Works of the Camden Society, Edição 21

Camden Society, 1842 - 133 páginas

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Página 1 - MSS. No. 5111, art. 8, and another was in the possession of Ives the Suffolk antiquary. All these differ in many respects from the one now printed, and especially Ives's copy, which he printed in a little work entitled Select Papers chiefly relating to English Antiquities, published from the originals in the possession of John Ives, Esq. 4to, 1774. This volume is so scarce and so little known, and the device is printed in it so inaccurately, that it has been thought advisable not to lose the opportunity...
Página 33 - Thomas Cheyney. William Gascoyn. William Courtney. Godfrey Fulgeham. Edward Pomerey. Fraunces Bryan.c Richard Cornewalle. John d Cheyny. Henry Owen. William Coffyn. Thomas Thay. Euery oon of the Knightes and Squyers mencyoned on both sides of this lefe e may haue on chaplain, xj other servauntes, and viij horses, and besides the ordynary, Sir Henry Wiat may haue vj men and vj horses for the busynes of his office f aboue his nombre. Sir Griffith Rice. Sir Richard Tempest. Sir William Bulmer. These...
Página 39 - Ghines, assez proche du chasteau, et estoit de merveilleuse grandeur en carrure, et estoit ladicte maison toute de bois, de toille et de verre : et estoit la plus belle verrine que jamais l'on vist ; car la moitié de la maison estoit toute de verrine ; et vous asseure qu'il y faisoit bien clair. Et y avoit quatre corps de maison, dont au moindre vous eussiez logé un prince. Et estoit la cour de bonne grandeur ; et au milieu de...
Página 121 - A seele of cloth of gold baudekyn. The word here spelt seele, occurs in p. 7, as cele, and in p. 10, we read that " the King .... shall goo undre a ceele, or canape.
Página 44 - ... and withered leaves of cloth of gold, and all the bodies and armes of the same clothe of golde laied on tymber ; thei were in heigth from the foote to the toppe xxxiiii foote of assise, in compasse about an hundred twentie and nyne foote, and from bough to bough fourtie and three foote : on these trees were flowers and fruites wrought in kyndly wise with siluer and Venice gold, their beautie shewed farre ; on the mountaigne was a place barber wise, where the herauldes were, the mountaigne was...
Página 82 - Spain between the aunt and the nephew ;" and there, for the first time, he saw his young " cousyn germain,'" the Lady Mary, then six years of age. He was lodged, Hall informs us, " in the Kynges lodging, which was so richely hanged that the Spanyardes wondered at it, and specially at the riche clothe of estate : nothyng lacked that might be gotten to chere the Emperor and his lordes, and all that came in his compaynie were highly feasted.
Página 95 - A myle from Sainct Georges barre " a tent of cloth of gold was erected, and there the whole party halted. The " two princes shifted theim," and the heralds having appointed every man his place, they again set forward in a procession which, according to Hall, was one of most dazzling brilliancy. At the city boundary in Southwark they were met by the Lord Mayor and his brethren, and " one Sir Thomas More, Knight, and well learned," welcomed them in
Página 26 - ... without service, which caused them to take thought in somuch some dyed by the way returning, and some fell mad, but," he adds, " ther was no remedy." Nor were Henry's Commissioners, who attended to deliver up the bride and to witness the marriage, treated with much more ceremony. The King received them with great courtesy, and during their short stay ample stores were provided for them (as will be seen by the following paper, which is of a more general character than is indicated by its title),...
Página 80 - Grauelyng, receiued the Emperor in the name of the Kyng of England, and so the Emperor embraced theim, and he hauyng in his compaignie many noble men came toward Calice, where at the Turnepike in the lordeship of Marke, he was receiued of SirEdwarde Guylford, Marshall of Calice, with fiftie menne of armes richly beseen, and also a hundred archers on horsebacke ; then in passing forward toward Calice, the ordinaunce shot terribly, and into Calice he was received with procession, and then by the lord...

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