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7174 Letters from the Cardinal Borgia and the Cardinal of York

to Sir John Cox Hippisley, Bart, Mdccxcix-mdccc; 4to, calf gilt, 18*. n. d.

Privately printed by Sir John Cox Hippisley, Bart. This wts a presentation copy to Charles Ellis, Esq. M.P.

7175 Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland to his

Friend in London; containing the Description of a Capital Town in that Northern Country, with an Account of some uncommon Customs of the Inhabitants; likewise an Account of the Highlands {attributed to Captain Burt). With an Introduction and Notes, by R. Jamieson, and the History of Donald the Hammerer, by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. 2 vols. 8vo, plates (pub. at 1/. Ms. 15s. 1822

7176 another copy; 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 1/. 4s. 1822

7177 Letters written for the Post, and not for the Press; crown

8vo, bds. 5s. 1820

7178 Letters from a Persian in England to his Friend at Ispahan

(by Lord Lyttleton); 12mo, neat, 2s. 1735

7179 Letters from Albion to a Friend on the Continent, written in

1810-13 ; 2 vols, foolscap 8vo (pub. at 14s.) bds. 6t. 1814

7180 Letters on the Importance, Duty, and Advantages of Early

Rising; 12mo, bds. 2s.' 1822

7181 Letters of an Englishman on the Principles and Conduct of

the Rockingham' Party; 8vo, half-bound, 2s. 6d. 1786

7182 Letters of Simpkin the Second, Poetic Recorder of all the Pro

ceedings upon the Trial of Warren Hastings, Esq. 8vo, sewed, 3s. 1789

7183 Letters from a Lady to her Sister during a Tour to Paris in

April and May 1814; crown 8vo, bds. 2s. 6d. 1814

7184 Lettsom's (Dr. J. C.) History of the Origin of Medicine; 4to,

plates of the Grigris, plain and coloured, bds. 7s. 1778

7185 Natural History of the Tea Tree; 4to, 5 coloured plates,

calf neat, 12s. 1799

7186 Levant. New Voyage to the Levant, exhibiting an Historical

and Geographical Description of the Modern as well as Ancient State of the principal Places within the Verge of the Mediterranean Sea, &c. 4to, Manuscript, 15s. 1748

This unpublished Manuscript is dated "On board hit Mtijetty't Ship Lynn, at Sea, May 8th, 1748."

7187 iLebn'a (Sftaphe, Dean of Durham) 9rtt of iataSoii, rtghtlp

tmmU 52Httcraft; sm. 8vo, hf.-bd. 14s. JSnnncman, 1573

"This work is dedicated to Walter, Earl of Essex, Viscount Hereford, Lord Ferris of Cbartley, &c. kc, and is one of the most rare of our early treatises on logic."—Centura Littcraria, Toi. v. p. 853, &c.

7188 Levi's (David) Letters to Dr. Priestley, in Answer to those he

addressed to the Jews, inviting them to an Amicable Discussion of the Evidences of Christianity; 8vo, MS. Notes, half-bound, uncut, 8s. 1787

In this volume are likewise Levi's Letters to Dr. Cooper, Halhed, and others; also his Defence of the Old Testament.

7189 Dissertations on the Prophecies of the Old Testament respecting the Messiah, revised by J. King; 2 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 1/. Is.) bds. 7s. 1817

7190" the same; 2 vols. 8vo, half-bound, calf gilt, 10s. 1817 7191 Lewin's (W.) Birds Of Great Britain (with Their Eggs),


Painted From Nature: with Descriptions (in French and English), including the Natural History of each Bird; 8 vols, in 4, folio, Large Paper (only 25 copies printed) containing 265 finely coloured figures of Birds, and 150 coloured figures of Eggs (published at 31/. 10s. unbound) russia, extra, gilt edges, 14/. 14s. 1795

7192 Insects of Great Britain, Vol. I, Papilios (all published);

4to, Original Copy, with 46 finely coloured plates of Butterflies, with Representations of the Caterpillar and Chrysalis State, green morocco, gilt edges, rare, 2/.2s. 1795

7193 Lewin's (J. W.) Prodromus Entomology. Natural History of

Lepidopterous Insects of New South Wales; 4to, with 18 plates, beautifully coloured, hf.-bd. very scarce, 1/. 16s. 1805

"Of permanent value."—Swaimon.

7194 Lewin's (Thomas) One Hundred very spirited Pencil Drawings

of rare and undescribed Birds, "drawn from nature, correct in size, and all honors," with Descriptions, 71. 10s.

7195 Lewis's (Thomas) Origines Hebrese, or the Antiquities of the

Hebrew Republic; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 5s. 1724

7196 Antiquities of the Hebrew Republic, a new Edition; 3 vols.

8vo, bds. 1/. 4s. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1834

7196* the same, 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 1/. 16s. ib. 1834

7197 Lewis's (G. Cornewall) Remarks on the Use and Abuse of some

Political Terms; 8vo, bds. 8s. 1832

7197* Remarks on Local Disturbances in Ireland, &c. 8vo, bds.

12s. 1836

7198 Essay on the Government of Dependencies; 8vo. boards,

12s. 1841

7198*lewis's (John) Ancient History of Great Britain to the Death of Cadwalader; and of the Kings of Scotland to Eugene V, with the Breviary of Britayne, by H. Lhuyd, Englished by Thomas Twine; folio, Large Papf.r, 21. 2s. 1729

"A bonk of which the possession shall not cause the prrrchaser to repent his bargain."—Dibtlin.

7199 Lives of John Wiclif, D.D. and of Bp. Reynold Pecock;

2 vols. 8vo, bds. 16s. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1820

7200 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 1/. 4s. ib. 1820

7201 History of the Life and Sufferings of John Wickliffe; 8vo,

neat, 9s. 1720

7202 the same, new Edition; 8vo, port. bds. 10s. Oxford, 1820

7203 Life of Reynold Pecock, Bishop of St. Asaph and Chichester in the Reign of Henry VI, being a Sequel of the Life of Wiclif; 8vo, hf.-bd. (250 copies printed) 8s. 1744

7204 the same, new Edition; 8vo, bds. 6s. Oxford, 1820

7205 History and Antiquities, as well Ecclesiastical as Civil, of

the Isle of Tenet in Kent: Second Edition, with Additions; royal 4to, Best Edition, on Large Paper, portrait and plates, fine copy, in old calf neat, '61. 10s. 1736

Very scarce on Inrfte paper. Dent's copy sohl for JOi. and Nassau's for W.fl*.

7206 History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Rochester (edited by Dr. Ruwlinson); 8vo, neat, 6s. 1723

7207 Lewis's (John) History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Church of Favreshara, in Kent, of the adjoining Priory of Davington, and Maison-Dieu of Ospringe, and Parish of Bocton subtus lo Blcyne, with the Funeral Monuments; 4to, plates, line copy, In old calf, scarce, 18s. 1727

7207* Funeral Monuments in the Church of Favershani; 4to,

plates (title-page deficient) 5s. 1727

72()8 Complete History of the several Translations of the Holy

Bible and New Testament into English, both in MS. and Print, with a List of the various Editions; royal 8vo, Large Paper, folding plate, with M.S. Additions (pub. at 1/. Is.) bds. 14.s. 18IS

720!) Lewis's (F. C.) Picturesque Scenery On The River Dart, Devon, in 3.5 Plates and 3 Vignettes, 1821.—Scenery of the Rivers Tamar and Tavy, in 47 J'lates, by F.C.Lewis, 1823.—Scenery of the River Exe, by F. C. Lewis, 29 Plates, 18^27.—3 vols, in 1, royal 4to, Proof Impressions, On India Paper, hf-bd. russia, marbled edges, 3/. 13s. 6rf.

These beautiful etching* ore executed to form as nearly as possible facsimiles of the original drawings, ami therefore calculated not only to interest the admirers of nature, but also to form a set of studies for the learner of

landscape drawing,

7210 Lewis's (J. F.) Six Studies of Wild Animals, drawn and en

graved from the Life; folio, very line impressions (published at 1/. 4s.) 15s. W. B. Cooke, 1825

7211 Lewis and Clarke's (Captains) Travels from St. Louis, by

Way of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers to the Pacific Ocean, containing Delineations of the Manners, Customs, he. of the Indians; 8vo, map, neat, 8s. 1800

7212 Travels to the Source of the Missouri River, and across

the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean; 3 vols. 8vo, map (pub. at 21. 2s. unbound) calf gilt, 1/. lis. 6(1. 1815

7212* the same, 3 vols. 8vo, map, soiled copy, scarce, 1/. Is. 1815

"This is an interesting work, and exhibits not only some valuable geographical notices, but very copious and amusing details respecting the manners, habits, and divisions of the Indian North America tribes."—Critical lii vicw.

7213 Lewis (M. G.) The Monk, a Romance; 3 vols. 12mo, neat,

scarce, 9s. 1797

7214 Bravo of Venice, a Romance; 8vo, half-bound, 5s. 1805

7215 Journal of a West India Proprietor, kept during a Residence in Jamaica; 8vo (pub. at 10.v. 6rf.) bds. 7s. 1834

7216 Life, Correspondence, and Posthumous Writings; 2 vols.

8vo, portrait (pub. at 1/. 8s.) bds. IS*. 1839

7217 Lewis's (Wm.) Information of the Popish Plot; folio, 2s. 1680

7218 Leybourn's (Thomas) Mathematical Questions proposed in the

Ladies' Diary, and their Original Answers : together with some New Solutions, from its commencement in 1704 to 1816; 4 vols. 8vo (pub. at 4/.) bds. 1/. lis. 6d. 1817

7219 L'hospital's (Marquis de) Analytick Treatise of Conick Sec

tions, made English by E. Stone; 4to, numerous plates, neat, 4s. 1723

7220 Leycester's (Sir Peter) Antiquities of Cheshire; folio, map

and plates, neat, 1/. 7s. 1673 7221 Letden's (Dr. John) Historical Account of Discoveries and

Travels in Africa, enlarged and completed to the Present Time, by Hugh Murray; 2 vols. 8vo, maps (published at at 1/. 7s.) bds. 18s. Edinburgh, 1817

7222 Poetical Remains, with Memoirs of his Life by the Rev.

James Morton; 8vo (pub. atl2s.) bds. 6s. 1819

"Dr. Lcytlen cultivated the muses with a success which will make ninny regret that poetry did not occupy a larger portion of his time."—Sir J .Malcolm

7222* Malay Annals, edited by Sir Thomas Stamford Raflles;

8vo (published at 12s.) boards, 8s. 1821

7223 Liioyd's (Ilumfrey) Historic of Cambria, now called Wales:

corrected, augmented, and continued, by D. Powel. Reprinted from the Edition of 1584; royal 4to, cuts (pub. at 21. 12s. 6d.) bds. 18s. ' 1811

7224 Lhuyd's (E.) Archajologia Britannica, giving some Account,

additional to what has been hitherto publish'd, of the Languages, Histories and Customs of the Original Inhabitants of Great Britain: from Collections and Observations in Travels through Wales, Cornwall, Bas-Bretagne, Ireland, and Scotland. Vol. I, containing Glossoguaiiiy; folio, half-bound, scarce, 21. 2s.' Oxford, 1707

No other volume was published. It coutaiiis: I. Comparative Etymology. —Ii. Comparative Vocabulary of the Original Languages of Britain and Ireland.—ill. and iv. An Annoric Grammar and Vocabulary by Julian Manoir, Englished by M. W illiams.—v. Welch Words omitted in Dr. * Davie-*' Dictionary.—vi. Cornish Grammar.—vn. Antiqua Britannia? Lingua Scriptorum, qure nou impressa sunt, Catalogus.—vnl. A British Ktymolri^icon, or the Welch collated with the Greek and Latin, and some other European languages by D. l'arry.—ix. A Brief Introduction to the Irish or ancient Scottish Language.—x. Focloir: an Irish EnylUh Dictionary.—xi. Catalogue of Irish MSS.

7225 Liberty Of Conscience, Three Letters recommending a New

Law for; small 4to, 2s. • 1688

7226 Liberty (Ancient and Modern) Stated and Compared; 8vo,

Is. 6V. 1734

7227 Library Of Fathers Of The Holy Catholic Church, anterior

to the Division of East and AVest: translated by Members of the English Church, and edited by the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.L). the Rev. John Keble, M.A. and the Rev. John II. Newman, B.D. Uniformly printed in 8vo, at 10*. 6d. each volume, in cloth Oxford, 1839

The following are already published:

i. S. Augustine's Confessions
ii. S. Cyril of Jerusalem's Cute*

chetical Lectures
in S. Cyprian's Treatises
v.-v. S. Chrvsostmn's Homilies on
vi. S Chrysostinns Homilies on
Galutiuns and Ephesiims

vii. S. Chrysostom's Homilies on Romans

Tin. S. Alhanasius' Select Treaties

ix. S. Chrysostom's Honiilies on

the Statues x. Tertullian, vol. i. Apologetic aud Practical Treatises.

// complete and uniform Edition, of all the Fathers and Schoolmen (those in Greek, Syriac, or Armenian, to be accompanied by a Latin Version in parallel columns) will shortly be commenced in Numbers, at 2s. 6d. each. Subscribers* names received by John Bohn, whose Prospectus of the undertaking may be had on application at 17 Henrietta Street, Coreni Garden,

7228 Library Of Anglo-catholic Theology, containing Reprints

of Authors who maintain and inculcate the Doctrines and
Discipline of the Anglican Branch of the Catholic and
Apostolic Church: edited under the Superintendence of a
Committee and the Rev. W. J. Copeland, M.A. by Mem-
bers of the Anglican Church. Printed uniformly with the
Library of the Fathers, in 8vo, each volume in cloth at
10*. 6d. Oxford, 1841

The following are already published:
Andrewes' (Bishop) Sermons, 6 vols. I Bull (Bishop) on Justification, Part 1
Uramhall's (Abp.) Works, vols. 1 & 2 1 Nicholson (Bishop) on the Catechism

7229 Library Of Entertaining Knowledge, published under the

Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge; 43 vols. 12mo, with numerous Engravings on Wood and Steel (pub. at 9/. 13s. 6<f.) cloth, 61. 10s. v.y.

The various works are sold separately at As. each volume, viz.

Secret Societies of the Middle
Ages, containing an Account of tho
Eastern Association known as the
"Assassins," the Knights Tem-
plars, fcc. 1 vol.
History.—Historical Parallels, de-
tailing the most celebrated Events
in Grecian and Roman History,
and comparing them with Ancient
or Modern Times, 2 vols.
Distinguished Men Of Modkrjc
Times.—Authentic Biographies,

China.—A General Description of
China, by J. F. Davis, 2 vols.

Egypt.—An Account of Uie Man-
ners and Customs of the Modern
Egyptians, by E.W. Lune, 2 vols.

New Zealanders.—An Account of
the People and Island, 1 vol.

Canada.—The Backwoods of Ca-
nada, a Description of the Coun-
try, Manners, Customs, &c. 1 vol.

India.—The Hindoos, a Description
of India, and an Account of their
Religion, <Sec, 2 vols.

Pompeii. — Containing an Account
of the Destruction of Pompeii, and
its subsequent recovery, 2 vols.

Paris, and its Historical Scenes—
describing the moro remarkable
Edifices and Situations in the
French Capital; 2 vols.

British Museum.—Egyptian Anti-
quities, a complete Account of An-
cient Egypt, by Prof. Long, 2 vols,

British Museum,—The Towulcy
Marbles, 2 vols.

British Museum.— The Elgin and
Phigoleian Marbles, 2 vols.

British— British Cos-
tume, a complete History of the
Press of the British Islands, 1 vol.

Pursuit(tiic) Op Knowledge under
Difficulties which would appear to
present insurmountable Impedi-
ments, 2 vols.

Criminal Trials.—The most Re
markable and Interesting Trials
connected with British History,
with an Account of the Gunpow-
der I lot, by David Jardine, 2 vols.

refering to fuller sources of information, of One Hundred ami Sixty-eight Persons, of all Countries, illustrious as great originators or inventors in Arts, Sciences, and Literuture, and of Statesmen and Warriors who have had the greatest influence on the destinies of mankind; with woodcuts, 4 vols. Natural History. Menageries— containing tho Varieties of the Dog, Waif, Hyena, Lion, Tiger, Camel, Llama, Giraffe, Monkey Tribe, &c. 4 vols.

Natural History.—Vegetable Substances, Timber Trees and Fruits, Substances used for the Food of Man, and Substances used in Manufactures; 3 vols.

ENTOMOLOGY.—Insect Architecture,
Insect Miscellanies, Insect Trans-
formations, formingacomplete work
on the subject; 3 vols.

ORMTnoLOQT.—The Architecture of
Birds, the Habits of Birds, the
Faculties of Birds, forming the
complete subject; 3 vols.

In this series, tho object has been to give as much useful information as. can be conveyed in an amusing form. Speaking of this Library while yet in progress, the Edinburgh Review remarks; "It i$ not wonderful that the circulation should be extensive; it U said to be 20,000 monthly. We own that our expectation* arc unbiittuld of thf gnod to be done by ihit teries of work*."

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