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4936 Goldsmith's (Lewis) Secret History of the Cabinet of Bonaparte,

including his Private Life; 8vo, bds. 5s. 1810

4937 Goldsmith's (Oliver) History of the Earth and Animated Na

ture; 8 vols, in 4,8vo, plates, half-bound (Dr. Parr's copy), 11.4s. 1779

"11 presents to the reader a general and interesting view of the subject, couched in the clearest and most beautiful language, and abounding with excellent reflections and illustrations."—Sir Walter Scott.

4937* Survey of Experimental Philosophy, considered in its

Present State of Improvement ; 2 vols. 8vo, plates, halfbound, 12s. 1776

4938 History of England, continued to the Death of George III,

by Dr. C. Coote; 4 vols. 8vo, (pub. at l/.8s.) bds. 1/. 1823

4939 the same; 4 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 10*. 1823

4940 the same, with a Continuation to the Death of George rV;

3 vols. 8vo, genuine edition (pub. at 11. 7s.) bds. 1 /. Is. 1831

4941 the same; 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 10s. 1831

4942 History of Rome, from its Foundation to the Destruction

of the Western Empire; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 5s. 1801

4943 History of Rome, complete in one volume 8vo, genuine

edition, boards, 7s. 6d. 1828

4944 the same; 8vo, calf gilt, 10s. 6d. 1828

4945 History of Rome, abridged: with Examination Questions

by Pinnock; 12mo, 3s. 1829

4946 History of Greece; 2 vols. 8vo, boards, 10s. 6d. 1817

4947 the same; 2 vols. 8 vo, calf neat, 12s. 1820

4948 Miscellaneous Works, with Life; 4 vols. 8vo, portrait,

calf gilt, 1/. 8s. Glasgow, 1816

4949 the same; 4 vols. 8vo, genuine edition, portrait and plates,

calf gilt, 11. 16s." Cadell, 1820

4950 Miscellaneous Works, including a variety of Pieces now

first collected, with his Life by James Prior; 6 vols. 8vo, (published at 3/. 18s.) cloth, 21. 2s. 1837

4951 the same; 6 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 3/. 10s. 1837

"Whatever he composed, he did it better than any other man could; and whether wo regard him as a poet, as a comic writer, or as an historian, ho was one of the first writers of his time, and will ever stand in the former

class."—Dr. Johnson.

4952 and Parnell's Poems; royal 8vo, woodcuts by Bewick,

bds. 8*. Bulmer, 1804

4953 Vicar of Wakefield; 12mo, woodcuts, calf, gilt, 7s. 1825

4953* Vicar of Wakefield; 12mo, portrait and 2 plates by

G. Cruikshank, calf gilt, 7s. 1832

4954 Golownin's (Captain) Memoirs of Japan, during a Captivity

in 181 l-13,&c. 3 vols. 8vo (pub. at ll.l ls.6rf.)bds.l4s. 1824

4955 —— the same; 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, l/.7s. 1824

4956 Gomara's (lopez De) -pieaUant ftultorie of tl)t Conqueit of the

IHUcaSt hitsia, nolo calleD J:2eU> j&pajmr, atchtebefc bo tlje toorthn -prince SjernanUo Corte<j, most Selectable to rcatje: translated out of the Spanish Tongue, by T.Nicholas; small 4to, good copy, neat, scarce, 21. 5s. Bynneman, 1578

4957 pleasant ftuftortc of the Conquest of Idlest fnTria,noto callelJ

jleln j$patne: translated out of the Spanish Tongue, by T. Nicholas; sin. 4to, neat, scarce, 21. Titos. Creede,! 596

4958 Gomi'eutz (J.) Time, or Light and Shade, a Poem; 4to, bds.

8*. Privately printed, 1815 4959 Gonzaga (S. Aloysius) proposed as a Model of a Holy Life;

small 8vo, frontispiece, neat, 6s. St. Omer, 1751

The Office contains hymns to be sung in his praise.

4960 Good's (John Mason) Translation of the Song of Songs, with

Notes, critical and explanatory; 8vo, calf gilt, 12s. 1803

4960* Book of Job literally translated, with Notes; 8vo, calf

gilt, 12s." 1812

4961 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. Alexander

Geddes, LL.D. 8vo, portrait, calf gilt, 8«. 1803

4961* History of Medicine; 12mo, boards, 2s. 6d. 1795

4962 Study of Medicine, Third Edition, with much additional

Information, by S. Cooper; 5 vols. 8vo (pub. at 3/. 15s.) boards, 1/. 5s. 1829

4963 Goodhugh's (Wm.) English Gentleman's Library Manual; 8vo,

(pub. at 12s.) bds. 5«. 1827

Some unpublished letters of Thomson constitute the whole valueof the work.

4964 Goodisson's (Wm.) Historical and Topographical Essay upon

the Islands of Corfu, Leucadia, Cephalonia, Ithaca, and Zante; 8vo, maps and plates (pub. at 12s.) bds. 7s. 1822

4965 Goodman's (Godfrey, Bishop of Gloucester) History of his own

Time, comprising Memoirs of the Courts of Queen Elizabeth and James I, edited by the Rev. J. S. Brewer; 2 vols. 8vo (published at 1/. 10s.) cloth, 18s. 1839 4965*goodman (Bishop) His Proposition: in Discharge of his own Dutie and Conscience, both to God and Man; sm. 4to, 2s. n.d.

4966 Goodman's (John, D.D.) Penitent Pardoned: or a Discourse of

the Nature of Sin, and the Efficacy of Repentance, under the Parable of the Prodigal Son; small 4to, frontispiece and 5 fine engravings by Sturt, neat, 7s. 1683

4967 Redemption Redeemed: wherein the most glorious Work

of the Redemption of the World by Jesus Christ, is vindicated against the Encroachments of later Times: with a thorough Discussion of the great Questions concerning Election, Reprobation, and the Perseverance of the Saints; 8vo, cloth, lettered, 10s. 6d. 1840

4968 Goodwin's (R.) Historical Account of the Plague, and other

Pestilential Diseases; 8vo, 2s. 6d. 1743

4969 Goodwin's (Thomas) History of the Reign of Henry V, King

of England; folio, portrait, neat, 10s. 1704

"Compiled from good authorities."—Archbinhop Nicholson.

4970 Goodwin's (thomas, D.D.) Works, containing Expositions,

Discourses, and Treatises, edited by T. Owen and J. Baron; 5 vols, folio, portrait by White, fine copy, in old calf, 15/. 15s. 1681-1703

4971 ©oogt's (Barnabn) SKUholt 9rt ant) CraUe of fettfbarrtJrg; small

4to, Goldsmid's copy, calf extra, gilt edges, 10s. 6d. 1614

4972 Gordon Of Gordounston's (Sir Robert) Genealogical History

of the Earldom of Sutherland, from its Origin to the Year 1630, with a Continuation to 1651 (edited by H.Weber); folio, fine portrait (pub. at 5/. 5s. in bds.) russia, marbled edges, 11. 10s. Edinburgh, 1813

"This work is written in a verbose style, but is valuable as containing an authentic account of the transactions which took place during a distant period, in a remote part of Scotland, with many particulars not mcntioued by contemporary writers, relating to private families, as well as to more general history."—Mimle.

4973 Gordon's (Rev. Sir Adam) Contrast; or Antidote to the per

nicious Principles disseminated in Lord Chesterfield's Letters; 2 vols. 12mo, bds. 4s. 1791

4974 Discourses on (he Homilies; 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 1/. Is.)

bds. 10s. 1817

4975 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 16s. 1817

4976 Gordon's (Alexander) Itinerarium Septentrionale, or a Journey

through most of the Counties of Scotland, and those in the North of England, with the Appendix and Supplement; 2 vols, in 1, folio, plates, neat, 21.12s. 6d. 1726-32

4977 Gordon's (J.) Memoirs of the Life of John Gordon of Glencat,

in the County of Aberdeen, Scotland; wherein the Absurdities and Delusions of Popery are laid open: also a Refutation of the Pope's Supremacy, &e. 12mo, rare,8s. 1734

4978 Gordon's (Dr. John) Observations on the Structure of the Brain,

comprising an Estimate of the Claims of Gall and Spurzheim in the Anatomy of that Organ; 8vo, 2s. Edinburgh, 1817 1979 System of Human Anatomy, vol. i 8vo, bds. 5s. ib. 1815

4980 Gordon's (T.) Cordial for Low Spirits, a Collection of curious

Tracts; 3 vols. 12mo, neat, 12s. 1763

"A favourite work of PoraonV—Samuel Parr.

4981 Gordon's (W.) History of the Rise, Progress, and Establish

ment of the Independence of the United States of America; 4 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 12s. 1788

4982 Gostting's (Win.) Walk in and about the City of Canterbury;

8vo, with the large plan, uncut, 3s. Canterbury, 1774

4983 the same; 8vo, plan, neat, 3s. ib. 1774

4984 the same; 8vo, plates, best edition, uncut, 10s. ib. 1777

4985 the same; 8vo, subscription copy, with Gostting's Receipt,

8vo, uncut, 14s. ib. Mil

4986 the same; 8vo, calf gilt, 10s. ib. 1777

4987 the same; 8vo, russia, marbled edges, 12s. ib. 1777

4988 Gothic Architecture: Essays on, by AVarton, Bentham, Grose,

and Milner; royal 8vo, plates, bds. 12s. 1802

4989 Gouge's (dr. William) Learned And Very Useful Commen

Tary On The Whole ErisTLE To The Hebrews; 2 vols, folio, with the rare portrait by Faithorne, line copy in blue morocco, flexible backs, gilt edges, very scarce, 6/. 6s. 1655

'Die portrait alone in Bindley's sale produced -il -U. 1989* Whole Armour of God : or, a Christian's Spiritual Furniture to keep him safe from all the Assaults of Satan; 4to, 10s. 1647

4990 Gough's (richard) Sepulchral Monuments In Great Bri

Tain, applied to illustrate the History of Families, Manners, Habits and Arts, from the Norman Conquest to the 17th Century; 5 vols, royal folio, numerous fine plates, russia, extra, joints, gilt edges, 60/. 1786-96

4991 History and Anticpiities of Pleshey in Essex; 4to, plates,

uncut, very scarce, 31. 3s. 1803

4992 British Topography, or an Historical Account of what has

been done for Illustrating the Topographical Antiquities of Great Britain and L'eland; 2 vols. 4to, maps and plates, neat, 1/. His. 1780 4993 Gough's (Richard) Description of Ruthvell Cross, Annandalc;

royal folio, 2 plates, 5s. 1789

4994 Account of the Holy Sepulchres at Northwold in Norfolk,

and at Hockington in Lincoln; royal folio, 2 plates, 3s. 1795

4995 Account of Cowdrey House, Sussex, the Seat of Lord

Montagu; royal folio, with 6 Views by Grimm, 8*. 1796

4996 Description of a Chimney Piece in the Bishop's Palace at

Exeter ; royal folio, plate, 3s. 1796

4997 Gould's (john) Birds Of Europe, complete in 22 Parts, impe


761. 1832-38

A most magnificent work, which for befluty and accuracy stands unrivalled. The celebrated Tbmminck, in his Manuel d'Ornithologie, emphatically remarks: "The Birds of Europe sont d'un fini si par/ait, tant pour le dessein, la pose et fcxacte verile de Venluminure, qu'on pourrait, ai*ec dc si beaux portraits, se passer des originaux mantes? Only 280 copies are printed, and eventually the work must become as rare as it is beautiful.

4998 Century Of Birds From The Himalaya Mountains,

With Descriptive Letter-press; imperial folio, The 100 Plates Exquisitely Coloured, 14/. 14s. 1832

4999 Monograph Of Tiie Ramphastid^e, or Family Of TouCans ; complete in 3 Parts in 2, imperial folio, containing 33 Species, The Plates Exquisitely Coloured, 71. 1834-35

5000 Monograph Of The Trogonidje, or Family Oftrogons;

complete in 3 Parts, imperial folio, containing 36 Species,


5000* Birds Of Australia, Part I to IX imperial folio, each containing 17 EXQUISITELY COLOURED PLATES, 28/.7S. 1840-42 This stipcrb work will be completed in 22 Parts at Si. 8*. each. "The Birds are mostly drawn of the natural size, and in attitudes caught from life. The colouring is fresh from nature, and each plate is as highly finished as if it were a drawing: in a word, the work is got up in a similar style of excellence to the Birds of Europe."—Spectator.

5001 Monograph Of The Macropodidjk, Or Family Of KanGaroos, Part I, imperial folio, containing 15 Exquisitely

COLOURED PLATES, 31. 3tl. 1841 To be completed in three Parts; and the highly talented Author proposes to illustrate the other groups of Australian Mammals in a similar manner.

5001*gourgaud's (General) Critical Examination of Count Segur's "Work " Napoleon and the Grand Army of Russia;" 8vo, (pub. at 12s.) bds. 6s. 1825

5002 Gourlay's (Robert) Statistical Account of Upper Canada, com

piled with a View to a grand System of Emigration; 3 vols. 8vo, map and plates, calf gilt, 21.2s. 1822

5003 ©ototr ($ohn) tit £onUmom Smantifl. 9n English $ocm;

folio, fine copy, Turkey morocco extra, gilt edges, rare, 8/. 8*. " Imprinted by T. Bert/telet, 1532

5004 the same; folio, wormed and imperfect, 12s. ib. 1532

5005 the same, Berthelet's second Edition (wanting title and two

last leaves); folio, 1/. Is. 1554

5006 Gower (R. H.)on Seamanship; 8vo, plates, calf gilt, 3s. 1796

5007 Gower's (Lord Francis Leveson, now Lord Francis Egerton)

Translations from the German, and original Poems; 8vo, boards, 8s. 1824 5008 Grafton's (R.) Chronicle, or History of England. To which

is added his Table of the Bailiffs, Sheriff's, and Mayors of the City of London, from the year 1189 to 1.558 inclusive; 2 vols, royal 4to (pub. at 41. 4s.) bds. 1/. 10s. 1809

5009 the same; 2 vols, royal 4to, hf-bd. 1/. lls.6d. 1809

5010 Graham's (Maria) Journal of a Residence in India; 4to, with

16 fine plates (pub. at 1 /. 11 s. 6d.) bds. 16s-. Edinburgh, 1813 501 1 the same; 4to, half-bound calf, 16s. ib. 1812

5012 the same; 4to, hf-bd. morocco, uncut, 18s. ib. 1813

"Mrs. Graham stands very high in the rank of travellers. She is both an active ami an intelligent observer. She looks abroad upon the beauties of nature with a warm sensibility, and describes them with skill."—Eclectic.

5013 Letters on India; 8vo, bds. 8.?. 1814

5014 Journal of a Residence in Chile during 1822. And a

Voyage from Chile to Brazil in 1823; 4to, with 14 fine plates,original impressions (pub. at 2/. 12s.6J.) bds. 1 8s. 1824

5015 the same ;4to, hf-bd. morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, l/.8s.l824

5016 Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, and Residence there during

part of the years 1821, 1822, and 1823; 4to, with 11 fine plates, and 9 vignettes, original impressions (pub. at 21.2s.) boards, 14s. 1824

5017 the same; 4to, half-bound Turkey morocco, uncut, top

edge gilt, 1/. 4s. 1824

5018 Memoirs of the Life of Nicholas Poussin; 8vo, portrait

(pub. at 10s. Gd.) bds. 7s. 1820

5019 the same 8vo,hf-bd. morocco, uncut, top edge gilt.lOs. 1820

5020 Graham's (Dr. P.) Sketches of Perthshire ; Second Edition, 8vo,

coloured map (pub. at 10s. (id.) 6s. Edinburgh, 1812

5021 Graham's (Mrs. Isabella, of New York) Life and Writings, ex

emplifying the Power of Eaith; 12mo, portrait, calf gilt, 3s. 1819

5022 Graham's (John) Granada, a Prize Poem ; 8vo, Is. Oxford, 1833

5023 Graham's (T.) Elements of Chemistry; 8vo, cloth, 1/. 4s. 1841

5024 Grahame's (James) Birds of Scotland, with other Poems; 12mo,

bds. 3s. Edinburgh, 1806

5025 Grahame's (James) Inquiry into the Principles of Population;

8vo (pub. at 10.v. Gd.) bds. 4s. Edinburgh, 1816

5026 Grahame's (James) History of the Rise and Progress of the

United States of North America till the British Revolution in 1688 ; 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 1/. 8s.) bds. 14s. 1827

5027 History of the United States of North America, from the

Plantation of the British Colonies, till their Revolt, and
Declaration of Independence, new and greatly enlarged
Edition; 4 vols. 8vo (pub. at 21. 10s.) cloth, 18s. 1836

"Tile best book that has anywhere appeared upon the history of the United Suites."—North American Review.

5028 Grammar Waebk, or the Eight Parts of Speech altogether by

the Earcs; 12mo, calf gilt, scarce, 8s. 1635

At the end is a poetic lamentation upon the conflagration of the Muses' habitation: or, the Description of the burning of a pettie Schoole.

5029 Grammont's (Count) Memoirs, by Count Hamilton; 4to, 76

fine portraits by Harding, original impressions, calf gilt, 2/. 8s.' 1793

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