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Thomas Cadell, HATCHARD and Son, and James Nisbet, London ;

William Whyte & Co., and William Innes, Edinburgh ; JOHN ROBERTSON & Co., Dublin ; John Smith and Son, Glasgow.

1. A DISSERTATION on the SEALS and TRUMPETS of the APOCALYPSE, and the Prophetical period of Twelve Hundred and Sixty Years. Third Edition, corrected and enlarged.—Price 149. ; or, with the Supplement, 15s.

2. LETTERS and ESSAYS, Controversial and Critical, on Subjects connected with the Conversion and National Restoration of Israel, first published in the Jewish Expositor.–Price 8s.

3. The CHURCH of ROME the APOSTACY, and the POPE the MAN of SIN and SON of PERDITION of St Paul's Prophecy, in the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians. Second Edition, with an Appendix, containing an Examination of the Rev. W. Burgh's attempt to vindicate the Papacy from these charges, and to fix on the Protestant Churches the imputation of falsely interpreting the prophecies of Antichrist. —Price 2s. 6d.

4. A REVIEW of the REV. DR. WARDLAW'S SERMON on the MILLENNIUM ; with an Answer to his Arguments against the Millennial Resurrection and Reign of the Saints and Martyrs of Jesus, Second Edition, with an Appendix, containing Strictures on certain Passages of Dr Wardlaw's Sermon on Civil Establishments of Christianity.-Price 1s.

5. The PRE-MILLENNIAL ADVENT of MESSIAH DEMONSTRATED from the SCRIPTURES; specially addressed to the consideration of the Ministers of Christ. First printed in the Christian Observer, and now republishell with Corrections and Additions. Third Edition, with a Preface, containing Strictures on a Tract entitled, “ The Time of Christ's Second Coming identified with the Day of Judgment.”—Price Is.

6. The DOCTRINE of the MILLENNIAL ADVENT and REIGN of MES. SIAH Vindicated from the Objections of the Edinburgh Theological Magazine. With an Appendix, containing Remarks on Dr Hamilton's recent Works on Millenarianisın. —N. B. This work is at present out of print.

7. STRICTURES on Mr FRERE'S Pamphlet on the General Structure of the Apocalypse ; being an Appendix to the Scheme of Prophetical Arrangement of the Rev. Edward Irving and Mr Frere, critically examined.-Price Is.

8. A CRITICAL EXAMINATION of some of the Fundamental Principles of the Rev. George Stanley Faber's Sacred Calendar of Prophecy, with an Answer to his Arguments against the Millennial Advent and Reign of Messiah. — Price

This work is also at present out of print. 9. STRICTURES on certain leading Positions and Interpretations of the Rev. Edward Irving's Lectures on the Apocalypse ; with Observations on the True Principles of Apocalyptic Arrangement and Interpretation.-Price 3s.

10. STRICTURES on the Rev. S. R. MAITLAND'S four Pamphlets on Prophecy, and in Vindication of the Protestant Principles of Prophetic Interpretation.-Price 2s.


11. The JUBILEAN CHRONOLOGY of the SEVENTH TRUMPET of the APOCALYPSE, and the Judgment of the Ancient of Days, Daniel vii. 9. With a brief account of the Discoveries of Mons. de Chesaux, as to the great Astronomical Cycles of 2300 and 1260 years, and their difference, 1040 years.-Price 23.

12. A LETTER to the EDITOR of the INVESTIGATOR, being Strictures on his Review of the Jubilean Chronology, in the Investigator for May, 1834 ; and on the Arguments of Maramensis in the same Number, Palliating the Idolatry and the Abominations of Rome Papal. ---Price Is. 6d.

13. The POLITICAL DESTINY OF THE EARTH as Revealed in the BIBLE. Second Edition, enlarged. — Price 6d.

14. The CHRONOLOGY of ISRAEL and the JEWS, from the Exodus to the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, With Remarks on the Systems of former Chronographers.--Price 6s.

15. The FULNESS of the TIMES : being an Analysis of the Chronology of the Seventy. In Two Parts. With an Introductory Dissertation, wherein are established the Epoch of the Fall of Adam, and its Chronological connexion with the great Eras of the World, and with the Present Times; containing also Strictures on the Rev. E. Bickersteth's Scheme of Scripture Chronology.-Price 12s.

N. B.-The INTRODUCTORY DISSERTATION may be had separately. Price 1s.

16. A SYNOPSIS of CHRONOLOGY from the Era of Creation, according to the Septuagint, to the year 1837, with a Discourse on the Astronomical Principles of the Scriptural Times. Showing that they comprehend a Complete Harmony of deeply Scientific Order and Arrangement, Demonstrating their Exact Truth, and evincing that their Author is the Omniscient Creator.Price 7s,


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