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5243*hacket's (John, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry) Century of Sermons, with Life by Thomas Plume, D.D. folio, portrait by Faithorne, and Monument by HoLLAB,neat, If. 16s. 1675

5244 Hackett's (James) Narrative of the Expedition which sailed

from England in 1817 to join the South American Patriots; 8vo, bds. 3*. 1818

5245 Hadley's (George) History of the Town and County of the Town

of Kingston-upon-Hull; 4to, plates, neat, 1/. 5s. Hull, 1788

5246 Hafez. Select Odes from the Persian Poet Hafez, translated

in English Verse, with Notes, critical and explanatory, by John Nott; 4to, scarce, 10$. 1787

5247 Persian Lyrics, or scattered Poems from the Diwan-i

Hafez, with Paraphrases in Verse and Prose, a Catalogue of the Gazels as arranged in the Cheetham MS. and other Illustrations, by J. H. Hindley; 4to, calf, 9s. 1800

5248 Hakewil's (Wm.) Libertie of the Subject against the pretended

Power of Impositions maintained by an Argument in Parliament, An. 7 Jacobi Regis ; small 4to, 5s. 1641

5249 Hakewill's (Archdeacon George) Apologie or Declaration of

the Power and Providence of God in the Government of the World; folio, frontispiece by Cecill, 8s. Oxford, 1630

'* A work of great merit, much commended by the late Dr. Joseph Warton and others."—Archdeacon Todd.

5250 Apologie; folio, Best Edition, frontispiece, nt. 12s. 1635

"The production of an uncommonly liberal and enlightened mind, well stored with various and choice learning, collected both from oncieut and modem authors."—Dugald Stewart.

5251 Hakewill's (James) History of Windsor and its Neighbour

hood; imperial 4to, with 20 beautiful engravings and 14 vignettes (pub. at 5/. 5s.) bds. 1/. 10s. 1813

5252 the same; imperial 4to, with 30 additional plates inserted,

boards, 1/. 16s. 1813

5253 the same; imperial 4to, fine impressions, green morocco,

gilt edges, 21. 2s. 1813

5254 Picturesque Tour of Italy; royal 4to, with 36 beautiful

line engravings by the first artists, and 27 views in outline by H. Moses (pub. at 11.10s.) bds. 3/. 1820

5255 the same; 4to,hf-bd. morocco, uncut, top edge gilt,3/.13s.6rf.

5256 the same; imp. 4to, Labge Paper, an original subscriber's

copy, Brilliant Proofs (pub. at 10/. 16s.) uncut, 5/. 1820

5257 Picturesque Tour in the Island of Jamaica; royal 4to, 21

Finely Coloured Views (pub. at 21.2s.) bds. 1/. Is. 1825

5258 Hakluyt's (richard) -principal fJabigattortii, TJouagtS, SErak

fiquri, anU Stecobtrit* of tije (English JJation; 3 vols, in 2, folio, calf gilt, 5/. 1598-1600

5259 Collection Of The Early Voyages, Travels, And

Discoveries Of The English Nation, made by Sea or Overland, within the compass of these 1600 years, reprinted from the Edition of 1599, with Additions selected and arranged by G. Woodfall and R. H. Evans; 5 vols, royal 4to (published at 15/. 15s. and only 250 copies printed) boards, 8/. 8s. '1809-12

5260 another copy; 5 vols, imperial 4to, Large Paper (only 75

copies printed, at 31/. 10s. each)calf extra, 10/, 10s. 1809-12 5261 Hakluyt's (R.) Virginia, richly valued by the description of the

Maine land of Florida, her next neighbour; small 4to, calf, extra, gilt edges, scarce, 1/. 5*. J 609

5262 Hale's (T.) Account of several new Inventions in a Discourse

by way of Letter to the Earl of Marlborough, relating to
Building of our English Shipping, Planting of Oaken
Timber, apportioning of Publiek Taxes, Survey of
Thames, he. Also the Proceedings relating to Mill'd-
Lead-Sheathing: and a Treatise of Naval Philosophy, by
Sin Wm. Petty; 12mo, calf extra, very scarce, l/.5s. 1691

5263 Hale's (Sir Matthew) Works, Moral and Religious, now first

collected and revised. To which are prefixed his Life and Death by Bishop Burnet, and an Appendix to the Life, including the additional Notes of Richard Baxter, by the Rev.T. Thirlwall; 2vols.8vo, calf extra, scarce, l/.16s. 1805

5264 Primitive Origination of Mankind, considered and examined according to the Light of Nature; folio, nt. 8s. 1677

5265 Contemplations, Moral and Divine. To which are added

Poems upon Christmas-Day; 8vo, neat, 5*. 1676

5266 the same; 8vo, neat, 4s. 1689

5267 The Original Institution, Power, and Jurisdiction of Parliaments ; 8vo, 2s. 6d. 1707

5268 Law of Hereditary Descents; small 8vo, neat, 3s. 1700

5269 Life by Bp. Burnett. Together with the Life of Dr. Hammond by Dean Fell; foolscap 8vo, bds. 4s. 6d. Oxford, 1806

5270 Hales' ( The ever-memorable John, of E/art) Golden Remains;

small 4to, fine impression of the frontispiece, and engraved

title by Hollar, 15s. 1659

5271 the same; 4to, frontispiece, neat, 10s. 1673

5272 the same; 8vo, frontispiece, 8s. 1688

5273 Works, now first collected and edited by Lord Hailcs;

3 vols, small 8vo, calf gilt, 18s. Glasgow, 1765

"Ho had read more, and carried more about him, in his excellent memory, than any man I ever knew; lie was one of Iho least men in the kingdom and one of the greatest scholar* in Europe."—Lord (.'lurendon.

5274 Hales' (rev. Dr. Wm.) New Analysis Of Chronology, in

which an Attempt is made to explain the History and Antiquities of the Primitive Nations of the World, and the Prophecies relating to them, on Principles tending to remove the Imperfection and Discordance of preceding Systems; 4 vols. 4to, Best Edition, boards, very scarce, 6/. 6s. 1809-12

5275 the same; Vol. II, Book 2, containing the Chronology of

the New Testament; 4to, boards, 15s. 1811

5276 New Analysis of Chronology and Geography, History and

Prophecy; 4 vols. 8vo, maps and plates, half-bound calf, uncut, top edges gilt, 3/. 10s. 1830

"One of tho most important works ever published in this country. It illustrates tho most difficult passages in the Scriptures, and throws a new light on several points of sacred history and chronology."—Dr. Valpy.

5276* Origin and Purity of the Primitive Church of the British

Isles, and its Independence from the Church of Rome; 8vo, boards, 14s. 1819 5277 Hales' (S.) Statical Essays, containing Statical Experiments

on the Sap in Vegetables, and Blood in Animals, Third Edition, with Amendments; 2 vols. 8vo, plates, calf neat, 8*. 1738-33

5278 Halfpenny's (Joseph) Gothic Ornaments In The Cathedral

Church Of York; royal 4to, original Impressions of the engraved title, and 105 beautiful Etchings (pub. at 8/. 8s.) boards, 6L York, 1795

5279 Fragmenta Vetusta, or the Remains of ancient Buildings

in York; roy. 4to, engraved title, and 34 beautiful Etchings, fine impressions(pub.at3/.3s. )uncut, scarce, 1I.10s. York, 1807

5280 Halhed's (Nathaniel Brassey) Grammar of the Bengal Language;

4to, withtheErrata,uncut,scarce,l/.4s. Hoogly,Bengal,Yll9>

5281 Preface to a Bengal Grammar; 4to, 2s. 6d. ib. 1778

5282 Halifax and its Gibbet-Law placed in a True Light. Together

with a Description of the Town, Soil, People, Gentry, &c. To which are added the unparalleled Tragedies committed by Sir John Eland and his grand Antagonists, Sir Robert and Adam Beaumont, W. Lock wood, Quarmby of Quarmby, &c.) small 8vo, plate of the Gibbet, neat, 7s. Halifax, 1761

This work, falsely attributed to W. Hentley, was in reality written by Dr. Samuel Midgley, while a prisoner for debt in Halifax Jail.

5283 Hall's (Arthur, Member for Grantham in Parliaments under

Q. Elizabeth) Account of his Quarrel with Melchisedech Mallerie, with the Proceedings in the Suits which arose therefrom; and a Letter on the Origin and Antiquity of Parliament, with Advice to a Member for his Conduct therein; 4to, sewed, 7s.6d. Reprinted 1815

Only 250 copies printed.

5284 ftall'4 (fEttfoarti) Chronicle.—Che 43mtm of the tfoo noble anU

illustrious! jfarmltea of Satuaster anfc S>orfe (being the History of England from Henry IV to Henry VIII); folio, fine copy in russia, gilt edges, 12Z. Grafton, 1550

5285 Chronicle, containing the History of England during the

Reign of Henry IV and the succeeding Monarchs to the End of the Reign of Henry VIII, in which are particularly described the Manners and Customs of those Periods. Carefully collated with the Editions of 1548 and 1550; royal 4to (published at SI. 3s.) bds. 1/. 4s. 1809

"This chronicler, who wrote under Edward VI, is our best witness for the events of Henry's reign."—Hallam.

5286 Hall's (Joseph, successively Bishop of Exeter and Norwich)

Works, now first collected : with some Account of his Life and Sufferings, written by himself; a Glossary; Index ; and Notes, by Joseph Pratt; lOvols. 8vo, port, calf gt. 5/.5s.l808

5287 Works, With Life By Himself. A new Edition, revised

and corrected, with considerable Additions, and a Translation of all the Latin Pieces (by the Rev. Peter Hall); 12 vols. 8vo (pub. at 7lAs.) bds. 5l.l5s.6d. Oxford, 1837-39

5288 the same; 12 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 8Z.8s. ib. 1837-39

5289 Plaine and .Familiar Explication of all the hard Texts of

Scripture; folio, neat, 16s. 1633

8690 —— Devotional Works, now first collected by Josiah Pratt;

royal 8vo, bds. 7s. 1808 5291 Hall's (Bp. Joseph) Contemplations on the Historical'.

of the Old and New Testament; 2 vols. 8vo (published at 1/. Is.) bds. 14s. 1825

5292 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 1*. 1825

Dr. Ferriar. pointing out the plnjriarisins of Sterne, says : " Tt has long been my opinion, that tin- manner, the style, and the selection of subjects for his sermons, were derived from the excellent Contemplation* of Bp. Hall. There is a delicacy of thought, and tenderness of expression in the good bishop's compositions, from the transfusions of which Sterne looked for immortality."

5293 Extracts from his various Devotional Writings; crown 8vo,

portrait, calf, 2s. Birmingham, 1785

5294 Christ Mysticall; an Holy Rapture; and the Christian;

12nio, neat, 4.?. 1647

5295 Invisible World discovered to Spiritual Eyes: also the

Great Mysterie of Godliness; 12nio, neat, 4s. 1659

5296 Satires in vi Books; 12mo, neat, 3s. 6d. Oxford, 1753

5297 Satires, with Illustrations by Warton, and additional Notes

by Singer; foolscap 8vo, portrait, bds. 7s. Chiswick, 1824

5298 the same ; foolscap 8vo, calf extra, 10s. ib. 1824

"Bishop Hall's satires, called firgidemuc, are lately republished. They are full of spirit and poetry ; as much of the first as Dr. Donne, and far more of the latter: they were written at the university when he was about twenty, three years old,and in Q. Elizabeth's time."—Gray fletterto Dr.Wharton).

5299 Hall's (Rev. James) Travels in Scotland by an unusual Route,

with a Trip to the Orkneys and Hebrides; 2 vols, royal 8vo, 30 fine Views (pub. at 3/. 3s.) bds. 10s. 6d. 1807

5300 Hall's (Capt. Basil) Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the

West Coast of Corea, -and the Great Loo-Choo Islands, with a Vocabulary of the Loo-Choo Language by Lieut. H. J. Clifford; 4to, maps and coloured plates (pub.at2/.2s.) boards, 18s. 1818

5301 the same; 4to, calf gilt, l/.4s. 1818

"We do not know when we have met with two more pleasing works than tins very delightful account of the people of Loo-Choo, and Mr. M'lochvs animating and ennobling story ol the loss of the Alceste, and the deliverance of the crew. They make us proud of our country, and put us in good humour with our species."—Edinburgh Review.

5302 Extracts from a Journal written on the Coasts of Chili,

Peru, and Mexico, in the years 1820-22; 2 vols, small 8vo, (published at 1/. Is.) bds. 10s. 6rf. 1824

5303 - Fragments of Voyages and Travels. First, Second, and

Third Series ; 9 vols. 18mo, calf gilt, 3/. 3s. 1831-32-33

5304 Travels in North America; 3 vols, small 8vo (published

at 11. 1 Is. 6rf.) boards, 18s. 1831

5305 Forty Sketches in Nortli America; 4to, bds. 10s. 1829

5306 Schloss Hainfeld, or a Winter in Lower Styria; small 8vo,

boards, 9s. "1836

5307 Hall's (Sir James) Essay on the Origin, History, and Princi

ples of Gothic Architecture; imperial 4to, 60 plates, fine copy in russia, gilt edges, 6/. 6s. 1813

5307* Essay on the Origin and Principles of Gothic Architecture;

4to, 6 plates, sewed, 8s. 1797

5308 Hall's (Lieut. Francis) Travels in Canada and the United

States, in 1816-17; 8vo (pub. at 14s.) bds. 7s. 1818

"Mr. Hall is n clever, lively man, very much above the common race of writers, with very liberal and reasonable opinions, which he expresses with great boldness, and an inexhaustible fund of good humour."—EdinbMeview 5309 Hall's (Colonel Francis) Colombia: its present State, with a

Tariff of the Export and Import Duties; 8vo, map (pub. at 7s.) bds. 3s. 1827

5310 the same; 8vo, calf gilt, 5s. 1827

5311 the same; 8 vo,hf-bd. morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, 6s. 1827

5312 Hall's (Robert) Works, with Memoirs of his Life, by Dr. Olinthus

Gregory, and Observations on his Character as a Preacher, by John Foster; 6 vols. 8vo (pub. at 3/. 16s.) cloth, 21.2s. 1841

5313 the same; 6 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 31. 3*. 1841

"Mr. Hall, like Bishop Taylor, has the eloquence of an orator, the fancy of a poet, the acutene&s of a schoolman, the profoundness of a philosopher, and the piety of a saint"—Dr. Parr.

5313*hall's (T. G.) Trigonometry; 8vo, cloth, 8*. 1842

5314 Hall's (Thomas) Pulpit Guarded with xvii Arguments, prov

ing the Unlawfulness, Sinfulness, and Danger of suffering Private Persons to take upon them Publicke Preaching, and expounding the Scriptures without a Call. In the Close are added Six Arguments to prove our Ministers free from Antichristianism, 1651.—The Pulpit Guard routed in its twenty Strong-holds: or, a brief Answer to a large and lawless Discourse, by Thomas Hall of King'sNorton, written by Thomas Collier, 1651.—small 4to, 16s.

5314*hallam's (henry) Historical Works (Europe during the Middle Ages, Constitutional History of England, and Introduction to the Literature of Europe); 7 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 51. 1841-42

5315 View Of The State Op Europe During The Middle

Ages; 2 vols. 4to (pub. at 3/. 3s.) bds. 1A lis. 6d. 1818

5316 Middle Ages; 3 vols. 8vo, bds. 1/. 16s. 1837

5317 the same; 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 21. 5s. 1837

5318 the same. New Edition, in 2 vols. 8 vo, calf extra, l/.8s.l841

5319 Constitutional History Of England, from the Accession of Henry VII to the Death of George II; 3 vols. 8 vo, calf extra, 21.5s. "1832

5320 -— the same. New Edition in 2 vols 8vo, calf extra, l/.8s. 1842

"Mr. Hallam is far better qualified than any other writer of our time for the task he has undertaken. He has great industry and great acuteness;— his knowledge is extensive, various, and profound;—his mind is equally distinguished by the amplitude of its grasp, and by the delicacy of its touch; —his speculations have none of that vagueness which is the common fault of political philosophy: on the contrary, they are strikingly practical. They teach us not only the general rule, but the mode of applying it, to solve particular cases. In this respect they often remind as of the discourses of Machiavelli. On a general survey we do not scruple to pronounce the Conntitutional Hhtory the most impartial book that we ever read."—Edinb. Jiev:

5321 Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the xv, xvi,

and xvnth Centuries; 4 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 3/. 10s. 1837

5322 the same. New Edition, in 3 vols. 8vo, bds. l/.16s. 1842

5323 the same ; 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 2Z.5*. 1842

5324 Hallaran's (Dr. W. S.) Practical Observations on the Causes

and Cure of Insanity; 8vo (pub. at 8s.) bds. 3s. Cark,\8\8

5325 Halliday's (Sir Andrew) Annals of the House of Hanover;

2 vols, royal 8vo, portraits (pub. at 21. 2s.) bds. 18s. 1826

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