The Consolidated Rural School

Louis Win Rapeer
C. Scribner's Sons, 1920 - 545 Seiten
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Seite 209 - Such transportation shall be in comfortable and safe conveyances. The drivers of such conveyances shall furnish the teams therefor, and shall use every care for the safety of the children under their charge, and shall maintain discipline in such conveyances. Restrictions as to the use of public highways shall not apply to such conveyances. The expenses necessitated by the carrying into effect the provisions of this act shall be paid from the special school fund.
Seite 207 - ... school, has vanished. The children are conveyed in comfortable vehicles, fitted up for their accommodation. They are in charge of trusty drivers en route, and at noon they are under the especial care of one of the teachers, who has an extra compensation for the service.
Seite 210 - For and in consideration of the services rendered, the party of the second part hereby agrees to pay the party of the first part the sum of $G2.j.OO, less advances made by the party of the second part of $123.00.
Seite 204 - For eighteen years we have had the best attendance from the transported children; no more sickness among them and no accidents. The children like the plan exceedingly. "We have saved the town at least $600 a year. All these children now attend school in a fine house at the center, well equipped. The schools are graded. Everybody is converted to the plan.
Seite 32 - ... as it should on the lives of the children. Having very little definite knowledge of the details of the work which the children have done in the lower grades, she is unable to use the knowledge gained in these grades as the basis of the new lessons, to interpret the new in terms of the old, and to dovetail the one into the other in such a way as to make the work of the year an intelligent development and continuation of that of previous years.
Seite 75 - To young women also it offers toil, study, frugal fare, and plain clothes, such as befit those who are honored with a great and difficult task. It offers also the pains, the burdens and responsibilities of motherhood. It offers also the obligation and perpetuating in succeeding generations the principles of the productive life made manifest in themselves.
Seite 214 - Lord one thousand nine hundred and between party of the first part, and party of the second part...
Seite 204 - The schools are graded. Everybody is converted to the plan. We encountered all the opposition found anywhere, but we asserted our sensible and legal rights and accomplished the work. I see no way to bring up the country schools but to consolidate them, making them worth seeing ; then the people will be more likely to do their duty by visiting them.
Seite 207 - The driver starts from or near the remote end of his district and drives down the principal thoroughfare, taking up the children at their own doors or at cross-street corners. ' ' The attendance of the children conveyed is several per cent better than that of the village children, and it is far higher...
Seite 458 - SECTION 1. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the club. It shall be the duty of this committee to confer upon questions regarding the welfare of the club, to consider and recommend matters of importance to the club, and in unusual matters, requiring haste, to act for the club.

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