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8495 Murray's (II.) Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Africa, from the earliest Ages to thepresent Time; including the late Dr. Leyden's Work on that Subject; 2 vols. 8vo, maps (pub. at 1/. 7*.) bds. IS*. Edinb. 1818

S496 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. ib. 1818

8497 Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in North

America, including the Voyages in Search of a NorthWest Passage, with Observations on Emigration ; 2 vols. 8vo, map (pub. at 1/. 7*.) bds. 15*. 1829

8198 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, half-bound turkey-morocco, uncut,

top edges gilt, 1/. Is. 1829

8499 Murray's (Ann) Mentoria: or, Young Lady's Instructor, with the Sequel; 2 vols. 12mo, half-bound, 5a. 1780-99

8.300 Musaeus' Hero and Leander, a Poem, begun by Christopher Marloe, and finished by Geo. Chapman; small 4to, morocco, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, rare, XL 15s. 1637

The first two sestyads and part of the third arc by Marloe; the remainder by G. Chapman. "If Marloe had lived," says Malone, " to finish his Hero and Leander, he perhaps mi^lit have contested the palm with Shakspeare in

his Venm and Adonis, and Rape of Lucrece."

8500* Loves of Hero and Leander, in Greek and English (translated by Grosvenor Bedford) ; royal 4to, morocco, gilt edges, 21.\2s.6d. Privately printed, 1797

8501 Musics' (J. C. A.) Physiognomical Travels, translated by

Anno Plumtre: with Life by Kotzebue; 2 vols. 12mo, 5s. " 1800

8502 Muscut's (Rev. James) Sermons on Several Subjects; 8vo, bds.

3s. Cambridge, 1760

8503 Muses' Library, being a Choice Collection of the best ancient

English Poetry, from the time of Edward the Confessor to the Reign of King James I. 8vo, neat, 10s. 1738

"This work was begun with fidelity and spirit by a Airs. Cowper, with the assistance of Mr Oldys; only one volume appeared, which has become very scarce."—Eteadley.

8504 Muse's Mirrour, a Collection of Poems; 2 vols, crown 8vo,

calf, 6s. 1783 S505 Museum Worsleyanum: a Collection of Antique Basso-Relievos, Busts, Statues, and Gems, with Views in the Levant, taken on the spot in 1785-6 and 7, formerly in the Possession of Sir R. Worsley; 2 vols, imperial 4to, with above 150 exquisitely beautiful engravings, fine impres, sions (pub. at 12/. 12s. in Nos.) uncut, 41. 10s. 1824

8506 the same; 2 vols, imperial 4to, fine impressions, halfbound morocco, marbled edges, 41. 10s. 1824

8507 the same; 2 vols, imperial 4to, Large Paper, Proofs On

India Paper (pub. at 25/. 4s. unbound, and only 25 copies taken off) red morocco, extra, gilt edges, by Mackenzie, 10/. 10s. ""1824

8508 Museum: or, the Literary and Historical Register; 3 vols.8vo,

very neat, 1/. Is. Dodsley, 1746

"This journal contains a greater variety of original essays of real merit, than any similar undertaking; nor will this be doubted, when it is added that among the contributors were Spence, Horace Walpole, the two Wartons, Akenside, Lowth, Smart, Gilbert Cooper, Whitehead, Merrick, and Campbell."— Chalmeri.

8509 Musgrave's (Sir Richard) Memoirs of the different Rehcllions

in Ireland, from the Arrival of the English; with a Particular Account of that of 1798; 4to, plans, calf gilt, 18s. Dublin, 1801

8510 Musgrave's (Samuel) Two Dissertations; 1. On the Grecian

Mythology; 2, On Newton's Objections to the Chronology of the Olympiads; 8vo, calf gilt, 5s. 1782

8511 Mushet's (David) Papers on Iron and Steel, Practical and Ex

perimental; royal 8vo, plates, cloth, 1/. 10s. 1840


8512 Essay upon Tune: being an Attempt to Free the Scale of

Music, and the Tune of Instruments, from Imperfection; 8vo, uncut, 5s. Edinburgh, 1781

8513 Monzani's (T.) Instructions for the German Flute; folio, 3s.

8514 New Musical And Universal Magazine Of Songs, Airs,

&c. royal 8vo, 5s. n. d.

8515 Seeley's (L. B.) Devotional Harmony of Psalms and Hymns,

arranged for three or four Voices, with the Organ Part in full; oblong 4to, uncut, 10s. 1806

8516 Muss's Series of 32 Etchings to illustrate Gay's Fables; oblong

4to, proofs before the letters, half-bound, 1/. 10s. n. d.

Very few impressions of the above interesting series of etchings were taken * off before Mr. Muss's death, which prevented the publication of the work.

8517 Myers' (Thos.) New and Comprehensive System of Modern

Geography, Mathematical, Physical, Political, and Commercial; 2 vols. 4to, coloured maps and plates (pub. at 8/. 8s.) bds. 4/. 4s. 1822

8518 the same; 2 vols. 4to, new and neat in calf gilt, 5/. 1822

8519 Nairne's (E.) Humorous Poems; 8vo, 2s. Canterbury, 1791

8520 Naismith's (J.) Agricultural Survey of the County of Clydes

dale; 8vo, map (pub. at 7s.) bds. 3s. 6d. 1806

8521 the same; Glagow, 1798.—Smith's Agricultural Survey

of Argyleshire, Edinburgh, 1798.—In 1 vol. 8vo, hf-bd. 6s.

8522 Nani's (B.) History of the Republic of Venice, translated by

Sir Robert Honywood; folio, neat, 9s. 1673

8523 Napier Of Marcheston's (John, Lord) Bloody Almanack, fore

telling Predictions which shall come to pass in this present year 1647; small 4to, 5s. 1647

For this tract Mr. Heber gave U. 1*. at Brand's sale.

8524 Account of the Life, "Writings, and Inventions of John

Napier of Merchiston, by David Stuart, Earl of Buclian and "Walter Minto, LL.D. 4to, portrait and plates, uncut, scarce, 10s. Perth, 1787

8525 Napier's (Colonel W. F. P.) History of the War in the Penin

sula, and in the South of France, from 1807 to 1814; new Edition, with Replies to all his Opponents; 6 vols. 8vo, boards, 5/. 15s. 6d. 1834-40

8526 the same; 6 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 11. 1834-40

8527 Naples. Notes on Naples and its Environs; and on the Road to

it from Rome, by a Traveller (Hugh Burgess, Esq.) crown 8vo, cloth, 9s. 1838

"This more than clever book might be fitly reviewed in verse, on Charles Iamb's principle of being ' mwUst for a moticttl mtin : fur it is Full, to brimming over, with the poetry of Iluliun life, and nature, and antiquilv."—Athtnaum. 8528 Napoleon. Extrait des Memoires de M. le Due de Rovigo

concernant la Catastrophe de M. le Due d'Enghien, 1823. — Hulin sur la Commission Militairc pour juger le Due d'Enghien, 1823.—Letter to Lord Holland on the Review of Napoleon in Exile, in the Quarterly 1823.—Memorandum of two Conversations between Napoleon and Viscount Ebrington, 1823; in 1 vol. 8vo, hf-bd. 5s.

8529 Napoleon Buonaparte Unmasked, in a condensed Statement of his Career and Atrocities; 8vo, bds, 4s. 1809

8530 History of Napoleon, from the French of M. Laurent De

L'Ardeche, with 500 Illustrations after Designs by Horace Vernet, and 20 Original Portraits by M. Jacque, engraved on wood by G. Dorringtonj 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 14s. 1840

8531 Napoleon Medals: Medallic History of Napoleon, a Collection of all the Medals, Coins, and Jettons relating to his Actions and Reign, from 1796 to 1815 ; royal 4to, with (SO plates, bds. 1/. 11*. 6d. 1819

8532 Narborouoh's (Sir.John) Voyage to the Streights of Magellan,

with the Voyages of Captains Tasman, Wood, and Marten; also a large Introduction and Supplement, giving an Account of other Navigations; 8vo, plates, neat, scarce, 9s. 1694

8533 Narf.s' (Archdeacon Robert) Works: viz. Elements of Or

thoepy, 1784.—Principles of Government, deduced from Reason, and supported by English Experience, 1792.— Thanksgiving for Plenty, and a Warning against Avarice, 1801.—Man's Best Right, 1793.—Chronological View of the Prophecies relating to the Christian Church, in 12 Sermons (Warburton-Lectures) 1805; 2 vols. 8vo, calf, 18*.

8534 Elements of Orthoepy; containing a Distinct View of the

whole Analogy of the English Language, so far as relates to Pronunciation, Accent, and Quantity; 8vo, 12s. 1784

8535 the same Edition (with a new title-page), 8vo, neat,

12s. 1792

"A work of uncommon merit and great utility. I know no book which contains, in the same compass, more learning, polite literature, sound sense, accuracy of arrangement, and perspicuity of expression."—Bottctlfg Johnson.

853G Glossary; or a Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and

Allusions to Customs, Proverbs, &c. which have been thought to require Illustration in the Works of English Authors, particularly Shakespeare and his Contemporaries; 4to (pub. at 2/.15s.) bds. scarce, 21. 2s. 1822

8537 Narks' (Rev. Edward, D.D.) Discourses on the Three Creeds,

&c. 8vo, (pub. at 10s. 6d.) bds. 5s. 1819

8538 Remarks on the Version of the New Testament edited by

the Unitarians; 8vo, bds. 5s. 1814

8539 Narrative of a Residence in Belgium during the Campaign of

1815: and of a Visit to the Field of Waterloo; 8vo, calf gilt, 7s. 1817

8540 Nash's (F.) Scries of Views, Interior and Exterior, of the Col

legiate Chapel of St. George, at Windsor, with Descriptions; imperial folio, 9 fine engravings, Proof Impressions (pub. at 6/. 6s.) 3/. 1805 8541 Nash's (Frederick) Picturesque Views in Paris and its Envi

rons, with Descriptions in English by John Scott, and in French by M. De La Boissiere; 2 vols, royal 4to, fine impressions of the 53 beautifnl Engravings by the most eminent British Artists (pub. at 8/. 8s. unbound), hf-bd. russia, marbled edges, 31. las. 1820-23

8542 the same; 2 vols, in 1, imperial 4to, Large Paper, Proofs

On French Paper, (pub. at 16/. 16s. unbound), green morocco, super extra, gilt edges, by Mackenzie, 8/. 1820-23

8543 the same; 2 vols, imperial 4to, Large Paper, Proof ImPressions On India Paper (pub. at 21/.) an Original Subscriber's Copy, 7/. 1820-23

8544 the same; 2 vols, imperial 4to, Large Paper, Proofs And

Etchings On India Paper, (pub. at 29/. 8s.) an original
Subscriber's Copy, in numbers, rare, 15/. 15s. 1820-23

8545 Nash's (John) Twenty-seven Designs of the Pavilion at

Brighton, drawn by Pugin and others, and etched by Le
Keux, Cleghorn, Winkles, and others; royal folio, Proof
Impressions, hf-bd. morocco, 3/. 10s 1824

This was Nash's own copy, and contains three etchings wliich were cancelled prior to the publication of the work.

£546 Nash's (Joseph) Architecture of the Middle Ages, exhibiting Sketches of Ecclesiastical and other Edifices; imperial folio, containing 25 plates, drawn on stone, in the tinted style, with raised lights; hf-bd. morocco, 41. 4s. 1838

8547 Mansions Of England In The Olden Time. First,

Second, and Third Series; 3 vols, imperial folio, containing 78 plates, drawn on stone, and tinted with raised lights; hf-bd. morocco, 12/. 1839-40-41

8548 the same; 3 vols, imperial folio, the plates Beautifully

Coloured in imitation of the original Drawings, and mounted on card boards, 30/. 1839-40-41

Either series may be had separately.

8549 Nash's (T.) History Of "worcestershire, With The Sup

Plement; 3 vols, in 2, folio, with numerous fine plates, original impressions, uncut, 5/. 15s. 6d. 1781-99

8550 National Library; 14 vols. 12mo, cloth, 3/. 10s. v.y.

Containing: Gait's Life of Byrou; Gleijr's History of the Bible. 2 vols; Thomson's Chemistry, 2 vols; James's History of Chivalry; Smith's Sports and Pastimes ; Ilourrieimc's Life of Napoleon, 3 vols ; History of Travels and Celebrated Travellers, 3 vols; and Medwin's Conversations with Lord Byron.

8551 National Society's Twenty-ninth Report; 8vo, 2s. 1840

8552 Natter's (Laurcntius) Treatise on the Ancient Method of

Engraving on Precious Stones, compared with the Modern, folio, with 37 plates of gems, neat, 1/. lis. 6d. 1754

8553 —— another copy, folio, wanting plate 35 (the llape of Helen)

T. Hollis's copy, with his MS. Notes; uncut, 18s. 1754

"A curious tract, aud full of knowledge, but now become very scarce."— T. llullis's Memoirs, p. 183 (where nm1 of the Notes in this copy is printed).

8554 Natural Philosophy (Compendium of J 4to, Manuscript, 5v.n.d

8555 Naturalist (The) illustrative of the Animal, Vegetable, and

Mineral Kingdoms, conducted by B. Mautid, W. Hull, and Neville Wood; 2 vols, royal 8vo, coloured plates and woodcuts (pub. at ll.lls.6d.) bds. 1/. 4*'. 1837 8556 Nature Displayed; being Discourses on such Particulars of

Natural History, as were thought most proper to excite the curiosity and form the Minds of Youth, from the French of Le Pluche, by Humphreys; 7 vols. Svo, Best Edition, plates, very neat, 1/. Ss. 1740-48

8557 the same; 4 vols. 12mo, plates, neat, 8*. 1740

855S the same; 7 vols. 12mo, plates, neat, 16*. 17o7-63

8559 Naunton's (Sir Robert) Fragments Regalia; or Observations

on the late Queen Elizabeth, her Times, and Favourites; small 4to, portrait by Elstrack, 6s. 1642

8560 Memoirs, with some of his Posthumous Writings, never

before printed; folio, Large Paper, fine portrait (pub. at 21. 2s. in boards) hf-bd. russia, uncut, 10s. 1814

Only 30 eopies printed.

8561 Nautical Almanac for 1802, 1818, 1826, 1827; 8vo, each 2s. Navy.

8562 Naval Achievements Of Great Britain, from the Year

1793 to 1817, represented in 55 beautifully coloured Engravings, with Descriptions; imperial 4to, an original copy (pub. at 13/. Vis.) hf-bd. uncut, 4/. 4s. 1816-17

8563 Naval History of Great Britain; 4 vols. 12mo, portrait and

plates, very neat, 8s. 1758

8564 Examination and Refutation of Considerations on the Navy

Bill; Svo, Is. 1749

8565 Enquiry into the Conduct of Captain M—n; 8vo, Is. 1745

8566 Narrative of the Proceedings of the Mediterranean Fleet;

8vo, 2s. 1744

8567 OriK's (Captain) Appeal against the Illegal Proceedings of

Vice-Admiral Matthews; Svo, Is. 1745

8568 Naylor's (F. Hare) History of the Helvetic Republics; 4 vols.

Svo (pub. at 1/. 16s.) bds. 16s. 1809 8568* the same, 4 vols, in 2, Svo, calf gilt, 1/. Is. 1809

8569 History of Germany, from the Landing of Gustavusto the

Treaty of Westphalia; 2 vols, in 3, Svo (pub. at 11. 10s.) bds. 10s. 6d. 1816

S570 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 16?. 1816

8571 Neal's (Daniel) History of the Puritans, from the Reformation to the Death of Queen Elizabeth; 5 vols. Svo (published at 21. 12s. 6d.) bds. 1/. 5s. 1823 M72 the same; 5 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 21. 5s. 1823

8573 Neale's (Dr. Adam) Travels through some parts of Germany,

Poland, Moldavia, and Turkey; 4to, with 11 finely coloured plates (pub. at 21. 2s.) bds. 18s. 1818

8574 Letters from Portugal and Spain ; comprising an Account

of the Operations of the Armies under Sir Arthur Wellcsley and Sir John Moore, from the Landing of the Troops in Mondego Bay to the Battle of Corunna; 4to, plates (pub. at 21.2s.) 8s. 1809

8575 the same; 4to, plates, new and neat, calf gilt, 14s. 1809

8576 Neale's (John Preston) Views Of The Seats Of The Nobility

and Gentry in Great Britain ; First Series, complete in 6 vols, royal Svo, containing nearly 450 beautiful Views (pub. at 15/.) bds. 8/. Ss. '1818-24

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