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Tin. Waldemar
ix. The Dork Lady of Doona

x. The Baronet

xi. The Sea Wolf
xn. The Jesuit

xin. The Siege of Vienna
Xit. The Enthusiast
Xt. Ernesto

7229*libraby Of Useful Knowledge, 8vo, eacli Number 6d.
7230 Library Of Original Romance, edited by Leitcb Ritchie and
Thomas Roscoe; 15 vols. fcap. 8vo, cloth, 31.15s. 1833-35

Each volume is sold separately at 6«. viz.
I Ghost Hunter and his Family
II. Schiuderhanns, or the Robber

of the Rhine
m. Waltham
It. The Stolen Child
T. The Bondman
Ti. The Slave King
TO. The Khan's Tale

7231 Lichtenstein's (Dr. Henry) Travels in Southern Africa, translated by Anne Plumptre; 2 vols. 4to, plates (published at 3/. 12s. in boards) calf gilt, 21. 2s. 1812

"This work constitutes an immediate link in point of time between the travels of Mr. Barrow and Mr. Campbell. The residence of the author in the regions he describes, exceeded that of either of the above travellers, his opportunities for observation were more numerous, and the circumstanceB under which he travelled were, in some respects, more favourable for obtaining a close acquaintance with the objects he examined."—Augustan Review.

7232 Liebig's (Dr. Justus) Chemistry in its Application to Agricul

ture and Physiology, edited from the MS. of the Author by Dr. Lyon Playfair: second Edition, with very numerous Additions; 8vo, cloth, 9*. 1842

7233 Animal Chemistry, or Organic Chemistry in its Applications to Physiology and Pathology, edited from the Author's MS. by Dr. William Gregory; 8vo, cloth, 9s. 1842

7234 Life of Mary Carleton alias the German Princess, executed at

Tyburn; 8vo, 3s. n. d.

7235 Life and Adventures of an Animal, or the Secret History of tho

Count de M—p—n (Crab-Louse); 12mo, neat, 5s. 1761

7236 LiGnT's (Major Henry) Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land,

Mount Lebanon, and Cyprus; 4to, with 20 fine plates and 14 vignettes (published at 21. 5s.) boards, 15s. 1818

7237 Sicilian Scenery; imperial 8vo, fine impressions of the

62 beautiful Engravings from the Drawings by Dewint, (published at 7/. 4s. unbound) half-bound morocco, marbled edges, 3/. • 1823

7238 the same; 4to, Large Paper, with Proof Impressions of

the plates (pub. at 10/.16s. unbound) uncut, 6/. 6s. 1823

7239 the same; imperial 4to, Laroest Paper, India Proofs

And Etchings (pub. at 25/. 4s. and only 25 copies taken off in this state) half-bound morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, rare, 15/. 1823

7240 LicnTFooT's (dr. John) Whole Works, edited by the Rev.

J. R. Pitman; 13 vols. 8vo, portrait (published at 7/. 16s. in boards) calf extra, 6/. 16s. 6d. 1822-25

"He was one of the most profoundly learned of the bright constellation of scholars and divines which adorned that age, and shone unrivalled, perhaps, in any other."—Dr. William Hales.

7241 Lightfoot's (John) Flora Scotica, or a Systematic Arrange

ment, in the Linnoean Method of the Native Plants of Scotland and the Hebrides. Prefixed is a Sketch of Caledonian Zoology, by T. Pennant; 2 vols. 8vo, 35 plates, very neat, 15s. 1777

"242 Liubtfoot's (John) Flora Scotica: Second Edition, with Life of the Author by T. Pennant; 2 vols. 8vo, 35 plates, and several additional inserted, neat, 1/. Is. 1789

"The only thing to be lamented in this excellent botanist is, that ho allowed himself so often to transcribe the works of .others, who were far inferior to himself in the art either of observing or of recording their observation-, "—Itillwyn.

7243 Licon's (Kiehard) True and exaet History of the Island of

Harbadoes, with the whole Process of Sugar-making, Ike. folio, map and plates, neat, 18s. 1673

This work contains the oriental of the story of Inkle And Yauico; also a most laughable account of the Propagation of the Quaver Tree,—"His Isink is amusing; anil, with the exception of a lib or two, bv way of sauce piauante. is a very accurate account of Barbadoes."—Retruspeetive Review.

7244 Liliu Kn's (Lieut.-Col. John) Liberties of the People of Eng

land asserted and vindicated; small4to, half-bound, scarce, 10s. Printed in the grand yeer of dissimulation, 1G49

7245 Manifestation from Lilburn, Walwyn, Prince, and Overton (now Prisoners in the Tower), 1649.—Picture of the Councel of State held forth by Lilburn, &c. 1 (549.—Six

Propositions of undoubted Verity, a broadside Discourse

betwixt Col. Lilburn & Hugh Peter, 1649.—small 4to, 6*.

7246 Lilburn tryed and cast, or his Case and Craft discovered;

small 4to, neat, 5s. 16.53

7247 Htltc'sJ (3)ohu) 3£un!)iitg anti hid lEnglantf, containing his

Voyage and Adventures, mixed with sundry pretty Discourses of honest Love, the Description of the Country, the Court, and the Manners of the He; sm. 4to, 15*. 1630

"It was about this time that the 1 ouly rare poet of his time, the witty, comical, facetiously-quick, and quickly-facetious John Lilie—he that sate at Apollo's table, anil to whom Pba'bus gave a wreath of his own bays without snatching;'—he, in short, who wrote that singularly coxcomical work, called Kuphues an>l his England, was in the very zenith of his absurdity and reputation. The quaint, forced, and unnatural style which he introduced by his Anatomic of Wit, had a fashion as rapid as momentary—all the court ladies were his scholars, and to jiarler Euphuisme w as as necessary ft qualification to a courtly gallant, as those of understanding how to use his rapier, or to dance a measure."—Sir Waiter Scott [Monastery).

7248 l£uphuts$ the Anatomic of iilit, 1631.—Salic'S SEunhutS

anil l)i'S ISnfjlanto, 1(530.—sni.4to, fine copies, calfgilt, l/.lOs.

"Ah, that 1 had with me my Anatomie of Wit—that all-to be-unparallelled volume—that quintessence of human wit—that treasury of quaint invention— that exquisitely-pleasant to read and inevitably-necessary-tob*rcincuibered manual of all that is worthy to be known—which indoctriucs the rude in civility, the dull in intellectuality, the heavy in jocosity, the blunt in gentility, the vulgar in nobility, ami all of them in that unutterable perfection of human eloquence, which no other eloquence is sufficient to praise,—that art which, when we call it by its own name of Euphuism, wo bestow ou it its richest panegyric."—Monastery. 7248*lillo's (George) Dramatic \Yorks, with Memoirs of the Author by Thomas Davies; 2 vols. 12mo, calfgilt, 12s. 1810

7249 Lilly's (William) History of his Life and Times from 1602 to

1681, written by Himself; 8vo, portraits, cf. gt. 12s. 1822

7250 Limborch's (P.) Compleat System, or Body of Divinity, by

Wm. Jones; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, neat, 12s. 1713

7251 Itminmjj. 91 bm> proper treatise, Inherent t$ bittfelp set forth

the Site of Utmmiiifr, &c. very mete to be adjoined to the bookes of Armes; sm. 4to, rare, 10s. 6d. It. Toltill, 1581

This edition was unknown to Ames, Herbert, Dibdin. and Moule, who

mention the edition:- of 1573, 1-383, lotiS, and 1503.

7252 Lind's (John) ' Celebrated' Letters on the present State of Po

land; 8vo (Dr. Parr's copy) 7s. 1773

"This book was written by the sagacious and benevolent Mr. Lind, the friend of the profoundly philosophical Dr. Nathaniel Forster, of Colchester, and of the celebrated Jeremy Benihain, and tutor to the worthy and enlightened king of Poland."—MS. Note by Dr. Parr.

7253 Lindesay's (Ii.) History of Scotland, from 21st February 1436,

to March 1565, with a Continuation to 1604, by another Hand; small folio, neat, 18s. Edinburgh, 1728

7254 the same, new Edition; 2 vols. 8vo (published at 1/. Is.)

bds. 12s. ib. 1814

7255 Lindley's (George) Classification of Peaches and Nectarines;

4to, sewed, 4s. ■ 1824

7256 Guide to the Orchard and Kitchen Garden, edited by

Professor John Lindley; 8vo, boards, 14s. 1831

7257 Lindley's (Dr. John, Professor of Botany at University College)

Synopsis of the British Flora; 12mo, bds. 6s. 1829

7258 Synopsis of the British Flora, arranged according to the Natural Orders: containing Vascularcs, or Flowering Plants. Third Edition, with numerous Additions, Corrections, and Improvements; foolscap 8vo, cloth, 10s. 1839

7259 Introduction to Botany, Third Edition, with Corrections

and numerous Additions; 8vo, with 6 Copper-plates and numerous Wood Engravings, cloth, 18s. 1836

7260 Natural System of Botany: or a Systematic View of the

Organization, Natural Affinities, and Geographical Distribution of the whole Vegetable Kingdom; together with the uses of the most important Species in Medicine, the Arts, and Rural or Domestic Economy. Second Edition, with numerous Additions and Corrections, and a complete List of Genera, with their Synonyms ; 8vo, cloth, 18s.l839

7261 Flora Medica: a Botanical Account of all the most important Plants used in Medicine, in different Parts of the World; 8vo, cloth, 18*-. 1838

7262 — School Botany: or an Explanation of the Characters and

Differences of the Principal Natural Classes and Orders of Plants belonging to the Flora of Europe, in the Botanical Classification of De Candolle: for the use of Students preparing for their Matriculation Examination in the University of London, and applicable to Botanical Study in general; foolscap 8vo, with upwards of 150 Woodcuts, cloth, 6*. 1839

7263 Ladies' Botany; 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth, 17. 10s. 1837

7264 Ladies'Botany, abridged; 12mo(pub. atl2s.)cloth, 7s. 1841

7265 Elements of Botany; 8vo, cloth, 10s. 1841

7266 and W. Hutton's Fossil Flora of Great Britain: or

Figures and Descriptions of the Vegetable Remains found in a Fossil State in this Country; 3 vols. 8vo, numerous plates, cloth, 6/. 6s.' 1831-36

7267 Lindley's (Thomas) Narrative of a Voyage from the Cape of

Good Hope to Brazil; 8vo, half-bound, 5s. 1808

7268 Lindsay's (II. II.) Report of Proceedings on a Voyage to the

Northern Ports of China, in the Ship Lord Amherst; 8vo, bds. 8s. 1833 7269 Lindsay's (Lord) Letters on Egypt, Edom, and the Holy Land;

2 vols, small 8vo, plates, bds. ll. 4s. '1838

"Among the many travellers who have contributed to our knowledge of the interesting region.* dignified by events recorded in Holy Writ, a proininent place must be assigned to Lord Lindsay. His abilities and accomplishments arc of a hi^li order; a spirit of inquiry and a glowing enthusiasm have been aided by various knowledge, and refined by a sincere piety. He exhibits a considerable store both of ancient and modern learning; but his draughts of Helicon havo been abundantly tempered by— 'Siloa's brook, that flow'd Fast by the Oracle of God.'

"Having gone out in the perseverance and devotion of a pilgrim, he has felt and rocorded what he saw with the wisdom of a pliilosophor and the faitli of an enlightened Christian."—Quarterly Review.

7270 Letter to a Friend on Christianity; 12ino, cloth, 3s. 1841

7271 Lindsey's (Theophilus) Works, with Life and an Analysis of

his Writings, hy Thomas lSelsham; 9 vols. 8vo, portraits, half-bound, calf gilt, scarce, 3/. 10s. 1773-1812


VI. Vindicia? Priestleiame.—an Ad

l. Life by Belsham 1812 II. Farewell Address to his Parishloners at Cattcrick 1773 Apology for resigning the Vicarage of Catterick 178'i III. Sequel to the Apology 177(1 iv. Sermon on opening Essex St reet Chapel 1774 Senium at the opening of the New Chapel at Essex Street 1778 Two Dissertations 177il Tho Catechist 1702 v. Historical View of the Unitarian Doctrine and Worship, from the Reformation to our own Times, 1783

dress to the Students of Ox ford ami Cambridge 1788 Second Address to the snmef17l>0 . Examination of Kobiusnu's Ilea for Christ's Divinity 178!> . List of False Readings and Mistranslations in the English Bible 1790 Conversations on Christian Lie.

latry 1792 Sermon on Prayer 17U3 Discourse on resigning his lVstnral Office 17)13 Conversations on tile Divine Government 1802

7272 Apology for resigning the Vicarage of Catterick, Yorkshire, with Sequel; in 1 vol. 8vo, calf gilt, 9s. 1774-76

7273 Sermon on opening Essex Street New Chapel; 8vo, 2s. 1778

7274 Lingakd's (john) History Of England, from the First Inva

sion by the Romans to 1688 ; 8 vols. 4to (published at 141. in bds.) calf full gilt, 8/. 8s. 1819-30

7275 the same; 14 vols. 8vo (pub. at 8/. 8s.) bds 5/.5s. 1823-30

7276 the same; 13 vols, foolscap 8vo. cloth, 3/. 1838-39

7277 Vindication of certain Passages in Vols, iv and v of his

History of England; 8vo, sewed, 3s. 1827

7278 Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church; 2 vols. 8vo,

calf gilt, scarce, U. 4». Newcastle, 1806

7279 Lingard (John) on the Decay in Timber; 8vo, sewed, 2s. 1819

7280 the same; second Edition, 8vo, sewed, 3s. 6d. 1827

7281 Linnjeus' (Sir Charles) General System of Nature, through the

three grand Kingdoms of Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals, translated by Win. Turton, M.D. 7 vols. 8vo, plates (pub. at 5/. 5s. in bds.) calf extra, 3/. 10s. 1806

7282 Families of Plants, with their natural Characters, and the

New Families from Thunberg and l'Heritier; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 12s. Lichfield, 1787

7283 Dissertation on the Sexes of Plants, translated by Sir Jas.

Edward Smith; 8vo, presentation copy to Dr. Pulteney, sewed, scarce, 5s. 17^6 7284 LiXN^EUs' (Sir Charles) Lachesis Laponica,or a Tour in Lapland,

now first published from the original Manuscript Journal, by Sir James Edward Smith; 2 vols. 8vo, (published at 1/. Is.) plates, boards, 16s. 1811

7285 Correspondence with other Naturalists, selected from the

original Manuscripts, by Sir James Edward Smith; 2 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 1/. 10s.) boards, 15». 1821

7286's (It.) Miscellaneous Works, (Lucky Escape, Generous

Moor, Plotting Wives, Songs, Strictures on Masonry, &c.) 8vo, boards, 4s. Leeds, 1789

7287 Lipscomb's (George) Journey into Cornwall, through the Coun

ties of Southampton, Dorset, Somerset, and Devon; 8vo, autograph Dedication to Dr. Parr, bds. l/.ls. Wrartcick,1799

See Bibliotheca Parriana, p. '409.

7288 Lisiansky's (Urey) Voyage round the World; 4to, plates (pub.

at 3/. 3s.) boards, 11. 4s. 1814

7289 Lisle's (William) Divers Ancient Monuments in the Saxon

Tongue, written seven hundred yeares agoe, shewing that both in the Old and New Testament the Lord's Prayer and the Creede were then used in the Mother Tongue; and also, what Opinion was then held of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ. Whereunto is added, out of the Homiles and Epistles of ./Elfricus, a second Edition of a Testimony of Antiquity touching the Sacrament, and a Sermon on the Paschall Lamb; small 4to. neat, scarce, l/.5s. 1638

7290 the same; 1623.—Credrnonis Paraphrasis Poetica Genesios,

&c. Anglo-Saxonice a F. Junio nunc primum edita, (Amst. 1655)—small 4to, fine copy, in old calf, very rare, 21. 2s.

7291 Lister's (Dr. Martin) Journey to Paris in the year 1698; 8vo,

plates, neat, scarce, 8s. 1699

7292 Lister's (T. H.) Life and Administration of Edward, first Earl

of Clarendon ; with original Correspondence and Authentic Papers never before published; 3 vols. Svo, portrait, boards, 21. 8s. 1838 7292* the same, 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 3/. 1838

7293 Lite's (H.) Light of Britayne; Svo, Large Paper (only 26 copies

printed), woodcut portrait of Q. Elizabeth, bds. 5s. 1814

Reprinted from the edition of 1588.

7294 Liter.*: Sacr*; or the Doctrines of Moral Philosophy and

Scriptural Christianity compared; 8vo, bds. 3s. 1825

7295 Lithgow's (Win.) Travels and Voyages through Europe, Asia,

and Africa, containing the Adventures of Nineteen Years; Twelfth Edition, 8vo, (pub. at 12s.) bds. 7s. Leith, 1814

"Lithgow's Travels are entertaining, and not ill-written ; but they abound in the marvellous, and too often excite the »mile of incredulity."—Dr. Drake.

7295*littleton's (Dr. Edward, Fellow of Eton) Sermons ; 2 vols.

royal 8vo, Large Paper, neat, 7s. 1735

7296 Liturgi* Britannicje, or the Several Editions of the Book of

Common Prayer of the Church of England, from its Compilation to the last Revision, together with the Liturgy set forth for the Use of the Church of Scotland, arranged to show their respective Variations, by William Keeling, B.D. 8vo, cloth, 1/. Is. " 1842

7296* the same, 8vo, calf extra, 11. 5s. 1842

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