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5506 Haweis's (Thomas) Evangelical Expositor, or Commentary on

tlie Holy Bible. Wherein the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testament is inserted at large, the Sense explained, and the more difficult Passages elucidated; 2 vols, folio, fine copy, calf extra, marbled edges, 3/. 3.«. 1765

5507 Hawks' (Robert) History of Framlingham in the County of

Suffolk; including brief Notices of the Masters and Fellows of Pembroke Hall, in Cambridge, with considerable Additions and Notes, by Robert Loder; 4to, plates, boards, scarce, 1/. 1*. Woodbridge, 1798

5507*hawker's (Robert, D.D.) Works, with Memoir of his Life and Writings bv Dr. John Williams; 10 vols, portrait (pub. at 6/. 6s.) bds. 3/. 16s. 1831

5508 the same; 10 vols, royal 8 .0, Large Taper, portrait (pub.

at 10/. 10*.) boards, 51. 1831

5508* Poor Man's Morning Portion; 12mo, boards, 3s. 1838

5509 Commentary on the Old and New Testament, with the

Text at large; 9 vols. 8vo (pub. at 6/. 6s.) bds. 3/.10s.l831 5509* Concordance and Dictionary to the ISible; Svo (pub. at 16s.)

boards, 12*. 1828

5510 Hawker's (Lieut.-Col. P.) Instructions to Young Sportsmen in

all that relates to Guns and Shooting. Fourth Edition; 8vo, 10 plates (pub. at 18s.) bds. lO.s^ 1825

Containing the natural history of game.

5510*hawkes' (S.) Sketch of the Principles of the Differential Calculus, with an Appendix; sm. 4to, sd. 2s.6d. Combrklge,\%2$

5511 Hawkins' (Dr. Bissct) Germany: the Spirit of her History,

Literature, Social Condition, and National Economy; illustrated by reference to her Physical, Moral, and Political Statistics, and by Comparison with other Countries; Svo, bds. 10s. 1838

5512 Hawkins' (Thomas) Origin of the English Drama illustrated

in ils various Species, viz. Mystery, Morality, Tragedy, and Comedy, by Specimens from our earliest Writers, with Explanatory Notes; 3 vols. cr. 8vo, uncut, \iis.Oxford, 1773

5513 H.\WKiNs'(Sir John) General History of the Science and Prac

tice of Music; 5 vols. 4to, portraits and plates, fine copy, in old calf gilt, 5A5s. 1776

5514 Hawkins' (Laititia Matilda) Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches,

and Memoirs; 3 vols. 8vo, portrait, calf gilt, I8s. 1822-24

5515 Hawkins' (J. S.) Inquiry into the Nature and History of Greek

and Latin Poetry; *8vo (pub. at 14s.) bds. 7*. 1817

5516 Hawkins' (Sir Richard) Observations on his Voyage to the

South Sea, A.P. 1593; small folio, fine copy, calf gilt, 1/. 16s. 1622

5517 Hawkins' (W.) Works (Divinity Tracts.—Dramatic and other

Poems, Letters, Essays, &c.—Pnelectiones Poetieae) 3 vols.
Svo, neat, 7s- 6rf. Oxford, 1758

5518 Hawkins' (Wm.) Bampton Lectures: on Scripture Mysteries;

8vo, bds. 5s. ib. 1787

5519 the same; 8vo, neat, 5s. ib. 1787

5520 Hawks' (Rev. Francis L.) Contributions to the Ecclesiastical

History of the United States of America; 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 1/. 10s. New York, 1836-39 5521 Haworth's (A. H.) Observations on the Genus Mesembryan

themum; 8vo, neat, 8s. 1794

5522 Hay's (A.) History of Chichester, with various Notes and Ob

servations on the County of Sussex in general; 8vo, bds. 9s. Chichester, 1804

5522*hay's (D. R.) Natural Principles and Analogy of the Harmony of Form; 4to, plates, cloth, 15s. Edinburgh, 1842

5523 Hay's (Rd.) Vindication of Elizabeth More (Mother of Robert

III) from the Imputation of being a Concubine; and her Children from the Tache of Bastardy. Subjoined are several ancient and valuable Charters illustrating the Origine and Descent of the most considerable Families in Scotland; small 4to, calf gilt, scarce, 1/. Is. Edinb. 1723

This was Bindley'a copy, and sold at his sale for 4/. 8s.

5523*hay's (Edward) History of the Insurrection of the County of Wexford, A.d. 1598; 8vo, 10s. Dublin, 1803

5524 Haydon (B. R.) and William Hazlitt on Painting and the Fine

Arts; crown 8vo, bds. 4s. Edinburgh, 1838

5525 Hayes' (W.) Natural History of British Birds, &c. with their

Portraits accurately drawn and beautifully coloured from
Nature; royal folio, 40 coloured plates, bds. 1/. 10s. 1775

5526 Twenty-four Finely Coloured Portraits of Birds ; royal

folio, 10s. 1775

5527 Hayley's (Wm.) Poems and Plays; 6 vols, crown 8vo, fine

copy in old gilt calf, 18s. 1788

5528 Three Plays: with a Preface, including Dramatic Observations of Lieut.-General Burgoyne ; 8vo (pub. at 9s.) bds. 4s. "Chichester, 1811

5529 Poetical Essay on Epic Poetry, with Notes, 4to, uncut,

3 s." " Dodsley,\l»2

5530 Essay on Old Maids; 3 vols. 12mo, 6s. 1785

5531 Memoirs of his Life and Writings, written by himself.

With Extracts from his Private Correspondence, and unpublished Poetry: and Memoirs of his Son, T. A. Hayley, the young Sculptor. Edited by the Rev. John Johnson, LL.D. 2 vols. 4to, with 2 fine portraits (pub. at 4/. 4s.) bds. 18s. 1823

5532 Life of George Romney: 4to, with 12 beautiful engravings, by Blake, Caroline Watson, and others, calf, marbled edges, 16s. Chichester, 1809

5533 Hayne's (Thomas) General View of the Holy Scriptures; folio,

neat, 8s. "1640

5534 Haynes's (Ilopton) Scripture Account of the Attributes and

Worship of God: and of the Character and Office of Jesus
Christ; 8vo, bds. 5s. 1790

5535 Hayter's (Rev. John) Report upon the Herculaneum Manus

cripts, with a Description of the Papyrus Plant; 4to, facsimile of an Herculaneum MS. and 5 finely coloured plates of the Papyrus Plant, bds. 10s. " 1811

5536 Haytian Papers: a Collection of Proclamations and other

Official Documents: with an Account of the Rise, Progress, and present state of the Kingdom of Hayti, and a Preface, by Prince Sanders, Usq, 8vo, hf-bd. 4s. 1816

5537 Iiaywakd's (Dr. John) Hell's Everlasting Flames avoided;

12mo, 3s. 1715 5538 Hayward's (Sir John) Lives of the Three Normans, Kings of

England: William I, William II, and Hemic I, 1613.— IIayward's Life and Raigne of King Ilenrie IV, 1599.— Life and Raigne of King Edward VI, written by Sir John Hayward, 1630.—3 vols, in 1, small 4to, portraits of Edward VI, by Vau(;iian, and of Sir John Hayward, by W. Pass, fine copies, in old binding, 1/. 4s.

North's copy of the Life of Edward VI alone sold for 4i. 4*. "Containing many curious farts to which sulfieient attention hits not yet been paid; his diction is neat au<l smooth, hut he adopts too profusely the classical costume of framing speeches for his principal characters."—Jirake.

5538* First Part of the Life and Raigne of King Ilenrie IV;

small 4to, calf extra, 1/. 1*. John Woolfe, 1599

The dedication of the Life of Henry IV to the Karl of Essex gave groat offence to Queen Elizabeth, and caused the author's imprisonment. Lord Bacon, in his Aytihign in certain Imjwlationn concerning the late Earl of l'ltscx, tells the following anecdote: "Her Majestic being mightily incensed, thinking it a seditious prelude to put into the people's heads boldnesae and faction, said, she had good opinion that there was treason iu it, and asked me if I could not find any places in it that might be drawn within case of treason; whereto I answered, for treason surely I found noue, but for fellony very many. And when her Majesty hastily asked mo wherein, I told her the author had committed very apparent theft, for he had taken most of the sentences of Cornelius Tacitus, and translated them into English, and put them into his text"

5539 Hazlitt's (W.) Round Table, a Collection of Essays on Lite

rature, Men, and Manners ; foolscap 8vo, cloth, 6s. 1841

5540 Characters of Shakespeare's Plays; 8vo, bds. 9s. 1818

5541 the same. Third Edition, edited by his Son; foolscap

8vo, cloth, 5s. "1838

5542 the same : foolscap 8vo, calf extra, 8s. 1838

"This is a very pleasing book—and we do not hesitate to say, a book of verv considerable originality and genius. What we chiefly look for in such a work, is a fine sense of the beauties of the author, and an eloquent exposition of them ; and ull this, and more, we think may be found in the volume before us."—Edinburgh Review.

5543 Lectures on the English Poets, delivered at the Surrey

Institution; 8vo (pub. at 10s. 6d.) bds. 5*. 1818

5544 the same; 8vo, calf gilt, 8s. 1818

5545 the same; foolscap 8vo, cloth, 6s. 1841

5546 Lectures on the English Comic Writers, delivered at the

Surry Institution; 8vo (pub. at 10s. 6J.) bds. 5s. 1819

5547 the same; 8vo, calf gilt, 8s. 1819

5548 the same; foolscap 8vo, cloth, 6s. 1840

5549 Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth ; 8vo (pub. at 12s.) bds. 8s. 1821

5550 the same; foolscap 8vo, cloth, 6s. 1840

5551 View of the English Stage; 8vo, (pub. at 12s.)bds.8s. 1818

5552 Plain Speaker; Opinions on Books, Men, and Things;

2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 11. 4s.) bds. 10s. 1826

5553 Conversations of James Northcote, Esq. R.A. post 8vo

(pub. at 10s. 6d.) bds. 5s. 1830

5554 Spirit of the Age; 8vo(pub. at 10s. 6d.) bds. 6s. 1825

5555 Political Essays, with Sketches of Public Characters; 8vo

(pub. at 14s.) bds. 6s. 1822

5556 Life of Napoleon Buonaparte; 4 vols. 8vo (pub. at 3/.)

bds. 1/. 8s. 1828

5557 Essays on the Principles of Human Actions, &c. foolscap

8vo, cloth, 4s. 6</. 1837

5558 Hazlitt's (W.) Characteristics in the Manner of Rochefaucault's

Maxims; royal 18mo, bds. 3s. 1837

5559 Table-Talk: or, Original Essays ; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt,

18s. " 1824

5559* Sermons for the Use of Families; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt,

15s. 1808

5560 Literary Remains, with Life by his Son, and Thoughts on

his Genius and Writings, by Sir Edward Lytton Bulwcr and Serjeant Talfourd ; 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 11. 8s.) bds. 14s. 1836

5561 Sketches and Essays, now first collected by his Son;

foolscap 8vo, cloth, 6s. 1839

"Mr. Hazlitt is perhaps the most sparkling prose writer of the present day. To whatever department of criticism he turns his versatile attention, he is sure of illuminating the objects in survey with the rainbow tints of fancy, anil with the dazzling glitter of intellect All these volumes will lie read with luxury on account of their brilliant execution, and with instruction on nccount of the many delicate remarks which are interspersed among tho declamation."—Monthly Review.

5562 Head's (Sir Francis Bond) Reports relative to the Failure of

the Rio Plata Mining Association; crown 8vo, maps, boards, 6s." 1827

5563 Rough Notes, taken during some Rapid Journeys across

the Pampas and among the Andes; cr. 8vo, bds. 7s. 1826

5564 Life of Bruce, the African Traveller; foolscap 8vo, portrait and maps, bds. 4s. 1830

5565 Narrative (relative to his Government of Canada) ; 8vo,

cloth, 7s. 6d. 1839

5565* Bubbles from the Brunnen of Nassau; 16mo, cloth, 7s. 1842

5566 Head's (Sir George) Home Tour through the Manufacturing

Districts of England in the Summer of 1835; crown 8vo, bds. 7s. 1836

5567 Home Tour through various parts of the United Kingdom.

Also Memoirs of an Assistant Commissary-General; crown 8vo, bds. 7s. 1837

5568 . Forest Scenes and Incidents in tho Wilds of North Ame

rica; crown 8vo, bds. 4s. 1829

5569 Headley's (H.) Select Beauties of Ancient English Poetry,

with Remarks; 2 vols, small 8vo, neat, 7s. 1787

5570 — the same, with a Biographical Sketch of the Author, by

the Rev. H. Kett; 2 vols, crown 8vo, calf extra, 12s. 1810

"By these selections," says Dr. Parr, "he has opened to his countrymen a source of pleasing gratification, in the unaffected simplicity and the tender pathos of some of their earlier bards; and in his own remarks he has everywhere exhibited proofs of a pure taste and a discriminatory judgment."

Field"! Life of Parr, ii. 4U.

5571 Heads of several Petitions and Complaints against Lieut.-Gen.

Sir John Conyers, Dr. Heywood of St. Gyles-in-theFields, the Parishioners of St. Mary Woolchurch, Dr. Fuller of St. Giles Cripplegate, and Mr. Booth of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, touching the Rayles about the Communion Table, the Pictures in Glass-windowes, and Weekely Lectures; small 4to, hf-bd. scarce, 10s. 1641

5572 Headrick's (J.) View of the Mineralogy, Agriculture, Manu

factures, and Fisheries of the Island of Arran, with Notices of Antiquities; 8vo, map, calf gilt, 8s. Edinburgh, 1807 5573 Heald's (W. M.) Brunoniad, a Poem (on Dr. Brown's System

of Medicine) ; 4to, hf-bd. scarce, 5s. 1789

5574 Healey's (John, i. e. Bp. Joseph HaWs) Discovery of a New

World (Tenter-Belly, Shee-Landt or Womandecoia, Fooliana and Theevingen); 8vo, curious frontispiece and maps, fine copy, in Turkey morocco, gilt edges, by Mackenzie, 2/. 2s. n.d.

"Extremely rare: not known to Ames or Herbert. Brand's copj sold for Si 7*."—Clarke's Repertorium Biblioyraphicum.

5.575 Hearse's (Thomas) Vindication of those who take the Oath of Allegiance, 1731.—Impartial Memorials of the Life and Writings of Thomas Hearne, M.A. by several Hands, 1736.—In 1 vol. 8vo, hf-bd. scarce, 15s.

5576 Vindication of those who take the Oath of Allegiance;

royal 8vo, Large Paper, sewed, 14*. 1731

5577 Reliquiai Bodleianae: or some genuine Remains of Sir

Thomas Bodley: containing his Life and Letters; 8vo, neat, 9s.' 1703

5578 Ductor Historicus, or a short System of Universal History;

2 vols. 8vo, neat, 9s." 1698-1704

5579 the same ; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 10s. 1723-24

5580 Metrical Chronicles Of Peter Langtoft And Robert

Of Gloucester; 4 vols, royal 8vo, Large Paper (pub. at 8/. 8s.) boards, 1/. 16s. 1810

5580* the same; 4 vols, royal 4to, Largest Paper (published at

21/. bds.) Turkey morocco extra, gilt edges, Hi. 1810

Only 25 copies were printed on this size, to correspond with the set of English Chronicles.

5581 Collection of Curious Discourses written by eminent Antiquarians upon English Antiquities. Second Edition, enlarged ; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 1/. Is. 1775

55S2 Lives of those eminent Antiquaries, Leland, Hearne, and

Wood, with an Account of their Writings and Publications ; 2 vols, royal 8vo, Large Paper, portraits and plates, calf neat, 1/. 5s. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1772

5583 Impartial Memorials (Satirical) of the Life and Writings

of Thomas Hearne; 8vo, portrait, scarce, 8s. 1736

5584 Hearne's (S.) Journey from Hudson's Bay to the Northern

Ocean, for the Discovery of a North-west Passage, &c. in the years 1769-72; royal 4to, map and plates, bds. 14s. 1795

"This valuable work contains the account of the journey of the first European who penetrated to the Ocean north of America."—Finkcrion.

5585 Hearne And Byrne's Antiquities Of Great Britain, con

sisting of 84 highly finished Engravings and Views of the most interesting Remains of Antiquity, Ecclesiastical and Military, in England and Scotland; 2 vols, oblong folio (pub. at 10/. in bds.) green morocco, gilt edges, 5/.5s. 1807

5586 Heath's(Chas.) Account of Ragland Castle ; 8vo, sd. 2s.6tf. 1819

5587 Hkath's (J.) England's Chronicle, or the Lives and Reigns of

the Kings and Queens from Julius Csesar to the Present Reign of K. William; 12mo, frontispiece, calf, 6s. 1699

5588 Heath's (Thomas) Plssay towards a new English Version of the

Book of Job, from the original Hebrew, with a Commentary and sonic Account of his Life; 4to, neat, 8s. 1756

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