1715

8592 Nelson's (John) History, Topography, and Antiquities of the

Parish of St. Mary, Islington, in the County of Middlesex; 4to, 19 plates (pub. at 21. 2s.) bds. 18s. 1811

8593 Nelson's (admiral Lord) Life, from his Lordship's Manu

scripts, by the Rev. James Stanier Clarke and John M'Arthur ; 2 vols, imperial 4to, fine impressions of the beautiful Engravings (pub. at 9/. 9s. unbound) russia, joints, gilt edges, by Hering, 3/. 16s. 1809

8594 Letters to Lady Hamilton ; with interesting Letters by

distinguished Characters; 2 vols. 8vo, boards, 6s. 1814

8.395 Ness's (Christopher) Signs of the Times; or, "Wonderful Signs of Wonderful Times, being a Collection of Prodigies seen within the year 1680 ; small 4to, woodeuts, half-bound, uncut, 9s. 1681

8596 Neve's (II.) Merry Companion, in Two Parts: i. Trieks by

Legerdemain and Cards; 11. Merry Jests; 12ino, portrait, neat, scarce, 8*. 1721

8597 Neve's (Timothy, D.D.) Bampton Lectures; Jesus the Saviour

of'the World; 8vo, uncut, 6s. Oxford, 1781

8598 Neville's (Thos.) Imitations of Horace, Juvenal, anil Persius,

Latin and English ; 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, 3s. 6d. Camb. 1774

8599 Imitations of Juvenal and Persius ; small 8vo, calf neat,

3s. 1769

£600 Neumann's (C.) Chemical Works, with Additions by W. Lewis;

4to, very neat, 6s. 1759

8601 Newark's (Lord) Speech to the Trained Bands of Nottingham

shire at Newark; small 4to, 2s. 6d. 1642

8602 Newcastle. Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the Castle of

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by L. Vulliamy; royal folio, 9 fine Engravings from the Vetusta Monumenta, 12s. 1817 S003 Newcastle's (Wm. Cavendish, Duke of) New Method, and extraordinary Invention, to dress Horses, and work them according to Nature; folio, neat, 15s. 1667

8604 New Edinburgh Review, Nos. 1,2, 3; 8vo, (pub. at 18«.)

sewed, 6s. 1821-22

8605 Newcomu's (William, Archbishop of Armagh) Attempt towards

an improved Version, a metrical Arrangement, and an Explanation of the Twelve Minor Prophets; 4to, neat, 1/. Is. 1785

"His version is always distinct; his notes are chiefly verbal, but contain many classical allusions."—Orme.

8606 English Harmony of the Four Evangelists, generally disposed after the manner of the Greek ; 8vo, map of Palestine, boards, 5s. 1802

8607 the same, 8vo, map, calf gilt, 8s. 1802

"Many other Harmonies of the Gospels have been published, but none preferable to this."—Bi$hop JVaUan.

8608 Observations on our Lord's Conduct as a Divine Instructor, and on the Excellence of his Moral Character; third Edition, 8vo, boards, 8s. 1820

8609 Newcome's (Rev. Peter) History of the Ancient Foundation

called the Abbey of St. Alban, in Hertford : 4to, map and plates (pub. at 21. 2s.) boards, 9s. 1795

8610 Newcourt's (R.) Repcrtorium Ecclesiasticum, or Ecclesiastical

Parochial History of the Diocese of London, with Lives of the Bishops, Deans, and other Dignitaries; 2 vols, folio, portrait and plates, by Sturt, neat, 21. 10s. 1708-10

This diocese includes the whole of London, Middlesex, and Essex, with parts of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

8611 Newell's (R. H.) Letters on the Scenery of Wales; royal 8vo,

with 10 plates (pub. at 15s.) boards, 9s. 1821

8612 Newenham's (Thomas) Statistical and Historical Inquiry into

the Progress and Magnitude of the Population of Ireland; Svo, boards, 5s. 1805 8613 Newgate Calendar; 4 vols. 8vo, portraits (pub. at 21. 2s.)

boards, 1/. 1809

8614 Newman's (Edward) Grammar of Entomology; foolscap 8vo,

plates (pub. at 8s. 6d.) cloth, gilt edges, 5s. 1835

8615 Historyof British Ferns; 8vo, woodcuts, cloth, 10s. 1840

8616 Introduction to a History of Insects, 8vo, cloth, 12s. 1841

8617 Nlwman's (F.) Difficulties of Elementary Geometry; 8vo, bds.

8s. '1841

8618 Newman's (Rev. John Henry) Lectures on Romanism and

Popular Protestantism; 8vo, bds. 10s. 1837

8619 Lectures on Justification ; 8vo, bds. 10s. 1838

8620 Parochial Sermons : 6 vols. 8vo, bds. 31. 1838-42

8621 On the Doctrine, Temper, and Conduct of the Arians of

the Fourth Century; 8vo, bds. 10s. 6d. 1833

8622 Newman's (S.) Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, with the

various Readings both of Text and Margin ; folio, calf extra, gilt edges, by C. Smith, 15s. Cambridge, 1685

8623 Newman's (Selig) Hebrew Grammar, with Points; and a

short Sketch of the Chaldee Grammar; 8vo, bds. 3s. 1827

8625 New Monthly And London Magazine, from its Commence

ment under the editorship of Thos. Campbell in January 1821, to December 1838 inclusive, 216 Nos. 8vo, (pub. at 37/. 16s.) 12/. 12s. 1821-38

8626 Newnham's (W.) Essay on Superstition; 8vo, (pub. at 10s.6d.)

boards, 7s. 1830

With F. Goulboum's autograph and MS. remarks, in pencil.

8627 Newte's (Thomas) Prospects and Observations on a Tour in

England and Scotland; 4to, map and 23 fine Views by
Heath, old russia, gilt edges, 10s. 6d. 1791

8628 the same; 4to, half-bd. calf, (Dr. Parr's copy) 8s. 1791

"Newte's Tour is a work replete with profound research and useful observation."—S. Parr.

862£ New Testament. Translated with Annotations, &c. in the English College of Rhemes; small 4to, fine copy, in the original binding,4/. 14s.6rf. Printed at Bhemes by J. Fogny, 1582

The first edition of the Rhemish Testament is very scarce. Most of the copies were suppressed and destroyed, on account of the extreme violence of the notes, several of which were omitted or softened in subsequent editions.

8630 the same, with the Translation commonly used in the

Church of England, in parallel Columns ; also a Confutation of Notes, etc. byW.Fulke; folio, 2/. 2s. Barker, 1589

"This may be said to embody the whole Popish controversy respecting, the Scriptures. Fulke was a very able man, and his work is entitled to a place in every critical library."—Orme.

8631 New Testament, newly translated out of the original Greek;

8vo, fine copy, ruled, in old blue morocco, gilt edges, 6s. "' Oxford, 1717

8632 New Testament, translated from the Latin Vulgate; 8vo, bds.

7*. 6d. Bagster, 1823

8633 New Testament. A Facsimile Reprint of the celebrated Ge

neva Testament, Mdlvii, with the marginal Annotations and References, the Initial and other Woodcuts, Prefaces, and Index ; small 8vo, cloth, 8s. Bagster, 1842 8634 Newton's (Rev. John) Christian Man's Daily Exercise: or, a

Direction for a Christian to spend his time in reading the
Word of God, and in Prayer; 12mo, Unpublished Aito-
GRAru Manuscript, very distinctly written, 1/. Is. 1650-68

This author, a celebrated mathematician, was rector of ITpminster in Kssex. In the MS. almanac prefixed the following passage occurs: "Janu ary 1(163: A Triull at Guild Hall London for Upminster." A list of uis works will be found in Wood's Athene Oxonittuet, iii. p. 1100-92.

8635 Newton's (Rev. John) Works; 12 vols, foolscap 8vo, portrait

(pub. at 21. 8s.)bds. I/.64. 1821

8636 Letters, Sermons, with a Review of Ecclesiastical History,

Olney Hymns, &c. 6 vols. 12mo, bds. 15s. 1787

S637 Sermons Preached in Olncy Church; 8vo, fine copy in old

calf gilt, 5s. 1767

8638 Newton's (Sir Isaac) Works, as well in Latin as English,

edited by Bishop S. Ilorsley; 5 vols, royal 4to, portrait, calf gilt, 10/. 10s. " '1779-85

8639 Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, translated

into English by A. Motte. To which arc added, Newton's System of the World ; a short Comment and Defence of the Principia, by W. Emerson; with the Laws of the ]\Ioon's Motion according to Gravity, by John Machin. New Edition, with Life of the Author, by W. Davis; 3 vols. 8vo, portrait and plates, fine copy in calf, scarce, 1/. 10*. '1803

8640 Opticks: or, a Treatise of the Reflexions, Refractions,

Inflexions, and Colours of Light: also, Two Treatises of the Species and Magnitude of Curvilinear Figures ; 4to, plates, neat, Ss. 1704

8641 Universal Arithmetick, translated by Ralphson and Cunn,

with Notes by Wilder; 8vo, neat, 5s. 1769

8642 Tables for Renewing and Purchasing Church and College

Leases, 1731.—True Estimate of the Value of Leasehold Estates, in Answer to Newton, 1731.—Fleetwood's (S .Burrough's) Enquiry into the Customary Estates and TenantRights of those who hold Church Lands, &c. 1731.—Reasonableness of Church and College Fines asserted: in Answer to Fleetwood (by Dr. Gaily) 1731 In 1 vol. 8vo,

with Autograph of J. Hellins, uncut, 8,«.

8643 Method of Fluxions, and Infinite Series, with Notes for

Learners, by J. Colson; 4to, Large Taper, uncut, 6s. 1736

8644 the same; 4to, Large Paper, very neat, 7s. 1736

8645 Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms; 4to, nt. scarce, 9s. 1728

8646 Account of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophical Discoveries,

by C. Maclaurin, published by P. Murdoch; 4to, plates, neat, 12s. " 1748

8647 the same; royal 4to, Large Paper, very neat, 18s. 1748

8647*newton's (Thomas, Bishop of Bristol) Works, with some Account of his Life, and Anecdotes of several of his Friends, written by himself; 6 vols. 8vo, plates, calf, 18s. 17b7

8648 Dissertations on the Prophecies; 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt,

1/. Is. 1754-58

8649 the same, complete in one volume 8vo, portrait, boards,

10s. 6d 1831 8650 Newton's (Win.) History and Antiquities of Maidstone, in Kent;

8vo, with the View (tvhich Lowndes says never appeared) russia, gilt edges, 10s. 1741

8651 New York Historical Society's Collections ; 2 vols. 8vo,

bds. 14s. New York, 1811-14

This excellent publication contains the following works: A Discourse to commemorate the Discovery of New York, by S. Miller, D.D.; Relation of John de Verrazzano of the Land by him discovered. Anno 1521; The Four Voyages of Henry Hudson; Documents extracted from Haward's Historical Collections; Laws established by James, Duke of York, for the Government of New York in 1661; Discourses before the Society by Williamson, De Witt Clinton, Gouvernour Morris, and Mitchell; An Account of M. De La Salle's Last Expedition and Discoveries in North America; Extract from Holm's History of New Sweed Land: Catalogue of the Books, Maps, Plates, Manuscripts, Sec. in the Society's Library.

8652 New Zealand. Correspondence with the Secretary of State

relative to New Zealand; folio, 2s. 1840

8653 Nicholl's (Sir John) Judgement in Kemp v. Wickes, for refus

ing to bury an Infant Child Baptized by a Dissenter; 8vo, 3s. 6d. '1810

8654 Nichols' (James) Calvinism and Arminianism compared, in

their Principles and Tendency; 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 18s. 1824

8655 the same: 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 11. 4s. 1824

8656 NicnoLs' (John) History Of Leicestershire; 8 vols, folio,

numerous plates, bds. 50/. 1795-1815

8657 another copy, wanting Vol. ill. Part 2 (West Goscote);

7 vols, folio, numerous plates, half-bound russia, uncut, 21/. 1795-1815

8658 the same ; 8 vols, royal folio, Large Paper, plates, halfbound russia, uncut, 84/. 1795-1815

8659 Leicestershire, Vol. i. Part 2, containing a Continuation

of the History of the Town of Leicester, and the Indices to the whole Work; royal folio, Large Paper, portrait, map and plates (pub. at 11. 7s.) half-bound russia, uncut, 3/. 16s. 1815

86G0 Leicestershire, Vol. II. Part 1, containing Framland Hun

dred; royal folio, Large Paper, plates (pub. at 8/. 8s.) half-bound russia, uncut, 4/. 4s. 1795

8661 the same, Vol. iv. Parts 1 and 2, containing Guthlaxton

and Sparkenhoe Hundreds; 2 vols, royal folio, Large Paper, numerous plates (pub. at 16/. 16s.) half-bound russia, uncut, 6/.6s. 1810-11

8662 —i— A Collection of the Engravings in the History of the

County of Leicester, slightly stained; folio, half-bound, 2/. 2s. * 1795-1815

8663 History and Antiquities of Hinckley, in the County of

Leicester, with the History of Witherley; folio, plates, half-bound russia, 1/. lis. 6cl. 1813

"Of this edition, only 50 copies aro printed."—J. XichoU.

8664 Annals of the Town and Borough of Leicester; folio,

portrait of John Nichols, and 17 plates, bds. 1/. 10s. 1828

8665 Progresses And Public Processions Of Queen ElizaBeth, illustrated with Historical Notes; 3 vols. 4to, portrait and plates (pub. at 9/. 9s.) bds. 4/. 4s. 1823

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