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DcgdAle's (sir William) Monasticon Anglic Anum: a History of the Abbeys and other Monasteries, Hospitals, Frieries, and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches in England and Wales: also of such Scotch, Irish, and French Monasteries, as were in any manner connected with the Religious Houses in England. A new Edition, considerably enlarged, improved, and continued by Materials now first printed from Leiger Books, Chartularies, Rolls, &c. by John Caley, Sir Henry Ellis, and the Rev. Dr. BanDinel; 8 vols, folio, complete, An Original Subscriber's Copy, with fine impressions of the numerous beautiful engravings (pub. at 141/. 15*. unbound), half-bound morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 45/. 1817-30

3925 Monasticon, With The History Of St. Paul's, Enlarged


Early Subscription Copy, with first impressions of the plates, blue morocco, super extra, gilt edges, by Mackenzie, (cost 170Z.) 65/. 1814-30

3926 The Same; 9 vols, royal folio, Large Paper, With Proof

Impressions Of The Plates (published at 270/. unbound), blue morocco, super extra, gilt edges, 94/. 10*. 1814-30

"It may be honestly avowed that the nnnnls of the press, in no country throughout Europe, can boast of a nobler performance; whether on the score of accurncy and fulness of intelligence, or of splendour of paper, type, and graphic embellishments."—D'lhdln.

3927 Monasticon Anglicanum, translated into English, with considerable Additions; 3 vols, in 1,folio, plates, neat, 21.1 Os. 1718

3928 History of Ancient Abbeys, Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, being two additional volumes to Dugdale's Monasticon, by John Stevens; 2 vols, folio, plates, calf neat, 41. 14s. 6d. 1722-23

3929 the same, vol. I folio, plates, uncut, 11. 1 Is. 6d. 1722

3930 the same, vol. I folio, plates, neat, 1/. 8*. 1722

3931 Monasticon (in English), abridged, by James Wright of

Rutland; folio, plates, neat, 1/. 16s. 1693

3932 Antiquities Oe Warwickshire; folio, Original Edition,

with Hollar's plates, fine copy, rough russia extra, gilt edges, rare, 12/. 12s. 1656

3933 Antiquities Of Warwickshire; folio, numerous plates,

calf neat, scarce, 5/. 5*. Coventry, 1765

3934 Antiquities Of Warwickshire. Second Edition, revised,

augmented, and continued, by William Thomas, D.D.2vols. folio, plates, fine copy, in russia, gilt edges, 18/. 1730

3935 Baronage of England; or an Historical Account of the

Lives and most memorable Actions of the English Nobility; 3 vols, in 1, folio, complete, with all the Pedigrees, a fine copy, in russia, extra, gilt edges, 71. 17s. 6d. 1675-76

3936 Origines Judiciales, or Historical Memoirs of the English

Laws, Courts of Justice, Forms of Trial, &c. with a Chronologic of the Lord Chancellors, Judges, &c. Second Edition, with Additions; folio, portraits, neat, 3/. 3s. 1671

3937 Origines Judiciales. Third Edition, with Additions; folio,

portraits, neat, 4/. 4s. 1680

This is the second edition, with a new title-page, four additional pages of continuation, and two additional portraits.

3938 Dugdale's (SirWm.) History Of St.paul's Cathedral; folio,

Original Edition, portrait and numerous fine plates by Hollar, first impressions, russia, gilt edges, 57.10s. 1658

3939 History of St. Paul's, with a Continuation to 1685. Likewise an Historical Account of the Cathedrals of York, Durham, and Carlisle; as also of the principal Collegiate Churches in the Province of York. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged by the Author's own Hand. To which is prefixed his Life, written by himself. Published by Edward Maynard, D.U. folio, portrait and plates by HolLar, neat, 3/. 1716

3940 the same; folio, fine copy, in russia, gilt edges, 4/. 4*. 1716

The history of the northern cathedral)* is not reprinted by Sir H. Ellis.

3941 History Of St. Paul's Cathedral. A new Edition, with

a Continuation and considerable Additions, including the Republication of Sir Wm. Dugdale's Lite from his own Manuscript, by Sir Henry Ellis; 6 parts, folio, complete, portraits and numerous plates (published at 15/. 15s.) 4/. 14s. 6d. 1814-18

3942 the same; folio, fine impressions, blue morocco, extra, gilt

edges, 6/. 6s. 1814-18

3943 the same ; royal folio, Large Paper, with Proof ImpresSions (pub. at 31/. 10s. unbound) morocco, super extra, gilt edges, by J. Clarke, 12/. 12s. 1814-18

3944 Perfect Copy of all Summons of the Nobility to the Great

Councils and Parliaments of this Realm, from the Xlix of Henry HI until these present Times; folio, fine copy, in old russia, gilt edges, 21. 12s. 6d. 1685

3915 History of Imbanking and Draining divers Fens and

Marshes, he. with Additions by C. N. Cole; folio, maps, calf, 21. 12s. 6d. 1772

3946 the same ; folio, uncut, 21. 15s. 1772

3947 Short View of the late Troubles in England; folio, portrait, neat, 15s. Oxford, 1681

3948 Brief Discourse touching the Office of Lord Chancellor,

with a Catalogue of Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal, from the Conquest to 1671; small folio, halfbound russia, scarce, 15s. 1672

3949 Ancient Usage of Arms, with a Catalogue of the Nobility,

&c. 12mo, fine copy, with the arms emblazoned, neat, Us.' Oxford, 1682

3950 Ancient Usage of Arms; Discourse touching the Office

of Lord Chancellor, with a Catalogue brought down to 1810; and Ilonores Anglicani, brought down to 1810, by T. C. Banks; folio (pub. at 4/. 4s.) boards, 21. 2s. 1811

3951 Life, Diary, and Correspondence. Edited by William

Damper; royal 4to, portrait (published at 21. 2s ) boards, 1/. Is.' 1827

3952 Dugdale's (Stephen) Information at the Bar of the House of

Commons; folio, 3s. 1680 3952*duhalde's (J. B.) Description of China; 2 vols, folio, maps and plates, very neat, 21. 2s. 1738-41

3953 Dumont's (J.) Voyage to the Levant; 8vo, plates, 4i. 1702 3954 Dumourif.r's (General) Thoughts on the French Invasion of

England: with a Sketch of all the Invasions or Descents upon the British Islands, from the Landing of William the Conqueror to the present Time; 4to, maps, 3s. 1803

3955 Dunbar's (James) Essays on the History of Mankind, in Rude

and Cultivated Ages; 8vo. neat, 5s. 1780

3956 Duncan's (John M.) Travels through Part of the United States

and Canada; 2 vols, crown 8vo, plans (published at 16s.) boards, 10s. Glasgow, 1823

3957 Duncan's (W.) Elements of Logic; 12mo, neat, 3s. 1787

3958 Duncan's (Rev. Henry, D.D.) Sacred Philosophy of the Sea

sons; illustrating the Perfections of God in the Phenomena of the Year; 4 vols, foolscap 8vo, plates, cloth, l/.4s. 1840-41

3959 Duncomb's (Wm.) Tragi-comicall History of our Times, under

the borrowed Names of Lisander and Calista; small folio, very neat in calf, 12s. 1635

Dedicated to Mrs. Francis Fortescu, wife of John Fortescu, and to Mrs. E. Duncomb, wife of Win. Duncombe of Radie&den.

3960 Duncon's (John) Return of Spiritual Comfort and Grief in a

Devout Soul, represented in the holie Life and Death of Ladie Letice Vicountess Falkland; 12mo, portrait by MarShall, half-bound, 10s. 1649

With Verses by J. M. and R. W. of Christ Church, Oxford.

3961 Duncumb's (John) Agricultural Survey of Herefordshire; 8vo,

map (pub. at 6s.) bds. is. 1805 3692 the same; 8vo, half-bound, 4s. 1805

3963 Collections towards the History and Antiquities of the

County of Hereford, vols. I and n, part I; 2 vols. 4to, maps and plates, bds. 11. 8s. Hereford, 1804-12

3964 the same, vol. n, parti, containing Broxash Hundred; 4to,

bds. 12s. ib. 1812

3965 Dunkin's (John) History and Antiquities of Bicester and Al

chester, Oxfordshire. With an Appendix and the whole of Rennet's Glossary; 8vo, plates (pub. at 17s. and only 250 copies printed), bds. 10s. 1816

3966 Outtines of the History and Antiquities of Bromley in

Kent; royal 8vo, plate, bds. 5s. Bromley, 1815

3967 History And Antiquities Of The Hundreds Ok Bul


plates, bds. 41. 4s. 1823

Very scarce. Only 100 copies were printed at the expense of Sir Gregory Page Turner, Hart, for presentation to his friends.

3968 Dunlop's (John) History of Fiction, or a Critical Account of

the most celebrated Works of Fiction; 3 vols, crown 8vo, bds. ll.lls.6d. Edinburgh, 1816

3969 History of Roman Literature, from its earliest Period;

3 vols. 8vo, bds. 21. 2s. 1823-28

3970 Memoirs of Spain during the Reigns of Philip IV and

Charles II (1621-1700); 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 1/. 6s.) bds. 12s. Edinburgh, 1834

3971 Dunsford's (Martin) Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish

of Tiverton in the County of Devon; 4to, plates, slightly stained, bds. 7s. 6d. Exeter, 1790

3972 another copy; 4to, calf gilt, 15s. ib. 1790

3973 Dunstf.r's (Rev.Charles) Considerations on Milton's Early Reading, and the prima Stamina of his Paradise Lost: together with Extracts from Du Bartas ; crown 8vo, bds. 3s.(k/.180o

0974 Dunton's (Jolin) Young Student's Library, containing Extracts ami Abridgments of the most valuable Looks; folio, frontispiece, neat, 16s. 1692

3975 Athenian Sport: or two thousand Paradoxes merrily argued to amuse and divert the Age; 8vo, neat, 8*. 1707

3976 Life and Errors, with Selections from his other Works,

edited by J. Nichols; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait (pub. at 11. 5s.) bds. 12s. 1818

3977 Duns's (Lewis Ellics) New History of Ecclesiastical Writers

during the first seventeen Centuries, containing an Account of their Lives and Writings, &c. translated by William Wotton and Digby Cotes; complete in 7 vols, folio, neat, 51. lo.v. 6^/. 1696-1725 3977* Ecclesiastical History of the first sixteen Centuries, translated by W. Wotton and D. Cotes; 3 vols, folio, Bust Edition, very neat, 51. Dublin, 1723

3978 History of the Church, translated by Thomas Eenton;

4 vols. 12mo, neat, 16*. 1724

3979 DuPLESSl-BEiiTArx's Set of 100 original Etchings, in the style

of C Allot; oblong 4to, tine impressions, bds. 21. 1814

3980 the same; oblong 4to, half-bound, calf, 21. 2s. 1814

3981 Duppa's (Richard) Life of Michael Angelo Buonaroti; with his

Poetry and Letters; royal 4to, Best Edition, portrait, and 50 fine engraved Specimens of the Design, Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture of Mic hael Angelo (published at 41.4s.) bds. 3I. 3*. 1807

3982 Miscellaneous Observations and Opinionson the Continent;

royal 8vo, plates on India paper (pub. at 1/. 5s.) boards, 10.'. 1825

3983 Classes and Orders of the Linmean System of Botany,

illustrated by select Specimens of Foreign and Indigenous Plants; 3 vols, royal 8vo, 240 finely coloured plates (pub. at 7/. 4s.) bds. 3/. 3s. 1816

3984 Elements of the. Science of Botany, as established by Linnaeus; 2 vols. 12mo, 124 plates (pub. at 1/. 6s. unbound) calf gilt, 18s. 1809

3985 Travels on the Continent, Sicily, and the Lipari Islands;

Second Edition, royal 8vo, Large Paper, plates and woodcuts, presentation copy to Prince Hoare, Esq. bds. l/.ls. 1829

Only a lew copies were printed lor private distribution.

3986 Dupuis' (Joseph) Journal of a Residence in Ashantce : com

prising Notes and Researches relative to the Gold Coast, and the Interior of Western Africa, 8cc. ; 4to, map and plates (pub. at 21. 12s. 6cl. in bds.) hf-bd. morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, 1/. 16s. 1824

"These papers throw much light on the subject of African discovery, find will be of great use to future travellers. From the situation Mr. Dupnis t held, and the facilities he possessed, he is enabled to give information in

accessible to others; and the respectability of his character is a guarantee for the truth of lus statements. The account of his mission to the king of Ashaiitee is highly interesting, as is his general description of the country. We recommend this work ns one of the most interesting that has appeared fur some time."—Quarterly Jttview,

3987 Durer's (Albert) Designs for the Prayer Book, consisting of a

set of marginal Embellishments, chiefly Capricios, executed in colours of bistre and green, and exactly copied by the lithographic process; folio (pub. at 21. 12s. 6tf.) 1/. Is. 1817

3988 D'urfey's (Tom) Pills to Purge Melancholy, a Collection of

Songs, pleasant and divertive; set to Musick by Blow, Purcell, and others; 5 vols. 12mo, fine copy, in old binding, 3/. 3*. 1719

3989 Stories, moral and comical; 8vo, neat, scarce, 10s. ». d.

3990 Collin's Walk through London and Westminster : a Poem

in Burlesque; small 8vo, calf neat, 8s. 1690

3991 TheBath,ortheWesternLass,aComedy;4to,sd.2s.6dl70l

3992 Durham's (James) Commentarie upon the Book of the Revela

tion; folio, with the Book-Plate of John, Earl of Rothes; and on the title-page the Autograph of his Mother, the Countess Margaret Rothes (who married Charles, Earl of Haddington, and who is described by Crawford as "a lady of incomparable piety and goodness") in the original binding, \l.Ms.6d. Amsterdam, 1660

"He shortly interprets the text, endeavours to point out the application of the distinct prophecies, and supports his views by historical references. He also occasionally indulges in conjecture respecting the future. It is the substance of many lectures delivered in public, and is therefore somewhat diffuse, but contains much valuable practical instruction."—Orme.


3993 Allan's (George) Collections relating to Sherburn Hospital;

4to, with the View, uncut, 31. 13*. 6d. Darlington, 1771

This and the four following works were printed at the private press of George Allan, of Darlington.

3994 Collectanea ad Statum Comitatus Dunelmensis (Rules

and Orders in the Durham Court, &c.); 4to, privately printed, 5s. n. d.

3995 Sketch of the Life and Character of Richard Trevor,

Bishop of Durham ; 4to, uncut, 6s. ib. 1776

3996 Hegg's (Robert) Legend of Saint Cuthbert; 4to, uncut,

10s. ib. 1777

3997 Extracts from the Journals of the House of Commons (8th

May, 1650) touching the College of Durham being converted into a University; 4to, two leaves, 2s. ib. n. d.

3998 Poll for the County, April 1-10,1761; 4to,4s.AreM>casffe, 1761

3999 Durt's (John) Disingaged Survey of the Engagement; sm. 4to,

uncut, 2s. 6d. 1650

4000 Dutch Fortune Teller: discovering xxxvi several Questions

which old and young, married men and women, batchelors and maids, delight to be resolved of (in verse), brought into England by John Booker; small folio, half-bd. 8s. 1723

4001 Dwight's (Dr. Timothy) Travels in New England and New

York; 4 vols. 8vo, portrait and maps (pub. at 21. 2s.) boards, 1/. 4s. 1823

4002 the same; 4 vols. 8vo, hf-bd. Turkey morocco, uncut, gilt

top edges, by Mackenzie, 21. 1823

4002* Theology explained and defended in a Series of Sermons;

5 vols. 8vo, bds. 11.10s. 1824

4003 Dyce's (Rev. Alexander) Specimens of British Poetesses;

crown 8vo (pub. at 10s. 6d.) bds. 5s. 1825

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