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4088 Elizabeth's (Princess) Series of 24 Etchings, representing the

Power and Progress of Genius; royal folio, with her Autograph to the Dedication to her Father, George III, halfbound, 21. 10s. 1806

A very limited number of these etchings were taken off, for presents only.

4089 Elkincton's (Joseph) Mode of Draining Land, by J. John

stone; 8vo, plates, calf extra, very scarce, 15s. 1801

4090 Ellesmere's (Lord Chancellor) Speech touching the Post-Nati;

small 4to, sewed, 4*. 1609

4091 Observations on the Office of Lord Chancellor; 12mo,

neat, 3s. 1651

4092 Elliot's (Captain Robert) Views in the East; comprising India,

Canton, and the Shores of the Red, Sea; with Historical and Descriptive Illustrations; 2 vols, royal 4to, 60 Views, India Proofs (pub. at 10/.) bds. 21. 2s. 1833

4093 Elliot's (T.) Method of correcting the Distance of the Moon

from the Sun; 4to, 2s. 6d. 1784

4094 Elliott's (Dr. J.) Philosophical Observations on the Senses of

Vision and Hearing. To which are added, a Treatise on
Harmonic Sounds, and an Essay on Combustion and
Animal Heat; 8vo, calf gilt, 5s. 1780

4095 Elements of the Branches of Natural Philosophy connected with Medicine ; 8vo, calf gilt, 4s. 1786

4096 Ellis's (John) Essay towards a Natural History of the Corallines,

and other Marine Productions of the like kind, commonly found on the Coast of Great Britain and Ireland; 4to, 39 plates, neat, scarce, 3/. 3s. 1755

"This work of Ellis is filled with so many judicious aDd pleasing observations, all tending to show that Corallines, &o. are the dwellings of living creatures, that we may consider this most interesting question as settled, for he must indeed be hard to convince, who, after the perusal of this admirable work, could still harbour any doubt on this subject"—AUemand.

4098 Natural History of many curious and uncommon Zoophytes,

collected from various parts of the Globe, systematically arranged and described by Dr. D. Solander; 4to, 62 plates, scarce, 21. 2s.' 1786

4099 Ellis's (Hon. George Agar, afterwards Lord Dover) True

History of the State Prisoner in the Iron Mask; crown 8vo (pub. at 10s. 6d.) boards, 5s. 1826

4100 Historical Enquiries respecting Lord Clarendon; cr. 8vo,

boards, 6s. 1827

"the industrious personage who took such pains to make the Man

in the Iron Mask uninteresting, by bringing us all acquainted with his name, and whose rabid anxiety to prove the great Lord Clarendon a knave, deserves to be held in lusting remembrance."—Descant on the Penny Postage.

4101 Ellis Correspondence. Letters written during the Years

1686-88, and addressed to John Ellis, Esq., comprising many Particulars of the Revolution, and Anecdotes illustrative of the History and Manners of those Times; 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 1/. 8s.) bds. 10s. 1828

4101* Life of Frederic the Great, King of Prussia; 2 vols. 8vo,

portrait (pub. at 1/. 8s.) bds. 18s. 1832

4102 Lives of the most eminent Sovereigns of Modern Europe;

12mo, cloth, 6s. ' 1833

4103 Ellis's (George) Specimens of the early English Poets ; crown 8vo, Fikst Edition, old red morocco, gilt edges, scarce, 15s. 1790

4104 Specimens of the early English Poets, to which is prefixed

an historical Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the English Poetry and Language; 3 vols, crown 8vo (pub. at 1/. 16s.) bds. 1/. 4s. 1801

410.) the same; 3 vols. cr. 8vo, calf, marbled edges, 11. 7 s. 1811

4106 Specimens of the early English Poets and Metrical Romances; 6 vols, crown 8vo (published at 3/. 12s.) boards, 2/. 2 s. 1801-11

4107 the same ; 6 vols, crown 8vo, calf gilt, 3/. 1801-11

4108 Specimens of the early English Metrical Romances, with

an Historical Introduction ; 3 vols, crown 8vo (published at 1/. 16s.) boards, 11. Is. 1811

4109 the same; 3 vols, crown 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 10s. 1811

"English literature is much indebted to Mr. Ellis. We hope the success of his present work may induce him to extend it. Doubtless it would be far better that the poems themselves should be published; but if the age will not afford encouragement for this, it is desirable that we should have abstracts of all, especially from one who know s so well to select what is valuable."—

Annual Review.

4110 Ellis's (sir Henry) Original Letters illustrative of English

History, including numerous Poyal Letters from Autographs in the British Museum, &c. First Series; 3 vols, crown 8vo, portraits and autographs (published at 1/. 16s.) boards, 18s. " 1824

4111 the same; second Edition, 3 vols, crown 8vo ("published

at 1/. 16s.) bds. 1/. Is. 1825

4112 Original Letters: Second Series; 4 vols, crown 8vo, portraits and autographs (pub. at 21. 8s.) bds. 1/. 8s. 1827

4113 Letters, illustrative of English History, both Series;

7 vols, crown 8vo, portraits and autographs (published at 41. 4s.) bds. 21. 2s. 1825-27

4114 the same; 7 vols, crown 8vo, calf extra, 3/. 3s. 1825-27

"We have now but to say, that we are delighted with these volumes, and to recommend them altogether as deserving of the utmost public favour,—for entertaining narrative—for carious illustration—for the correctness of longreceived historical theories—for the development of famous characters— for the discovery of new and important facts—and, in short, for every thing that renders such a collection interesting in a country that is keenly alive to the value of such researches."—Literary Gazette.

4115 Ellis's (II.) Account of Lord Amherst's Embassy to China 2 vols.

8vo, portrait and maps, red morocco, gilt edges, l/.4s. 1818 41 15*'s (W.) Authentic Narrative of a Voyage performed by Captains Cook and Gierke, in Search of a North-West Passage. Including a faithful Account of all their Disco. veries, and the unfortunate Death of Captain Cook; 2 vols. 8vo, plates, uncut, 10s. 1782

4116 Ellis's (Rev. William) History of Madagascar: with the History

of the Mission, and an Appendix on the Language, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, boards, 1/. 1839

4117 Narrative of a Tour through Hawaii, or Owhyhee; with

Remarks on the History, Traditions, Manners, Customs, and Language of the Inhabitants of the Sandwich Islands ; ■ 8vo, map and plates (pub. at 12s.) boards, 9s. 1826

4118 Ellis's (Rev. William) Polynesian Researches, during a Resi

dence of nearly Six Years in the South Sea Islands; including Descriptions of the Natural History, Scenery, Mythology, History, Government, Arts, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. Is. 1829 4118* Polynesian Researches; 4 vols. 12mo, bds. H. 4s. 1832

"From the knowledgo we possessed of the talents, acquirements, industry, and missionary accomplishments of Mr. Ellis, we were fully prepared for receiving from his pen an interesting narrative of the scenes which, in com. mon with his American companions, he had witnessed amidst the far distant islands of the Pacific. But high as were the expectations to which personal intercourse hod given hirth, we are ready to acknowledge that the work before us has far surpassed them; and recommend our readers to lose no time in obtaining one of the ablest works ever produced by a Christian missionary."—Evangelical Magazine.

4119 Ellwood's (Thomas) Sacred History, with some Observations

tending to illustrate some Passages therein ; with a Table to the whole ; folio, neat, 8s. 1709

Ellwood, the Quaker, was the friend and pupil of Milton.

4120 Elmes' (James) General and Biographical Dictionary of the

Fine Arts; 8vo, calf gilt, 18*. 1826

4121 Memoirs of the Life and "Works of Sir Christopher Wren,

an Account of his Contemporaries, and of the Times in which he lived; with a View of the Progress of Architecture in England, from the beginning of the Reign of Charles I to the Seventeenth Century, and an Appendix of Authentic Documents; 4to, 11 plates, including a beautiful portrait by Scriven (pub. at 3/. 3*. in bds.) half-bound Turkey morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 1/. lis. 6J. 1823

4122 the same; royal 4to, Labge Paper, with Proof ImpresSions of the plates (pub. at 6/. 6s.) bds. scarce, 3/. 3s. 1823

4123 Eloisa In Dishabille, a Parody on Pope's celebrated Poem, by

an eminent Greek Professor (Porson); 12mo, bds. 2s. 6d.

An exact reprint of the original edition, with the Dedication to the Loungers, which has frequently been sold as high as two guineas.

4124 Elphinston's (James) Propriety ascertained in her Picture : or

Inglish Speech and Spelling rendered Mutual Guides, and an Anallysis ov dhe Scottish Dialect, and a Digest ov Moddern Anglicism; 2 vols. 4to, half-bound, scarce, 12s. 1787

4125 Elphinstone's (Hon. Mountstuart) Account of the Kingdom of

Caubul, and its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India; comprising a View of the Afghaun Nation, and History of the Douranee Monarchy; 4to, with map and coloured

plates, calf gilt, 31. 13s. 6d. 1815

4126 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, plates, calf gilt, 21. 2s. 1819

4127 the same. New Edition revised; 2 vols. 8vo, map and

plates, cloth, 1/. 5s. 1842

"There are not many regions of the globe of which the history and geography are less known than those of the country which is the subject of Mr. Elphinstone's important and distinguished work,"—Edinburgh Review.

4128 Hindoo and Mahomedan Periods of the History of India;

2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 1/. 8s. "1842

4129 Elsam's (Richard) Essay on Rural Architecture; royal 4to, 30

fine plates, in aquatinta (pub. at 1/. 1 Is. 6rf.) bds. 16s. 1805

4130 Elslet's (Rev. J.) Annotations on the Four Gospels and the

Acts of the Apostles, compiled for the Use of Students;

3 vols. 8vo, bds. 15s, or calf gilt, 11. 4s. 1818 4131 Elstob's (Elizabeth) Rudiments of Grammar for the English

Saxon Tongue, with an Apology for the Study of Northern
Antiquities, 4to, 12s. 1715

4131* English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-Day of St. Gregory,

anciently used in the English-Saxon Church ; giving an Account of the conversion of the English to Christianity: with an English Translation and Notes, 8vo, neat, 1 5s. 1709

4132 Elsynge's (Henry) Ancient Manner of holding Parliaments in

England; 12mo, neat, 4*. 1660

4133 Elton's (C. A.) Specimens of the Classic Poets, in a chronolo

gical Order, from Homer to Tryphiodorus: translated into English Verse, and illustrated with Biographical and Critical Notices; 3 vols. 8vo (pub. at 1/. 16s.) bds. 15s. 1814

4134 the same; 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 11. 4s. 1814

"This work possesses a value from its systematic classification of the Greek and Roman Poets, qnite independent of its literary merits. Mr. Elton's version from the Iliad, of the 'Arming of Achilles,' and the 'Message of Mercury to the Cave of Cali/pto,' from the Odyssey, arc not exceeded in spirit or painting by Pope; nnd none of Mr. Elton's predecessors have attained with so great a success to the august and severe style, and metaphvsical grandeur of Pindar."—Gentlemen's Magazine, 1815, p. 217.

4135 ISIuot'fJ (dft ChomaS) CaStcll of fetUh; small 8vo, fine copy,

calf, gilt edges, a scarce edition, 12s. Berthelet, 1541

4136 J3oKt namcB tljf ©oocrnour; 12mo, calf, 12s. it. 1553

4137 the Same; 12mo, fine copy, in calf, 12s. Marsh, 1565

4138 BibliothecaElyotae: Elyot's Dictionarie, by Thomas Cooper,

the third Tj'me corrected, and with a great Number of Phrases enriched; folio, fine copy in calf extra, gilt edges, 21. 2s. In jEdibus nuper Tho. Berthehti, 1559

4138*emerson's (J.) Letters from the iEgean ; 2 vols. post8vo, map and plates (pub. at 18s.) bds. 10s. 1830

4139 Emerson's (william) Cyclomathrsis : or an easy Introduc

tion to the several Branches of the Mathematics, with Life of the Author, by the Rev. W. Bowe; 13 vols. 8vo, plates, uncut, scarce, 51. 5s. 1763-92

4140 Another copy; 13 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 11. 1763-92


I. A General Introduction; and Treatise of Arithmetic 1763 II. Elements of Geometry ; and Doctrine of Proportions 1703 in. Elements of Trigonometry, 1788

iv. Treatise of Algebra 1780

v. Arithmetic of Infinites, and the

Differential Method ; and Ele-
ments of the Conic Sections of
Curve Lines 1767

vi. Elements of Optica 1768

vii. Mechanics, or the Doctrine of

Motion; The Projection of the
Sphere; and Laws of Centri-
petal & Centrifugal Force,I703

4141 Doctrine of Fluxions, 8vo, First Edition, neat, 8s. 1743

4142 Doctrine of Fluxions. Third Edition; 8vo, with MS.

Corrections and Additions, copied from Emerson's own
Copy, by the Rev. W. Bowe; 12s. 1768

4143 Treatise of Algebra; 8vo, Figures, neat, 5s. 1780

vni. System of Astronomy 1769 ix. The Mathematical Principles'of Geography; Theory of Navigation; and Dialling 1770 X. Doctrine of Combinations, Permutations, and Compositions of Quantities: Chronology; Calculation, Libratioo, and Mensuratiou ; and Art of Surveying 1770 XI. Miscellanies 1776

Xii. The Doctrine of Fluxions, 1768

xiii. Short Comment orj^Sir Isaac

Newton's Principia 1770 Life, by W. Bowe 1792 4144 Emerson's (W.) Principles of Mechanics. Second Edition; 4to,

with 43 plates, bds. 6s. 1758

4145 the same, 4to, plates, neat, 7*. 6d. 1758

4146 the same, Third Edition; 4to, plates, neat, 7*. 6d. 1773

4147 the same, Fifth Edition; 4to, plates, neat, 8*. 1800

4148 the same, Sixth Edition; 4to, plates (published at 1/. Is.)

new bds. 10s. 1811

4149 Elements of Trigonometry; 8vo, neat, 6s. 1749

4150 Miscellanies, or Miscellaneous Treatise on several Mathematical Subjects; 8vo, neat, 6s. 1776

4151 Method of Increments; 4to, uncut, very scarce, 12s. 1763

4152 Emlyn's (Thomas) Review of the Case of Judah and Ephraim,

&c. in a Letter to Dean Willis; small 4to, 2s. 6d. 1705

4152* Works, containing a Collection of Traets and Sermons on

various Subjects (chiefly relative to the Arian Controrersi/), with Life by S. Emlyn; 3 vols. 8vo, portrait, calf gilt, 1/. Is.' 1746

4153 Enchiridion Theologicum, or a Manual for the Use of Students

in Divinity, edited by John Randolph, Bishop of London; 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 16s. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1825

4154 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 1/. 4». ib. 1825



Bishop Conybeare's Discourse on the

— Discourse on Scripture Mysteries

— Discourse on Subscription to Arti

cles of Religion

— Discourse on the Expediency of a

Divine Revelation

— Discourse on Scripture Difficulties
Bp. Gibson's Pastoral Letters
Leslie's Short Method with tlio


Dr. Bentlcy's Remarks on Freethinking.


Edward the Sixth's Catechism

Bp. Ridley's Proteatatio, and Trea-
tise against Transubstantiation

Juclli Apologia

Noelli Catechismus

Bp. Taylor's Advice to his Clergy

Pearsonii Annales Paulini

Bp. Stillingfleet's Discourse on Scrip-
ture Mysteries, and bis Second
Dialogue on the Doctrine of the
Trinity and Transubstantiation,

Bp. Oastrell on the Trinity.

4155 Enchiridion Theologicum Anti-romandm: Tracts on the

Points at Issue between the Churches of England and Rome, with a Preface by E. Cardwell, D.D. 3 vols. 8vo, bds. U lis.6d. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1836-37

4156 the same; 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 21. 2s. ib. 1836-37

Containing: Vol. I. Bishop Jeremy Taylor's Dissuasive from Popery, and Treatise on the Real Presence—Vol. II. Barrow on the Supremacy of the Pope, with his Discourse on the Unity of the Church.—Vol. m. Tracts selected from Wake, Patrick, Stiliingfleet, Clagett, anil others.

4157 Enclytica, being the Outlines of a Course of Instruction on the

Principles of Universal Grammar, as deduced in an Analysis of the Vernacular Tongue; 8vo, plate of Alphabets, calf gilt, scarce, 8s. 1814

4158 Encyclopedia Britannica, or Dictionary of Arts and Sciences,

alphabetically arranged. Seventh Edition, greatly improved, with the Supplements to the former Editions incorporated by Professor Napier; 21 vols. 4to, numerous plates (pub. at 37/. 16s.) boards, 31/. 10s. 1836-42

4159 the same; 21 vols. 4to, half-bound russia, 36/. 1836-42

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