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Present Books --Smaller Tales.


A Welsh

ANNANDALE; or, the Danger of Self-Confidence.

Tale. 2d.


18mo., 4d. “A pretty Story of Factory Life, exhibiting what may be done by kind and zealous ministerial watchfulness and superintendence."-Clerical Journal.

BELLAIRS.-An Old Woman's Story; or, Trust in Trial. 6d.


or, the Path of Obedience. 6d.

BROTHER'S SACRIFICE (The); or, a Soldier's Generosity

Rewarded. 20.


the Abbé Mullois, Chaplain to the Emperor of France.

Translated by Miss Bunbury. 4d. Originally written for the use of the workmen of France, to induce a better understanding and observance of the Sunday.

BUNBURY.-I AM so HAPPY; or, the Reward of Sorrow

borne Religiously. By Miss Bunbury. 21st Thousand. 2d. BUNBURY.—The Lost ONE FOUND. A true Story of the

Baptism and Holy Death of a Young Girl. 4d. BUNBURY.-SILENT JOHN. A short Story on the good result

of meditation on the Good Shepherd, by the aid of the

well-known picture of that subject. 3d. BUNBURY.—THE ERROR CORRECTED; or, the Faithful Priest.

· By Henry Shirley Bunbury. 4d, A story of the union between the Saxons and Normans. CAT AND HER KITTENS (The); a Fable on Disobedience CHILD'S MISSION (The); a True Tale of the influence of a

and Mischief. 2d.


A tale for little girls, on the fatal effects of the first step in disobedience to parents, and of choosing bad companions at school.

very young and dying Child in the Conversion of her mo

ther from Sin to Holiness. 2d. CHORISTER’S FALL (The). 6d.

A Tale of a Chorister whose vanity led him to fall, but who was enabled to rejoice in the illness which brought him to repentance. CHURCH CATECHISM (The). With the Confirmation Ser

vice. Beautifully illustrated by John Gilbert. Cheap

edition, 6d.; on tinted paper and gilt edges, Is. CHURCHYARD GARDENING. By the author of “The

Bishop's Little Daughter.” 4d. CONSOLATION; or, the Comfort of Intercessory Prayer in

Absence. By the author of “Gentle Influence.” 4d. CONVERSATIONS WITH COUSIN RACHEL. 9d. each

part. Parts I. and II. in a vol., cloth, 1s. 6d. ; III. and

IV., ditto, Is. 6d. Part I. Dialogues on Diligence and Thoughtfulness in Household Work ; on Good Thoughts; Sunday at Church; Doing our Duty, not Choosing it; Self-Control ; Dividing our Time; the Seasons, with Hymns.

Part II. Conversations on Dress and Keeping to our Church, or Good out of Evil; Easter-tide; The Old Farm-house; Bearing Reproof; Sheep-shearing; and the Lessons in Scripture from Sheep.

Part III. The New Church; The Story of Ambrose Herne, and English Church Teaching; The First Situation; The New School and Consecration; Christian Duties; The Flowers of the Field; How to bear Losses.

Part IV. Dialogues on God's ordering all things; Ill-natured speaking; Bearing little trials well; Not thinking much of ourselves ; Being prepared to die; Our holiness not our own; Distraction and inattention; Drawing good from all we see. DAY'S PLEASURE (A); or, the Consecration of the District

Church. By the author of " Susan Carter.” 4d. DISHONESTY, and the Loss of Character which follows it.

By the author of “The Conceited Pig.” 2d. DUMB BOY (The); showing how, though Dumb, he felt the Present Books--Smaller Tales.

influence of our Holy Religion. 2d. EASY TALES FOR LITTLE CHILDREN. With En

gravings, and in large Type. 6d.; coloured, 1s. John's Disobedience ; Fanny's Birthday; Little Mary's Fall; Susan's Cross Behaviour; The Lost Child; The Torn Frock; &c. EDWARD TRUEMAN. 6d.; cloth, 1s.

A Tale, to show that the best and kindest people fall into mistakes and false impressions, and that we must not on that account indulge revengeful or un. kind feelings, but “ believe always for the best."


thoughtless village girls on lightly treating God's holy

ordinance. 6d. FLORA AND HER CHILDREN; a Tale for Young Child

ren on the Nature and History of Flowers. 4d. FLOWER.-A Day's MISFORTUNES, OR TRY AGAIN; or,

the Benefit of Perseverance and Good Temper. By the

Rev. W. B. Flower. 4d. FLOWER.—LITTLE WILLIE THE LAME BOY; a Story on

the Benefits of Education. 4d. FLOWER.-ROSE EGLINTON; or, The Stolen Child. 2d. FLOWERS AND FRUIT, &c. For Little Children.

In a neat box, or bound in cloth, 1s. ; cloth gilt, 1s. 6d. 1. Lucy; or, The Violet.—2. Alice; or, The Daisy.-3. Mary; or, The Sun. flower.-4. Rachel; or, The Strawberry Blossom.-5. Crocuses ; or, The Field of Flowers.-6. Lilies; or, Light in Darkness.—7. Heart's Ease; or, Chamber of Peace.-8. The Orphan's Home.-9. Christmas Tide; or, The Word of a

King.-10. The Foundling. * FORSAKEN (The). Reprinted from the Churchman's Com

panion. By the author of “ Trevanan Court.” .4d. FRIENDS (The); or how Neighbours should dwell in peace

and love one with another. 6d. GABRIEL'S DREAM AND WAKING. By the author of

“ The Chamois Hunter,” “ The Cross-bearer,” &c. 6d. GARDEN IN THE WILDERNESS (The); or, the Church

of Christ in the midst of the World. An Allegory. 6d. GRESLEY.—THE LITTLE MINERS; a Fairy Tale of an Ex

plosion in a Mine. By the Rev. W. Gresley. 4d. HALF-HOLIDAY (The).- A Packet of Six Tales, containing

Six Different Ways of Spending a Half-Holiday. By the

author of “ Gentle Influence." In a Packet. 6d. The Good Daughter; Usefulness; Charles Withnell; Mischief; Kindness; Self Denial. HANNAH AND ALICE; or, Neatness of Dress. 3d. HARRIET AND HER SISTER; or, the First Step in De

ceit. 6d. HENSLOW.-JOHN BORTON; or, a Word in Season. By

Mrs. J. S. Henslow. 4d. HEYGATE.-ELLEN MEYRICK ; a Story on False Excuses.

By the Rev. W. E. Heygate. 4d.


“ My Duty towards God.” By the Rev. G. Hill, M.A. ls. The Needle Case, or Forgetting God; The Idolater, or the Love of Money ; The Christening, or taking the Name of CARIST; A Sunday at Deepwell, or the Due Observance of the LORD's Day.

[See Rockstro's Stories on the Second Table, at page 16.] HONOR DELAFONT; a true Tale of a Mother's Prayer, and

its Answer. By the author of “Sunsetting.” 6d. HOW TO BE A MARTYR; a Story for S. Stephen's Day. 1d. ISLAND CHOIR (The); or, the Children of the Child JESUS :

showing how Choristers should conform themselves to that

pattern. 6d. S. JOHN THE EVANGELIST'S DAY; or, The Martyrdom

of Will. 6d. LEGEND OF S. CHRISTOPHER (The); or, What Master

shall I Serve? Reprinted from the Churchman's Com

panion for November, 1859. 3d. LITTLE COMFORTER (The), and other Tales. Thirteen

Stories for Children. 32mo. In cloth together, or sepa

rately in paper. LITTLE LACE GIRL (The); a Tale of Irish Industry. By

the author of “The Conceited Pig." 2d. LITTLE WALTER, THE LAME CHORISTER. 6d.

A Tale, to show the great importance of each one's individual example for good or for evil. LITTLE GARDENERS (The). Wrapper, 8d.

“Most of us have seen how intensely little children love flowers, and how delighted they are to have a little garden of their own. These facts are taken advantage of to teach much religious truth. The writer is well acquainted with gardening, and makes its incidents tell upon the purpose of the story.-Clerical Journal. LITTLE STORIES FOR LITTLE CHILDREN. With

Engravings, and in large Type. 6d.

CONTENTS :-The Little Herd Boy; The Sensible Elephant; The Starling; Sleep and Death; The Wooden Leg; The Flowers, the field, and the Pearl. LONDON PRIDE; or, the Account and Effects of a Visit to

the Great City. 3d. LUCY FORD; or, Hearing the Story of a Pilgrimage to the

Holy Land. 20. LUCY PARKER; or, the true value of regular, self-denying Service to God and Man. 6d.

Present BooksSmaller Tales.

MAKING UP OF THE JEWELS (The). This is an answer

to a little Girl's question, "If I were a Sister of Mercy,

should I have no Jewels ?" 6d. Under the form of allegory, the Jewels and Talents entrusted to each Christian to preserve pure and bright against the King's coming are represented. MARGARET HUNT; or, the Patient and Forgiving School

Girl. By the author of "The Conceited Pig." 2d. MARY MANSFIELD; or, the Life and Trials of a Country

Girl. 60. MARY WILSON; or, Self-Denial. A Tale for May-Day. 2d. MAURICE FAVELL; a Story of the Reform of Church

Music in a Village. 3d. MICHAEL THE CHORISTER; or, the Influence of the Ca

thedral Service. 6d. ; cloth 1s. MIDSUMMER DAY; or, The Two Churches where Daily

Prayers were said. 3d. MILLIE'S JOURNAL. Edited by the author of “Gentle

Influence.” 6d. Is the plain unvarnished Narrative, or Journal, of a young and well educated English Girl, who accompanied her family into the Far West, Macomb, Illinois, U.S.

Genuine Letters by a young female Emigrant: are very acceptable as the portraiture of the feelings of a person placed in an entirely novel position, and influenced by high moral and religious feelings."- Oxford Herald. MILMAN -THE MYSTERY OF MARKING ; or, Christian Re

sponsibility. 6d.; cloth, 10d. An Allegory for School Girls, teaching them how to work out the Pattern of our LORD and SAVIOUR in themselves. MIRRORS (The); a Story for Children. 6d.

A story of a little Girl, who was taught by our LORD's parables to see things eternal, of which all things here are but the pictures or emblems. MISS PECK'S ADVENTURES; or, the folly of going out

of our own sphere of Duty. By the author of « The

Conceited Pig.” 4d. MONRO.-ANNIE'S GRAVE; or, More than Feeling Required

in True Religion. By the Rev. E. Monro. 4d. MONRO.–ROBERT LEE; or, The Recruiting Party. 4d. • MONRO.—MARY COOPER; or, Choosing One's Own Path in

Life. 4d.

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