An account of Paris at the close of the 17th century, revised by G. Henning


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Seite 176 - On every side you look, behold the wall ! No pleasing intricacies intervene, No artful wildness to perplex the scene ; Grove nods at grove, each alley has a brother, And half the platform just reflects the other. The...
Seite 125 - Or, if you'd fright an alderman and mayor, Within a pasty lodge a living hare ; Then midst their gravest furs shall mirth arise, And all the Guild pursue with joyful cries.
Seite 146 - Bourdaloue stripped into his cassock, playing a good brisk tune, and dancing to it about his study. He was extremely concerned, for he esteemed that great man highly, and thought he must be run distracted. However, at last he ventured to rap gently at the door. The father immediately laid down his fiddle, hurried on his gown, and came to him ; and, with his usual composed pleasing look, said, ' O, Sir, is it you ? I hope I have not made you stay ; and am ready to attend you.
Seite xiii - There were no pavillions, nor decoration of treillage and flowers ; but I saw there a vast number of ducks. These were a most surprising sight. I could not forbear to say to Mr. Johnson, who was pleased to accompany me in this walk, that sure all the ponds in England had contributed to this profusion of ducks ; which he took so well, that he ran immediately to an old gentleman that sat in a chair, and was feeding...
Seite 22 - At supper one of them drank a health to the lord steward : upon which another of them said, " that " he believed his lord was at that time very merry, " for he had now outlived the day, which his tutor " Sandford had prognosticated upon his nativity he " would not outlive; which he had done now, for " that was his birthday, which had completed his
Seite xiv - INGENIOUS Lister, were a picture drawn With Cynthia's face, but with a neck like brawn ; With wings of Turkey> and with feet of calf; Though drawn by Kneller, it would make you Such is, good sir...
Seite 41 - And sometimes he would say thus to them, " Gentlemen, at London you are like ships in a sea, which show like nothing ; but in your country villages you are like ships in a river, which look like great things.
Seite 22 - Steward; upon which another of them said, 'that he believed his Lord was at that time very merry, for he had now outlived the day, which his tutor Sandford * had prognosticated upon his nativity he would not outlive ; but he had done it now, for that was his birth-day, which had completed his age to fifty years.' The next morning, by the time they came to Colebrook, they met with the news of his death.
Seite xiv - And have a verdict, what d' ye gain? A louse! Homer more modest, if we search his books, Will show us that his heroes all were cooks; How lov'd Patroclus with Achilles joins, To quarter out the ox, and spit the loins. Oh could that poet live ! could he rehearse Thy journey, Lister, in immortal verse ! " Muse, sing the man that did to Paris go, That he might taste their soups, and mushrooms know...
Seite 146 - ... this : In thinking over the subject of the day, I found my spirits too much depressed to speak as I ought to do ; so I had recourse to my usual method of music and a little motion.

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