Works of the Camden Society, Edição 35

Camden Society, 1846 - 243 páginas

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Página 221 - SOCIETY, FOR THE PUBLICATION OF EARLY HISTORICAL AND LITERARY REMAINS. AT a General Meeting of the Camden Society held at the Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Monday the 3rd of May, 1847, THE RIGHT HON.
Página 221 - April last, whereupon it was Resolved, That the said Report be received and adopted, and that the Thanks of the Society be given to the Auditors for their trouble.
Página 6 - Capt. HM 73d Foot. Rev. Richard Parkinson, Fellow of Christ Church, Manchester. Thomas Parry, Esq. John Parsons, Esq. Oxford. The Hon. Sir John Patteson, one of the Judges of the Court of Queen's Bench, MA Jacob Howell Pattisson, Esq. LL.B. Witham, Essex.
Página 156 - In witness whereof, to this my present testament and last will I have set my seal...
Página xvii - English colony settled there shortly after the first conquest, it should also be guarded by one of the most trusty barons which the king has, bearing the title of deputy, with a force of five hundred of the best soldiers, besides a troop of fifty horsemen. It is considered by every one as an impregnable fortress, on account of the inundation with which it may be surrounded, although there are persons skilled in the art of fortification, who doubt that it would prove so if put to the test. For the...
Página xvii - ... the experience and boldness of their sailors), and carry over either troops or anything else for warfare, offensive and defensive, without giving rise to jealousy and suspicion ; and thus they are enabled, as Calais is not more than ten miles from Ardres, the frontier of the French, nor further from Gravelines, the frontier of the Imperialists, to join either the one or the other, as they please, and to add their strength to him with whom they are at amity, in prejudice of an enemy.
Página xvii - Guisnes, guarded by them (and justly) with jealousy, especially Calais, for this is the key and principal entrance to their dominions, without which the English would have no outlet from their own, nor access to other countries, at least none so easy, so short, and so secure; so much so, that if they were deprived of it, they would not only be shut out from the Continent, but also from the commerce and intercourse of the world. They would consequently lose what is essentially necessary for the existence...
Página 227 - April, 1846, and that we have examined the said accounts, with the vouchers thereto relating, and find the same to be correct and satisfactory. And we further report that the following is an accurate Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Society during the period we have mentioned.
Página 5 - Esq. FSA Hull Rev. John Lodge, MA The Right Hon. and Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of London City of London Library, Guildhall The London Library The London Institution The City of London Literary and Scientific Institution Gwalter B. Lonsdale, Esq CW Loscombe, Esq.

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