The Student's Guide to the University of Cambridge

Dieghton, Bell and Company, 1880

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Página 33 - Newton's Principia, The First Three Sections of, with an Appendix ; and the Ninth and Eleventh Sections. By JH Evans, MA 5th Edition. Edited by PT Main, MA 4s.
Página 33 - Homeric Dialect. Its Leading Forms and Peculiarities. By JS Baird, TCD New Edition, by WG Rutherford. Is. Greek Accidence. By the Bev. P. Frost, MA New Edition.
Página 33 - MA 5th edition. 6s. 6d. Illustrated from Antique Gems by CW King, MA The text revised with Introduction by HAJ Munro, MA Large 8vo.
Página 34 - An Elementary Treatise on Mensuration. By BT Moore, MA 5s. ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY AND DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS. An Introduction to Analytical Plane Geometry. By WP Tnrnbull, MA 8vo. 12s. Problems on the Principles of Plane Co-ordinate Geometry. By W. Walton, MA 8vo. 16s. Trilinear Co-ordinates, and Modern Analytical Geometry of Two Dimensions.
Página 44 - They are to be given to graduates of the College in Arts or Law, who intend to prepare themselves for practice in some branch of the legal profession. The holders of these Studentships are not required to reside in the University SCHOLARSHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS...
Página 29 - Examination to turn upon a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures in their Original Tongues, Hebrew and Greek, of Ecclesiastical History, of the earlier and later Heresies, and such other subjects of useful enquiry, as may be thought most likely to assist in the formation of valuable Characters, fitted to sustain and adorn "the Cause of true Religion.
Página 36 - The History of Pompeii: its Buildings and Antiquities. By TH Dyer. 3rd Edition, brought down to 1874. Post 8vo. 7s. 6d. Ancient Athens : its History, Topography, and Remains. By TH Dyer. Super-royal 8vo. Cloth. 11. 5s. The Decline of the Roman Republic. By G.
Página 36 - Small post 8vo. 3s. 6d. The Elements of General History. By Prof. Tytler. New Edition, brought down to 1874. Small post 8vo.
Página 55 - Public notice of the Act shall be given by fixing on the door of the University Schools, eight days at least before the assigned time, a written paper specifying the name and College of the candidate, the day and hour appointed for the Exercise, and the subject of the Thesis : copies of the notice shall be delivered also, at the same time, to the Vice-Chancellor and to the Professor.
Página 37 - A History of the English Church, from the Accession of Henry VIII. to the Silencing of Convocation in the Eighteenth Century.

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