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2080 Campbell's (Colin) Viteuvius Britannicus, containing Plans,

Elevations, and Sections, of the regular Buildings, both Publick and Private, in Great Britain, with a Variety of newDesigns in 300 large Plates, engraven by the best Hands; 3vols. in old calf, London, 1715-25; Woolfe andGANDON's Supplement to the Vitruvius Britannicus, containing 200 plates; 2 vols, in 1, half-bound russia, ib. 1767-71.— Together, 5 vols, in 4, royal folio, Large Paper, with first impressions of the plates, not uniform, 6/. 16s. 6d.

2081 Campbell's (Donald) Journey overland to India, partly by a

Route never gone before by any European, comprehending his Shipwreck and Imprisonment with Hyder Alii, and his subsequent Negociations and Transactions in the East; 4to, calf neat, 9s. 1796

2082 Campbell's (Duncan) Time's Telescope, universal and perpetual,

fitted for all Countries and Capacities; 8vo, neat, 10s. 1734

This work is said to have been in reality written by Daniel De Foe.

2083 Campbell's (Dr. George) Four Gospels, translated from the

Greek, with Preliminary Dissertations and Notes, Critical and Explanatory; 4 vols. 8vo, Best Edition, calf neat, scarce, 1/. 16s. Aberdeen, 1814

2084 the same; 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 1/. 4s.) boards, 18s. 1825

2085 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 1/. 4s. 1825

2086 Philosophy of Rhetoric; 8vo, bds. 8s. Oxford, 1838

2087 the same; 8vo, calf extra, 12s. "t£.1838

2088 Dissertations on Miracles, with a Correspondence on the

Subject, by David Hume, Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Blair.
Towhich are added Sermons and Tracts; 8vo, bds. 6s. 1823

2089 Lectures on Systematic Theology and Pulpit Eloquence;

8vo, bds. 3s. 6d. 1807

2090 Campbell's (Hugh) Love Letters of Mary Queen of Scots to

James Earl of Both well, with her Love Sonnets and 3Iarriage Contracts; 8vo, portrait (published at 15s.) boards, Is.Qd. n. d. (1824)

2091 Campbell's (Thomas) Annals of Great Britain; from the Acces

sion of George III to the Peace of Amiens; 3 vols. 8vo, fine copy, in old calf, marbled edges, 12s. Edinburgh,\&\\

2092 Campbell's (Dr. John) Political Survey of Great Britain; 2 vols.

4to, fine copy, in old russia, LI. Is. m 1774

2093 the same; 2 vols. 4to, Dr. Parr's copy, neat, 16s. 1774

** A most judicious and roost useful work."—Bibliotheca Parriana.

2094 Hermippus Redivivus: or the Sage's Triumph over Old

Age and the Grave, wherein a Method is laid down for prolonging the Life and Vigour of Man; 8 vo, sd. 2s. 6rf. 1744

2095 Another Edition; 8vo, calf, 4s. 1749

The plot of Godwin's St. Leon was taken from this work.

2096 Campbell's (thomas) Poetical Works; 8vo, portrait and

vignettes from designs by Turner, extra boards, lettered, 18s. J" 1837

2097 Specimens of the British Poets, with an Essay on English

Poetry; 7 vols. 8vo, scarce, 3/. 10s. 1818

2098 the same; complete in 1 vol. 8vo, bds. 11. Is. 1840 2099 Campbell's (Thomas) Gertrude of Wyoming, and other Poems,

Bensley, 1809.—Campbell's Pleasures of Hope, and other
Poems, ib. 1803.—In 1 vol. 4to, plates, calf extra, 12s.

2100 Pleasures of Hope, with other Poems; 12mo, plates, green

morocco, gilt edges, 6s. 1815

2104 Letters from the South, containing an Account of Algiers,

&c. 2 vols. 8vo, plates (pub. at 1/. lis. 6d.) bds. 15s. 1837

2102 Lifeof Mrs. Siddons; foolscap 8vo, portrait,bds. 3s.6d. 1839

2103 Life of Petrarch; 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 1/. lis. 6d.) bds.

1/. Is. 1841

2103* Pilgrim of Glencoe, and other Poems; 8vo, bds. 7s. 1842

2104 Campbell's (Lord) Speeches at the Bar and in Parliament;

8vo, bds. 12s. 1842 2104*campek's (Professor P.) Works on the Connexion between the Science of Anatomy, and the Arts of Drawing, Painting, Statuary, &c. containing a Treatise on the Natural Difference of Features in Persons of different Countries and Periods of Life; and on Beauty, &c. by Dr. T. Cogan; 4to, portrait and 17 plates (pub. at 1/. Is.) bds. 8s. 1821

2105 Campion. NoweU, Daye, and Feilde's True Report of the Con

ferences with Ed. Campion, Jesuite, in the Tower of London, 1581; small 4to, with Autograph and MS. Notes of Sir John Goddolphin, rare, 1/. Is. Barker, 1583

2106 Canada. A Short Topographical Description of Upper Canada,

to which is annexed a Provincial Gazetteer; 8vo, boards, 3s. 1813

2107 Debates of the House of Commons in the Year 1774, on

the Canada Bill, drawn up from the Notes of the Rt. Hon. Sir H. Cavendish, Bart., M.P., and now first published by J. Wright; 8vo, map, boards, 8s. 1839

2108 Letters descriptive of a Tour through the Provinces of

Lower and Upper Canada, in the Course of the Years 1792-93; 4to, Manuscript, half-bound, 1/. Is. 1792-93

2109 Canning's (George) Poems, 1767; Canning's Translation of

Anti-Lucretius, 1766; in 1 vol. 4to, boards, 11. Is.

2110 Canning's (rt. Hon. George) Speeches, with Portrait and

Memoir of his Life; 6 vols. 8vo, boards, 3/. 12s. 1828

2111 Speeches delivered on Public Occasions, in Liverpool;

8vo, fine portrait, boards, 6s. 1825

2112 Canova's (Antonio) Works in Sculpture" and Modelling, en

graved by Henry Moses, with Descriptions by the Countess Albrizzi, and a Biographical Memoir by Count Cicognara; 3 vols, imperial 8vo, portrait by Worthington, and plates (pub. at 6/. 12s.) hf.-bd. morocco, uncut, 41. 16s. 1824-28

21J 3 the same; 3 vols, folio, Large Paper, portrait and plates,

Proof Impressions (pub. at 15/. 15s. unbound), yellow morocco extra, gilt edges, 9/. 1824-28

"When Canova forms a statue, he takes a limb from one, a hand from another, a feature from a third, and a shape, it may be, from a fourth, probably at the same time improving upon all, as the Greek of old did in emboilyiug his Venus."—Byrm.

2114 Cantemir's (Prince Demetrius) History of the Growth of the Othman Empire, from Othman I to Mahomet IV, translated by N. Tindal ; folio, portrait, 15s. 1734 2115 Canterbury. An Historical Description of the Cathedral at

Canterbury, 1772; Critical Review of the Public Build-
ings, Statues, and Ornaments, in and about London and
Westminster, 1734.—Vindication of the Mallard of All
Souls' College, 1751.—8vo, plates inserted, calf, 10s.

2116 An accurate Description and History of the Metropolitan

and Cathedral Churches of Canterbury and York, from their first Foundation to the present Year; folio, with 117 plates, neat, 21. 2s. 1756

2117 Historical Description of the Metropolitical Church of

Christ, Canterbury; 8vo, plates, 3s. 6d. Canterbury, 1783

2118 Canvane's (Dr. Peter) Dissertation on the Oleum Palmae Christi

(Castor Oil), with plate of the Castor Plant, 1769; Dr. John

Andree on Bilious Diseases, 1790 8vo, calf, 4s.

2118*capel's (Arthur, Lord) Daily Observations; or Meditations Divine and Morall; small 4to, calf extra, 11. Is. 1654

2119 Capell's (E.) Notes and Various Readings to Shakespeare;

3 vols. 4to, portrait, 3/. Printed for the Author, 1779-80

"Mr. Capell, the editor, I call the Patron of Shakespeare. They who are acquainted with his critical writings on Shakespeare, and his accurate researches into this species of antiquity, will not scruple with me to pronounce him the Father or All Legitimate' Commentary On ShakeSpeare."—T. J. Matthias in the Pursuit* of Literature.

2120 Prolusions, or Select Pieces of Antient Poetry, in Three

Parts: containing, I. The notbrowne Mayde; Master Sackvile's Induction; and Overbury's Wife: n. Edward the third, a Play, thought to be writ by Shakespeare : m. Those excellent didactic Poems, intitl'd, Nosce teipsum, written by Sir John Davis; 8vo, fine copy, in blue morocco, gilt edges, scarce, 18s. 1760

This copy sold for 2U0». at the White-Knights' sale.

2121 Capper's (James) Observations on the Passage to India through

Egypt, also by Vienna through Constantinople to Aleppo, and from thence by Bagdad across the Great Desert to Bassora; royal 8vo, 4 maps, very neat, 10s. 1785

2122 Capper's (B.P.) Topographical Dictionary of the United King

dom of Great Britain and Ireland; thick 8vo, maps (pub. at 1/. 10s. j boards, 14s. 1825

2123 Card's (Henry, D.D.) Sermon on the Uses of the Athanasian

Creed ; 8vo, sewed, 2s. Worcester, 1825

2124 Cardiganshire. The Mine-Adventure; or an Expedient for

Composing all Differences between the Partners in Sir Carbery Pryse's Mines, &c. by Sir H. Mackworth ; folio, 5*. 1698

2125 Cardonnel's (Adam de) Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland;

4 parts in 1, 8vo, containing 100 beautiful Etchings, first impressions (pub. at 2/.) 12s. 1788-93

2126 Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland; 4to, 100 beautiful

Etchings, boards, 18s. 1788-93

2127 Another copy; parts 1 and 2, 4to, with the 50 Etchings,

taken off in Bistre, in old calf gilt, by Kalthoeber, 12s. 1788

2128 • Numismata Scotia?, or a Scries of the Scottish Coinage,

from the Reign of William the Lion to the Union; royal 4to, plates, bds. 18s. Edinburgh, 1786 2129 Cardwell's (Edward, D. D.) Documentary Annals of the Re

formed Church of England, being a Collection of Injunctions, Declarations, Orders, Articles of Inquiry, &c, from 1546 to 1716; 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 16*. Oxford, 1839

2130 History of the Conferences on the Book of Common

Prayer, from 1551 to 1690 ; 8vo, bds. 7s. 6d.O?ford,184l

2131 Two Books of Common Prayer set forth by Authority in

the Reign of Edward VI, compared with each other; 8vo, bds. 7$. 6d. ib. 1841

2132 Synodalia, a Collection of Articles of Religion, Canons,

and Proceedings of Convocations in the Province of Canterbury, from 1547 to 1717, with Notes historical and explanatory ; 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 18*. ib. 1842

2133 Care's (H.) English Liberties (containing Magna Charta,

Charta de Forresta, Habeas Corpus Act, &c.); 8vo, law-calf, 5s. Savoy 1719

2134 Carew's(r.) SurveyofCornwall; small4to,FirstEdition,8s.l602

The editor of the second edition tell us: "The first edition (1002) is become so scarce, and bears such an excessive price, Ate."

2135 Survey of Cornwall, and an Epistle concerning the Excellencies of the English Tongue, with Life of the Author, by H.Carew 4to, map and 22 fine views inserted, calf 18*. 1769

2136 Survey of Cornwall, with Notes illustrative of its History

and Antiquities by Thos. Tonkin, and now first published from the original MSS. by Lord de Dunstanville; 4to, portrait, bds. sqarce, ll. lis. 6d. 1811

2137 Carew's (Thos.) Poems, Songs, and Sonnets, together with a

Masque (pp. 69-74 deficient), 1671.—II Pastor Fido, with divers other Poems, and a Discourse on the Civil Warres of Rome, by Sir Richard Fanshawe, 1664.—Cato Major of Old Age, a Poem by Sir John Denham, Savoy, 1669.—In 1 vol. 8vo, neat, 7s.

2138 Caret's (John) Practical English Prosody and Versification,

or Description of the different Species of English Verse, with Exercises and Key; 12mo, bds. 6s. 1816

2139 Latin Prosody made easy; 8vo, bds. 3*. 1800

2140 the same, enlarged and improved; 8vo, bds. 5«. 1808

2140*carey's (John) Cure for Jealousy.aComedy; 4to,sd. 2s. 6d. 1701

2141 Carey's (Patrick, Younger Brother of Lord Falkland) Trivial

Poems and Triolets written in obedience to Mrs. Tomkin's
Commands, 20th Aug. 1651 ; 4to, bds. 7s. 1819

Edited, with a preface in praise of the author, by Sir Walter Scott, who in
Woodstock quotes the Jovial Farewell.

2142 Carey's (Win.) Descriptive Catalogue of Sir John Fleming

Leicester's (Lord de Tabley's) Collection of Paintings by
British Artists, with occasional Remarks by Sir R. C.
Hoare, Bart, royal 8vo, bds. 5*. 1819

2143 Caribbeana, containing Letters, Dissertations, and Poetical

Essays, chiefly wrote by several Hands in the "West-
Indies; 2 vols. 4to, uncut, 15*. 1741

Containing also divers papers relating to the trade, government, and laws of the British sugar-colonies, and of Barbadoes in particular; as likewise the • characters of the most eminent men that have died of late ycurs in that island.' 2144 Caricatures. A Collection of 80 Political Caricatures, en

graved by J. Sayer; royal folio, Proof Impressions, with the Names in MS. copied from Sayer's own copy, by W. Upcott, half-bound, 3/. 1780-1800

2145 A Collection of 90 Political and Humorous Caricatures;

royal folio, The Plates Coloured (pub. at 131.10s.) halfbound morocco, gilt edges, 5/. 5s. 1825-31

2146 H. B.'s Political Sketches; 2 vols, royal folio, containing 200 excellent Caricatures (by John Doyle) Very Fine Imprf.ssions (pub. at 21/. unbound) half-bound morocco, gilt edges, 10/. 1829-32

A never-failing source of amusement The likenesses of the parties caricatured are so striking, that not even finished painting could give us better portraits of the principal public men.

2147 Carlell's (Lodowick) Two New Plays (The Fool would be a

Favourit, and Osmond the Great Turk) 8vo, calf, 8s. 1657

2148 Carleton's (Bp. George) Thankful Remembrance of God's

Mercie, in an Historical Collection of the great Deliverances of England, from the Beginning of the Reign of QueenElizabeth; sm. 4to, frontispiece & cuts, cf. l/.4s. 1630

2149 Life of Bernard Gilpin, a Man most holy and renowned

among the Northerne English, with his Sermon preached before Edward VI, anno 1552 ; 12mo, calf gilt, 8s. 1636

Bernard Gilpin, bom at Kentmire in Westmoreland, was for some time rector of Houghton, in the County of Durham.

2150 Carleton's (Sir Dudley) Letters (to and from) during his Em

bassy in Holland, from 1615 to 1620. Prefixed is an Historical Preface by Lord Hardwicke; 4to, calf gilt, rare, 3/. 3s. 1780

Privately printed by Lord Royston.

2151 Carleton's (Capt. George) Memoirs, including Anecdotes of

the War in Spain under the Earl of Peterborough, written by himself. Edited with a Preface by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. 8vo, boards, 10s. Edinburgh, 1809

This work is supposed to have been in reality written by Daniel De Foe. Boswell, in his Life of Dr. Johnson, informs us that the Doctor pronounced it "the best account of Lord Peterborough," and tells us, "he was so much pleased with it, that he sat up till he read it through, and found in it such an air of truth, that he could not doubt its authenticity."

2152 Carlile's (Rev. James) Letters on the Divine Origin and

Authority of the Holy Scriptures; 2 vols, crown 8vo, boards, 10s." 1833

2153 Carlile's (Richard) Trials for Blasphemy; 8vo, 2s. 1822

2154 Carlisle. Srti'clrtf to he ttiqut'rcrj of, in the Diocesan Visitation

of Barnabie (Potter) Lord Bishop of Carlisle; small 4to, very scarce, 10s. 1629

2155 Carlisle's (Sir Anthony) Essay on the Disorders of Old Age,

and on the Means of Prolonging Life; 8vo, bds. 3s.6rf. 1818

2156 Carlisle's (Nicholas) Collections for the History of the Ancient

Family of Carlisle ; 4to, coats of arms, calf", 2i.12s.6rf.1822

Privately printed, for presents only.

2,157 Collections for a History of the ancient Family of Bland;

4to, coats of arms, calf gilt, 21. 12s. 6d. ' 1826

Privately printed, at the extiense of Michael Bland, Esq. for presents only.

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