Revue celtique, Volume 2

F. Vieweg, 1875

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Página 62 - Silvestik, où es-tu maintenant? Peut-être es-tu à plus de trois cents lieues d'ici, ou jeté dans la grande mer en pâture aux poissons. Si tu eusses voulu rester près de ta mère et de ton père, tu serais fiancé maintenant, bien fiancé. Tu serais à présent fiancé et marié à la plus jolie...
Página 40 - Fodinae regales; or the history laws and places of the chief mines and mineral works in England and Wales.
Página 34 - And when I die, be sure you let me know Great Homer dy'd three thousand years ago. Why did I write? what sin to me unknown Dipt me in Ink, my parents, or my own? As yet a child, nor yet a fool to fame, I lisp'd in numbers, for the numbers came. I left no calling for this idle trade, No duty broke, no father disobey'd. The Muse but serv'd to ease some friend, not Wife, To help me thro...
Página 502 - Études sur quelques monuments mégalithiques de la vallée de l'Oise, par Am. DE CAIX DE SAINT-AYMOUR, 39 p.
Página 38 - Louers of any kinde of Learning, most pleasant and profitable, especially for those of our \ owne Nation, when by order of the English Alphabet, they may finde out 10. other Tongues, with their | Etymologies, most helpfull to Memory, to Speake or Write, then to Strangers, if they ¡ will draw out of these one or more Languages, and place them | in order of Alphabet and Table, and referre them by figures ¡ into this Booke, as they shall best like of. \ By the Industrie, Studie, Labour, and at the...
Página 181 - Map, where, however, it is to be observed that the outside limits of the Gaelic are shown, that is, every district is included in which Gaelic is still spoken by any natives, regardless of the fact, that English may be spoken by the majority of the people. To a distance of ten miles probably all round the frontier, Gaelic may be considered to be the language of a decreasing minority, especially in the towns ; in almost every part of the Highlands, English is now more or less understood and spoken.
Página 62 - J'ai près de ma porte une petite colombe blanche qui couve dans le creux du rocher de la colline; j'attacherai à son cou, j'attacherai une lettre avec le ruban de mes noces, et mon fils reviendra.
Página 37 - The Guide into the Tongues, with their agreement and consent one with another, as also their Etymologies, that is, the reasons and derivations of all or the most part of Words, in these Nine Languages, viz.
Página 436 - Scotland in the Middle Ages. Sketches of Early Scotch History and Social Progress.
Página 355 - comme l'esprit humain a soif d'étymologie, dit-il, comme il a la passion de découvrir par voies légitimes ou illégitimes, pourquoi tel nom a été imposé à telle chose, il arrive constamment que l'on fait subir aux mots un nouveau changement afin de les rendre encore une fois intelligibles ». M.

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