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weight of evidence produced from p. 16 to 23 of this Supplement, confirmatory of the foregoing dates, he will, I think, admit that it amounts to the highest possible degree of demonstration of which such a subject is capable. But to this evidence is further to be added, that brought forward in pp. 5 and 6, as to the geometrical progressive series of time from the sounding of the 1st Trumpet in 376, to that of the 7th in 1792, and the great series of time measured by 27 squares of 12, from Abraham's probable arrival at Haran, B. c. 1073, to the holding of the four Winds in 1816, and also the series of geometrical progression, from the Deluge to the year 1792, which will be found in the Preface, pp. iv, v. If the whole of this evidence be considered and carefully weighed, it will, I think, be found impossible to question the accuracy of my dates.

This being the case, it follows that we are now little more than 29 years

and two months from the end of Daniel's 1335 years, all who reach which are emphatically pronounced blessed, Dan. xii. 12. Let us next consider the stupendous events which may

be expected to fill this span of time. The judgments of God are to go forth against all nations, including the terrific manifestations of wrath in Isa. xxxiv. Jerem. xxv. and many other prophecies. Babylon is to be destroyed; the body of the fourth Beast given to the burning flame, and the whole materials of Daniel's image are to be broken in pieces, and become as the chaff of the summer thrashing-floor, which the wind is to carry away.

Israel is to be restored. Gog and the Beast, and kings of the earth are to come up against them, and are to be miraculously destroyed. Jerusalem is to be re-established in glory, and the wicked cut off from the earth. Such are the mighty, political, and earthly events for which little more than 29 years now remains, besides the other celestial events of the advent of our Lord, the rapture of his saints, and their subsequent descent on the great day of Armageddon.

Let it be further considered, that the difference between the 1260 and 1335 years being 75 years, divides itself into 5 prophetic half months of 15 years each. The first 15 lead us to 1807, when the power of Napoleon was at its highest elevation, with all Europe prostrate before him, and Great Britain at war with the collective strength of Europe and Russia. The second 15 ended in 1822, the termination of Daniel's 1290 years, when the great events in



the East began to develop themselves, and the third 15 in 1837, in which we still are by scriptural computation. This year, therefore, begins another great subdivision of the prophetic time, indicating the nearness of great events.

I observe, further, that it is an inexorable principle in the moral administration of God, that he who sheddeth blood, by man shall his blood be shed, * and that the land or the earth cannot be cleansed of the blood shed therein, but by the blood of him that sheddeth it.t In violation of this awful declaration of the WORD of God, the government of these kingdoms have, for some years past, been conniving at its subjects shedding blood, by engaging in the civil wars of the Spanish Peninsula, with which we had no just national concern, and that this might be done with perfect impunity, an Order of Council was issued on the 10th June, 1835, suspending for two years the foreign Enlistment Bill, whereby, through the wise foresight of a former administration, some check was put on the natural propensity to shed blood, which is the character of fallen man, and the subjects of these realms were hindered from engaging in the wars, either foreign or domestic, of nations with which we are at peace.

Within little more than the two years, defined in the Order of Council, a spark is kindled in the western hemisphere, which, to say the least, threatens a flame, and it will be the prayer of every Christian reader, as it is of the writer, that it may not prove to be the beginning of condign judgments against these highly favoured but most ungrateful nations. Let the serious reader peruse the prophecy in Ezek. xxviii., and say whether a trembling apprehension does not seize the mind as to the country there described.

Gen, ix. 6.

+ Numb. xxxv. 33.



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Ir becomes necessary for me to imbody, in a very short Appendix, certain further confirmations of the exact truth of my Prophetic Chronology, which were not known to me even when the Preface to this Supplement went to the press.

In the Preface, p. iv., there is given a great period of 12 x 330 = 3960 years, being 27 squares of 12 from the birth of Abraham, B. C. 2145, to the year 1816, the date of the holding of the four winds of the earth, Rev. vii. 1. It has been shown by me, in my former works, that from the birth of Enos, B. C. 5044, to the same year 1816, is the period of 19 x 19 x 19 = 6859 years, or the cube of 19. I have now to add, that from the birth of Jacob, B. c. 1985, to the year 1816, the interval is exactly 200 Metonic Cycles, or 3800 years. The era of the holding of the winds is thus marked by three great concentrations of time;-Ist, of the cube of 19 from the birth of Enos,-2d, of 27. squares of 12 from the birth of Abraham,—and, 3d, of 200 Cycles of 19 from the birth of Jacob,- besides that of 10 squares of 12 from the sounding of the 1st Trumpet in 376, of which the bisection, or 5 squares, leads us to the era of the Crusades, 1096.

If, in the next place, we compute from the birth of Jacob, B. C. 1985, the period of 26 squares of 12 = 3816 years, we arrive at the year 1832, the date of the final expulsion of the Ottoman power from Palestine, being the completion of the drying up of the Euphrates, Rev. xvi. 12. Again, reckoning from the birth of Isaac, B. C. 2045, a period of 203 Cycles of 19, being 29 weeks or septenaries of that Cycle, we are brought to the year 1813, the date of the second great overthrow of Napoleon Bonaparte, whence 1 Cycle of 19 leads us to the former year, 1832, the date of the drying up of the Euphrates. It has also been shown by me in a former Work,* that from the death of Abraham., B. C. 1970, to 1831, when the Egyptian army entered Palestine, are

* My Synopsis of Chronology, p. 41.

200 Cycles, or 3800 years. The era of the drying up of the Euphrates is thus marked by concentrations of great periods no less than the former date of the holding of the four winds; and I need scarcely add how powerfully the whole of this chronological evidence confirms the scheme of this work.

Leaving to the consideration of the intelligent reader what has now been offered, I wish, in conclusion, to make a remark corrective of the paragraph of this Work, beginning at the bottom of p. 65, and ending in p. 66. It was the Cycle of 3454 years, and not that of 3435, which my argument in that place required me to have carried forward from 1552, the date of the peace of Passau. Adding to the former, the period of 133 years, it brings us to 1685, and becoines a very imperfect Cyclical period of 3587 years, at the end of which the Moon is slow 17 h. 26 M., so that its Cyclical character nearly vanishes. This correction of the foregoing passage is therefore even more unfavourable to Mr Faber's date than my former statement of the argument in that passage.

January 27th, 1838.


I shall here insert two additional errors which escaped notice in the Errata, re-
questing the reader to have the goodness to advert to them.

P. 6, line 7th from bottom, for “squares of 17,” read “squares of 19."
P. 61, in the quotation from Coxe's History, line 14th from bottom, after

“ Protestants" insert « was suspended.”
As my Synopsis of Chronology is properly an essential part of this Work, I
shall here add, that having, since its publication, carefully re-examined its
columns of Years of the World, and Before and After Christ, I have not detected
a single error, except the transposition of two figures in p. 79, Y. W. 5419 instead
of 5149. In the column of Events, p. 87, line 11 from the bottom, 532 is mis-
printed for 132; and in p. 88, in the same column, line 15 from bottom, 52 for 252.
In the text, p. 35, there are two errors of addition, 6811 and 6830 for 5811 and
5830. In the column of names, p. 122, the name of ANNE is omitted opposite
the words “Queen of England." I request the readers of that Work to take the
trouble of correcting these mistakes. I shall add, for the information of the
earlier purchasers of the Work, that two mistakes in figures, and a misprint of a
name Darius for David, in p. iv. of the Preface, rendered it necessary to reprint
that leaf. Purchasers in whose copies the name Darius is printed in that page,
will be entitled to receive corrected copies from their booksellers, in exchange
for their present copies, without charge.

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