The Book of Signs: Which Contains All Manner of Symbols Used from the Earliest Times to the Middle Ages by Primitive Peoples and Early Christians

Dover Publications, 1955 - 104 páginas
This unusual collection of primitive and medieval symbols provides one of the most fertile single sources of decorative ideas available today. It is also a graphic history of the development of written communication and offers a singular insight into the psychology of the primitive mind.
The Book of Signs contains 493 classified and documented illustrations, collected, drawn, and explained by the celebrated typographer Rudolf Koch. Divided into 14 different categories, it includes General Signs, The Cross, Monogram of Christ, Other Christian Signs, Monograms of Medieval Church and State Leaders, Stone Masons' Signs, The Four Elements, Astronomical Signs, Astrological Signs, Botanical Signs, Chemical Signs, House and Holding Marks, Miscellany, and Runes.
"Provides the contemporary artist with a rich design vocabulary on which to improvise."--Art in Focus.
"An inspiration to graphic artists everywhere."--Graphis.
"An artistic and typographical achievement of considerable beauty and worth."--Psychiatric Quarterly.
Unabridged republication of the English translation originally published by the First Edition Club of London, 1930.

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Does what it says on the tin, really. A collection of nicely reproduced drawings of early symbols (religious/alchemical/astronomical/masonic/runic), with some possible readings of each. The typeface takes a bit of getting used to. Ler resenha completa


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